Week 1 Meal Plan

Welcome to week 1 of the 2017 Winter Shape Up, which begins on Monday, January 30, 2017!

(Looking for the home base Winter Shape Up page? Click here – it has answers to any questions you might have about the challenge and links to all the weekly content!)

winter shape up 2017

As you know, my friend Gina and I have partnered up to bring you this fun healthy living 4 week challenge to inspire you to kick off the year on the right foot in terms of fitness and nutrition. Gina is a personal trainer, so on her site, you’ll find the weekly workouts for the challenge, including videos (which I’m also in this year – we filmed them together in beautiful San Diego). Here on mine, I’ll be sharing the weekly nutrition-focused content, which will feature regular, gluten free, and vegan meal plans – as well as quick snack ideas and some make-ahead snack recipes.

We’d love to hear how you guys are doing with this challenge! If you share updates or photos on social media, please include #WinterShapeUp and, if you have space, tag both myself (@fANNEtasticfood – follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!) and Gina (@fitnessista) so we can see! :)

winter shape up 2017

Before I get into the plan, please remember that everyone’s nutrition needs are different and will vary based on activity level, age, gender, height/weight, and more. I am a Registered Dietitian, but this meal plan is not meant to be a substitute for personalized nutrition plans or nutrition counseling (like I provide in my AnneTheRD private practice). Above all, use this as a guide, not a concrete plan, and change it as you see fit based on your own hunger levels, preferences, and dietary needs. I’m not including specific quantities/portion sizes because of this – try to eat intuitively and listen to your body. This guide may be too much food for some of you and too little for others. If you’re getting full, save the rest for later. If the meal or snack wasn’t enough, don’t second guess yourself – listen to your body and have something else. If you’re really hungry and try to deny it, it will only lead to overdoing it later or feeling like crap. Honor your hunger, my friends. And same with the other end of the spectrum – stay mindful during your meals, and stop as soon as you start to get full. If you’re distracted, it’s a lot easier to overeat. Your body knows what to do if you just listen to it! Sound good?

A note on drinks: I didn’t include drinks in this guide, but aim to limit sugar-sweetened beverages. If you’re currently having a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages (soda, sweet tea, sweet flavored water, etc.), try to cut back by 1 or 2 drinks per week until it becomes an occasional treat vs. a daily habit. Focus on drinking lots of water (carbonated water with fruit in it is a nice sweet, fizzy alternative to soda – as is kombucha), some unsweetened tea/coffee (if you’re into it), and the occasional wine or beer, if you like.

Regarding dessert, it’s not included in the plan for simplicity’s sake, but indulgence in moderation is certainly part of a healthy relationship with food. The key is to view dessert as an occasional treat vs. letting it become an everyday habit. If you really want something, by all means allow yourself to have it and really savor it. There’s no point in feeling guilty – eating perfectly 100% of the time isn’t realistic or healthy. Just make sure that when you do indulge, it’s worth it. Choose the real thing, not a diet imitation; stay mindful and stop when you are satisfied.

WSU 2017 - meals

To download the week 1 meal plan, please click here.

If you have any problems downloading the meal plan or see any errors, please let me know! It also includes grocery lists (including vegan and gluten free variations).

For snacks, choose a variety each day based on hunger levels. Some days you might need a snack or even two or three, while other days you might not need one at all. Focus on how you feel. Hunger levels change daily based on activity and a host of other factors, so don’t expect to feel the same every day. For snacks, just like meals, focus on a good mix of carbs, protein, and healthy fat to keep you satisfied.

To download the simple snack ideas PDF, click here. Here are some make-ahead recipes to try out this week too featuring sponsor Wild Blueberries:

And since this week includes Super Bowl Sunday, here are some fun Super Bowl recipe ideas:

This week’s featured sponsor is the Wild Blueberry Association of North America. I discovered Wild Blueberries a few summers ago in Maine, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I throw them into my microwave banana oatmeal, my protein packed flour free breakfast pancake, baked goods, and even WILD my smoothies with them!

wild blueberries logo

You may not know this, but not all blueberries are the same. Wild Blueberries have a more intense flavor, double the antioxidants and fiber, and a deeper blue pigment, making them serious nutritional superstars when compared to the regular (cultivated) ones you find in the produce section. Wild Blueberries are also smaller than regular blueberries making them great for baking and cooking.

Wild Blueberries are frozen at the peak of ripeness to lock in flavor and nutrients. Find them in the frozen section at your local supermarket – be sure to look for “Wild Blueberries” on the label and feel the bag for small, pea-sized berries. Learn more information about where to find frozen Wild Blueberries all year long. Because Wild Blueberries are frozen and full of flavor and nutrition, they are the ultimate smoothie making ingredient. Wild Blueberries is currently running their#WildYourSmoothie Recipe Contest, open to RDs and food and lifestyle bloggers, through February 10th. Learn more here.

Our Wild Blueberry friends are giving away a Wild Blueberries water infuser and a $25 gift card to Whole Foods for collecting ultimate smoothie ingredients  to one lucky Winter Shape Up participant!

Comment below up to once per day (starting on Monday) with how thing are going for you during the challenge and each comment will count as an entry! I’ll randomly select the winners after the week is over and notify them directly by email. Good luck!


  1. 1

    Food prep wise I am ready to go!

  2. 2

    Looking forward to the challenge and a prepping for this morning

  3. 3

    Starting today! I’m going to drink more water to try to curb my cravings.

  4. 4

    Starting my day off with a smoothie bowl with wild blueberries! Here’s to winter shape up!

  5. 5

    The smoothie today was delicious. I’m excited for some of the other meals now!

  6. 6

    Monday’s workout in the books! I was traveling for work last week and did a great job with my eats, so am excited to keep that up :)

  7. 7

    I love wild blueberries! I’m all about tea this week!

  8. 8

    Wild blueberries for the win in my smoothie!

  9. 9

    Added blueberries to recovery smoothie, so good!!!

  10. 10
    Amber Schumann says

    WO #1 DONE! I completed it yesterday (Sunday), because I was so excited to finally used my new gym space in the garage. Been several months since I’ve worked out, and it was the perfect “jump back in” routine! Feelin good!

    Been “clean eating” for a couple weeks now, and enjoyed some amazing cashew chicken for dinner (Whole 30 compliant)

  11. 11

    Love that my smoothie this morning was not green as usual. I enjoyed the taste and color change!

    Also love the focus on PROtein and PROduce and on doing my best to match my food timing and food choices to my hunger and preferences.

  12. 12

    I didn’t have a smoothie this morning ( I have a hard time when smoothies when it is cold) but I did the egg scramble with veggies. 1 serving of veggies down for the day!

  13. 13
    Allison T. says

    Put together the Easy Curry Chicken yesterday for me and my daughter to have for our lunches… Feels good to meal prep ahead of time!

  14. 14
    Tina Ziebart says

    Food prep ready and making the veggie enchiladas tonight 😊

  15. 15

    Just finished the first workout and can’t wait to begin the meal plan!

  16. 16

    Need to try out these wild blueberries! I love blueberries + pecans in some greek yogurt as a snack.

  17. 17

    Heading to Whole Foods today to stock up for the week! Feeling good about my game plan for food and workouts this week :)

  18. 18

    Looking forward to the winter shape-up! Excited to participate!

  19. 19

    Had a variation of the smoothie with what I had on hand. It was great :)

  20. 20
    Samantha D. says

    Loved the smoothie this morning! Looking forward to dinner. :)

  21. 21

    Food prep is done and I’m excited for the rest of the challenge!

  22. 22

    I just made my blueberry smoothie! I didn’t have the wild blueberries brand but it still very good!

  23. 23

    i love wild blueberries!! Probably my favorite frozen fruit.

  24. 24

    I had my wild blueberry smoothie this morning and did all my shopping yesterday!

  25. 25

    I made the mexican chicken chili last night – it was so good and easy. I am definitely adding it to my regular rotation.

  26. 26

    Had a slice of toast with eggs, avocado, and sautéed veggies after my workout this morning. I’m going to Whole Foods this afternoon and will be meal prepping for the week.

  27. 27
    Lindsay Haney says

    Just finished my grain and bean salad, and I think I’ll be super satisfied all day until dinner. Really looking forward to curry night tonight! All my veggies are chopped and ready to throw together when I get home. So glad WSU is back!

  28. 28

    So excited about the wild blueberry recipes! I’ve been all about blueberries lately

  29. 29

    I absolutely love wild blueberries. Love the day 1 smoothie recipe!

  30. 30

    I have tons of roasted veggie and baked sweet potatoes prepped for the weeks then I made a piece of salmon for dinner to go with that!

  31. 31

    Healthy eating done today!! Packed and planned!!

  32. 32

    Blueberry smoothie for breakfast after workout 1. Lots of puréed veggies in a soup for dinner. Feeling good!

  33. 33

    Had oatmeal this morning with blueberries, rasberries, coconut chips, cocoa nibs, chia seeds and a bit of apple sauce… so good :)

  34. 34

    Doing great on day 2 of WSU workouts and eats!

  35. 35

    Made the high protein pancake today!

  36. 36
    Allison T. says

    Didn’t have much time this morning, so grabbed a frozen egg bake portion I had made from a Fitnessista recipe. It’s so nice making it beforehand as a healthy option when in a pinch!

  37. 37
    Samantha Tarcy says

    I made your slow cooker Moroccan chicken for the week and extra for the freezer!

  38. 38

    Did some great meal prep to start the week! Enjoying some egg white oatmeal this am.

  39. 39

    I had a delicious roasted salmon and veggies for dinner last night – meal prep for the win!

  40. 40

    I always enjoy meal prep time on the weekends; it makes the workweek less stressful.

  41. 41
    Lindsay Haney says

    Loved my oatmeal this morning and looking forward to leftover curry for lunch! So glad to be back in the swing of things with meal prep!

  42. 42

    Veggie prep makes it so easy!

  43. 43

    Love the motivation this meal plan and shape up is providing for me! Going well so far…although I may need a cheat day for spicy pad thai soon, the cravings are real!!

  44. 45

    Made the coconut curry last night and am excited to have it for lunch again today. Perfect oatmeal this morning was yummy and really kept me full for most of the morning!

  45. 46

    I made up a bunch of roasted veggies for the week and made some turkey burgers to have on hand.

  46. 47

    Today has been an amazing day! I’m 17 weeks pregnant and feeling ready to finally workout (I’ve been so sick) and able to eat healthier now that things aren’t coming up as much.

    M1: healthy french toast with strawberries and 3 pieces of turkey bacon
    M2: Smoothie Bowl with a little granola
    M3: Chicken and lentil bowl with sweet potatoes
    M4: handful of skittles
    M5: salmon with tomatoes and a side of broccoli

    W: Core De Force Steady state+Workout 1

  47. 48

    Workouts are going great so far, but I missed my meal prep Sunday so meals haven’t been as good!
    I did make the blueberry turmeric smoothie though and it was excellent!

  48. 49

    Really trying to tune into my hunger and not think about the scale.

    I love that you reminded us to visualize a goal and not to focus on the number on the scale.

    And, I will not tie my happiness to the scale. My well being is better focused on introducing more healthy food choices into my meal plans and to being more consistent with my exercise.

  49. 51
    Samantha D. says

    We eat dinner every Tuesday with a group of friends so I haven’t made the soup yet! We’re having taco night so I’m bringing my own corn tortillas and greek yogurt (to sub for sour cream) to keep things in better-for-you zone! So excited to try that soup though…the hummus is pretty intriguing.

  50. 52

    So far week 1 is going great! Eating like a “pro” is keeping me fueled for the workouts and helping to curb that sweet tooth monster!

  51. 53

    made the smoothie for lunch today! Dinner is chicken and roasted veggies and baked sweet potato

  52. 54

    Healthy food packed for lunch and dinner while at work! Big bowl of fresh fruits and veggies with chicken protein!!

  53. 55
    Amber Schumann says

    Hooray for a full day of clean eats!

  54. 56
    Allison T. says

    I had time this morning to make and split breakfast with my daughter – vegan carrot muffin + egg scramble with spinach and tomoatoes!

  55. 57

    Blueberry oatmeal bake this morning!!!

  56. 58

    Came home from bootcamp STARVING last night – threw together a Van’s power grains waffle, 2 eggs, handful of baby spinach, 2oz cabot cheddar, and some salsa. Hit the spot!

  57. 59

    Feeling good… got a run in last night and made a big meal in the crockpot for dinner last night and leftovers today!

  58. 60

    I made the blueberry smoothie today. It wasn’t as pretty as yours, but tasted great!

  59. 61

    Had more berries with yogurt this morning!

  60. 62

    I eat Wild Blueberries every day in my breakfast smoothie! Love them.

  61. 63

    Love scrambled eggs, so this was a treat to look forward to!

  62. 64

    My husband was a big fan of the chili last night!

  63. 66

    Savory smooth time :)

  64. 67
    Lindsay Haney says

    Enjoying my delicious tuna salad in an Ezekiel wrap. I added some turmeric to the recipe and chopped anchovies. It’s delicious, even though the wrap literally crumbled when I tried to wrap it.

  65. 69

    Trying to return to cleaner, more Paleo-ish eating. Doing ok . . . except for last night’s chocolate chip cookie.

    • 70

      If you are craving a treat, allow yourself to enjoy it! All or nothing mentality is not sustainable long term, and often leads to overeating whatever it was you were trying to avoid. So focus on a “mostly healthy with some mindful treats when you truly want them” approach :)

  66. 71

    Made a smoothie for breakfast, leftovers for dinner of chicken, salad, and sweet potato. Lunch is protein pancakes before a midday run and yoga class!

  67. 72

    Big batch of roasted vegetables today!

  68. 73
    Samantha Tarcy says

    Roasted veggies last night and had some oat/seed snack balls today.

  69. 74
    Amber Schumann says

    Rough day home with sick kid (she inherited “man cold syndrome” from her dad). Accomplished approx 45min of work and 6min of workout #4 before throwing in the towel and surrendering to the idea that nothing’s going to get done today. Ants on a log for dinner. Tomorrow’s a new day.

  70. 76

    Dinner prepped so we’re off to a good start

  71. 77

    I did a little too much snacking yesterday but I am refocused for today!

  72. 78

    Healthy Buffalo chicken in the crockpot for dinner tonight!

  73. 79

    Turkey chili and pumpkin cornbread last night ad going strong on week 1 healthy eats

  74. 80

    Did well all day yesterday and ended up with pizza for dinner. womp womp.

  75. 82
    Samantha D. says

    I have been loving those grain and bean salads and having the curry as leftovers. :) Making the enchiladas tonight!

  76. 83
    Lindsay Haney says

    I’m so proud of myself for packing breakfast and lunch for myself every day this week. It’s my first week at a new job in a new city and I’ve been struggling to find a new groove. This challenge is unbelievably helpful. Can’t wait for black bean enchiladas tonight!

  77. 85

    No berries left so it was an avocado, spinach and banana smoothie today.

  78. 86

    Blueberry smoothie this morning, not sure about lunch yet, but going to sushi with a friend for dinner!

  79. 87

    Yummy egg and veggies scramble for breakfast, then I have the tuna salad for lunch!

  80. 88

    Love the blueberry smoothie!

  81. 89

    Had my 17 week appointment today for Baby #3 and everything looks great! I came home and did 20 minutes of Total Body Cardio 21 day fix and then Workout 5. I’m so sore in a good way.

    M1: turkey bacon
    M2: French toast bagel
    M3: turkey with peppers/onions/sweet potatoes and goat cheese
    M4: smoothie bowl with granola
    M5: caprese chicken with lentils and butternutsquash and broccoli

  82. 91

    Ending my day with a popcorn snack!

  83. 92
    Amber Schumann says

    Woohoo! Sick daughter was well enough to take outside today, so we ventured into our backyard/garage for workout #4! It felt great to get a sweat after being cooped up for 3 days.

    Made a pre-marinated curry chicken for dinner from Trader Joe’s and had some roasted veggies tossed in ginger and numeric on the side.

  84. 94

    I went out to lunch yesterday because I just wasn’t feeling what I packed. I’m glad that I did. I had a good time and didn’t force myself to eat something that I didn’t want.

  85. 96

    I’ve enjoyed this week looking forward to next!

  86. 97

    Made a huge salad last night… lots of veggies and some chicken. Very tasty and filling!

  87. 98

    Unfortunately I came down with a cold so bailing on some workouts this week but still eating well

  88. 100
    Samantha D. says

    I made the scrambled egg muffins this morning instead of tomorrow and I loooove them! Especially with some greek yogurt on the side. :)

  89. 102

    Awesome dinner last night of zoodles and turkey meatballs. Looking forward to leftovers for lunch today!

  90. 103

    Love the pancake!

  91. 104

    i made my breakfast smoothies every day this week! and packed a nice big salad for lunch yesterday :)

  92. 105

    One of my favorite breakfast dishes is your high protein pancakes! It has been a good week so far. I have been trying to also concentrate on better sleeping habits as well. Thank you again for the delicious recipes.

  93. 107

    Well, black bean/sweet potato enchiladas had to turn into nachos because the tortillas molded (womp womp), but they were just as delicious, even as lunch leftovers! Looking forward to planning next week’s meal, though admittedly not excited about grocery shopping on Super Bowl weekend. Houston is bananas this week. Can’t wait for it to all be over.

  94. 108
    Amber Schumann says

    Jam-packed day, so I had to split my workout up… Finished my 20min cardio with a refreshing run during a break from the rain. Looking forward to WO3 this evening after my munchkin goes to bed. Whoop! Excited to stay committed during the first week, despite quite a scheduling hiccup with my daughter being home sick most of the week!

    My fav breakfast right now is tuscan kale sautéed in crispy bacon pieces with a squeeze of lemon to finish and two fried eggs on top. YUMMMMM!

  95. 110

    I’m traveling all week, but have scheduled time for exercise every day.

  96. 111

    Had tempeh taco salad leftovers for lunch today and then roasted veggies and chicken for dinner.

  97. 112
    Samantha D. says

    Finally got to the sweet potato and black bean enchiladas and HOLY COW. My husband was like “PUT THIS ON THE LIST! Put this on the list of recipes we want to keep making!”

  98. 114

    Blueberry smoothies with vital proteins collagen for the win this week! Loving the meal plan! Thanks, Anne!

  99. 116

    Healthy buffalo chicken with vegetables!!!

  100. 117

    My coworker is from Trinidad and makes the most amazing food. She brought me in curry shrimp with rice and it’s absolutely amazing. Having it for dinner!

  101. 118

    Enjoying the motivation to get in extra produce this week.

  102. 119

    Had avocado toast and was so good! Skipped the chickpeas on it though

  103. 120

    I’m finishing up some eats from the week – slow cooker Moroccan chicken, tempeh, etc. I want to make healthy bars in case I go into labor and we can bring to the hospital!

  104. 122

    Great week!

  105. 123

    yogurt bowl for breakfast, going to make a green smoothie for lunch, and dinner it TBD

  106. 124

    HealThy oatmeal!

  107. 125
    Amber Schumann says

    Had a spontaneous sitter opportunity, so ran out the door to complete WO5 around the middle school track! Felt great! Ready to take on week 2!!!

  108. 127

    Ready for week 2!

  109. 128

    The salmon last night was tasty! Excited to see week 2!

  110. 129

    Busy day today working, a green smoothie was breakfast, packed for lunch is a baked sweet potato and chicken, dinner is going to be protein waffles!

  111. 130

    Bringing healthy guac and veggies to the super bowl party!!

  112. 131

    Still have some leftover enchiladas to finish off tonight. They were great!

  113. 133

    Not the healthiest day but enjoyed pulled pork, coleslaw during the super bowl today.

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