WSU 2016 Week 2 Meal Plan

Welcome to week 2 of the 2016 Winter Shape Up, which begins on Monday, February 1, 2016!

(Looking for the home base Winter Shape Up page? Click here – it has answers to any questions you might have about the challenge and links to all the weekly content!)

As you know, my friend Gina and I have partnered up to bring you this fun healthy living 4 week challenge to inspire you to kick off the year on the right foot in terms of fitness and nutrition. Gina is a personal trainer, so on her site, you’ll find the weekly workouts for the challenge, including videos. Here on mine, I’ll be sharing the weekly nutrition-focused content, which will feature regular, gluten free, and vegan meal plans – as well as quick snack ideas and some make-ahead snack recipes.


We’d love to hear how you guys are doing with this challenge! If you share updates or photos on social media, please include #WinterShapeUp and, if you have space, tag both myself (@fANNEtasticfood – follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!) and Gina (@fitnessista) so we can see! :)

winter shape up social media

Before I get into the plan, please remember that everyone’s nutrition needs are different and will vary based on activity level, age, gender, height/weight, and more. I am a Registered Dietitian, but this meal plan is not meant to be a substitute for personalized nutrition plans or nutrition counseling (like I provide in my AnneTheRD private practice). Above all, use this as a guide, not a concrete plan, and change it as you see fit based on your own hunger levels, preferences, and dietary needs. I’m not including specific quantities/portion sizes because of this – try to eat intuitively and listen to your body. This guide may be too much food for some of you and too little for others. If you’re getting full, save the rest for later. If the meal or snack wasn’t enough, don’t second guess yourself – listen to your body and have something else. If you’re really hungry and try to deny it, it will only lead to overdoing it later or feeling like crap. Honor your hunger, my friends. And same with the other end of the spectrum – stay mindful during your meals, and stop as soon as you start to get full. If you’re distracted, it’s a lot easier to overeat. Your body knows what to do if you just listen to it! Sound good?

A note on drinks: I didn’t include drinks in this guide, but aim to limit sugar-sweetened beverages. If you’re currently having a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages (soda, sweet tea, sweet flavored water, etc.), try to cut back by 1 or 2 drinks per week until it becomes an occasional treat vs. a daily habit. Focus on drinking lots of water (carbonated water with fruit in it is a nice sweet, fizzy alternative to soda – as is kombucha), some unsweetened tea/coffee (if you’re into it), and the occasional wine or beer, if you like.

Regarding dessert, it’s not included in the plan for simplicity’s sake, but indulgence in moderation is certainly part of a healthy relationship with food. The key is to view dessert as an occasional treat vs. letting it become an everyday habit. If you really want something, by all means allow yourself to have it and really savor it. There’s no point in feeling guilty – eating perfectly 100% of the time isn’t realistic or healthy. Just make sure that when you do indulge, it’s worth it. Choose the real thing, not a diet imitation; stay mindful and stop when you are satisfied.


To download the week 2 meal plan, please click here.

If you have any problems downloading the meal plan or see any errors, please let me know! It also includes grocery lists (including vegan and gluten free variations).

For snacks, choose a variety each day based on hunger levels. Some days you might need a snack or even two or three, while other days you might not need one at all. Focus on how you feel. Hunger levels change daily based on activity and a host of other factors, so don’t expect to feel the same every day. For snacks, just like meals, focus on a good mix of carbs, protein, and healthy fat to keep you satisfied.

To download the simple snack ideas PDF, click here. Here are some new make-ahead recipes to try out this week too:

And since this week includes Super Bowl Sunday, here are some fun Super Bowl recipe ideas:


Please say a big thank you to our Winter Shape Up sponsors for making it possible to offer this challenge to you guys for free!

Cabot | Sabra | Sizzlefish | Pure Canadian Maple Syrup
Daily Harvest | Gluten Free Chex | Crunch Live

wsu2016 sponsors

This week’s featured sponsor is Sabra, makers of my favorite hummus.

Sabra Logo

Perfect timing since this weekend is Super Bowl! :) Sabra is actually the Official Dip Sponsor of NFL 50, which makes sense since their hummus is great for couch-gating and healthier snacking! I’ve included some fun hummus-inspired Super Bowl snack recipes above that we hope you’ll enjoy. Also – through February 15, if you buy 2 Sabra products and 2 Stacy’s products, you’ll get a $5 gift card. More details at Dip Zone. :)

Now – for the giveaway!

sabra hummus

Sabra has offered one lucky Winter Shape Up winner a $50 VISA gift card AND a case of Sabra hummus in assorted flavors!

Comment below up to once per day (starting on Monday) with how things are going for you during the challenge/what meals and snacks you’ve been loving and each comment will count as an entry! I’ll randomly select the winners after the week is over (Monday morning) and notify them directly by email. Good luck! And don’t forget to check in over on Gina’s blog with your fitness updates – she’ll be sharing a giveaway from a different sponsor!


  1. 1

    Can’t wait to try those pb power cookies this week — yuuum!

  2. 2

    I found your blog from following Gina’s for years and I am so happy there’s a GF option for the meal plan!! Thank you! I recently had to go GF for an elemination diet (for health reasons) so this is a huge help :) yay!

  3. 4

    I won’t be home for dinner tonight, so I made sure to pack my lunch and dinner so I won’t be ravenous when I get home tonight!

  4. 5

    Bought a variety of greens to mix up my salads and green smoothies this week: baby kale, baby spinach and arugula. I freeze any greens I can’t use in time and use them for smoothies.

  5. 6
    Barbara G says:

    I see Broccoli Slaw on the shopping list. Oh how I love that! I even make my own sometimes using raw broccoli crowns and my very well-used food processor and its grater attachment. I’ll definitely have some broccoli slaw several times this week.

  6. 7

    I made the spicy sweet potato hummus soup last night so would just have to reheat..sneaking a taste or 5! so delicious! thank you!

  7. 8

    My parents visited this weekend which usually means lots of eating out and over indulging. We made some better decisions for this visit (my parents have lost a combined 21 pounds over the past 2 months!) while still enjoying eating out in the city!

  8. 10
    Taylor Ray says:

    I’ve been making Gina’s Breakfast cookie for a healthy quick meal on the go!

  9. 11

    The challenge is going well! I am loving the gluten free meal plan :)

  10. 12
    Katie Moran says:

    This challenge is going great. I have been loving sweet potatoes and eggs! I cant wait to make the superbowl 7 layer dip!

  11. 13

    Had some indulgences this weekend but getting back on track – had my protein pancake this morning and chia pudding for a snack!

  12. 14

    I had the egg sandwich this morning and quinoa and veggies and chicken for lunch. Planning to move up the pesto salmon for dinner tonight.

  13. 15

    I made the quinoa/veggies/pesto but replaced salmon with crumbled tofu. I tossed the tofu around in the pesto and then layered it over the veggies before baking. A yummy and quick meal!

  14. 16

    Love the quinoa taco salad! Made lots for leftovers

  15. 17

    Eggs, brussels and red potatoes/sweet potatoes for breakfast. A big salad with colorful veggies, edamame, avocado and seared salmon for lunch (inspired by the Peanut Butter Runner’s lunch on instagram today). I dressed it with balsamic vinegar and a lemon infused oil which was delicious! Making butternut squash soup for dinner. I’m definitely eating the rainbow today :)

  16. 18

    WSU is going great so far! I’ve loved falling the workouts and getting inspiration from your meal plan. Today I ate a little less healthy than I like but I am committed to coming back strong tomorrow!

  17. 19

    Last day of vacation (booooo) but gearing up for healthy eats this week. And I haven’t been making terrible choices here…..

  18. 20

    A little behind schedule so I made the chicken tenders from last week tonight – they were fantastic! Great recipe and definitely one we’ll use again.

  19. 21

    Had a great dinner of Hatch Quinoa Casserole, and I’ll be doing some more prep this evening since I wasn’t feeling up to it last night.

  20. 22

    Made some of the Peanut Cinnamon Date balls to take to work when I need healthy snacks. So tasty, almost like dessert! :)

  21. 23

    Your Superbowl recipes look amazing. I’m super excited about the 7 layer dip and the hummus queso!!!

  22. 24

    The lemon zuchinni muffins are my fave. That’s how I hurst found you years ago!

  23. 26
    Barbara G says:

    Yesterday was a rough food day for me. I could have made better choices, and that I will do as of today.

    I was traveling yesterday…. I really over-snacked and over-rode my hunger signals. I grazed throughout the day on both my train ride and on my car ride and more.

    I’m embracing the thought that this morning brings with it a new start, and I can leave yesterday in the past.

  24. 28

    Can not wait to make those PB Power Cookies! I was pumped looking at the recipe– all ingredients I have already!

  25. 30

    I’m still following the meal plan and loving it! Such great variety of gluten free meals. Definitely a nice change from eating the same thing every day.

  26. 32

    I made a batch of Zesty lemon Zucchini muffins last night so great! I know they will save my afternoon food craving!!

  27. 33

    Today I had PB Banana toast for breakfast with a protein shake and some cottage cheese for a late snack, and I have Quinoa Taco Salad for lunch AND dinner (along with some chicken). I seriously love this stuff and it takes a while to get sick of it… which is good because I made a shit ton.

  28. 35

    had the pesto salmon + veggies for dinner last night, egg sandwich for breakfast this morning, and quinoa taco salad in the fridge for lunch today!

  29. 36

    Made a Paleo english muffin to enjoy with banana and almond butter this morning!

  30. 37

    I’ve made the peanut butter cookies as a pre workout snack. Thank you so much for the balanced meal ideas. I struggle with getting enough protein in my diet, so this definitely helps!

  31. 38

    Same as yesterday for breakfast. Pinto beans, zucchini and greek yogurt for lunch. Making the pesto salmon for dinner tonight. Also tried cucumbers with salt, pepper, balsamic and olive oil as a snack today since I saw it on your post earlier. I used little persian cucumbers… so delicious.

  32. 40

    Working from home today – it’s always harder for me to keep the snacking to a minimum (usually out of boredom) but staying on track for the most part!

  33. 41

    I packed a healthy lunch today instead of getting something on the run! My wallet appreciates it!

  34. 42

    made eggs and veggies for dinner since i worked late! also had a big salad for lunch!

  35. 43

    Energy balls as a plane snack. Normal food tomorrow!

  36. 44

    Broccoli egg muffins on the agenda for today.

  37. 45
    Barbara G says:

    Going to make the turkey muffins this afternoon.

    My eating is back on point with my hunger signals, after a slight detour during my travel days. YAY!

  38. 46

    I made the PB power cookies and they are so good!! I brought them with me for snacks today, for myself and for my clients :)

  39. 48

    Pesto Salmon was delish!!! great recipe!

  40. 50

    I’m currently enjoying a lovely bit of toast with cream cheese and lox and for lunch – you guessed it – more quinoa taco salad! For dinner, I think we might be doing the Greek Burgers with Turkey. :( My Harris Teeter didn’t have ground lamb. Sad day.

  41. 52

    lamb burgers for dinner last night were a hit. using the cucumber yogurt sauce as my salad dressing for lunch today. made the peanut butter power cookies (with almond butter) last night and those will be snackage today.

  42. 54
    Allison Tack says:

    Prepped 4 salads with veggie burgers for the week, plus some avocado toast and overnight oats for my breakfasts :)

  43. 55

    I packed my dinner for tonight since I won’t be home until later. Hopefully I won’t be super hungry when I get home!

  44. 56

    Made a protein pancake this morning and topped with PB!

  45. 57

    My husband loved the pesto salmon with quinoa and veggies! I think that is going into the dinner rotation for us. Homemade pesto is so delicious. Thanks for the great meal idea :) I have salsa chicken in the crockpot for tonight. Planning to serve over zoodles!

  46. 59

    Had a few things that were going to go bad so I made a random quinoa concoction with spinach, tomatoes and garlic for lunch! I know that you are a big Blue Apron fan! As a fellow Blue Apron devotee I had put my deliveries on hold so far during WSU but was wondering if perhaps you saw any benefit into integrating them? Thanks!

    • 60

      Sounds tasty! Regarding Blue Apron, it’s up to you – just depends if you have time to do the shopping for WSU/if the meals in this plan sound good to you!

  47. 61

    we are doing shrimp and veggies tonight since we are out of salmon but still going to be a great dinner!

  48. 62

    I was on vacation at Universal Studios this week so my eats were all over the place, and I ate healthy meals as much as possible while still enjoying some treats like butterbeer. ;) I’m eager to get back into my kitchen tomorrow and back to my normal routine of food.

  49. 63

    I prepped the eggplant gyros for lunch tomorrow. Thawing the salmon for tomorrow’s dinner!

  50. 66
    Barbara G says:

    Yum on those turkey muffins. I love pre-portioned food ideas.

    Also, I bought some Sabra hummus yesterday, and I snacked on some hummus with toasted whole wheat pita triangles. Yum, again!

  51. 67

    Today’s menu consists of sprouted bread/shmear/lox for breakfast, steak and green beans for lunch, and hummus soup for dinner! Today is going to be particularly rainy and gross, so I’ve saved the spicy soup for a day like today!

  52. 68

    made the salsa lentil soup for dinner last night and since it was so good and made so much i brought some in today to share with a colleague. looking forward to my healthy tuna salad on ww pita for lunch!

  53. 69

    so I have been eating this meal plan but out of order, kinda just going with I feel like eating that day I bought all the groceries so its working out! made the health tuna salad today. loved the addition of greek yogurt with the extra veggies!

  54. 70

    Went a little off-track yesterday and had a delicious girly martini – but my brother-in-law eloped! Had to celebrate! Back on track this morning with a spinach and turkey bacon omelette and toast with peanut butter!

  55. 74

    I had my roasted eggplant gyro for lunch and I’ll make salmon and veggies for us tonight!

  56. 75

    Good day so far, managed to get lots of veggies in at breakfast and lunch and drinking lots of water.

  57. 76

    I’ll be roughing it a bit until I can get to the grocery store after my vacation, but I’m hoping to make something work!

  58. 77

    2 egg breakfast this morning and hummus sandwich + small salad + fruit for lunch today!

  59. 78

    Have a game night tonight with family. Planning on sticking to the healthier options and sampling the others! Wanted to tell you that I made your carrot raisin everything muffins last week and I loved them. I love texture in my food.

  60. 80

    Had some leftover chicken fajitas and veggies for lunch with a portion of brown rice mixed in – so good!

  61. 81

    I had takeout from Panera for lunch…it was delicious!

  62. 82

    I had leftover salmon, quinoa, and veggies get my coworkers were checking out = )

  63. 83
    Barbara G says:

    Went beyond my hunger and satiety signals yesterday by snacking on homemade trail mix and overdoing it.

    Love to wake up this morning to new eating opportunities. Today I’m trying some Ezekiel bread with Sabra hummus for either lunch or a late-afternoon snack. It’s my first time trying this bread.

    Looking forward to tuning inward today and eating what feels good to me and in the quantities consistent with my physical hunger.

  64. 85

    Eating healthy leftovers today and planning a decently healthy super bowl menu!

  65. 86
    Lori Doss says:

    Proud to say I e only had 2 Diet Pepsi’s total this week! Win!!! Can’t wait to try the Sabra Hummus Queso tomorrow.

  66. 88

    I had a couple of beers today for my lunch…haha not the best choice, but tomorrow will be better!

  67. 89

    Had a few glasses of wine last night, but all in all I’d call it a win!

  68. 90
    Barbara G says:

    I’m up early this morning and ready to cook for Week #3.

    I already did my shopping for WSU Week #3 yesterday, amid all of the Super Bowl shoppers. Wow, it was crazy busy at the supermarket!

    Today I will prepare some recipes for Week #3 and pre-portion and store individual servings.

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