Coolest Jump Rope Ever GIVEAWAY!!

Hey friends!

Are you ready for a fun giveaway??

Earlier this month, Progresso sent me an ENORMOUS package of soup to sample through MyBlogSpark.



Good thing I really like soup :)

They sent a bunch of their light and 100 calorie soups, as well as some low sodium soups, which made me happy because canned soup is always really sodium heavy.

In addition to the soup, they sent an awesome soup mug, which is now my new favorite! It’s the perfect size and even has a comfy handle :)


I received the package just after arriving home from my California trip, so it was perfect timing with my empty fridge! I immediately busted into the stash.


I combined half a can of the Manhattan Clam Chowder with half a can of the Reduced Sodium Garden Vegetable.



It was a delicious combination! Full of lots of chunky veggies, mmmm. I’d never had the Manhattan Clam Chowder before and it was great! I served it in my new bowl, of course :)


I’ve always loved canned soup — it’s such a great quick and easy meal when the fridge is empty or when I need something last minute to bring to work. I especially enjoyed the low sodium variety — I wish they would make all their soups low sodium.

The final thing that was included in my package was an AWESOME digital jump rope!!


It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever — not only does it count how many times you’ve jumped, but it can also show you the total miles or kilometers you’ve jumped and the amount of calories you’ve burned!

I tried it out immediately ;)

025024 Hehe :) So much fun!

So, want to win a Progresso gift pack of your very own??

They have offered to send one lucky fANNEtastic food reader the following:

  • Two cans of Progresso soup
  • One Progresso soup mug
  • One digital jump rope


There are three ways to enter; each way will give you an additional entry, so you can do one, two, or all three!

Here are your entry options:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite kind of soup.
  2. Tweet about this contest on Twitter (include a link to this post and @fannetasticfood), and then leave another comment telling me you tweeted.
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts, and then leave another comment letting me know you posted about it.

The contest will go until Friday at 5 p.m. EST, when I’ll announce the winner!

Good luck!! :)


  1. 1

    I love good ol vegetable soup . . . mmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. 2

    I’d love that jumprope!!! My favorite kind varies, but it’s usually some form of cheese soup. :)

  3. 3

    Soup is one of my favorite foods, especially in winter. I love almost any kind of vegetable soup — right now I’m finishing off some black bean. Always with a few saltines.

  4. 4

    oh how can i choose?! i LOVE soup…eat it at least 3X/week. my fave is probably mexican tortilla, w/ avocado and tort strip toppings, and Frank’s hot sauce. TDF.

  5. 5

    a simple tomato veggie soup

  6. 6

    i tweeted gurl!

  7. 7

    Tomato Bisque is my favorite I love to dip pretzels & mozarella in it MMM

  8. 8

    I love a bean veggie soup. Lots of protein and veggies! Thanks!

  9. 9

    My fave soup is chicken tortilla with lots of black beans and rice!

  10. 10

    I’m a chicken noodle soup girl – boring but classic!!!
    So happy I found your blog through eatliverun! :-)

  11. 11

    sweet contest!

    I look hearty vegetable soup with lots of veggies!

  12. 12

    i love any veggie soup, but lentil is BY FAR my favorite!

  13. 13

    Wowza, that’s a lot of soup!!! My favorite is tomato soup, hands down. Gotta love it with a grilled cheese!

  14. 14

    Split pea fo sho. With barley if possible. I think I’m in the minority here, but so be it. More for me!

    Mmmm totally love split pea too. Also love your usage of “fo sho”!! ;) -Anne

  15. 15

    I love classic chicken noodle soup!

  16. 16

    I love split pea soup and also tomato soup

  17. 17

    I retweeted your giveaway on twitter too.

  18. 18

    My favorite kind of soup is Split Pea. Or Tomato. I can’t decide…!

  19. 19

    My favorite is minestrone because not only do i get the vegetables but also the beans for extra protein. A bowl really holds me for a long time. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. 20

    Holy pyramid of soup I can’t even imagine having that show up on my doorstep! crazy! My favorite soup is any kind of Thai soup…YUM.

    Also, your outfit in the pics is really cute! I’m constantly on the search for nice dark jeans that fit me well. Shopping for jeans is worse than going to the dentist!

    Thanks!! :) I have a total designer jeans obsession but those jeans are actually just ones I got at Express years ago! I love the dark color, too, and the fact that they are cut more like professional work pants :) -Anne

  21. 21

    My favorite soup is Minestrone! I love tomato based soups and minestrone has veggies, beans and pasts…my favorite things!!!! YUM YUM!

  22. 22

    My favorite soup used to be campbell’s chicken noodle -that is until i read the label. now homemade new england clam chowder reigns.

  23. 23

    Weeee. Seeing how I hurt my knee running I need to find another way to exercise. I suppose that could be jumping rope…and who doesn’t love soup in the winter? Lentil soup is my favorite!

  24. 24

    Ohh I love it! My favorite kind of soup is Manhattan Clam Chowder, but I love all veggie soups. Great giveaway!

  25. 25

    And oh yeah I tweeted it!

  26. 26

    My fav is good old chicken noodle. The light version is awesome. I add frozen peas and/or spinach and then microwave. yum.

  27. 27
    Jen Robinson says:

    I heart tomato basil with grilled cheese but in general I enjoy vegetable soups and ministrone- SUPER filling. Also a nice lentil once in awhile, but a whole bowl is a lot, so maybe if i’m just feeling a cup of soup :)

  28. 28

    My favorite soup is butternut squash, mmmm yumm. Now I have a craving! I may need to have some soup for lunch..and I tweeted as well. :)

  29. 29
    Jen Robinson says:

    ps. I just tweeted about you- I *think* I did it right… clearly I rarely tweet links and/or @ people :)

    You did it!! Nice work ;) xoxo -A

  30. 30

    What a FUN package!! I would love to win one of my own!

  31. 31

    Soup and jumping rope… im in!

    Favorite… tomato…. I’ll take care of making the grilled cheese…

  32. 32

    “hoping for a progresso gift package… soup and jumprope…”

    this was my tweet…

    fingers crossed

  33. 33

    I LOOOVE progress soups! (especially the spicy gumbo) and would love to have some samples from progresso! oh, and I was cracking up watching you jump role in street clothes: you can’t let anything stop you from some healthy activity!

  34. 34

    I love soup! My favorite is lentil vegetable. So yummy.

  35. 35

    I recently made this African Coconut Curry soup and it was really yummy!

    Whoa that sounds amazing!!! Send me the recipe?? :) -Anne

  36. 36

    Wow that is a LOT of soup!! I’ve never thought of combining 2 soup flavors before but that is such a good idea! And the jump rope… that’s so cool!!!!

    My favorite kind of soup is potato soup… yum!

  37. 37

    I’ve always been a big fan of soup, but more so recently. I think the cold weather has influenced that choice! haha My absolute favorite kind of soup is tomato. I know, I know…it’s one of the heaviest in sodium. But when I’ve had a bad day or I just can’t seem to get warm, tomato soup always comes to the rescue! It’s delicious! :-)

  38. 38

    souuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!! i think i most love a realy good tomato soup (with a grilled cheese on a rainy portland day).

    and i actually love to jump rope… in fact my family busted out a jump rope session IN THE LIVING ROOM at christmas dinner this year!! haha

    ha! that’s awesome. -Anne

  39. 39

    i tweeterized the giveaway too!!

  40. 40

    mushroom soup is my favorite!

  41. 41

    I’m chicken noodle lover…but I like it to be loaded with veggies.

  42. 42
    catiedidit says:

    Corn chowder…mmm mmm mmm !

  43. 43

    I love the Hearty Chicken Rotini! Yummy noodles!

  44. 44

    I love New England Clam Chowder!

  45. 45
    Christina says:

    i looove annie’s chunkytomato bisque (i think that’s the right name?)

    but progresso in all different flavors are my go-to soups!

  46. 46

    I LOVE SOUP! My current favs are Progresso Light Chicken and Dumpling and Amy’s Split Pea…yum!

  47. 47

    My favorite kind of soup is Callaloo; it’s a Caribbean stew made with lots of okra.

  48. 48
    Katherine says:

    Hmmm this is a tough one!! I LOVE all types of soup, and as a vegetarian, they make up a huge part of my diet. I’m not sure if I can just choose one as my favorite! I think it’s an even tie between lentil soup, pasta fagioli, and escarole with bean. They are all SO yummy and SO healthy (depending on what they are made with). I have even convinced my skeptical, meat-eater boyfriend that soup can be a full meal with the right sides. (read: bread).

  49. 49

    I love a good homemade chicken noodle soup with tons of veggies.

  50. 50

    I LOVE corn chowder (or chicken corn chowder) for a thick soup. My lighter choices are beef vegetable or classic chicken noodle :)

  51. 51

    Taco soup! It’s so filling. But if it’s gotta be out of the can, I like something with a lot of veggies or really creamy tomato soup.

  52. 52

    i actually really like the progresso light vegetable soups. italian and southwestern<3 yum!

  53. 53
    Adventurer says:

    My favorite soup is clam chowder! (But I suspect it’s got a fair amount of sodium…)

  54. 54

    I LOVE progresso chicken and dumplings, chicken corn chowder and recently discovered the new england clam chowder! I have never had a bad experience with these soups.

  55. 55

    My favorite soup is my mom’s lentil soup! :)

  56. 56

    … just tweeted about it too!

  57. 57

    I love soup!! Its so comforting !! I think Chicken Vegetable soups are my favorite
    they are light, healthy and yummy.
    I also love your blog. I have been following it now for about a month and I am
    a regular now..all the way from Canada

    Aw thanks! :) I’m glad you’re enjoying it!! -Anne

  58. 58

    I love the chicken soup with rice!!

  59. 59
    Lillian Rivera says:

    Let’s see…My favorite soup is Minestrone…I also like Chicken Noodle and Tortilla Soup! Hummm, now I’m hungry again!

  60. 60

    old fashioned chicken noodle plz :)

  61. 61

    Progresson Pasta E Fagoli- it is the ultimate!

  62. 62

    Tomato soup is my all time favorite soup! But I love tons of other flavors too! I don’t know why, but I never thought to combine 2 different soups together! Thanks for the idea!!

  63. 63

    I’m tweeting this also!!

  64. 64

    My fav soup is tomato and I also like the progresso low sodium chicken noodle.

  65. 65

    Wow that is one MOUNTAIN of soup cans! I love pumpkin soup – my all time favourite :)

  66. 66

    Tomato is my favorite!

  67. 67

    Chicken noodle & garden veggies…top fav!!!

  68. 68

    Italian wedding soup is my fave – I’d be interested to see if Progresso has a light/low-sodium version!

  69. 69

    I love lentil soup!

  70. 70
    Keith Morton says:


  71. 71

    Is it bad to say all of them? I LOVE soup but currently I’m hooked on the V8 Southwestern. Its soooo good with some added onions and hot sauce :)

  72. 72
    Macrae Carreker says:

    Hi Anne!!
    I love reading your blog! My favorite soup is my Grandmother’s. We all call it “Mum mum’s soup” (after her of course)! It pretty much vegetable soup with stew meat..and always skillet cornbread on the side! Yum!
    Thanks for the giveaway- Now I want to go jump rope :)

  73. 73

    I love tomato soup and grilled cheese :) It’s an oldie but a goodie especially if you use really nice cheese and bread and make your own soup!

    Also, have you ever eaten at Sweet Green? One of my girlfriends and I are going to check it out tomorrow. I’m excited for the froyo (even though it’s cold)!!

  74. 74

    Minestrone all the way!! Next up it’s butternut pumpkin soup :P

  75. 75

    i love tomato soup! yumm

  76. 76

    The dal recipe in The Yoga Cookbook is AMAZING!!!!!!!! It’s made with red lentils, cumin, fennel, mustard seeds, a bunch of spices, tomatoes (and I add onions) and topped with cilantro.

    Holy crap that sounds AWESOME!!! Minus the onions ;) -Anne

  77. 77

    I just came across your blog and I can’t wait to read it and follow!
    I would love it if you could check out mine and follow:)

  78. 78

    I am doing Weight Watchers so I LOVE these soups. My fav is the Italian Syle Veggie!

  79. 79

    I love chicken noodle soup!

  80. 80
    Jen Williamson says:

    Roasted red pepper and tomato, yummy :)

  81. 81

    simple garden veggie for me!

  82. 82

    Italian Wedding Soup….

  83. 83

    MMMMMM…. I like how you combined the two soups – what a great idea! I can’t pick one favorite so my top three are: split pea, french onion and roasted veggie~

  84. 84

    My favorite soup is chicken and wild rice or wedding soup. Yum! I hope I win!

  85. 85

    Oh and I just Tweeted about the giveaway.

  86. 86

    Chicken Tortilla! So super Fannetastic!!!

  87. 87

    Split pea soup is a definite fav of mine! but since i’m sick right now…i’d have to say chicken noodle sounds delish :)

    PS: I TOTALLY did jump rope for heart back in the day, and if they had digital jump ropes then, it would have been wayyyyy cooler…but seeing as how there wasn’t internet or anything yet, i’m not surprised!!

    Oh my gosh I remember Jump Rope for the Heart!! We had that at my school :) That really would have been more awesome with digital jump ropes, ha! -Anne

  88. 88

    I love tomato soup!

  89. 89
    Jamie in Arkansas says:

    I love Progresso Lentil soup! Heaven! :)

  90. 90

    My favorite soup is Tomato Basil!! From ANYWHERE!

  91. 91
  92. 92

    My favorite soup is probably lentil when it has chunks of carrot in it. I recently had a sesame soup with lemon, peas and carrots in it. But that was at a cafe, not from a can. It’s hard to find canned soup without MSG!

  93. 93

    I love lentil soup!

  94. 94

    I think my favorite soup at the moment is tomato.

  95. 95

    My favorite is chicken and barley. Yum!

  96. 96

    The jump rope is fantastic!! I love any soup with beans in it!!

  97. 97

    I love soup and I’m eating a lot of it right now while I’m going to school in Idaho where it is so cold. I love black bean soup w/ corn and chicken and tomatoes and spices. Its so delish! I also love potato soup and posole (a mexican soup).

  98. 98

    I love tomato soup.

  99. 99
    Katie Bailey says:

    I like the Progreso Italian Meatball. Reminds me of Spaghettis from my childhood! Also LOVE french onion soup!!!

  100. 100

    i love any & every vegetable soup… and i had progresso everyday with lunch when i lived in the dorms!

  101. 101

    I love tomato soup and anything with veggies!!! I love the french onion soup from progresso, so filling!

  102. 102

    my favorite is any soup with gnocchi in it! so good! :)

  103. 103

    Love those vegetable soups. :D And also tomato soup! Mmm, tomato soup.

  104. 104

    I love lentil soup! Hearty and satisfying.

  105. 105
    Jasmine T says:

    Anything tomato!

  106. 106

    Cream of mushroom — cold! :-)

  107. 107

    When sick (and away from the mom), their chicken soup is my go-to soup. When not sick, the beef pot roast is a fav. and btw, now you’ll be getting a shoutout in the blog as well.

  108. 108

    Roasted butternut squash with a splash of cream and crisp bits of bacon on top.

  109. 109

    Hey, long time no talk. I love soup! going to have to try your clam chowder mix. clam chowder’s my faves.

  110. 110
    Christine says:

    Good old fashioned Chicken Noodle but even better in the low sodium version!

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