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Welcome to my November sponsor shout out post! I’ve got some great blogs and companies to share with you – please join me in showing them some love. Interested in becoming a fANNEtastic sponsor, too? Check out my sponsor page for more details.

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First up is C&B Condiment Company! Here’s what the owners have to say:

We are Chris and Breck (C&B… get it?) and we have an unusual passion for condiments. As a new couple, most of our dates involved cooking together and smothering our meals with condiments. We soon discovered that we were terrible enablers for our shared addiction to any jam, ketchup, hot sauce, chutney, syrup or marmalade we could get our hands on. All of our products are handmade in small batches using organic, whole ingredients (no more than 6 in any one product!) that you can easily pronounce and that you would find in your own kitchen.

They sent me some samples of their condiments so I could speak to their quality here on the blog and I have to say that every single one was delicious. Creative combinations of flavors, too! I tried their Black Pepper Ketchup, Strawberry Basil Jam, Pineapple Cilantro Jam, Pumpkin Pie Jam, and Jalapeno Lime Ketchup. All were fabulous!


Chris and Breck are holding a kickstarter right now for their company, which I’m happy to say has already been fully funded (click here if you have no idea what a kickstarter is). Best of luck to them with their new company – with the way their products taste, I’m sure it will be a big hit! You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter.


Want tips from a busy professional who’s still fitting in exercise (and fun)? Check out Ashley from A Healthy, Happier Bear! Her tagline is “striving for moderation in the city that never sleeps” — and she’s certainly succeeding.

Ashley has an inspiring story — in 2005, she was overweight, depressed, and tired of it. She had never run before — she was the girl who avoided the mile run in elementary and middle school — and she laughed when someone suggested she try running. Flash forward to present day and she has lost nearly 40 pounds and just ran her 3rd marathon (in Philadelphia this past weekend – can’t wait for her full recap!). Pretty inspiring, huh? I especially love the post she wrote about how she first began running and turned her life around from where she was in 2005. Check out her blog for daily inspiration, marathon training updates, meals and recipes, and travel adventures.


If you love beautiful food blogs but like keeping things healthy and creative, you will LOVE Running to the Kitchen. Gina and I actually went to college together and were in the same sorority, so it’s been fun to reconnect over our love for blogging and food! Her blog is fabulous — not only are the pictures absolutely stunning, but her writing is hilarious, too. I wish she lived in my kitchen and would make me beautiful food and entertain me all day. A few recent recipes of hers that have sounded particularly delicious are her Pumpkin Streusel Bread and Crispy Salmon Bites. YUM!


Well-Girl is written by Angel, who shares her adventures in following a healthy and active lifestyle while juggling life with a baby. Angel gave birth to her first child in January and has done a fabulous job of getting her body back after baby — her progress photos are incredible and very inspiring. In addition to daily meals, she also shares recipes — some recent recipes that sounded great are her Pumpkin Pie Apple Chips and Coconut Flour Pancakes! She also shares workouts — I love her printable “Fitness Anywhere” circuits. Check out her blog for more fitness tips and recipes.


I’ve been reading Meghann’s blog, Meals and Meals, for years – it’s one of my favorites and one you should all check out if you haven’t already! In addition to sharing her daily meals, Meghann also shares her adventures in travel and fitness (remember when we ran the Vegas Half Marathon together last year?). I love that she’s always up to something fun or training for something impressive! Most recently, Meghann completed her second half Ironman, and then signed up for a full Ironman next year – how hardcore is that?! I love that she’s just a normal girl – not necessarily crazy fast or crazy strong – just crazy determined. It’s very inspiring and I can’t wait to read about her training for this next challenge.

What I love most about Meghann’s blog, though, is that she’s so real and not afraid to be herself. Most shocking post? The time she wrote about running a 5k race… totally naked.


Last but not least, WP Site Care! This one is for you fellow bloggers who are as clueless as I am about all the behind the scenes work of running of blog. I can handle the basic day to day stuff, but anytime something big happens like needing to switch to a new host or a new theme, I always enlist a little help in the support of Ryan Sullivan, who runs WP Site Care.

Ryan and I first met when we both served as Attune Foods Brand Ambassadors, and he’s been my go to tech support ever since. So far over the years he’s switched me to two different hosts and set me up on a couple different themes, in addition to a bunch of smaller as needed stuff. He also puts up with a lot of annoying email questions from me. :) Not does he really know his stuff, but his pricing is very reasonable and he’s a nice guy to boot. When my site went down after posting my Hurricane Sandy Relief Auction, Ryan offered to fix the problem for me (which took him hours of switching me to a new theme) for free as a donation to the auction cause. How nice is that?

In addition to providing services on an as-needed hourly basis (this is what I do with him), he also offers a number of monthly packages for bloggers. Some main points of service:

  • WP Site Care works with any webhost
  • Twice-daily automated website backups
  • 24/7 virus and malware protection with free site cleanup if you get hacked
  • SEO Optimization
  • Improves Site Speed
  • Super Fast Support

For more details on his package offerings, check out this page on his site. Mention the code “fANNEtastic” to get a 10% discount. :)


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