Albion Fit Women’s Workout Gear Giveaway!

Before I get to my scheduled post for today, I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I’m thinking of everyone in Boston this morning as the search for the Boston Marathon suspects continues. Stay safe and strong, Boston – we’re rooting for you.

And now, I’m excited to share a giveaway with you all today – introducing Albion Fit, the makers of adorable women’s fitness, swimwear, and workout clothing.


Albion Fit contacted me recently and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their gear here on the blog and hosting a giveaway for you guys, too. The second I saw the cute options on their website (their swimsuits especially are adorable), I was on board.

Those of you that have been reading for awhile will remember that I love playing tennis in the warmer months, so I decided it would be fun to test out one of their tennis outfits, but they have all sorts of cool looking yoga and running gear, too.



I received the Match Point Pleat Skirt in grey and the Classic Racerback Tank in white. I love wearing skirts when playing tennis – I was on the tennis team at my high school and our uniforms were skirts, so I’ve always been a fan of the look. :) I’m pretty sure having a cute outfit on means you play better, too. Right?


Matt got a tennis racket for Christmas and this past weekend the weather was finally nice enough to get out and use it (and for me to try out my new outfit)! The two of us hit the courts together on Saturday for a fun game. I love tennis on beautiful days – such a nice way to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Matt has only played tennis a few times before but of course is practically already as good as I am. What the heck? :)


Both the skirt and the tank get two big thumbs up. Super comfortable, moved well with me while I played, and I loved the fit. Anything with ruffles is always a win and the skirt was no exception. It also features comfortable built-in compression shorts and soft but sturdy fabric. Loved it!


Loved the tank, too! I liked the pretty grey swirl on the bottom left and the racer back style, and it features wicking and anti-microbial fabric so it’s great for sweaty days.


So – want a chance to check out Albion Fit’s gear for yourself? They are offering one $100 Albion Fit gift card to a lucky fANNEtastic food reader. And you Canadians will be pumped because this giveaway is open to both U.S. and Canada residents! :)

To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post about the nicest thing you did for someone else lately, or the nicest thing someone did for you. It can be anything, big or small. I just thought it would be nice to share some happy vibes today.

Want additional optional entries?

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered! 

This post is sponsored by Albion Fit. All opinions are my own!


  1. 1
    Christine says:

    We have an illness in my family and my coworker gave me a $150 gift certificate so I can make frozen meals from Let’s Dish to help get my family through a long year of treatment. I was so surprised and it completely made my day.

  2. 2
    Samantha G says:

    There are so many nice things people always seem to be doing. I don’t have a car and whenever my friend (also my neighbor) goes out of town for work, she leaves me her car keys so I can use her car. I love her for her kindness and trust.

  3. 3
    Stephanie says:

    I’ve been leaving comments on my fitness friends’ Instagram photos complimenting them on their progress or dedication to their food choices and/or exercise routines. It makes me feel good to support them on their fitness journeys!

  4. 4

    Happy vibes are definitely needed today!!

    We were short a trainer at work yesterday and instead of having to cancel workouts for some people, I reminded my bosses that I have my CPT and could come in on my day off to run a few training sessions (not usually my position). While I fought my desire for an entire day off, I felt really good about it after.

  5. 5
    Samantha G says:

    I liked fannetastic foods and albion fit on facebook.

  6. 6

    Upon entering a restaurant for lunch one day I held the door for the gentleman behind me. I placed my order for food to go as did he. When I was leaving, the same gentleman held the door for me on my way out. Sometimes it’s the small things.

  7. 7

    I received a card from a friend just saying hello :o)

  8. 8

    My mom came to visit me recently and did my dishes while I was at work, that was pretty awesome of her.

  9. 9

    I like/follow fANNEtastic foods on FB and Twitter

  10. 10
    Danielle says:

    A friend of mine was having a hard week so I treated her to a home cooked meal :D

  11. 11

    my boyfriend writes me cute notes every morning to encourage me to keep getting out there and running :)

  12. 12

    have given and received a lot of hugs here in boston recently … :(

  13. 13
    Amanda H says:

    I always pay the toll for the vehicle behind me at toll plazas and when I buy coffee I always purchase the drink(s) for the person behind me in line.

  14. 14

    I delivered BlueBell ice cream to a friend late at night when she had a lot of work to do.

  15. 15
    Amanda H says:

    Forgot to mention, I also liked Albion Fit on Facebook; I started following them on Twitter AND I tweeted the following comment: “I want to win a $100 gift card to @AlbionFit from @fANNEtasticfood !” (My Twitter handle is _AmandaHarper)

  16. 16
    Michelle says:

    My best friend emailed me saying she sent a gift from the both of us to our best friend that is getting married. We hadn’t even talked about had she gotten her a bridal gift and I included my name on the card. Great girlfriends always have your back!

  17. 17

    I was walking to the metro in Eastern Market (DC) when I saw something that’s become so common; a destitute man attempting to gain the attention of passersby. My initial reaction was to keep my ear buds in and avoid eye contact, just as each person before me. I fought that urge and gave him my attention. The man didn’t ask for money, he wasn’t crazy, but rather incredibly polite, injured, and unable to pick up his shopping cart (to which all of his earthly possessions were tightly secured) that had toppled over. He thanked me for up-righting it and I asked if he would tell me his story. He was a construction worker. He injured himself on the job, was denied worker’s comp as it was under the table, and eventually kicked out of his aunt’s house. His name is David, he is an expert in cosmology and the universe, he is a kind, caring soul, and he’s homeless and forgotten. I’m so glad I gave him my attention and assistance; to which he repaid me with knowledge and gratitude. I gave him $20 before I walked away. He never asked for it and even tried not to accept it. It’s so easy to forget this forgotten class. Large cities desensitize us to their pain and misfortune. Thanks, Anne, for letting me share.

  18. 20

    I’ve received a lot of long talks and support from my roommates recently as my final semester of law school winds down.

  19. 21

    My husband washed the dishes for me the other night after I cooked. I know he hates washing them, so it means a lot to me that he took it upon himself to do it.

  20. 22

    I made a casserole for our neighbor who just had a baby. She was so grateful!

  21. 23

    I came home from a long day at the library writing a final paper and my roommate immediately made me a huge chai latte! So sweet :)

  22. 24

    My boyfriend cleaned the WHOLE house while I was at work yesterday and cooked me a delicious dinner. It was a wonderful surprise!

  23. 25

    The nicest thing someone has done for me lately is when my boyfriend went out and brought me breakfast in bed when I wasn’t feeling well

  24. 26

    I liked Albion Fit on Facebook.

  25. 27

    My husband has been working really long hrs. so I had his favorite dinner waiting for him when he got home last night.

  26. 28
    Vicki parshley says:

    What a great idea to focus on the good in people this horrible week. I have tried to be positive and supportive to everyone this week

  27. 29

    Mine is small :-) I make my Mama and me a breakfast smoothie every night. She loves my smoothies so i just started making her one every night too. All we do in the morning is blend them with the magic bullet and go. It’s just my way of showing my appreciation that they let me move back in with them.

  28. 30

    I had my mom and her partner stay with me this past week and while they stayed here, they helped me fix our sink (which has been broken for about a month now). I was trying to give to them but instead they really gave to me. So nice of them!!

  29. 31

    Tuesday I had to take my daughter to a dr. appointment that happened to be located at a hospital in Philly. That meant paying lots for parking. I got my parking ticket validated which meant my cost should have been $3 instead of the arm and leg it would have been otherwise. When I went to pay the automated machine, the validation wasn’t recognized. When I took my reciept to the parking attendant, she told me I’d have to call the next day to give her my info in order to get me a credit. Well, the next day I awoke to my son throwing up and three other kids I had to get to school. Totally forgot to call her. Well, Thursday afternoon SHE CALLED ME to get my credit card # to give me a credit on my card. I happened to be having a rough week, and her random act of kindness totally brightened my spirits and ended my week on a great note!

  30. 32

    I brought a new mom on our block dinner & dessert.

  31. 33

    Super cute outfit!

    My friend has been going through a tough time this week, so I dropped by her work before she left for the day with sushi, ice cream, and an cooling eye mask thing (she was puffy from crying) and told her she deserved to relax for the night. Sometimes, it’s the little things <3

  32. 34

    This random woman that works in the same building as me stopped me twice within 1 week to tell me she thought my hair is pretty. :-)

  33. 35

    I like Albion Fit on Facebook and Twitter!

  34. 36

    What a great idea — the world needs to know about the nice that happens, not just the negativity. Yesterday, I gave one of my students a ride home (across town) after marathon practice, and it was so nice just to chat with her in a more casual setting. She is an amazing person, and I am so blessed to know her. Also, another student gave me a note yesterday saying how much she appreciated me and how she felt safe in my room, and that was such a nice gesture and totally made my day.

  35. 37

    Treated my mom to dinner for her birthday!

  36. 38

    I’m following on Twitter and I liked on Facebook!

  37. 39
  38. 40
    Michelle M says:

    My parents dog-sat and picked us up from the airport (super late at night). Love them.

  39. 41

    And…now I liked Albion Fit on Facebook and started following them on Twitter. :)

  40. 42
    Michelle says:

    I’ve been going over to my parents house a couple nights a week to cook them dinner and show them ways of incorporating healthier options into their diets.

  41. 43

    Thanks for this giveaway Anne! I am in desperate need of some new workout gear. I literally have ONE running top… The rest are old t-shirts, which work just as well, but aren’t NEARLY as comfortable. Especially on hot days!

    The nicest thing someone did for me was my husband cleaning up all the dishes before I could get to them last night. It’s the little things that really add up to the big things!

  42. 44

    My mom is sick so I cleaned the kitchen and made her her favorite soup :) she does so much for me so it was great to be able to help HER out!

  43. 45

    The nicest thing someone did for me…
    just yesterday I decidied to sign up for my first half marathon, and then my boyfriend surprised me with new yurbud earbuds (been lusting after them forever) and one of those arm band thingys to hold your iphone. what a sweetie!

  44. 46

    I “liked” your facebook page!

  45. 47

    I’m following you on twitter @cox_2446

  46. 48

    My boyfriend has been putting long hour for school and wakes up early every morning, so I wake up with him and make him a healthy lunch and coffee, to get his morning going. He says it makes a difference in his day. :)

  47. 49
    Stephanie D says:

    My boyfriend is a military officer and we have had a number of our meals paid for by others, whether he has been in uniform or not, out of gratitude and recognition for his service. It’s one of the nicest things I’ve ever experienced.

  48. 50

    yesterday i brought beer and homemade cookies to a friend who has an injured leg and is stuck at home.

  49. 51

    Hello! I follow you on twitter! @pereza04

  50. 52

    i like albion fit on facebook!

  51. 53

    I brought my friend lunch last week while she was at school studying all day :) she loved it!

  52. 54
    Natalie Soukup says:

    I’ve been very busy with PA school lately because we are coming down to the end of the year. After spending 13 hours on campus studying and going to class I came home to a pre-made dinner in the fridge with a note from my hubby. It was my night to make dinner, but he squeezed in some time before his jobs to make something up so I didn’t have to worry about it. It’s the little things – he’s the best :)

  53. 55

    I’ve been having a rough time a work lately. My boyfriend made me dinner (rare over here) and it meant so much to me!

  54. 56

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  55. 57

    Love this giveaway and love that people have to say something nice they’ve done or kindness they’ve received.
    My girlfriend’s father-in-law was really ill and just passed away. A few of us made frozen meals and healthy snacks so they don’t have the added stress of cooking and baking.

  56. 58

    I follow you on twitter :)

  57. 59
  58. 60

    I also follow AlbionFit on twitter now

  59. 61

    I have been complaining recently about everything being damp in my house. My boyfriend came home two days ago late from work and said he had a surprise for me – the surprise was a giant dehumidifier he bought on his way home – hey, we have humidity issues where I’m from :) Completely unexpected and useful

  60. 62

    Following Albion Fit on Twitter, too! Thanks!

  61. 63
    Meredith B. says:

    My husband and I usually go out to dinner on Wednesday nights for date night, but this week I decided to cook him a surprise dinner at home. He was delighted and we ended up having a wonderful evening.

  62. 64
    Stephanie D says:

    I also tweeted! @FitStephanie

  63. 65

    During all sorts of travel snafus yesterday, after waiting an hour to talk to an airline rep online, I passed around,y phone to others so they could get help too.

  64. 66

    first of all, how cute do you look in that outfit?!
    i sent a care package to Afghanistan, it was really well received :):) (i had a ton of fun putting it together.)

  65. 67

    During the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler someone said “I like your pace!” It’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me during a race, especially because my pace is not speedy!

  66. 68

    I “liked” Albion fit on facebook!

  67. 69
    Ashley N. says:

    Liked on FB and Twitter!

  68. 70

    One of the nicest things someone’s done for me is (my friend) got me dinner, paid for it, and brought it to me, last weekend because I was studying for an organic chemistry exam. :)

  69. 71

    Already following you on twitter :)

  70. 72
    Ashley N. says:

    Liked Albion Fit on FB and following on Twitter!

  71. 73

    My sweet roommate bought me the DVD for I have been talking about wanting to see for ages! It was thoughtful and so unneccesary. Great giveaway, Anne!

  72. 74

    So I didn’t combine the FB liking with my twitter following…so I’ll use this comment to say that I liked you on FB and Albion Fit on FB. (instead of liking you on FB + following on twitter)

  73. 75

    I’m following Albionfit on twitter!

  74. 76

    I helped out a co-worker with some analysis that needed to be done for the VP. She otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get it done.

  75. 77
    Ashley N. says:

    I’ve been helping my Mom out around the house more, lots of cleaning and cooking! :)

  76. 78

    I like Albion on FB!

  77. 79

    I like you on FB!

  78. 80

    I tweeted! @cox_2446

  79. 81

    So turns out I’m terrible at following directions.

    Followed Albion Fit on twitter, and tweeted about the giveaway. I kind of jumbled all 3 of the ways to get extra entries, but I did all of them!

  80. 82

    After a really rough day at work this week, my lovely friend invited me over, whipped us up some summer cocktails, and made me laugh for 3 hours straight. That’s a true friend!

  81. 83

    i like you and follow you, (duh) :-)

  82. 84

    Already follow you on twitter!

  83. 85

    And actually already like Albion Fit on facebook and twitter too!

  84. 86

    My husband and I have a 6 month old who refuses to sleep more than an hour at a time. Last night my husband brought home a piece of chocolate cake for me and after a particularly hard day at work then with our daughter, it was a wonderful treat and just the sugar rush I needed to start the night time shift. It’s the little things that can turn your whole day around. He also reads this blog and I hope this makes him smile:)

  85. 87

    Super cute outfit! When my friend’s mom died last summer, I used the spare key I had to go into her condo and leave some food in the fridge/freezer and tidy up so when she and her husband got back from out of state they’d have less things to worry about. It helped me feel less helpless and they really appreciated it!

  86. 88

    My boyfriend and I surprised our mom’s with tickets to a hockey game. They are both HUGE hockey fans and it was my mom’s favorite team vs my boyfriend’s mom’s favorite team. It made for a really fun weekend.

  87. 89

    Just tweeted, too :)

  88. 90

    I was out of town last weekend, expecting to have a lot of catch-up housework to get to when I get home. Instead, my boyfriend cleaned the house and had everything in order…very nice surprise!!

  89. 91

    I usually set my morning alarm for before my husband wakes up, but last night he had to stay up late working, so I turned off my alarm to let him sleep a little longer. It put my morning behind my normal schedule, but I was trying to be nice to him because I love him :)
    The workout gear looks really cute!!

  90. 92

    I was having a challenging week, and my friend invited me to a pilates class and then cooked me a delicious healthy dinner. It totally turned my week around!

  91. 93

    I just had a birthday and one of my best friends convinced a bakery to open early so she could pick up my favorite cake prior to a wine tour. She is getting treated to a thank you lunch after our run this weekend. Truly a great friend/workout buddy.

  92. 94

    My little brother recently got his first “real” job, so I sat down with him recently to teach him all about budgeting. I was fortunate that my boss took the time (about 3 hours out of the work day!) to not only teach me how to budget and live within me means, but also set up my whole budget for me! It felt good to pass on this invaluable skill, as well as to be an example for my brother.

  93. 95

    I like you on Fb and follow on Twitter!

  94. 96

    I also tweeted about the giveaway (@RacingBananas).

  95. 97

    My husband made me breakfast in bed!

  96. 98

    My friend came to visit me from Toronto to Vancouver just for the weekend. So nice of her!

  97. 99

    The nicest thing someone did for me is be a great listener when I had a problem with a coworker.

  98. 100

    I also like and follow Albion (Kim Scardino on FB and @RacingBananas on Twitter)

  99. 101

    I sent food for my local fire department anonymously (although I guess not anonymously anymore!).

  100. 102

    I also tweeted! Cute skirt!

  101. 103

    My car has been having troubles and my great boyfriend and friends have helped me out a lot in the last 3 weeks. My wonderful boyfriend put a new starter on the car, drove it to his friend’s garage some distance away to fix other things, and has jumped my battery several times. Another friend loaned me his spare car for 5 days while mine got worked on. Yet another friend helped me jump the battery a few more times, and a fourth friend helped me install a new battery. (Fingers crossed that’s it!) I’ve been sharing kale from my garden and plan to make a batch of homemade bread as the start of a thank-you to them.

  102. 104

    That outfit is so cute! We surprised a friend with a birthday breakfast this week.

  103. 105

    Good idea for a question in this tough week. The nicest thing someone did for me recently was spend lots of time helping me decide my next career move.

  104. 106
    Marissa M says:

    This past weekend, my fiance’s family hosted a bridal shower for me. It was a great ‘welcome to the family’ party :)

  105. 107

    My sister is pregnant with our family’s first grandkid, her car is on the outs and I am looking to get a newer car, so I’m going to give her mine instead of trading it in, for a fair price and all but I’m happy to know where my car is going and that I can help her out now, she needs the car faster than she can save for one now :)

  106. 108

    It’s been a very tough week for me with everything I witnessed on Monday but I’ve been reaching out to friends to check up on them. The only thing I can do is make there be more positive moments in my life than negative this week. So I have…
    1. Visited my friend who had surgery on Tuesday. She was running the Boston Marathon on Monday and unable to finish because of the events. It was hard to walk into the hospital but I did it for her.
    2. I baked more cookies, brownies, and other baked goods for my friend and his unit who are deployed.
    3. I forced myself to go out in the community to do a group run last night with my teammates who were all running the marathon or like myself were there on Monday.
    4. I am running a weekly mileage personal best this week. While running is what helps me heals, I’m doing it for Boston and all of us who were affected.

    As for what others have done for me lately I would say my friends have been wonderful.

    1. I have a friend who texts or talks when me when I can’t sleep at night because of nightmares.
    2. Friends who are making me laugh when I want to cry.
    3. Friends who have offered to go to the grocery store for me so I don’t have to be among crowds right now.
    4. Family reaching out to me in case I need anything.

  107. 110

    Yesterday I surprised my boyfriend with a smoothie after class. It’s finals time so a treat is always nice!

  108. 111

    I like you on fb and follow you on twitter!

  109. 112

    The nicest thing someone did for me was just let me come over to their house and let me be sad about Boston. I just needed a hug, and he offered that… and dinner! It was all I needed that day.

  110. 113

    I connected one of my friends that I grew up with who is an accountant but not loving where she works with a manager on the accounting team at my work (would be accounting in healthcare- more a field she’s interested in)- she has an interview next week!

  111. 114

    I also like albion fit on fb and follow them on twitter!

  112. 115

    My husband made me dinner, like, three times this week. That’s the best I can do right now, which means I really should go out and do something for someone else. =)

  113. 116

    I already liked your facebook page but I liked Albion Fit on facebook.

  114. 117

    I like you on FB and follow you on Twitter.

  115. 118

    I nominated a friend for a prestigious award in our graduate program – she deserves it more than anyone, and I really hope she wins!

  116. 119


  117. 120

    I saw a homeless man going through a garbage can outside CVS. I went in and bought him a Cliff bar and thought I should really be doing things like that more often.

  118. 121

    I follow Albion on Twitter and Facebook.

    Just checked out their website! I LOVE their swimsuits, and I’m glad to see they have a wide variety of one-pieces.

  119. 122

    So many nice things have been happening this week! My favorite is random hugs from my husband. :)

  120. 123

    My roommate has been cooking me delicious meals for supper every night this week!

  121. 124

    Like you on FB and Twitter

  122. 125

    My friend recently brought me flowers just because she was thinking of me and knew that it would brighten up my day!

  123. 126

    Also, I follow you on Twitter!

  124. 127

    My husband made breakfast this morning and the kids all dressed for the day so I could sleep in :)


  125. 128

    We got over 2 feet of snow on Tuesday and my husband was nice and brushed my car off and started it for me so I wouldn’t have to before I went to work.

  126. 129

    Love this giveway! My boyfriend is always doing nice things for me. It always makes me happy when he takes me out to dinner and drinks. Makes me feel spoiled.

  127. 130

    So many friends and loved ones called to check with me in Boston this week. So much love and care in this tough time.

  128. 131

    A friend of mine just moved and still has boxes all over the house. She has 2 little ones so is finding it hard to get unpacked and organized. I offered to take her 2 little boys for a morning in addition to my daughter so she could have some time to unpack without worrying about taking care of the kiddos or having them get into everything!

  129. 132

    My husband & I recently moved to a new city with no family or friends close by. Our neighbors have shown great kindness in making us feel comfortable in our new neighborhood. We were invited to Easter dinner by one family and that meant so much to us.

  130. 133

    Like Albion Fit on Facebook and Twitter

  131. 134

    I follow your blog on Twitter & liked Fannetastic Food on FB!

  132. 135

    My uncle needs to have heart surgery May 1st. I plan on traveling an hour away from home with my one year old daughter to stay with their girls while my aunt and uncle will be in the hospital. Family is very important.

  133. 136

    Helped a co-worker with her computer.

  134. 137

    visited my grandma just bc!

  135. 138

    tweet tweet @hillontherun

  136. 139

    I liked you on facebook

  137. 140

    I follow FF on FB & Twitter, of course :)

  138. 141

    I followed you twitter.

  139. 142

    We just closed on a house last week and the previous owners left us a really sweet note on the kitchen counter. They even provided a recipe for cherry cobbler that we could make the the cherries from the tree in our new backyard. To me, it was such a kind gesture and made us feel very welcome in our new home.

  140. 143

    I follow Albion on twitter.

  141. 144

    A friend of mine recently died in a head-on car crash. The driver of the car that hit her was driving and texting at the same time.
    Unfortunately I could not fly down for the funeral or the memorial services. Instead I’ve opted to donate the plane fare ($250) to a non-profit organization that she was closely tied to – the Girl Scouts of Orange County Camp Scherman. The money will hopefully be used to send a couple kids to camp that would otherwise be unable to afford it.

  142. 146

    I like Albion on facebook

  143. 147

    Tweeted that I wanted to win $100 gift card, hope I win.

  144. 148

    A co worker went to get me a smoothie yesterday when my throat was hurting. I was getting to the point where I couldn’t talk and he came in with my favorite smoothie and wouldn’t even take the cash for payment. I paid for the persons coffee behind me this morning. Hope they enjoyed it!

  145. 149

    After a rough day at work on Tuesday, I bought my co-workers their favorite Starbucks on Wednesday. It was a nice treat for everyone! I love the workout gear though, I have checked out their website and they have a lot of great things!

  146. 150

    Someone bought my coffee this morning!

  147. 151

    A girlfriend of mine came over to my house and said she was there to watch our 2 month old baby (and our 1 year old puppy) and sent my husband and me out of the house with a gift card to our favorite sushi place. It was our first time out just the two of us since our baby was born. I have some of the greatest friends.

  148. 152
  149. 153

    I followed you on Twitter

  150. 154

    The other day, I ran after the bus so that an older woman, who was moving slowly, wouldn’t miss it.

  151. 155

    I followed Albion Fit on twitter!

  152. 156

    It’s kind of generic, but I babysat for my friend the other day so she could go to the dentist sans kiddos. We also had friends over for dinner last night. I love to cook for others.

  153. 157

    I’m moving out of state soon to begin a new job and a dear friend is helping me with the arrangements – such a huge help!

  154. 158

    I gave a hug to and talked to a veteran who was in the hospital whose wife died not too long ago. He was a great man.

  155. 159

    Two nights ago I ran all over the place helping an old lady catch her dog… In the middle of a thunderstorm!

  156. 160

    Last Friday when checking out at Old Navy the girl cashier gave me 10% off just because she said I brightened her day :) I paid it forward by giving my Chinese delivery man an extra big tip the next day because he brightened my day by bringing my hangover cure so fast lol!

  157. 161

    The nicest thing that I’ve done for someone recently is to help a lady in a wheelchair at the grocery store reach some products that were too high up on the shelf.

  158. 162

    I mentioned to my dad that I was getting a nasty cold, so he sent me a gift card for the thai restaurant across the street from my apartment so I could have soup all week! So unexpected, especially because he went out of the way to research a place close to my apartment.

  159. 163

    I went to Subway the other day for lunch. After standing in line and ordering my sub I realized that I did not have by debt card with me. I also had no cash and they do not take checks. The lady behind me offered to pay for my $6 sub. Later that week I was in line at another food restaurant in the mall and a young girl was desperate for some water, but the employee insisted it would cost her $.50. She did not have enough change, so I offered to pay for 2 waters for herself and her coworker.

  160. 164

    I played tennis in high school too! Love the skirt! Something nice I did for someone recently was used a gift card to buy my sister something to wear for her upcoming trip instead of using it on myself. For no particular reason, I decided to use the money to get her a cute dress that I knew she would love instead of on something for me. It’s the little things!

  161. 165

    My family has been sick all week (baby, husband AND dog). I was on my way into work yesterday morning and my husband called me frantic because he got really sick and was unable to get the baby ready for school because he felt horrible and dehydrated. I hopped back on the train and rode back home the hour I just did to get into the city! after getting the baby off to school and getting my husband in bed with Gatorade, he ordered me to leave the house and get a pedicure! He was grateful I came home to help him and he wanted to show it.

  162. 166

    my best friend recently planned a surprise birthday get together for me :) it was one of the nicest things that anyone’s ever done for me! this post has inspired me to do more random acts of kindness this week!

  163. 167

    I’ve been having really bad anxiety due to an overwhelming workload and very long days at work. My boyfriend has been incredibly sweet and talking through everything that has been making me anxious that day before we go to bed. It means the world to me to have someone so supportive in my life to help me through tough times like this.

  164. 168

    People do kind things all the time! For my part this week, I’ve been picking a different facebook friend every day and writing about what makes them mega awesome.

    For others’ part, I had a stranger tell me I dropped money, and I had a good friend volunteer in the Rockaways with me literally the day after she was allowed to move back into her own Sandy-affected apartment!

  165. 169

    Recently everyone has been so nice to each other. That’s the only good thing that comes of tragic events like the ones in Boston and Texas.
    It was a small thing, but my boyfriend made a chocolate cobbler for me despite the fact that he’s never baked anything before (that’s usually my area ;-) ) and it was such a nice little gesture.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  166. 170

    My husband has been cutting me mangoes every single night. I can’t get enough.

  167. 171

    I am new to running and I’ve been using the Mapmywalk app to track my workouts. You can “friend” people on there. The only person I am friends with is my dad who has been trying to get healthier and walk everyday for a few miles. Every time I finish a workout, 30 seconds after I hit save my dad sends me a message like “nice run Kris” or “were you running or flying?!” and he also embarrassingly shows his coworkers too. He’s the coolest. I try to do the same for his walks (I’m not as quick with the response!) and he has graciously accepted every suggestion I have made to improve his diet too. My meat and potatoes loving daddy now eats flax and drinks almond milk.

    I’m so proud of us.

  168. 173

    I liked Albion fit on facebook and follow them on twitter!

  169. 174

    I also liked fannetasticfood on facebook and follow you on twitter now!

  170. 175

    My boyfriend was sick this week, so I played the good girlfriend and made him some homemade soup. It was surprisingly easy and he seems to be getting better. :)

  171. 176

    Liked you on fb!

  172. 177

    Liked Albion fit on fb and twitter!

  173. 178
    Meghan C. says:

    I work full time during the day and then go to school part time in the evening so when I get home at night I’m exhausted. The other night when I got home my boyfriend had put my favorite water bottle full of water in the fridge so when I got home I’d have cold water (no ice!) just like I like it. Very small gesture but so thoughtful too.

  174. 179
    Meghan C. says:

    I liked your Facebook page!

  175. 180
    Meghan C. says:

    I also liked Albion’s facebook page

  176. 181

    How cute are you, love it! ;)

  177. 182

    Living in Boston, I have been so touched by all of the kind notes and prayers everyone has been sending my way – makes such a difference!

  178. 183

    My sister was showing me some accessory purchases she made the other day and u said I really liked a pair of earrings she bought. She told me to keep them then. I was really surprised and told her she didn’t have to give them to me but that was really sweet of her. She insisted that I could have them though :)

  179. 184
    Holly Wert says:

    my hubby’s been sleeping on the couch so i can have the bed to myself so i can toss and turn my big prego belly as comfortably as possible :)

    [email protected]

  180. 185

    Last Friday my friend and neighbor had a particularly bad day at work, so I invited her over for an impromptu girl-chat, wine night, and made her dinner :-) I think it improved both of our days! :-)

  181. 186

    The nicest thing someone has done for me lately is my neighbor. Every Thursday is trash day and whenever I pull into our little back alley on my way home from work, the trashcans are all over the place in the center of the alley & so I’ve been having to get out of my car and move them so I can get through. YEsterday as I was pulling into the alley I saw my neighbor moving all the trashcans back, and he waved and I thanked him, and he said “I’m just glad I remembered to do it before you came home. I can take care of these [meaning trashcans] from now on!” It’s obviously not a huge inconvenience for me to get out & move a few trashcans, but it was so nice of him! Very neighborly :)

  182. 187
    Holly Wert says:

    following you on facebook and twitter
    [email protected]

  183. 188

    i liked fannetastic foods & albion fit on Facebook

  184. 189
    Holly Wert says:

    following albion on facebook and twitter
    [email protected]

  185. 190
    Shelly J says:

    Made chicken noodle soup for sick hubby and boys. They say it made them feel better!:)

  186. 191

    followed albion fit & fannetastic foods on twitter

  187. 192
    Holly Wert says:
  188. 193

    A friendly acquaintance, soon to be a good friend, who shares a similar history of health issues/food intolerances and allergies, made gluten/dairy free ding dong cakes and delivered some to me. It was such a super thoughtful thing to do!

  189. 194

    I picked up race bibs for my family and some friends (and their kids) for our race this weekend so nobody else has to schlep down there and wait in the lines.

  190. 195

    I like you on fb and twitter and I tweeted!

  191. 196

    I like Albion fit on fb and twitter and I tweeted!

  192. 197

    Liked your blog on facebook! Thank you for all the motivation.

  193. 198

    I am moving next weekend and SO many people in my life have been extra nice in giving me boxes for packing or offering to help on moving day. Thanks for the giveaway!

  194. 199

    Someone gave my husband a check for a significant amount of money because they heard we were adopting :) we wept.

  195. 200

    My husband and I found an envelope that contained over $200 in cash in the parking lot of a Target. The envelope had “Christmas money” written on it with an itemized list that appeared to be written by a child. We turned the money into the manager at Target, they couldn’t stop thanking us, gave us a $5 gift card and called us a few days later to say that the owner of the money had picked it up.

  196. 202
    BeltwayMagnolia says:

    Nicest thing I did for someone: Took time to LISTEN with no judgement or comments to someone when they were going through a rough patch.

    Nicest thing someone did for me: Take time OFF from work to pick me up from the hospital from a procedure and drive me home and stayed with me a few hours to make sure I was okay.

  197. 203

    It may seem like a small thing but a woman offered to bring the grocery cart that my husband and I were unloading at our car back to the store since she was already taking her own. So nice :)

  198. 204
    BeltwayMagnolia says:

    Just tweeted “ I want to win a $100 gift card to @AlbionFit from @fANNEtasticfood ! “, liked you and AlbionFit on FB and Twitter.

  199. 205

    I’m in college right now (to be a dietitian actually!) and my parents have been some of the most supportive people ever to me lately! Not only do they make sure the college bills get paid, but they bought my grandma’s house after she died this past November so that I can have a nice place to live when I’m done with school! It hasn’t been the easiest time in our lives lately, money wise or otherwise, but my family gets stronger through it and I am thankful everyday for that!

  200. 206

    just nice to have someone to talk to. Thank goodness for girls nights!

  201. 207

    I liked Fannetastic Food on facebook!

  202. 208

    I liked Albion Fit on facebook!

  203. 209

    God I haven’t played tennis in forever!

    Yesterday I made some gingersnaps for the swimmers to brighten up our meeting. Not your typical cookie for this time of year but they were delicious!

  204. 210

    I showed my mom how to watch TV shows online. Her DVR broke and erased a bunch of shows she had recorded.

  205. 211

    Someone bought me a book they knew I was dying for and shipped it to me randomly. That was small but meant a lot :)

  206. 212
    Danielle says:

    A friend of mine took me on a study break to the Granville Island market in Vancouver! Great mental break and fun to check out all the food.

  207. 213

    i follow you on fb (summer plewes) and I follow you on twitter. (@fokxxy)

  208. 214
    Danielle says:

    Liked your blog on facebook and following on twitter

  209. 215
    Danielle says:

    Liked Albion Fit on facebook and following on twitter

  210. 216
    Danielle says:

    Tweeted the giveaway!

  211. 217

    The niceset thing someone did for me lately was my husband volunteering to make dinner for our family of four tonight so I could go to my yoga class.
    The niceset thing I did for someone lately was feeding an expired parking meter in front of my house :)

  212. 218

    I’ve been diagnosed with melanoma twice in two months, each requiring surgery and I’m SO blessed that my friends and family have cooked meals for me and my kids, taken notes for me in my classes and even cleaned my house :) I’m still undergoing treatment and they’re still standing right with me :)

  213. 219

    My husbands family came out to support me for my race last weekend. It meant a lot to me.

  214. 220

    I like on on FB and follow on Twitter.

  215. 221

    My parents rearranged their work schedule so they could accompany me to a minor surgery. I’m so thankful for their efforts to be with me!

  216. 222

    The nicest thing done for me lately was my mom helping me wash my dishes at my house last night! You’re never too old to need your mom’s help ;)

  217. 223

    I’m a follower of yours on Twitter! (@kalynn5)

  218. 224

    My friend surprised me with Starbucks after a long stressful day the day before :)

  219. 225

    I also tweeted (@kalynn5)

  220. 226

    Sent my old roommate a good luck card right before she went to Boston. She had been tryin to qualify for 3 years so I knew how big of a deal it was for her to finally be going! Luckily, she’s okay and finished before the tragedies occurred.

  221. 227

    I recently helped a friend of a friend network in Chicago, as she is moving here without knowing anyone. I am going to keep an eye out for any job openings and have offered to introduce her to my friends. I’m excited to have someone new to hang out with as well!

  222. 228

    I was driving by the meat market last weekend and just decided to stop in and buy my dad his favorite treat…it made his day! I love doing these small things for people to show them how much you care and are always thinking of them : )

  223. 229

    I worked late Tuesday and came home to a huband making dinner and cleaning the kitchen. :)

  224. 230

    For our wedding anniversary last week, my husband gave me a coupon for him to make me a candle-lit, homemade dinner!

  225. 231

    Liked on FB!

  226. 232

    tweeted, @Rachelhopb

  227. 233

    We’ve been renovating our kitchen, and I have been longing for it to be done. My husband waited until I was at work the other day, and laid out the cabinets, fridge, and stove. Even hooked them up with the clock correct and the ice maker going! It was such a thrill when I got home! Love that guy!

  228. 234

    I liked Albion on Face book

  229. 235

    I liked FF on Facebook.

  230. 236

    Recently I bought an edible arrangement for my bff who was taking a big exam. Nothing is better than getting chocolate covered strawberries delivered to your door!

  231. 237
    nicole schulien says:

    I bought my sister a dress I knew she’s been wanting for no reason. She was so excited when she got the shipping information, it completely made her day.

  232. 238

    I liked fANNEtastic food on Facebook and Twitter!

  233. 239
    nicole schulien says:

    liked on FB

  234. 240
    jackie7288 says:

    My nice gesture of the week was that I put together a stack of magazines that I was finished reading, as well as some dvds and other novelty items I had that I didn’t think I would get to use, and left them in a nice tote bag for the cleaning woman to take. I was happy to see that she had taken everything I left out for her. It’s great being able to pass along something, even something small, to others.

  235. 241

    I liked Albion Fit on Facebook and Twitter!! :)

  236. 242

    Sent care packages to two soldiers serving overseas!

  237. 243

    I stopped to help an elderly woman figure out how to buy a metro card, knowing I was going to miss the subway train. Very un-New Yorker of me.

  238. 244
    Brittany says:

    I donated to a little boy’s college fund, who lost his police officer father in a tragic accident.

  239. 245
    jackie7288 says:

    I like & follow fANNEtastic food on Facebook & Twitter (@jl7288)

  240. 246
    jackie7288 says:
  241. 247
    jackie7288 says:

    I like Albion on Facebook & follow on Twitter!

  242. 248

    I came home with a terrible migraine Monday between work and the news of the marathon. My husband sent me to bed, then cooked dinner and took care of the house chores. It truly is the little things in a marriage that count the most. I also bought my mom a gift for tax day since she’s an account.

  243. 249

    I was in Boston on Monday, cheering on a friend, and was overwhelmed by the kindness extended to and from random strangers. It was so heartwarming.

  244. 250

    I tweeted

  245. 251

    Ive been super stressed and overburdened lately and my family has been a strong line of love and support!

  246. 252
    Natalie S says:

    I sent my dad a text to cheer him up when he was having a bad day!

  247. 253

    A dear friend knows about some big problems I’ve been experiencing, and she treated me to a girl’s spa afternoon with massages & facials. It was appreciated more than I could ever say!

  248. 254
    Natalie S says:

    I like your page on facebook and follow you on twitter!

  249. 255
    Natalie S says:

    I like Albion’s facebook page on follow them on Twitter!

  250. 256

    I tweeted about the giveaway. Cute clothing!! :o)

  251. 257

    The nicest thing someone has done for me recently: My father-in-law and I went to the grocery store together to pick up a few things for a family dinner. I grabbed a few things (not related to the dinner) that were on sale and he paid for everything! I wasn’t expecting that, but it was a nice gesture!

  252. 258

    I took my Mom shoe shopping :)

  253. 259

    I took my neighbor’s daughter to the park with my kids!

  254. 260

    I started/initiated a Wednesday Wellness Walking group at my office that walks every Wednesday for 30 minutes during the lunch hour. It is a great way to get to know co-workers in the big building we work, but also to encourage folks to be more active when they can! The group grows each week and it has been a huge success :)

  255. 262

    I like Fannetastic Food on facebook and follow on Twitter!

  256. 263

    I follow Albion Fit on FB and Twitter.

  257. 264

    My friends are throwing me a bachelorette party this weekend ! :)

  258. 265
  259. 266
    Madeline says:

    I work at a local hospital doing patient care, and although I am very busy with my patients I make a point to spend extra time with ones who don’t have visitors. Some of these patients are very elderly and have no one to visit them and at a time of sickness and loneliness I love to brighten someones day by showing them I care. Plus, giving back to these patients has taught me so much about the importance of friendship and family and most of all being kind to one another and showing you care.

  260. 267
    Heather Oswald says:

    I’m contributing time, money, and things to help a child who is finally getting adopted.

  261. 268

    My boyfriend brought me home sushi and flowers when I was having a really bad day and thought he’d be at work really late. The sushi and flowers were wonderful but also the surprise of seeing him was great! :D

  262. 269

    A friend that I haven’t talked to in a while just sent me the sweetest email, worrying about my brother who is shut in in Boston. It was so nice of her to think of me and it really lifted my spirits.

  263. 270

    I just baked cookies for all my classmates as a little pre-finals treat!

  264. 271

    at the grocery store I always look for people in the mobility chairs and ask them if they need help getting anything/putting items up for cashier/ bagging groceries or loading in car. I also always ask if I can return someone elses cart as I am returning mine.

  265. 272
    Elisabeth says:

    I was having a really bad day and my sweet husband brought home my favorite treats from the store!

  266. 273
    Elisabeth says:

    I “Like” fANNEtastic food on Facebook and Twitter!

  267. 274
    Elisabeth says:
  268. 275
    Elisabeth says:

    I “Like” Albion Fit on Facebook and Twitter.

  269. 276
    Cellabella says:

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t the nicest thing in the world, but I like to bring candy in for my co-workers, fun and interesting ones for everyone to try out!

  270. 277
    Madeline says:

    I made dinner for my parents and helped them move to a new condo!!

  271. 278
    Madeline says:

    I follow you on Twitter and FB :)

  272. 279
    Madeline says:

    And I follow Albion on Twitter and FB too!

  273. 280

    Last night I picked my father up from the airport at 11:30pm. Didn’t get home until 1am, but that’s OK because I wore my pajamas there! :)

  274. 281

    I follow you on facebook and twitter

  275. 282

    I liked albion on facebook and followed them on twitter

  276. 283
    Elizabeth says:

    I received an encouraging hand-written note in the mail today – a “just because” kind of letter.

  277. 284

    I posted like on your facebook.
    Really liked all the comments of people helping others.
    I try to do something nice for someone everyday. It makes me feel happy.

  278. 285
    Katherine w says:

    Yesterday I presented and successfully defended my MPH final project (!!) and my sweet roommate treated me to a spontaneous dinner out, followed by gelato. It was so fun and a real treat.

  279. 287

    My fiancee knew I was having a bad day so when I got home from work instead of making me wash my car (which was desperately needed) he had everything set up ready to go and washed it for me while I had a nice relaxing run. Such a great surprise!

  280. 288

    My father did a nice thing for me yesterday. I am in midst of constructing a complicated business plan for my college class, and he patiently sat down with me to help me create all of my financial statements.

    The nicest thing I have done for someone lately was visit a lonely neighbor. My neighbor is 80 years old and lives with her two dogs, but unfortunately, all of her family lives in France. I baked her some delicious ham and cheese bread and visited with her for over an hour. She said that I made her day!

  281. 289

    My husband wins! He baked me a 2 layer cake with swiss meringue icing! His first ever ‘from-scratch’ cake baking! It was wonderful!

  282. 290

    My colleague at work was bakingcookie/brownie/reeses goodness, and knew today was a long one, so she made sure I got one. My thighs weren’t thankful, but I sure was!

  283. 291

    My husband is away for a while and he sent me a card that raised my spirits.

  284. 292
    Elizabeth V says:

    I helped someone reach the top shelf at the grocery store today!

  285. 293

    I helped a friend move this weekend

  286. 294
    Elizabeth V says:

    I liked you on FB and twitter

  287. 295
    Elizabeth V says:
  288. 296
    Elizabeth V says:

    Liked Albion Fit on FB and twitter

  289. 297

    I recently helped my roommate fix the radio in her car! It needed to be reset after her car had a dead battery but she’s so busy that she hadn’t gotten around to it. So I googled how to fix it for her and it worked!

  290. 298

    A friend of a friends recently found out she had leukemia and was immediately rushed into chemo and was in isolation for about a month, while her immune system recovered. A group of 15 of us, danced outside her window, and her smile looking down on us was priceless. It really made my day cheering up this complete stranger!

  291. 299

    Babysat my best friends kids so she could get some sleep

  292. 300

    Liked Albion on FB

  293. 301

    I baked some cookies for my hardworking coresidents at the hospital!

  294. 302

    I’m a fan of FF on FB

  295. 303

    A friend at work today came in and gave me a baby Gatorade and a Kit Kat bar. I thought it was super nice especially since it came out of nowhere. Would love to win!

  296. 304

    I liked your FB!

  297. 305

    I sent my family handwritten notes :)

  298. 306

    I followed you on Twitter.

  299. 307

    I followed Albion on Twitter.

  300. 308

    I liked fANNEtastic food on facebook and twitter.

  301. 309
  302. 310

    I liked Albion on Facebook and Twitter.

  303. 311
    Elizabeth says:

    My 4 year old told me a story while I had blood drawn at the dr to distract me

  304. 312

    I liked Albion on Facebook

  305. 313

    I’m helping my parents babysit my niece and nephew when I can this week while my brother and sil are vacationing in Mexico, they are so much fun!

  306. 314

    I follow you on fb and twitter too.

  307. 315

    I gave a co-worker a ride to pick up her car that was being fixed.

  308. 316

    My Barre class teacher gave me 3 free classes for allowing her to cancel a class where I was the only one signed up! It made my day!

  309. 317

    I work with Army families as a New Parent Support social worker so it was nice when one of my families told me how much I was helping them.

  310. 318

    The nicest thing someone did for me was my boyfriend cooked me dinner after I had a crappy day at work

  311. 319

    Three people at my office complimented me by naming me (via separate occasions) the HARDEST WORKER IN THE OFFICE. With an office of over 800 people, that’s a compliment.

  312. 320
    carrie r says:

    My coworker bought me a coffee on her way in to work this morning. It was just what i needed!

  313. 321
    Vicki Howes says:

    The nicest thing I did today was get my mom Spring flowers just because!

  314. 322
    Vicki Howes says:
  315. 323
    Vicki Howes says:

    I am following Albion Fit on FB and Twitter

  316. 324
    Vicki Howes says:

    I am following Fantastic Food on FB and twitter.

  317. 325

    Took a friend out for birthday lunch!

  318. 326

    I bought breakfast and coffee for my friend who was running late before our morning class!

  319. 327

    What a lovely giveaway! I love reading all these uplifting stories. My Boston heart has been heavy this week too. The nicest thing someone did for me recently was read to me an anonymous review a patient had filled out for me. I’m an OB Nurse Practitioner in a high risk clinic in Boston. It’s stressful, and I’m usually overbooked and run around like a chicken. A patient had written the kindest words about me, and said that she knew I was incredibly busy, but that I gave her all the time in the world, and that I really listened and addressed her needs. It was such a nice reminder that the work I do is appreciated :)

  320. 328

    Just liked fannetastic food on facebook!

  321. 329

    Albion’s bathing suits are SOO cute!

    Anywho, Xander’s friend Maeve shared her snack with him after swimming today and it was the cutest thing.

  322. 330

    I am a substitute teacher and I was bummed to learn I had to spend 2 hours proctoring a test. A lady I’ve never met before brought me a warm chocolate chip cookie halfway throughb- it made my day :)

  323. 331

    followed you on twitter :)

    I’m loving reading all the kind things people are doing. After this week, it’s good to know that people still have good hearts and are appreciating small things others do for them and continuing to perform acts of kindness.

  324. 332

    A patient of mine told me she loved me because I helped with her back pain. It made my day.

  325. 333
    Valerie Z says:

    I spent a lot of my time volunteering at a food bank recently

  326. 334

    I made cupcakes for the little one I nanny’s 1st birthday – no celebration is complete without cake!

  327. 335

    I tweeted as well!

  328. 336

    Liked you on Facebook

  329. 337

    Liked albion fit on Facebook!

  330. 338

    Following you on twitter!

  331. 339

    Following @albionfit on twitter!

  332. 340

    I made breakfast for my family this morning.

  333. 341

    I follow you on twitter.

  334. 342

    Hi I live in Boston and truly all of the efforts from law enforcement and health workers has been the best thing I have experienced recently.

  335. 343

    My sister just got a new job and is working over 25 hours a week while also going to school full time so I packed her some healthy meals she can take to work! Love the giveaway and your blog!

  336. 344

    I also liked your Facebook and twitter :) didn’t realize you had accounts so glad I found them!

  337. 345

    I pre-peeled clementines for my husband to bring for snacks on his business trip since he has a hard time peeling them w/ short man nails!

  338. 346

    I cheered on my workout partner today when she felt like quitting. She thanked me and we made it through 60 sweaty minutes!

  339. 347

    A gentleman offered to pump my gas for me last week when he noticed I was on crutches. So nice!

  340. 348

    I “Like” fANNEtastic food on Facebook and Twitter!

  341. 349

    I “Like” Albion Fit on Facebook and Twitter!

  342. 350

    I shoveled the driveway of an elderly woman I know since we got about 2 feet of snow in the past 3 days! She was super appreciative and I got a good workout while doing it. Double win!

  343. 351

    I “like” fANNEtastic Food on Facebook!

  344. 352
    Shoshana says:

    I work in an assisted living facility. I paid a visit to a resident who is bedridden for the time being. She was so grateful for a visitor, but really, her stories brightened my day!!

  345. 353

    I have a chronic illness that flares up from time to time, and I’m having a relapse now. My husband has done all of our housework and most of the cooking and other household tasks in order to give me more time to rest and get my strength up.

  346. 354

    I liked Fannetastic Food on FB (Shana Hattis) and followed on Twitter (shertz1981)

  347. 355

    I liked Albion Fit on FB (Shana Hattis) and followed on Twitter (shertz1981)

  348. 356
  349. 357

    My boyfriend brought home my favorite ice cream because I’ve been so stressed lately :)

  350. 358

    I like and follow Albion Fit (Holly Beach, @hollymarie076).

  351. 359
  352. 360

    I tweeted :)

  353. 361

    I like you on facebook… :)

  354. 362

    I follow you on Twitter… :)

  355. 363

    annnndddd I think the nicest thing I’ve done recently is take my roommate to the airport at 3 am…with a smile on my face. :)

  356. 364

    I talked my friend through a really difficult situation this week and let her vent in confidence. It may not seem like much, but she really needed it.

  357. 365
    MsOverWELLmed says:

    I’m an attorney and a couple days ago, a paralegal on one of my matters was forced to pull an all nighter per one of the senior attorneys without a heads up that would be happening (I also was called to come in at 4 am, so it was bad all around). I thought the least I could do was get her breakfast so I picked up Starbucks goodies for her on me– she seemed to appreciate it (though probably would have appreciated sleep more)…

  358. 366

    I lost a very special sweater my mother gave to me…I put up two signs around my college campus in desperation, but I honestly felt like it was a lost cause. Three days later, a kind stranger emailed me and returned it to me :)

  359. 367

    I liked FF on facebook!

  360. 368

    I just today helped my Mom unload some very heavy boxes from her car.

  361. 369

    And liked Albion on facebook too!

  362. 370

    I was shopping at Crate & Barrel and the salesperson validated an expired coupon….what a nice gesture. It was something small, but really made me smile.

  363. 371
    Becky Richied says:

    The nicest thing anyone has done for me is when my best friend corinne after finding out that I had cancer, and after the surgeries and cancer treatments, paid for me to go to Las Vegas for a week and it was quite a trip full of fun like I’d never had before. She paid for everything because she knew I could never afford to go. She is truly a blessing :)

  364. 372
    Becky Richied says:
  365. 373
    Becky Richied says:

    I “Like” fANNEtastic food on Facebook and Twitter and then leave another comment stating you did so, I am Becky Richied on FB and @cancer_free_me on twitter

  366. 374
    Becky Richied says:

    I “Like” Albion Fit on Facebook and Twitter, I am Becky Richied on FB and @cancer_free_me on twitter.

  367. 375

    I bought the person’s coffee behind me in the drive thru. I do it every Friday. (You look so cute in that skirt!!)

  368. 376
    Stefanie Gladden says:

    today my friends and I went to the arcade at our beach campground, and gave our tickets we won to a sweet little kid that was there, it made his day!

  369. 377
    Stefanie Gladden says:

    Like” fANNEtastic food on Facebook – Steph Couponsx
    and Twitter – stephcouponsxx

  370. 378
    Stefanie Gladden says:

    tweeted -

  371. 379
    Stefanie Gladden says:

    Like” Albion Fit on Facebook – Steph Couponsx
    and Twitter – stephcouponsxx

  372. 380

    My daughter booked a vacation in Vegas for my birthday next month. She’s treating me to two shows and paying all food and hotel expenses as well.

  373. 381

    While at the grocery store with my baby, an employee noticed that my cart was not really working and went and got me a different one. It really can be just the little things that make your day better.

  374. 382

    i was up super late working on a group project on campus. someone in my group left to get food and came back with chocolates and fruit for everyone. helped us power through our work!

  375. 383

    The nicest things that people have been doing for me lately are covering for me and watching my 2 kiddos so I can get in my wo’s. It is not easy being a working mom who also wants to stay fit. So thank you to my hubby, my mother in law, and my mom for helping out so I can keep calm and run on!

  376. 384

    Volunteering with the red cross. They are always in need of volunteers and I always thought that I just didn’t have enough time. Recently, I signed up and started helping out whenever I can.

  377. 385

    I helped my friend paint 2 rooms in her new house while her husband was away for the army.

  378. 386
    Lindsey f says:

    I’m a middle school math teacher and my students have their state assessments this week. I’ve been coming in early to give extra help and staying after everyday to help kids who are struggling. Between the Boston shootings, testing, and being a teen these kids have had a difficult week so anyway I can ease the tension I’m glad to do!

  379. 387

    I am going above and beyond helping out a coworker with my knowledge of the job.

  380. 388
    Katie D. says:

    The nicest thing someone did to me lately was cooking me dinner! The nicest thing I did was holding a friend’s baby all night, so she could get some stuff done. But since I love babies, it was a no brainer :)

  381. 389

    My neighbor brought me dinner since I had the flu, so appreciated!

  382. 390

    Someone I don’t know very well sent me a job posting she thought I’d be interested in completely out of the blue! I was touched by her thoughtfulness and it turned out to be exactly the kind of job I was looking for!

  383. 391
    Jasmine H. says:

    The nicest thing someone has done for me recently is cooking me a nice meal! Always a treat.

  384. 392
    Melissa W says:

    My husband let me sleep in, we have a 9 month old that likes to wake up early.

  385. 393

    My husband unloaded the dishwasher..little joys!

  386. 394
  387. 395

    I “Like” fANNEtastic food on Facebook and Twitter!

  388. 396

    I “Like” Albion Fit on Facebook and Twitter!

  389. 397

    I pinned the Rainbow skirt! I think this would be supper cute for running!

  390. 398

    I did my roommate’s grocery shopping for him b/c its finals time & he still needs to eat… :)

  391. 399
    mary matheson says:

    I helped a teacher organize a Mother’s Day activity for her students.

  392. 400

    My step-daughters and I created cards and funny jokes to hide in my husband’s suitcase so that when he travels abroad next week, he’ll find them. Just so he knows we’re thinking about him no matter where he is.

  393. 401

    I live in Boston, and after last night’s lockdown, my neighbor brought me a basket of fresh fruits. I love my community.

  394. 402

    I’m from the Boston area so this week has been particularly tough on me. On Monday, there were a couple hours when I couldn’t get in touch with a friend who had been at the finish line right around the time of the explosions. A friend of mine here in DC offered to come pick me up at work, take me to get food, and just be there for me in case I just needed someone and didn’t want to be alone. It really touched my heart.

    I also liked fANNEtasticFood on Facebook and followed on Twitter! Have a great day!

  395. 403

    I am a 4th grade teacher, and this year I have received a card with cash in it to spend on my students. I have gotten this surprise 3 times this school year at different holidays from the same person. I have NO CLUE who the cards ad money are from! But my students and I feel very lucky and we have enjoyed some specials treats throughout the year.

  396. 404

    My friend forgot her wallet so i paid for her yoga class :)

  397. 405

    The swimsuits are so so cute! Thanks for the giveaway. I think the nicest thing someone did for me recently was hold a door open for me while I was on my way to class. I was far enough away that he really didn’t need to in order to be polite, but I had my hands full and he was kind enough to wait a few extra seconds. It doesn’t seem like much, but it definitely made my day– I guess I always notice the little things!

  398. 406

    It’s hard to choose, but I think this one is my favorite:

  399. 407

    I also liked you on Facebok :)

  400. 408

    I ran the Tarheel 10 Miler this morning (& PRed!!!), but my race bib fell out of my hands on the way to the car & I didn’t realize it until I was almost there! My friend was planning on running the race, but she hurt her ankle and decided not to push it and to sit this one out. But she was there to cheer us on anyways with signs and even let me run with her race bib so that I could be chip-timed!

  401. 409

    I’m your facebook fan!

  402. 410
  403. 411

    I make sure my daughter has a healthy lunch for school everyday and I add nice motivational notes in her lunch box too to motivate her and make her day more fun and inspirational while in school =)

  404. 412
  405. 413

    Got together with a family from my church this week. Sweet little boy gave me a picture he colored. Made my day!

    Winning a giveaway would make my day too! Thanks for hosting it!

  406. 414

    Like you on Facebook as page Suzana Uzelac and following you on Twitter @SCM_Magazine

  407. 415
  408. 416

    I like Albion Fit on Facebook as page Suzana Uzelac and follow them on Twitter @SCM_Magazine

  409. 417

    I received a thoughtful gift when I stood up in a friend’s wedding.

  410. 418

    I follow you on twitter.

  411. 419

    I tweeted about this giveaway.

  412. 420
    ikkinlala says:

    A friend of mine drove me home from the grocery store this morning. To say it it doesn’t sound like a big thing, but if you’d seen the weather…

  413. 421

    Pinned the Gown Suit in Poppy! Love it :)

  414. 422

    When an out of town cousin was in town, I arranged a meet up for him with all of our other local cousins. It made his trip!

  415. 423

    I’ve had a stress ful couple of weeks at school and a friend brought me a cupcake to destress me

  416. 424

    Made dinner for my parents!

  417. 425

    I liked your Facebook page!

  418. 426

    I follow you on Twitter!

  419. 427

    I tweeted! “I want to win a $100 gift card to @AlbionFit from @fANNEtasticfood !

  420. 428

    This week, one of the leaders I mentor sent me a thank you note. It made my entire week!

  421. 429

    I made my boyfriend muffins when he was studying for finals!

  422. 430

    I liked Albion Fit on facebook!

  423. 431
    Elisabeth says:

    My husband surprised me with local flowers when I came home from work the other day. So sweet!

  424. 432

    I sent my sis a no-reason present

  425. 433

    I helped my coworker on a huge project!

  426. 434

    I like you on facebook and twitter!

  427. 435

    I follow Albion Fit on facebook and twitter, too!

  428. 436

    One of the nicest things a stranger did for me on the run yesterday was to tell me,”Great job!” as I was running by them and working on speedwork.

  429. 437

    A friend I met in Thailand and haven’t spoken with in at least a year just sent me a pair of earrings with a nice note.
    Great idea to have everyone focus on the positive!!

  430. 438

    My husband and I are opening our house to a friend whom is going through a break up, and has fallen on hard times. It’s not something I’m overly excited about, but sometimes you have

  431. 439

    My yoga instructor recently reached out to me after noticing Id had a rough few weeks and had not made it to class. She was full of wonderful suggestions for me that Ive been working on implementing the last few days. <3

  432. 440

    I like sharing healthy snacks and make vegan treats for my co-workers.

  433. 441

    I helped the gym owner at the place I go to. He’s building out a second room and turning it into a weightlifting room so there’s a lot to be done and since he works around the clock anyway, my boyfriend and I volunteered to help over the weekend!

  434. 442
    Tyffanie says:

    I was just visiting my Aunt for the first time since she moved to NC and she had the cutest little gift bag ready for me I. The guest room. I thought that was such a special touch!!!

  435. 443

    I have started walking with my best friend to help her lose the baby weight and get healthy

  436. 444
    Lauren K says:

    Everybody loves a piece of snail mail, so today I sent a well-deserving friend a “just because” card!

  437. 445
    Carrie C. in VA says:

    I know it’s been done over and over again, but I paid for someone anonymous behind me in the drive-thru.

  438. 446
    Stephanie says:

    I received a “just thinking of you” card in the mail from a good friend the other day. It was a small gesture but it kept me smiling all day long!

  439. 447

    My fella picked up the car so I could go to the gym and I installed his new bike mirror and bottle holder on his bike while he was at work. Thanks for all the good stories!

  440. 448

    One of my co-workers texted me the other day asking if I could pick up her shift because she has lots of exams coming up to study for. Even though it was supposed to be my only day off for the first time in a long time I knew this was really important to her and gladly offered to work for her. It really wasn’t a big deal for me to do it but she was so shocked and appreciative that someone said yes, which made me really happy.

  441. 449
    Stephanie says:

    I am loving the Sweet Stripe Full Zip in coral/grey. I have a hard time finding sweatshirts that are long enough to cover my whole torso without riding up- this one looks perfect and so cute!

  442. 450

    I pinned one of my favorite Albion items!

  443. 451
    Roadrunner says:

    I ran six miles with a friend and then went to brunch with my family and mother-in-law… :-)

  444. 452
  445. 453

    My mom did the dishes in my house when I was sick!! so thoughtful

  446. 454

    We had a beautification day at my school (where I teach) on Saturday and I spent the morning weeding, mulching, and trimming up shrubs around campus with other teachers and with many dozens of students. Perfect Spring day!

  447. 455

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  448. 456

    I liked and am following FANNEtastic Food.

  449. 457

    I liked and am following Albion.

  450. 458

    Today my neigh our came over to help me put out my garbage and tell me how much she will miss me when we move next week. It was very sweet.

  451. 459

    The president of the organization where I work is rotating off and he took me and my husband out for dinner for helping him during his tenure.

  452. 460

    I made some paleo carrot muffins for my sister and boyfriend this week :) Cute skirt!

  453. 461
  454. 462

    This weekend I treated my husband to a professional massage – he’s had a rough recovery after surgery on his ankle and it was much needed!

  455. 463

    I follow fANNEtastic food on FB!

  456. 464

    And I follow fANNEtastic food on Twitter!

  457. 465

    i recently bought my sister a surprise to cheer her up. i am waiting for it to arrive before i throw together a small care package!

  458. 466

    i tweeted @ajr135!

  459. 467

    i LIKED Albion on Facebook and follow them on twitter

  460. 468

    i LIKED fannetasticfood on facebook and follow on twitter!

  461. 469

    I helped throw a baby shower for a co-worker last week :)

  462. 470

    I also like Albion on FB!

  463. 471

    My supervisor juiced some apples/carrots and brought me two bottles! She is the best supervisor ever!!! They juice was delish. Hope I win. Your skirt is adorable!!

  464. 472

    Totally loving this top:

    I need to update my summer workout clothes, and this would be an awesome addition!

  465. 473

    Nicest thing: A good friend sent me a vase of beautiful bright flowers & balloons to my office for my Birthday on Friday!!

  466. 474

    Already “liked” you on Facebook!

  467. 475

    Also liked Albion Fit on Facebook!

  468. 476
  469. 477
  470. 478

    I like fANNEtastic on FB!

  471. 479

    I follow fANNEtastic on Twitter!

  472. 480
  473. 481
  474. 482

    I reviewed and edited resumes for some soon to be college grads!

  475. 483

    i love love love Albion Fit’s Gown suit! So pretty and functional!

  476. 484

    My fiance knows that I’ve been really busy and stressed lately with everything on my plate. He came home from grocery shopping the other day with some flowers for me. It was a thoughtful gesture that just absolutely made me smile and made my day!

  477. 485
    MJ Moore says:

    My husband just made his famous stuffed bell peppers for dinner last night- I love it when he cooks!

  478. 486
  479. 487

    My BF dropped me off at the airport for my vacation; so thoughtful.

  480. 488
  481. 489

    This is my favorite item so far! It looks like it would be comfy and good to wear to yoga.

  482. 490
    Carleigh says: This dress would be too cute for tennis! I love playing and would love it even more wearing this!

  483. 491

    The nicest thing someone did for me recently was help get out of Boston after the marathon bombings! I was stuck near Fenway Stadium with no access to public transportation, no cabs and roads were blocked off everywhere. After walking for 2 miles to get out of the city, one of my husband’s friends who lives in the area came to pick me up and take me home, what a nice guy!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway

  484. 492

    I liked FANNEtastic food on Facebook!

  485. 493

    I liked Albion Fit an Facebook!

  486. 494
  487. 495
    Anel Perez says:

    Thanks for the additional form of entry and the extra day! So kind! Here is the link to my pin :
    Tons of cute stuff, but I have to go with ruffles!
    Also, I’m not sure if I left my twitter name in my previous comments , so here it is: @pereza04
    Thanks again!

  488. 496

    Said hi to a stranger!

  489. 497

    I love the Love Racer tank in dewberry. Great color and I really like the sliming stitching down the sides.

  490. 498

    I have been extremely busy with school, my internship, and work. I came home this weekend and my boyfriend cleaned the entire house and made dinner!! It was so incredibly nice!

  491. 499

    One of my co-workers is always buying and bringing in little things for others based on random conversations. Examples are a Costco sized bag of cough drops for someone with a cold, gummies to take on my runs during half training, allergy meds to keep at work, coloring books for a co-workers son. Just little unexpected gifts that show she listens and cares.

  492. 500

    Tonight the roads were super icy and my car spun 360 on the highway into a ditch! My friend with 4-wheel drive drove 45minutes to come pick me up from the car dealership and then bought my frozen custard to cheer me up :)

  493. 502

    My husband demo’d the old shed in our backyard that I have been begging him to demo for 3 years!

  494. 503

    I am in Tokyo visiting my dad and since I am a vegetarian, his co-worker immediately printed out a list of many vegetarian restaurants around Tokyo. Very thoughtful.

  495. 504
  496. 505
  497. 506

    Yesterday I was standing on the bus near the front when the bus came to one its stops. A woman with two massive brown paper grocery bags stepped on to the bus, clearly frustrated with the load she had to carry. As she went to collect her change to pay, one of her brown bags ripped open and all her groceries fell out. To make matters even worse, she had a big jug of V8 vegetable juice that broke and splashed EVERYWHERE. I quickly helped the lady collect her things and I offered her my favourite lunch bag (which I have had for 2 years) to carry her groceries in. She was shocked yet so appreciative that she demanded I stop at the next stop with her so she could buy me a cup of coffee and get a new bag. It really made my day :).