First Day at my Hospital Internship!

Good morning, friends!

I had all intentions of having my first Reach the Beach Relay recap for you all this morning… but after unpacking, doing laundry, going to dinner with my parents, and then getting ready for this morning, I found it was 10 p.m. and I was completely exhausted. Apparently the weekend has caught up with me!

Sorry to keep you all in suspense another day, but I’m off bright and early this morning to my very first day of my summer hospital dietetic internship! I’m a little nervous… wish me luck. Any clinical internship tips from those of you who are RD’s?

instagram breakfast

My pre-internship breakfast, courtesy of Instagram. :)

Stay tuned for first the Reach the Beach recap later today or tomorrow! :)

Happy Monday, friends!


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    Good luck on your first day on your internship, Anne. I know you will do well as you always do. Have a wonderful Monday. Can’t wait to see how it went for you.

  2. 2

    Best of luck with you internship! First days are the best-so exciting and everyone is nice and friendly to you. Just enjoy it and be yourself. Be confident in your own knowledge and abilities. You seem to be alot more focused than I was when I started mine and I survived..good luck!

  3. 3

    Have a great first day! How exciting!!

  4. 4

    From another UNC student… good luck Anne! Just keep your lab coat pockets full of everything you’ll need, and write down everything you hear. Those first few days can be overwhelming, and it helps to write down all the tips/tricks/rules of thumb that you hear. They will become second nature later on, but the first few days can be hard to remember it all…
    You’ll do great!

  5. 8

    Good luck! We started in the food service rotation which eased us in to the clinical part – my advice is make friends with the nurses!

  6. 9

    Good luck, Anne!! One of my best friends went through that program to become an RD and I remember her stress when she first started too. She said it was a lot better than biochem though and you already got through that so I know you’ll do great :-)

  7. 11

    Good Luck! The first day is always the scariest but it will go by so fast!

  8. 12

    Good luck, Anne! The first day anywhere is always nerve-racking

  9. 13

    Good luck, Anne! So exciting!

  10. 14

    I just finished my Master’s program and dietetic internship! My advice for your clinical rotation is to take it one day at a time! Also, don’t be intimidated to ask other healthcare professionals questions. It’s definitely not as bad as you expect it to be :) Good luck!!!

  11. 15

    Good luck Anne! You just ran from Boston to the Beach with no sleep and code brown – you can do anything!

  12. 16

    Best of luck today Anne! You’ll do great!

  13. 17
    Lori Hannah says

    Get you a little pocket size notebook to jot down questions and to keep formulas you need handy. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s always better to ask questions when you are a student instead of when you are an RD and are supposed to know better :)

  14. 18

    Good luck Anne!

  15. 19

    What hospital is your internship, and for how long? My advice is to pack your lunch from home. Sadly, hospital cafeterias do not typically offer very healthy, highly nutritious fare.

    • 20

      I’ll be interning for the summer – 12 weeks. It’s an inner city DC hospital. I get $5 per day to use in the cafeteria so I’ll bring some stuff from home and use the rest on the healthier options!

  16. 21

    Good luck on your first day!!!!

  17. 22
    Pat Elsberry says

    Good luck today Anne! I’m sure it will go well and can’t wait to hear all about your first day and the Reach the Beach recap!

  18. 23

    Good luck today!
    You will love working in the hospital!

  19. 24

    Good luck! In clinicals be sure to get to know the nurses–they know everything about the pt! So helpful especially when the patient is unable to talk/communicate with you!

  20. 25

    Best of luck Anne! And I know I’m a little late, but welcome back to DC :).

  21. 26

    Good luck! That power breakfast sounds lucky to me ;)

  22. 27

    You’ll be fine! Walk fast, keep smiling, use your lab coat pockets wisely, and never be afraid to ask questions. Clinical is a great place to learn and you might even get to see some really cool things (might not be cool for the patient but a cool learning experience for you…I saw an infant who was tinted green due to a bile production issue during my clinical).

  23. 31

    Good luck lady!

  24. 32
    Adventurer says

    Hope Day 1 went well, Anne! And congrats on the relay! Look fwd to the blog on it!

  25. 33

    Which hospital in DC? I work at Childre’ns!

  26. 35

    I hope your first day went well!!

  27. 36
    Christie @Pathtothehalf says

    I see blueberries and bananas, what else is in that? I’m always looking for yummy breakfasts!

    • 37

      It’s a mix of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal and Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, plus banana and blueberries and 1% milk. Easy and tasty!

  28. 38

    Good luck! I start my internship in Jan and I’m looking forward to hearing all about your final one. Where did you do your first two?

    • 39

      I’ve only done one so far – last summer was a community/public health internship and I was at the cooperative extension in Orange County, NC!

  29. 40

    The internship is a great time of learning! Absorb all you can from your preceptors and ask lots of questions. :) I took a lot of notes during my internship and also collected any handouts that were useful; I still have some of that info, and I’ve been a dietitian for nearly 2 years! Also, I think it’s a great time to experience all aspects of dietetics and find the area you’re most passionate about…take advantage of this time to learn and grow!

  30. 41

    Anne: As always Hope you had a great first day in your internship, I was disconected these days…tell us more about this issue and good luck!!

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