Lemony Spinach Quinoa Bean Salad

I originally whipped up this dish for me and Matt to take out on a hike with us for lunch! It’s perfect for a quick and easy healthy meal on the go, or for a simple dinner. Enjoy!


Lemony Spinach Quinoa Bean Salad

(serves 2)


  • 1/2 C uncooked quinoa, prepared as directed on package
  • 1/4 C fresh lemon juice
  • 1/8 C olive oil
  • 1 C kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1/8 C crumbled feta cheese (duh)
  • 2 C fresh baby spinach, steamed in microwave
  • Garlic powder, ground coriander, and salt and pepper to taste


1) Cook quinoa as directed on package (will take about 15 minutes).

2) While you’re waiting, toss the spinach in a bowl and microwave for 1 minute to steam it.

3) Once the quinoa is cooked, transfer to a bowl and add all the other ingredients to it! Just stir and enjoy — serve warm or cold, both are delicious :)

And don’t forget the seasonings to taste — they make this dish!


Check out the original recipe post for more photos/commentary: Lemony Spinach Quinoa Bean Salad.


  1. 1

    I made this and it’s delicious! Thank you for the recipe! I

  2. 3

    I made this for dinner tonight since I had all of the ingredients in the house already (LOVE that!). Cut the olive oil/lemon juice in half and thought it was very tasty. My husband and 2 teenaged sons also liked it a lot. A winner!

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