Dinner & Exercise Friend Dates


Hello, friends! I hope you’re all having a great day so far! I’m using the government holiday as an opportunity to see a bunch of my local AnneTheRD clients that normally need to meet outside of business hours. Perfect! As for the weekend, it was nice and low key – Matt was out of town on a boy’s trip (in San Diego – so jealous), so I Continue Reading …

Running Happy & Edge Yoga in Arlington


Hello and happy Friday! It’s a warm and sunny one here in the DC area, and I started it off with an early morning run with my girl Karen! Karen was out of town for awhile and before that, I was out of town, so we hadn’t run together in a couple weeks! Oh, the horror. I missed her so! :) Continue Reading …

Workout Buddies FTW


My #1 tip for staying in shape? Find a workout buddy. Or in my case, find numerous workout buddies. :) The more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned! Over the years I’ve accrued quite an arsenal of local running buddies, Matt is my usual CrossFit workout buddy, and I’m happy to have added Gena as my yoga class buddy! Gena and I have had Continue Reading …