Corn Flake Encrusted Chicken Fingers (Gluten Free!)

I’ve mentioned my love for chicken fingers before on the blog, and you guys know I’m always looking for ways to still enjoy them, minus the grease.


Well — I think I may have finally created the perfect baked chicken finger! I’ve used bread crumbs or flour in previous recipes, and while it was good, it didn’t really create that nice crunchy crust that fried chicken fingers have. So this time I decided to try some crushed up cornflakes for the crust — and boy, was it good. Super crunchy without needing to be fried, and the spices add a nice flavor, too.


This recipe is definitely going among my favorites.


Want to recreate these gluten free chicken fingers at home for yourself? The recipe is over at the Attune Foods blog today. Check it out! :)

And while we’re talking about Attune — you have 2 days left to enter their November savory recipe contest! As before, the prizes are $200 to a grocery store of your choice, $200 to Share Our Strength charity, and your winning recipe printed on the box of cereal used to create it. What are you waiting for?! Go enter your recipes!

Have a great day — I’ll be back this afternoon with a recap of friend Thanksgiving with my grad school girlfriends last night! So much fun.


  1. 1

    Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE chicken fingers and recently found out I am gluten intolerant. You just totally made my day.

  2. 4

    I LOVE chicken fingers! I always buy the Applegate Farms brand ;)

  3. 5

    I love love love chicken fingers, I think these would be awesome – especially cause they’re GF – holla :D

  4. 6

    WOW! Those look like bona fide fried chicken fingers!

  5. 7

    How cool! They look great :)

  6. 8

    I totally understand your love for chicken fingers! Can’t wait to try this recipe, I was recently diagnosed with a gluten allergy–sounds perfect!

  7. 9

    I love to use corn flakes for crust and cook in oven. Very good post today.

  8. 10

    Homemade chicken fingers were my dads specialty growing up. Yours look so tasty. They would be awesome with some homemade honey mustard dipping sauce.

  9. 11

    These are excellent! For a real treat try banana ketchup with them (it’s so delicious). You can find premade banana ketchup at International grocery stores or World Market. I’m currently working on a homemade recipe (to mimic my favorite sushi place, which coincidentally has the BEST chicken fingers in town…the advantages of friends with small kids).

  10. 15

    These look delicious!!

  11. 16

    I make this exact same chicken but I add parmesan cheese to the cornflake mix :) Soo good!

  12. 18

    Who doesn’t love chicken fingers!?
    If I may recommend, try using crushed up rice crackers.
    I drizzle my chicken with olive oil and then roll it in the crushed up rice crackers with a little bit of pepper and garlic salt!

  13. 19

    I’ve done baked chicken breasts with Chex cereal on top, and that was really delicious too!

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