Attune Foods Go Bowl & Cereal Giveaway!

Good morning, friends!

I have a great giveaway for you all today from my friends over at Attune Foods!


What you see above is their “Go Bowl” and it is AWESOME. They sent me one a few weeks ago and it’s my new favorite! So convenient for packing healthy snacks, or to bring with you if you need a sturdy breakfast bowl at work or school. I’ve been loving this for packing up my yogurt and fruit to snack on at work!


(There’s yogurt under there somewhere!)

Each bowl is made out of recycled yogurt cups and is BPA free, too! It’s about the size of a medium/large breakfast bowl. To give you an idea of the size, here it is next to my empty yogurt cup :)


Perfect! I love the screw-top lid, too — very secure.

Unfortunately Attune isn’t selling these bowls in stores yet, so this is your opportunity to get one :) To make the giveaway more exciting, I will be selecting 3 winners and throwing in a few other fun prizes as well!

Each winner will receive:

uncle_sam2 erewhon2


Here’s how to enter to win — each option is an additional entry!

  1. Leave a comment telling me how you’d use the Attune Foods Go Bowl.
  2. Tweet about this contest on Twitter (include a link to this post and @fannetasticfood),and then leave another comment telling me you tweeted.
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts, and then leave another comment letting me know you blogged about it.
  4. Mention and link back to this contest on Facebook, then leave another comment telling me you Facebooked it. Please make sure you have “liked” fANNEtastic food on Facebook, too!

Be sure to post a separate comment for each entry option you do.

U.S. residents only, please. You have until Friday morning (June 10th) at 9 a.m. EST to enter, when I will draw and announce the 3 winners! Good luck!


  1. 1

    Dude! Those bowls rock – I was so upset I didn’t snag one at Fitbloggin’. Since I make eat my breakfast at work every day, I’m always having to be creative with containers and whatnot to bring in – and eating cereal out of square tupperware is noooot the best, haha.

  2. 2

    This would be great to use this summer to take snacks to the pool!

  3. 3

    I facebooked it!

  4. 4

    I retweeted about the giveaway tooooo!

  5. 5

    I tweeted it!

  6. 6

    I take my lunch and snacks to work everyday, so this bowl would definitely be put to good use!

  7. 7

    I’d use the bowl for my breakfast on the go!

  8. 8

    I would use those bowls for work since I eat breakfast there daily!

  9. 9

    I tweeted this! I am @butterjessfly

  10. 10
    Courtney says

    I’d use this bowl for a healthy to-go snack in between long days of work and my night classes! Everything is go-go-go these days and having something like this would make making healthy decisions on the go so easy! (I’m going back to be an RD after completing the first round of pre-requisite courses!)

  11. 12

    I would fill it with cereal and fruit for a healthy breakfast to-go!

  12. 13

    These are so cool! I would use the bowls to enjoy my cereal at work. :-)

  13. 14

    I tweeted about this contest. I hope I win.

  14. 15

    That bowl looks like it would actually seal well enough to bring in soup! I’d also use it for pasta and fruit, I”m sure.

  15. 16

    I am always taking cereal or yogurt to work for breakfast or snack. This would be a great bowl to have!

  16. 17

    That is such a genius idea! I would use my go bowl to pack my breakfast because I start work early in the morning!

  17. 18

    That bowl would work great for overnight oats!

  18. 19

    I like the fact that the lid screws on, avoiding a wet mess in the bottom of a lunch bag. Great idea!

  19. 20

    I would use that bowl to bring milk for my cereal and then pour my cereal in the bowl when I’m ready to eat. Cereal is one of my favs but it’s so hard to eat on the go. This bowl would be the perfect solution!

  20. 21

    Linked from FB as well.

  21. 22

    I would use it for my breakfasts at work. I like to pack yogurt and fruit and cereal and mix them together. Love the screw lid.

  22. 23

    I liked your facebook page!

  23. 24

    I tweeted.

  24. 25

    I have one (from Fitbloggin’), but I want another. LOL.

    I use it for cereal and yogurt when I am on the go.

  25. 26

    i tweeted your giveaway!

  26. 27


  27. 28

    I would use it to store food from school for the weekends, since my meal plan doesn’t include weekends! I’d also love to keep cereal in it for on the go!

  28. 29

    Posted to my facebook page.

  29. 30
    Terry Johnston says

    I`d love this bowl! I pack yogurt and fruit every day -and this would be perfect! It`s such a mess when my lid pops off :(.

  30. 31
    Stephanie says

    I bring my breakfast to work every morning so the bowl would be PERFECT for that!

  31. 32
    Terry Johnston says

    Posted to Facebook!

  32. 33

    I love this giveaway! The bowl would really come in handy when I travel this summer. I could bring my cereal down to the beach! :)

  33. 34

    I made your Lemony Spinach Quinoa salad the other day and this looks like a great bowl to bring it in to work! I might also eat ice cream out of it at home… :)

  34. 35

    I would use it to bring my overnight oats to work!

  35. 36

    I tweeted! :)

  36. 37

    I would use it to bring my cereal to work!

  37. 38

    I would use this bowl for bringing granola with me when I go to parks this summer.

  38. 39
    dragonflyrunner says

    I would use the bowl to bring oats and yogurt to work for a yummy breakfast or snack!

  39. 40

    Those bowls are awesome! I would use mine to bring with me to my office! It is always good to have fresh healthy snacks on hand!!

  40. 41

    I would use it to either bring cereal or a salad to work! I always get so nervous that my containers will open in my purse and my food will go everywhere but this one looks pretty awesome :)

  41. 42

    Tweeted :)

  42. 43

    That bowl looks awesome! I’d use it for chili in the winter and cool salads right now!

  43. 44
    Kathryn S. says

    I would use this to pack yogurt at work in the morning! I always buy the bigger containers, and just this morning I had to use tupperware!

  44. 45

    I’m often bringing breakfast to work instead of eating before I leave the house – the bowl would be perfect for that!

  45. 46

    The bowls look wonderful! I would use them everyday since I work in a school and always pack my lunch. Thanks!

  46. 47

    I would totally use it for either my oatmeal/fruit smoothie to bring to work in the am, rinse it out, and use it for my veggie/hummus lunches! I hate getting bogged down by constantly using/reusing plastic baggies and I always tend to pack mismatched containers and lids!

  47. 48

    Every morning, I pack up some blueberries and strawberries with yogurt to bring to work with me for breakfast, so this bowl would gets lots of use in my house!

  48. 49

    I tweeted!!

  49. 50

    What a cool bowl – love that the top screws on.. my seal top bowls seem to open if i squeeze the bowl too much. This would be perfect!

    Like many others, I would use it to bring fruit/yogurt with me while working. Also, in the winter, perhaps some soup? Is is microwave-safe?

  50. 51

    I would bring cereal to work for an afternoon snack – perfect with some cold milk!

  51. 52

    And I would use the bowls for CEREAL!! I’ve been craving it and haven’t bought any yet! I can’t think of a better summertime breakfast than cereal with fruit!

  52. 53

    I tweeted as well!

  53. 54

    Oh wow, I think I’d have to say I’d use it to pre-portion cereal for work OR (more frequently) I’d use it for vegetables that I’d steamed or roasted! Since my beau isnt’ a big fan of veggies, but I hate cooking for one, I ALWAYS make extra servings of veggies or even cut fruits like watermelon, so it’d be great to save them.

  54. 55

    This is a dream come true! I’m always packing cereal breakfast bowls to go in large tupperware containers so that I have a healthy meal after my morning workout but this bowl looks about 100000 times more leak-proof! And the right size and shape!

  55. 56

    I’d love the bowl for work! Sometimes I want to take cereal for breakfast, but not in a baggie (gets crushed) or square tupperware (too hard to eat out of). That bowl would be perfect!

  56. 57

    It would be perfect for carrying around fresh fruit or cereal or other healthy snacks when I have hectic days at school! I usually use plastic bags but it’s wasteful AND my food always somehow gets crushed by all my books anyway!

  57. 58

    I would fill it with my lunch for work!

  58. 59

    I dedicated an entire post to this giveaway – that’s just how much I love cereal, to-go containers, and your blog!

  59. 61

    I would use it for yogurt, granola and berries – yum! Love the screw on lid.

  60. 62

    I’d try it out to bring soup to work.

  61. 63

    Love the screw top! I’d use as a to-go salad bowl for work! Or for leftovers in the fridge.

  62. 64
    Jen Robinson says

    I’ve been eating a rushed breakfast at home before I leave for work but this way I would probably bring my cereal to the office!

  63. 65

    Awesome! I am lucky enough to have access to a full kitchen at work, so I often bring entire boxes of food, whole fruits & veggies, etc. knowing that I can prepare them at work. On one hand this is super convenient, but I’ve definitely noticed that I tend to overeat when I have so much food available all day. I think the Attune bowl would motivate me to pack individual portions instead!

  64. 66

    I would definitely use this bowl to bring fruit to work–I need one with a secure lid!

  65. 67

    Awesome bowl! I’d use it every day to prepare my overnight oats. Then, I’d probably wash it and use it for snacks through the day.

  66. 68

    I just linked to your giveaway on my blog.

  67. 69

    I tweeted about your giveaway (@CarrieSinCA)

  68. 70

    it looks perfect for taking my fruit to class with me!

  69. 71

    I would use the bowl to bring side dishes with me to work for lunch. Sometimes you need a small container to store things in.

  70. 72

    I’d use it for packing up my breakfast. I go to the gym before work and then eat breakfast at my desk, so I’m always in need of tupperware.

  71. 73

    I’d totally use the bowl for cutup fruit. Better than a ziplock bag

  72. 74

    And I tweeted about this @distchocoholic

  73. 75

    Mmm it’s the perfect size for overnight oats!!

  74. 76

    I tweeted!

  75. 77

    And, its on the 321delish Facebook page!

  76. 78

    this is probably really redundant…. but this would for sure be used daily to bring my yogurt and cereal to work!!

  77. 79

    i eat breakfast at my desk every day – this would be PERFECT! :)

  78. 80

    i would use it to pack Greek yogurt (I like to buy the tubs rather than the individual cups) with granola and fruit to eat at work for breakfast after working out!

  79. 81

    So cute! I would love to have the bowl to bring a yogurt parfait to work – or even a cold soup, since it has such a secure lid!

  80. 82

    I Tweeted the giveaway on Twitter @kay819

  81. 83

    I’d use it for bringing my lunch to work! I always pack some sort of fruit as a side dish – right now berries are my first choice.

  82. 84

    I just tweeted about it! @eGilL628

  83. 85

    I eat yogurt for breakfast but I’m always running so late that I take it to work. Since it’s so much cheaper to buy tubs of yogurt rather than individual cups, I always end up scooping some into the most tight-fitting tupperware I can find! This bowl would be great for that!

  84. 86

    breakfast–steel cut oats in the fall/winter and greek yogurt and fruit in the spring/summer

  85. 87

    This is cool! I always take my breakfast to work with me, but often don’t bring cold cereal or milk because of the difficulty of transport / tons of dirty dishes. This would the be perfect milk transport/ cereal bowl in one!

  86. 88

    I eat breakfast at my desk at work every day, I need a good solid bowl to use.

  87. 89

    I would use it to eat my smoothies in a bowl!

  88. 90

    I tweeted!

  89. 91
    Rachel L says

    I would use the bowl for lunches! (whatever that includes for the day!)

  90. 92

    I blogged about it… I think I linked it back. I’m new at this :)

  91. 93

    I go to school 5 days a week and I am there pretty much all day, plus my hour getting back and forth from school. This would be such a great bowl to help me keep some healthy snacks in through out the day!

  92. 94

    I linked and liked on facebook! Love this giveaway!

  93. 95

    I bring my breakfast and snack to work everyday. Most of the times one of those meals is cereal and yogurt. This bowl would be great because I would waste less by not using plastic snack bags to carry in the cereal.

  94. 96
    Kelly Anne says

    I would use this every single day for work!

  95. 97

    Awesome bowl. Just perfect to take outside to our pool for our grand kids snacks this summer. They love fruit and it will protect the fruit from the hot sun.

  96. 98

    I tweeted it!

  97. 99

    It would be so great to have a reuseable container to take my snacks to work in. I always feel terrible using plastic baggies, plus this would be great for things like grapes and canteloupe which could get squished during my commute!

  98. 100

    I just tweeted

  99. 101
    Lindsay E says

    I was just packing up my breakfast of yogurt and strawberries and was annoyed that i have to bring two containers cause my food storage bowls are either WAY too big or WAY too small. This looks like it’d be perfect! Plus it’d be fun to try some of the cereals mixed in!

  100. 102

    1. I need this bowl for my commute! and so i can bring healthy breakfast with me!
    2. Re-tweeted
    3. “liked”

  101. 103

    I would definitely use this bowl for my breakfast. I am always running out the door to get to work and end up eating at my desk when I get there. This bowl would be great for that!

  102. 104

    I would use it bring fruit salad to work for lunch!

  103. 105

    I would make overnight oats in it, then take it with me in the mornings when I go straight from the pool to work!

  104. 106

    I also tweeted.

  105. 107

    Just tweeted :)

  106. 108

    This looks like the perfect size for my yogurt, I buy stoneyfield’s big container and scoop it into smaller containers for work, the containers I have now are too small-this looks perfect and secure like you said, big bonus its made from recycled products!! and I’ve neber tried that cereal, looks awesome! I’m a cereal lover!!

  107. 109

    I bring my breakfast to work a few days a week, so this would be a great replacement for my sometimes-leaky Gladware.

  108. 110

    Since GREEN is my fave color, I’d probably try to pack something in it everyday. I’m a big yogurt/fruit/flax combo fan so that would most likely be the 1st thing I’d use if for!

  109. 111

    My husband and I would use these to take healthy snacks to work.

  110. 112

    I also Tweeted!

  111. 113

    I would use it to take cottage cheese or yogurt/fruit to work.

  112. 114
    Amanda B. says

    I have a 2.5 year old…thus that bowl would be used every day to hold his snacks since he’s always hungry!!!

  113. 115

    i often dont eat my breakfast at home so this would be a great way to transport it.

  114. 116

    Neat giveaway!

    I’d probably use it for packing snacks and holding leftovers. I like to cook with leftovers in mind.

  115. 117

    I’d fill the bowl up with veggies to take to work for a snack! I’m terrible about getting enough veggies throughout the day, so something like this bowl could make it super convenient.

  116. 118

    This bowl would be perfect for bringing yogurt and fruit to work.

  117. 119

    I would definitely use the bowl to bring my snacks in to work!

  118. 120

    Like so many others, I’d use it for taking food to work. :) I pack most of my meals and it’s always hard to find good containers that don’t leak!

  119. 121
    Pat Elsberry says

    Love this bowl!! I bring my breakfast and lunch to work every day and it would be an awesome bowl to have my cereal or oatmeal!!

  120. 122

    That bowl would be perfect to through in my backpack when I take my daughter to the park. Homemade snacks always taste better than the store bought processed stuff. :)

  121. 123

    I would use the bowl for healthy snacks at work. I spend a lot of time there and with the bowl it would help me eat better and not grab fast food.

  122. 124

    I’d bring my breakfast to work in it. No more cafeteria food!

  123. 125

    I would totally use those bowls for my smoothies on the go! I love to eat my smoothies with a spoon and those bowls would be great!

  124. 126
    Pat Elsberry says

    I also linked this back to my Facebook page! :)

  125. 127

    I would use this container to tote my fruit, yogurt, and Erewhon brown rice cereal. It’d make my morning breakfast routine *so* much easier!

  126. 128

    I would use the Go Bowl to take my side salad (romaine, cuke, maters, a little cheese) to work for lunch. I always take a salad to eat with my sandwich, soup, or wrap.

  127. 129
    Jen Robinson says

    I tweeted it!!

  128. 130
    Christine says

    I’m working at a day camp all summer. I’d use it to pack my lunch!

  129. 131

    I have to be at work at 7 starting next week, so I would use it to pre-pack my breakfast and just grab it one the way out the door!

  130. 132

    I tweeted! :)

  131. 133
    Jen Robinson says

    Posted on facebook too :)

  132. 134

    I would use my bowl to bring along on hikes with my fiance!

  133. 135

    I’d use that bowl to take food to work!

  134. 136

    I would definitely bring it to work with either fruit or salads.

  135. 137

    What a cute bowl! It would be perfect for my ritual overnight oats to take to work!

  136. 138
    Doreen G. says

    One way I would use this bowl is to make oatmeal in the fridge overnight and wake up to a ready to go breakfast. Great for hot AZ mornings!

  137. 139
    Justine M. says

    That bowl would be perfect to take my fresh fruit snacks to school–I have long days, and am always looking for ways to keep healthy snacks fresh (without leaking juice all over)!

  138. 140
    Justine M. says

    Also tweeted! @jcmshieldmaiden

  139. 141

    I bring breakfast, lunch and snacks to work 5 days a week, so I’m always in need of good quality travel containers.

  140. 142

    I’d use the bowl to bring food to work with me. I’m constantly packing snacks or lunches for during the day.

  141. 143

    I tweeted as well!!!

  142. 144
    Justine M. says

    I liked this blog post (and Fannetastic Food) on Facebook, as well. Have a great day!

  143. 145

    I’m going to have lots of early mornings with my Dietetic Internship next year so I would use the bowl to pack breakfast without having yogurt spill all over my purse!

  144. 146

    I’ve been using the same reusable bowls for years! I’d love a shiny new one to carry my salad to work in.

  145. 147

    This bowl would be perfect for my overnight oats!

  146. 148

    That bowl work great to bring a salad to work or fruit to the beach!

  147. 149

    Those bowls would be great for packing my kids snacks in. They don’t get the cereal though, that would be for mom :)

  148. 150

    Posted on facebook!

  149. 151

    I tweeted!

  150. 152

    I would use that all the time! I also bring fruit and yogurt to snack on at work. I have an awesome oatmeal bowl, so it would be nice to have a yogurt bowl too :)

  151. 153

    i’d definitely useit for breakfasts of all type!

  152. 154

    I would use the bowl to pack yogurt, cereal, and fruit. Yum!

  153. 155

    To pack my overnight oats for breakfast at work!

  154. 156

    I would use this bowl to bring my lunch to work everyday. I have trying to eat healthier ant this would help. Love your blog:)

  155. 157
    Courtney says

    I tweeted too! @court20854

  156. 158

    I would definitely use the bowl for yogurt. I love by the big Chobani tubs to cut down on the amount of plastic I use. It would be great to have a bowl that screws on to prevent spilling.

  157. 159

    I eat tons of fruit during the summer so I would fill it up for work every day!

  158. 160
    L. Marie says

    I’d love to use the bowls to pack my lunches with fruits and veggies. I hate using plastic bags. SUCH A WASTE.

  159. 161
    L. Marie says

    Just tweeted. @lanita_marie

  160. 162

    Oatmeal of course! Maybe even some fruit or yogurt.


  161. 163

    i pack breakfast every day and eat at my desk, so it’s use the bowl to pack up my overnight oats or yogurt/fruit/granola bowls!

  162. 164

    i tweeted about the giveaway. (@learningsarah)

  163. 165
    Jessica p says

    Pack it with snacks for work!

  164. 166

    I would use it to pack snacks to bring to class in the fall.

  165. 167

    I would use it to bring leftovers with me for lunch or for a quick on the go breakfast! These are such a smart idea to help cut down on plastic!

  166. 168

    I would definitely use the bowl to pack my lunch for work!

  167. 169

    I would make my breakfast (overnight oats) in it — compact and easy! I could easily take it on the go if I were in a rush during the mornings.

  168. 170

    Most definitely for my breakfasts! I pack my breakfast and eat it at the office everyday, because I’m chronicly late….and overnight oats are one of my favorites.

  169. 171
    ReishaMichelle says

    Love your blog…I read it everyday! I just recently got into eating yogurt for breakfast but I haven’t found the right size container to pack in my bag as I travel on the DC metro to work! This would be peerfffect and cute! I’d put a little Bola granola and some fresh blueberries!

  170. 172

    i would use the bowl for my cereal and fruit in the mornings! or some greek yogurt, honey and fruit! or salsa/guac! ahhh for everything!

  171. 173

    i tweeted!!

  172. 174

    I’d use it to make portable overnight oats! I like my oats heated and I don’t have a microwave at home, so I always bring my breakfast to work. This would be perfect!

  173. 175

    this would be perfect for my classes!!

  174. 176

    i tweeted!

  175. 177

    I cant remember the last time I have had cereal but this looks great!!

  176. 178

    I would use the bowl to transport my yummy yogurt messes to school to eat before class! :)

  177. 179

    I tweeted your giveaway! @Christianqt07

  178. 180

    I posted on Facebook.

  179. 181

    I would use the bowl to take fresh fruit to work to snack on during the day!

  180. 182

    I only have one bowl that I rewash every day to bring my breakfast to work in, so I’d love to have a second bowl to use!

  181. 183

    My job requires me to travel throughout the day so this Attune bowl would be perfect for bringing along snacks that need to stay cold. I crave fruit in the summer as a snack but rarely can bring it with me because it doesn’t hold up in the heat. This bowl is my answer!

  182. 184

    I wold love these! I am almost a RD, and right now my internship requires early mornings, when I commute to work I normally put my fruit in a paper towel (berreis and paper towels were not made for each other!) These bowls would rock on the commute and all year long!

  183. 185

    I commented on twitter!!

  184. 186

    I also linked back to FB!

  185. 187

    I would definitely use this at work to bring lunches/leftovers from home to eat at the office!

  186. 188

    I tweeted :)

  187. 189

    Wow, such a cool giveaway! Uncle Sam cereal is one of my favorites and that bowl, so cool! I would use it to bring breakfast to me to my classes. I am doing a Masters in Nutrition, the classes are early and the teachers allow us to bring in breakfast foods to eat during class (no nutritionist would tell you to skip breakfast, right?!). This would be the perfect bowl for me to bring with yogurt and fruits! (plus uncle Sam cereal sprinkled on top, love that cereal!)

  188. 190

    I’d use the bowl to bring fruit and yogurt to work!

  189. 191
    Jennifer says

    I would so bring it to work! I eat my breakfast at my desk every morning and usually have about 3 separate containers, the bowl would be perfect!

  190. 192

    I tweeted the giveaway! (@kalynn5)

  191. 193

    That bowl is so cute! I’m definitely use it for taking fruit to work.

  192. 194

    I would use the bowl to bring my overnight oats to class! I’m the weird girl sitting in the back of my 8 am Psych course eating oatmeal out of a peanut butter jar, this bowl may save me a few weird looks!

  193. 195

    It would be a toss up between my oatmeal, eggs or yogurt. Any chance you have 3 bowls to give away? ;-P

  194. 196
    Mary Ann says

    I would use my bowl to take my healthy snacks to the ball park. We have season seats for our Triple-A team, The Rochester Red Wings, and I try to bring (sneak in) healthy things to eat as often as I can!!

  195. 197

    Iwould use the bowls to pack our snacks on our bike rides- we have already ridden 100 miles in May and hope to get another 300 miles before Aug–ie lots of healthy snacks needed ;)

  196. 198

    I also liked this on facebook

  197. 199
    Kimberlee Nelson says

    I would use this cute bowl for many things, bring fruit to work, fruit to the pool or many other summertime outings.

  198. 200

    This bowl looks awesome! I would use it to take my breakfast or lunch with me to work. I am starting to ride my bike to work and I try to bring bowls/containers with secure lids so the food does not end up in my bicycle bag. Thanks for offering the giveaway Anne and Attune Foods!

  199. 201

    What a cute bowl, I would use it to eat my oatmeal in the morning. I’m always running late to work, so this would be a great solution to make it and run:)

  200. 202

    I would use the bowl to bring healthy snacks to my boys’ baseball games. Even though they LOVE the concession stand, I’ve been trying to pack healthier snacks for them to eat between games. Its going pretty good, but I could use more/better bowls like this to pack a better variety of things. :O)

  201. 203
    Stephanie says

    I would use this bowl for snacks to bring to work…fruit or yogurt & granola!

  202. 204

    I’d take my lunch to work in it. I bring lunch at least 4 days a week and I bring healthy snacks everyday.

  203. 205
    anna peters says

    I would use these bowls to bring snacks on my bike rides- I have logged over 100 in May and plan to go at least another 300 by Aug— ie lots of healthy snacks needed ;)– thanks for all of the great ideas and nice photos

  204. 206
    Mary Ann says

    I tweeted!!! (@Barnababy1)

  205. 207

    veggies & fruit snacks to take to work :)

  206. 208

    They would be great for keeping snacks for my toddler and baby food for my kids and maybe even some snacks for me :)

  207. 209
    Meredyth says

    I’d put my fruit and yogurt in it to bring to work, and shake some granola on top when I’m ready to eat!

  208. 210

    I would use it to transport my yogurt to work. I make my own fruit preserves and place them on top of my plain low fat yogurt. When I’m ready to eat I mix the fruit in the yogurt. This way I don’t get the extra sugar that store bought yogurts have in them.

  209. 211
    Katherine says

    I love sharing your blogs :) I just tweeted about this entry!!

  210. 212
    Katherine says

    I just Facebook’d it, too! :) P.S. i’m loving the Mesa Sunrise and have been sharing with all of my friends so they know how good it is :) I love when you share your grocery lists, it gives me so many ideas of new things to buy!

  211. 214

    Cute bowl. I would use it to carry the salad of the day to work. I’m loving the weather and getting addicted to all different kinds of salads again.

  212. 215

    I would put cereal in the bowl and throw it in my purse. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few hours, maybe in a week, I will be starving, and in no situation to immediately get food. ATTUNE BOWL TO THE RESCUE!

  213. 217
    Annamaria says
  214. 218

    Definitely for bringing overnight oats to work!

  215. 219
    Annamaria says

    Wow that bowl is SO convenient… especially as a student on the run, I would make overnight oats in the bowl to have ready for me to eat in the mornings while hurrying to class! Breakfast is the most important meal you know ;)

  216. 220

    Definitely would use this bowl for fresh fruit to have on hikes, or for the morning when I make my yogurt parfaits. I love that it has a screw top lid!

  217. 221

    Ooh, those bowls look lovely! I’d probably use it for transporting my oatmeal to work. The bowl that I currently use is just a bit too tiny to accommodate all of the yummy fruit that I want to add.

  218. 222

    I pack my bfast/lunch/snacks everyday for work and can always use more containers!!

  219. 223

    I tweeted @laurynemilyt !

  220. 224

    Lunches on the go! I see big wheat berry salads with lots of veggies!

  221. 225

    I blogged about the giveaway! Check it out here

  222. 226
    Katherine says

    I would pack up a peanut butter banana smoothie and bring it along with me as I nanny for some little nuggets here in Atlanta. Looks like a sturdy piece!

  223. 227

    So many ways to use this, fruit and yogurt, cereal, salads for lunch.

  224. 228

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks, Anne!

    I would use that awesome little bowl to bring overnight oats with me so I could enjoy breakfast at my desk at work!

  225. 229
    Tricia K says

    I liked it on facebook!

  226. 230
  227. 231

    I would use the bowl to take healthy snacks to the baseball field for my boys.

  228. 232

    Those bowls would come in so handy! I would use them for bringing snacks to the beach, packing my salad for work, taking yogurt and granola on early morning car trips, etc.!

  229. 233

    I would take it to work. I need a good bowl that travels well. I would put my healthy dinner in there!

  230. 234

    My kids have swim meets very early on Sat. mornings which means I pack breakfast and eat it at the pool. This bowl would be perfect for overnight oats or yogurt, fruit and cereal!

  231. 235

    I would use it to take leftover soup to work. With the screw top lid you can be sure that it won’t be leaking!!

  232. 236

    That bowl is perfect for overnight oats, which usually leaks out of tupperware!

  233. 237

    i would put different cereal and then add greek yogurt when it is time to dig in!

  234. 238

    What a great giveaway! I would use the bowl to send my husband’s lunches in, or we’d use it while on day trips to the zoo or the park.

  235. 239

    My commute is about to increase by 15 minutes. As I already get up at 4:45 am, I’ve decided to start bringing breakfast to work instead of eating it at home. So, these bowls will allow me 15 minutes of precious sleep. ;-D

  236. 240

    I’d use it to pack my post-gym breakfast to take to work.

  237. 241

    The bowl will be perfect for taking my lunch with me to work. I’m thinking fruit soup now that it’s so hot out!

  238. 242

    This bowl would be awesome for packing my breakfast/lunches for work and school! :)

  239. 243

    I would use the bowl to take my breakfast to go because I always seem to be late to school haha

  240. 244

    just tweeted :)

  241. 245
    Kristina says

    The bowl looks awesome! I am a stay at home mom with a little girl and with the weather changing we have been spending a lot of time out side. This would be perfect for taking snacks to the park the last bow(ziploc Tupperware) I used the lid came off and made a big mess in my bag. We would use it all the time.

  242. 246

    I would love this to take snacks to work with me!

  243. 247

    This bowl would be awesome for snacks and breakfast-on-the-go!

  244. 248

    That bowl looks awesome! I’d use it for kids snacks when we’re on the go. Nothing worse than little kids snacks exploding in my bag :(

  245. 249
    Melissa C says

    I would use it for cereal or fruits to take to work, because it’s hard to eat healthy when you aren’t home!

  246. 250

    This bowl looks so great! I bring oatmeal, almond butter and strawberries to work every morning and this bowl would be perfect for that! I love the screw on top b/c it’ll prevent any spilling (I’ve had more than one tupperware leaking mishap in my bag :/

  247. 251
    Meredith says

    I bring leftovers to work a few times a week, and I think it’d be perfect for that!

  248. 252

    This bowl is awesome! I take my lunch and a snack with me everyday to work and there is nothing worse then your lunch leaking out in your bag! The screw top lid is great and I LOVE recycled stuff :)

  249. 253

    I also facebook-ed it :)

  250. 254

    I take my breakfast to school everyday. This would be perfect!

  251. 255

    Overnight oats or fruit would be perfect!!

  252. 256

    In my cereal in the morning! :)

  253. 257

    tweeted @Squigglemefloey

  254. 258

    It has been tweeted!

  255. 259

    Perfect for taking fruit to work! Or breakfast yogurt bowls!

  256. 260

    Hey! I would use the bowl for my second meal of the day, which I pack and take to school with me. It’s usually cereal with berries or raw cucumber and hummus. I am a RD student to in Florida! When will you graduate?

  257. 261

    Id use the bowl for snacks! At 8 months pregnant I’m always hungry!

  258. 262

    I’d use the bowl to carry yogurt and berries to work! :)

  259. 263

    I would use that for snacks on the go – looks like they would actually hold them in there and not pop in the bottom of the bag!

  260. 264
    Jessica T says

    I’d use it for breakfast and/or snack for work. I’m a teacher always on the go and pack breakfast, snacks and lunch so this bowl would be perfect!!

  261. 265
    Cellabella says

    I love how they’re made of recycled yogurt cups – I’d use them for yogurt messes and cereal in the morning. Especially on the mornings I have to eat breakfast in the car!

  262. 266

    I would definitely use the bowl to bring breakfast (or a healthy snack!) to work. Overnight oats in a bowl? Or even just plain cereal – carrying a bowl with me to work takes up way less real estate than trying to stash an entire cereal box somewhere in my cube so my grabby-handed coworkers can’t steal my food! :) Also, it’s way cuter than the ziploc or glad clear plastic containers I have at home! :D

  263. 267

    I would use the bowl for my tuna I eat for lunch, and I would also use it for my morning oatmeal that I eat at work.

  264. 268

    Cool – I’d pack my bowl with a cold wheat berry and roasted veg salad and take it to school :)

  265. 269
    Danielle J says

    I would make a fun mix to eat in the office :D

  266. 270

    Looks like the perfect bowl to pack yogurt+berries or cereal to go!

  267. 271
    Danielle J says

    Tweeted! @djaffee87

  268. 272

    Overnight oats!

  269. 273

    these would be great for overnight oats!

  270. 274
    janis farley says

    those are adorable, perfect for the mid-morning fruit snack this summer!

  271. 275

    I would definitely use these to pack my lunch!

  272. 276

    I would take the bowl to work for mornings when I am running too late for breakfast!

  273. 277

    These would be great for packing some healthy snacks on the go! I’m traveling a lot this summer and I know how convenient these would be to keep with me and use often!

  274. 278
    danielle says

    I would love this bowl – and the cereal to put in it! I am starting a new job and have to be in by 7am so this would be perfect to bring my breakfast in!

  275. 279

    I would use this for healthy snacks at work!!

  276. 280

    I would use the bowl for taking my oatmeal or “cookie dough breakfast” (oats, nut butter, protein powder, milk) to the office. Love that it’s made out of recycled yogurt cups!

  277. 281

    I love a baked sweet potato for a quick munch when I’m out but it always ends up gettin smashed in my purse… This would be great to hold cut up pieces! or overnight oats! or fruit! or any and everything else. heheh :)

  278. 282

    I would use it to carry around my fresh fruit salad that I keep on hand all summer long – strawberries, pineapple, oranges, apple, kiwi, and whatever else I have on hand!

  279. 283

    I would use it snacks to bring to work!

  280. 284

    I would love to have the attune go bowl to bring food to work!

  281. 285

    I’d use the bowl to take my breakfast with me to work in the morning. I never wake-up early enough to eat breakfast at home.

  282. 286

    I would use it to take yogurt bowls – yogurt, granola, fruit, nuts – to school….

  283. 287

    I tweeted about it! :) @jessicavogel

  284. 288

    I would use the bowl for my yogurt bowls in the mornings when I have to make breakfast and rush out the door. I currently tightly wrap saran wrap around a melamine bowl which works but the attune bowl would be way better!!

  285. 289

    I’d use it to carry berries/fruit when we pack lunches. Would be super! Great idea –

  286. 290

    I keep finding myself skipping breakfast….I’d use it to make overnight oats in it so I have something prepared for breakfast ahead of time.

  287. 291

    i would use it to pack lunches for work! the screw-on lid would be especially useful for more liquidy things…no more leaking!

  288. 292

    I am alway running errands and going to appointments, so I’d use them to pack parts of my meals with for those 5 or 7 days of the week that I’m not home for breakfast, lunch, or snackies. ;) (Plus I just LOVE reuseable containers)

  289. 293
    Christina says

    Fun giveaway! I’m a teacher so I’d use it to bring my lunch to school :)

  290. 294
    Sherri W says

    I have kids… is that enough… I’m always in need of a good travel bowl! :)

  291. 295

    i use it to take my snacks into work!

  292. 296

    I’m diabetic and going to nursing school, so I would use it on my long nights at the hospital to have some cereal with fruit or southwestern quinoa from whole foods! YUM YUM!!!

  293. 297

    I posted it on facebook:)

  294. 298

    This would be great for my yogurt. It always leaks by the time I get to work!

  295. 299

    I would use it to pack fruit in one of my kid’s lunchboxes. I’m trying to stock up on my BPA free bowls

  296. 300
    Katherine says

    Coool, I love this! I would use mine on the many road trips I have planned this summer! As a vegetarian, it is really difficult to find healthy, satisfying options on the road!

  297. 301

    I pack my lunch for work each day and these bowls would be great for my salad or chopped fresh fruit!

  298. 302

    I too am a student, I am studying to be a Dietetic Technician with plans to eventually start an RD program. So, in between classes, working 2 jobs and doing an occasional play on campus, I am constantly on the run!! It gets really challenging to transport healthy foods for meals and snacks, and a girl can only take so many granola bars before wanting to chuck it out the window! I would use this bowl for healthy fruit/nuts/yogurt type of snacks to help me get through my crazy day.

  299. 303

    Both my husband and I pack our lunches for work every day – this bowl would be perfect for my yogurt & granola or hubby’s cottage cheese & salsa!

  300. 304

    To put mixed berries in for lunch!

  301. 305

    Oooh! I really want this to put eat my cereal in! Yumm

  302. 306

    I would use the bowl to take salad on the go. Looks like itll be great forgoing to classes

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