Five Bamboo Clothing Giveaway!

Guess what, friends? It’s time for a giveaway! I am totally in love with Five Bamboo’s clothing — and their company. And lucky for you guys — they offered to let me do a giveaway today! :)

Five Bamboo is a small company based in Seattle; they make all their clothing out of bamboo with minimal environmental impact. Plus — the fabric is super soft and their clothes are really cute, too.


Five Bamboo recently sent me two of their fall dresses to try out. I was already a big fan of their clothing after receiving the Rohre Dress (pictured above) from them at the Healthy Living Summit last summer, and their new fall dresses did not disappoint!

Here I am wearing the Holliday Dress for my engagement dinner awhile back with Matt:


Super comfy and cute, too!

And this is the Adélie Dress, which I’m newly obsessed with:


It’s absolute genius because the top looks like a wrap dress… but it’s a fake out! The bottom is just like a normal dress. I love wrap dresses, but if you’re wearing a wrap dress and a gust of wind comes along… hello, naked. With this wrap dress fake out — problem solved! You get the cute wrap dress effect without the worry of flashing everyone. I’ve been wearing this dress all over the place — it’s super comfy and very flattering, too. Excuse the wrinkles — I hate ironing. :)

Anyway — now it’s your chance to try out their clothes! In addition to dresses, they have all sorts of tops, bottoms, and even undergarments — including men’s options!


As you can see, the prices are reasonable, too, especially given that the clothes are made so sustainably.

And now — for the giveaway! One lucky fANNetastic food reader will win a Five Bamboo article of clothing of his/her choice.

Here’s how to enter to win — each option is an additional entry!

  1. Go check out the options over at the Five Bamboo site and then leave a comment telling me what article of clothing you would choose if you won and why.
  2. Follow me on twitter if you aren’t already, then tweet about this contest (include a link to this post and @fannetasticfood). Leave another comment telling me you tweeted.
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts, and then leave another comment letting me know you blogged about it.
  4. Mention and link back to this contest on Facebook, then leave another comment telling me you Facebooked it. Please make sure you have “liked” fANNEtastic food on Facebook, too!

Be sure to post a separate comment for each entry option you do.

U.S. and Canadian residents only, please. Good luck! I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday when I’m back from Vegas.

I’m off to school to take a biochem quiz (it’s supposed to be Monday, but I have to miss class that day since I’ll be flying back from Vegas), have biochem class, and then it’s off to the airport! Check you guys later from out west!


  1. 1
    Jillian D. says

    I would definitely choose the Holliday Dress. It’s gorgeous and looks so cute with boots!!

  2. 2

    I love the look of the travel dress and the love the Fireside cowl…. Both would be awesome to have… I also think my husband would love the Sherwood hoodie… This may be a great Christmas idea…

  3. 3

    I think I’ve fallen in love with the Adelie dress. The photo on their website looks great and it also looks great on you, Anne! Good luck in your race tomorrow!

  4. 4

    Ooooh man I’d love either fall dress!!

  5. 5

    I love that rohre dress! So cute!

  6. 6

    I’m obsessed with turtle necks lately, so the fireside cowl neck is right up my alley! The thumb holes on the sherwood hoodie are super cute too :)

  7. 7

    Just facebook’d it! :)

  8. 8

    I really LOVE the Rohre dress!! It looks like it would be perfect for spring/summer and could work in colder weather with tights and a sweater!

  9. 9

    I would get the travel skirt to add to my packing list for the Peace Corps! It is a perfect length and looks super comfy :)

  10. 10

    I have been looking for the perfect travel dress for so long but without any luck. Looks like the Adelie dress is The One I’ve been waiting so long for!

  11. 11

    I love the Adelie dress…so cute!

  12. 12

    I would totally love to try the Bamboxer Briefs. I kind of have this thing for underwear, and am dying to know what it’s like to have bamboo brush against my junk, haha!

  13. 13

    I would pick the Adélie Dress in Charcoal because I could easily wear it work and a nice date. I need a versatile long sleeve dress!

  14. 14
    carolyn forrester says

    The fireside cowl neck. It looks so warm and cozy.

  15. 15

    I want the Holiday dress. I just got the Aegean Top and love it!

  16. 16

    I love the Adelie dress too! I ordered the pullover hoodie using a coupon code from you from HLS and I just LOVE it. So soft and cozy.

  17. 17

    Hmmm…it’s a toss up between the fireside cowl neck and the holiday dress.

  18. 18

    Definitely the crop leggings, because I just got new boots and would love some new bottoms to go along with them!!!

  19. 19

    I love that fake-out wrap dress! I’m obsessed with gray this year.

  20. 20

    I love Love LOVE the Adelie dress! PERFECT stylish, comfy, easy dress for a working mom!

  21. 21

    I love the crop leggings – they look like they’d be perfect for a yoga class or lounging around the house!

  22. 22

    I tweeted.

  23. 23

    I neeeeed the Holliday dress! It is perfect to wear to a Christmas function. Plus I could wear it to work. Yay!

  24. 24

    Oooh…I love the fireside cowl neck…and the leggings…it’d be a tough choice!

  25. 25

    I tweeted :-)

  26. 26

    I love the Rohre dress! I am all about dress+cardigan+boots in the winter, and its pretty much all I wear to work this time of year. This dress would fit nicely into my selection.

  27. 27

    Everything is so cute–I especially love the Holliday dress and the long and lean cardigan.

  28. 28

    I love the HOlliday dress – thank you for entering me in the giveaway :) Have a great time in Vegas :)

  29. 29

    I just started following you on Twitter…and I tweeted about the giveaway!

  30. 30

    I really like the elusive dress its so pretty!

  31. 31

    I’d love to win the fireside cowl neck

  32. 32

    I follow you on twitter

  33. 33

    I would pick the wrap dress in plum! So pretty and I really need dresses I can wear in fall/winter.

  34. 34

    The Holliday dress would be perfect with boots – I’m always on the lookout for longer-sleeved dresses for the winter.

  35. 35

    I would pick the travel skirt! It looks so so comfy!

  36. 36

    It’s so hard to choose. There are so many cute things. I love the Adélie Dress in Charcoal. It looks like it would be very flattering on many body types.

  37. 37

    I tweeted!

  38. 38

    I tweeted about the contest :)

  39. 39

    i LOVE the Adelie dress!

  40. 40

    The dresses are so your style! I would love the Fireside Cowl Neck!

  41. 41

    I love the Rohre dress! So pretty!

  42. 42

    I love it all! I think I would love to try the Adélie Dress.

  43. 43

    I’d get the hoilday dress or the leggings.

  44. 44

    I also put something in my blog post today about it :)

  45. 45

    I wold get the rohre dress! It’s so cute!

  46. 46

    The Fireside Cowl Neck looks so comfy!

  47. 47

    And I put something about it on FB!

  48. 48

    I just ordered the Rohre dress (same color that you have!), so I’ve now got my sights set on the Adelie dress. I’m trying to incorporate more sustainable and/or organic clothing into my wardrobe, and this seems like a great place to start!

  49. 49

    How can you pick just one item! Love it all :D

    My personal fave is the Etheb Hoodie but I pretty much love all the dresses you’re modeling…

  50. 50

    I love that Adélie Dress! It’s sad, I always feel pretty in a nice dress, but I never wear them!

  51. 51

    the holiday dress is really cute. i like that it was a tall collar for a bit of flare!

  52. 52

    the holiday dress is really cute. i like that it has a tall collar for a bit of flare!

  53. 53

    I love all Five Bamboo’s clothing, especially their dresses…the Rohre dress is my favorite!

  54. 54
  55. 55

    love the running leggings and sweatshirt!!

  56. 56

    I think I would choose the Adelie dress in plum. It’s a very pretty dress and I could wear it to work or out.

  57. 57

    mentioned on fbook

  58. 58

    I tweeted!

  59. 59
  60. 60

    I love the Adeile dress. I need something new to wear this Christmas!

  61. 61
    Meredith F says

    The Adélie Dress is so cute (in charcoal) would be a great casual Christmas day dress and would absolutely be a go to dress with tights and flats for cold winter days!

  62. 62

    I love the Rohre Dress because of that color blue it comes in!

  63. 63

    The Adélie Dress for sure! So cute!

  64. 64
  65. 65

    I’d go with the Adelie dress – what a flattering cut!

  66. 66
  67. 67

    The Sherwood Hoodie looks awesome

  68. 68

    I love the fireside cowlneck sweater! So perfect for fall.

  69. 69

    I love the Fireside Cowl neck – comfy and modest :)

  70. 70

    Any sort of jacket or pullover!

  71. 71

    I love the rohre dress! SO cute.

  72. 72

    The Holliday Dress is so cute!! It would be great to wear to Christmas parties.

  73. 73

    I LOOOVE Five Bamboo – I have 3 dresses and their leggings and I’m addicted! I think I’d try the Holiday Dress you have!

  74. 74

    what an awesome giveaway! five bamboo stuff looks amazing and i LOVE bamboo clothing! i know there are going to be tons of entries to win this but if i get chosen i would love to own a fireside cowl neck shirt. adorable!!

  75. 75

    entry # 2

    i followed you on twitter (i’m @melitamollohan). and i retweeted the giveaway!

  76. 76

    I’d definitely go with the Holliday dress. So cute and it looks comfy too – a plus during work and family celebrations!

  77. 77

    entry # 3

    i liked you on facebook and shared your post about the giveaway.

  78. 78

    I am in love with this company now!! Their dresses are really cute! I now need to get the Adelie dress, I have been looking for the perfect wrap dress and that is it! Also, good luck on Biochem, I am not sure how I got through that class in undergrad I couldnt imagine in graduate school! Ah!

  79. 80

    Love the Rohre dress- I need something for spring and my new “body” that will be emerging after dropping caffeine, dairy and sugar.

  80. 81

    I absolutely love the Adelie dress!!
    Shared on facebook.

  81. 82

    Contest shared on facebook!

  82. 83

    I’ve been admiring their stuff since you started modeling it! I love the fireside cowl neck and the rohre dress :)

  83. 84

    I love soft, long sleeved shirts, so I’d go with the orcas henley!

  84. 85

    I love Five Bamboo! I ordered a hoodie and summer dress earlier this year that are just awesome fit and super-soft. I would order the Ad̩lie Dress Рit looks perfect for last minute holiday gatherings and can easily be dressed up with some fun jewelry.

  85. 86

    I would love the Long and Lean Cardigan! I could wear that both for work and casually at home. I am always on the hunt for long cardigans!

    Great giveaway :)

  86. 87

    I like the Elusive dress. It looks so pretty and comfy.

  87. 88
  88. 89
    Liz Marchese says

    I love the fireside cowl neck long sleeve shirt!!!

  89. 90

    I love the short sleeved dress. It’s totally adorable.

  90. 91

    I am SO getting the Adélie Dress but I still can’t decide about purple or grey….I may want to be twins with you! I really wanna win…if i win, maybe I will get both colors!

  91. 92

    I would definitely choose the Holliday dress. I have seen it on a few different blogs and think it looks super cute and comfy at the same time.

  92. 93

    i love love love the adelie dress and orcas henley. pick me pick me pick me!

  93. 94

    ive had my eye on the crop leggings forever!

  94. 95

    I love this!!! I would love the long and lean cardigan, looks SO comfy!!

  95. 96

    I Facebooked it from my page, The Realistic Nutritionist!

  96. 97

    i tweeted!

  97. 98

    I also just tweeted!

  98. 99

    oh my gosh – I can barely choose! I think my favorite has got to be the fireside cowl neck shirt though – perfect for Connecticut winters now that I’ve moved up here!

  99. 100

    I facebooked it!!! Fingers and toes crossed!

  100. 101

    I love the Rohre dress! It looks so comfortable and cute.

  101. 102

    Definitely the Holiday dress! :)

  102. 103

    The dresses are super cute and look very comfy (you know I hate real pants)! But I have to comment that I love that the models on the website are real people with real bodies and fun facial expressions in photos :)

  103. 104

    Tweeted. Good luck this weekend!

  104. 105

    It’s hard to pick just one!! I think I’d have to go with the charcoal Adelie though, I love the wrap look without the actual wrap, and it would be a great versatile (and comfy) dress.

  105. 106

    I love the Adélie Dress that you have. It’s so pretty!

  106. 107

    I tweeted too…

  107. 108

    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted!

  108. 109

    Love the Rohre dress, perfect to be out-and-about in FL!

  109. 110

    They do have some cute stuff! I think I’d go with the Adelie dress. I really need more winterish dresses.

  110. 111

    Loving the holiday dress! Being comfy and looking fabulous at the same time is pretty amazing :-)

  111. 112

    I’d love to win the Adélie Dress. It looks great on you and I wanted one when I saw the pic :)

  112. 113

    I tweeted!

  113. 114

    Posted on Facebook!

  114. 115

    Too many good options!! I love, love, LOVE the Rohre Dress, the “travel skirt” and the Orcas Henley!!!

  115. 116

    This is great! I spent the last 10 minutes on the website checking out all the clothes. I love all three dresses becuase they would be great any time of year with boots or flats but in particular the Holliday dress. I also like the Etheb hoodie for weekend wear. I’ve had their site bookmarked since you started wearing it!

  116. 117

    The Holiday Dress in Spruce is absolutely stunning! I would wear it for Christmas if I won!

  117. 118

    I love the fireside crowl neck! The burnt orange color is perfect for fall!

  118. 119

    i love the fireside cowl neck top in charcoal!

  119. 120

    followed on twitter and tweeted about it!

  120. 121

    liked on facebook!

  121. 122

    still totally smitten with the rohre dress

  122. 123

    I love the Adelie dress. I need more dresses to wear to work!

  123. 124

    And I tweeted about you! My twitter name is girlgoneveggie :)

  124. 125

    i would definitely choose the rohre dress! love the pockets!!

  125. 126

    I followed you and then tweeted.

  126. 127

    I LOVE that Holliday dress!

  127. 128

    I love the Adelie dress! Gorgeous!

  128. 129

    I would pick the Fireside Cowl Neck!

  129. 130

    I think the Rohre Dress or the Fireside Cowl Neck shirt!

  130. 131

    Crop leggings for sure. I need to get some new pants for yoga and those look perfect!

  131. 132

    I would chose the Adelie dress! Perfect for the holidays, and wrap dresses are so flattering! Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  132. 133

    Rohre Dress!

  133. 134

    I am in love with the Fireside Cowl Neck and would scoop it up! I have several pieces from Five Bamboo and love each one!

  134. 135


  135. 136

    Fireside cowl neck in purple!

  136. 137

    I really like the Adélie Dress I would love to have it in my closet!

  137. 138

    I want the Rohre Dress! I seriously love the dresses you have. You always looks so cute and comfortable in them!

  138. 139

    Facebooked <3

  139. 140

    I think I’d get the fireside cowl neck. It looks just warm and cozy enough without being too hot. Although I love the dresses so it would be hard to choose.

  140. 141

    Tweeted :)

  141. 142

    LOVE the Rohre Dress!!!

  142. 143

    I am lovin’ the Holliday Dress in spruce!

  143. 144

    The adelie dress in plum-for reals. So cute!

  144. 145

    So hard to choose! I guess I would start with the Adelie dress since it’s so versatile! Have a great race!

  145. 146

    I would choose the Adelie dress but I like the long and lean cardigan too.

  146. 147

    the holliday dress is so cute!

  147. 148

    There’s nothing cuter than the Adélie Dress!

  148. 149

    I love the Adélie Dress

  149. 150

    I love the Elusive Dress. I think it would be versatile and flattering!

  150. 151

    I shared on FB. :)

  151. 152

    All their dresses are so cute, but I think the Rohre dress is my favourite!

  152. 153

    I tweeted @akean81

  153. 154
    Sarah Green says

    The long and lean cardigan looks like something that I could LIVE in! Love it!

  154. 155

    I loooove the Fireside cowl neck- looks so comfy!

  155. 156

    I love the Rohre dress–so cute and comfy looking!

  156. 157

    adelle dress is beautiful!

  157. 158

    I love the Rohre Dress! Good luck at the race!

  158. 159

    folow you on twitter :)

  159. 160
    Rachel Maarhuis says

    I would love any of the dresses or the Fireside Cowl neck if I won. Looks so comfy and cute!

  160. 161

    Probably the Holliday dress. Looks so cute and comfy!

  161. 162

    I tweeted your giveaway (with link) and of course I follow you!

  162. 163

    I love the Adelie dress especially in the plum color!

  163. 164

    I love the Adelie dress! Would be great for any occasion!

  164. 165

    Fun giveaway, Anne. :) I would love to try out the Holiday Dress!

  165. 166

    I love the Rohre dress. Is it summer yet?

  166. 167

    I love the holiday dress! So cute :)

  167. 168

    I followed you on twitter!

  168. 169

    Holiday dress for sure! It is so cute!

  169. 170

    I love the Panda t-shirt because that’s one of my nicknames and the Artermis dress would be perfect for the summer! The travel skirt also looks super comfy for lounging around and going to class.

  170. 171

    I tweeted!

  171. 172

    I love love love the fireside cowl neck!!

  172. 173

    I posted on Facebook =)

  173. 174

    I’m following you on twitter and I tweeted about it!

  174. 175

    I facebooked too!

  175. 176

    I think I like the Holiday dress best!

  176. 177

    I’d have to go with the Rohre dress — it looks so cute and comfy!

  177. 178

    I love the Long and Lean Cardigan.

  178. 179

    The Fireside Cowl! I already tried to order it but they don’t ship to MD :(

  179. 180

    I still love your first dress, the Rohre. I think that would be my pick.

  180. 181
  181. 182

    Thanks for sharing – great to hear about this brand and very jealous. Wish I could get it here in South Africa! I’ve got a few bamboo Ts but nothing as cute as these dresses…

  182. 183

    I posted the giveaway on Facebook.

  183. 184

    I would love the Holiday Dress–it would be perfect for more than just the holidays.

  184. 185

    I LOVE the artemis dress!!

  185. 186

    I would just have to get my hands on the Rohre dress. It looks fantastic on you and I can’t help but notice that beautiful Carolina blue option. I’m a Tar Heel as well, and it would be perfection for early season football games!

  186. 187

    i really like the hoodies :)

  187. 188

    tweeted :)

  188. 189

    I Facebook-ed the link!

  189. 190

    I tweeted!

  190. 191

    I would most definitely get the Fireside Cowl Neck…because I am obsessed with cowl necks. Is that weird?

  191. 192

    I am a HUGE cardigan fan (though very picky), so I would pick the Long and Lean Cardigan.

  192. 193

    I would definitely choose the Adelie dress. It looks super comfy but cute and fashionable at the same time! I also like the fireside cowl. They have very cute clothes!

  193. 194

    Just tweeted about the contest from @cmroman :)

  194. 195

    The Adelie dress is sooo cute! I am an accountant and usually wear suits to work. This dress looks very professional so I could wear it to work! I’m a big fan of bamboo clothing because of how soft and comfortable it is. I like that it looks like a wrap dress but isn’t. I would love to have this dress!

  195. 196

    I love all three of the awesome dresses that you have! I think I’d have the pick the Adelie dress in charcoal! SO CUTE!

  196. 197

    The Holiday dress is so pretty! I’d love it :)

  197. 198

    I also tweeted!

  198. 199

    I love the Holiday Dress in green it is stunning!!

  199. 200

    I love both of those dresses but if I have to choose I would say the Adelie dress in plum!

  200. 201

    I would love the rohre dress! It looks so versatile!

  201. 202

    I would probably pick the holiday dress – I’m always in need of a cute, comfortable dress that’s work-appropriate!

  202. 203

    I love the Charcoal Fireside Cowl Neck top, but I would have to choose the Holliday Dress in Spruce!

  203. 204

    I follow you on twitter (CeeVegNashville) and tweeted here:!/CeeVegNashville/status/142682104558403584

  204. 205

    Could I say that I want them all? No, that’s greedy :)

    If I haaad to pick one, I’d pick the Adelie in plum.

    I’d love to win!!

  205. 206

    I would totally choose the Rohre dress! I love the color! Plus I think the high waist would be super flattering!

  206. 207

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  207. 208

    It all looks so comfy!! I love the Rohre Dress!!

  208. 209

    I mentioned and linked back to this comment of fb!

  209. 210

    All the dresses are adorable! I’d take any of them

    If I had to narrow it down I’d pick the Adelie in Plum or the Rohre in charcoal/black. It’s my birthday today so even if I don’t win I might have to send the link to someone as a gift idea … :)

  210. 211

    I also liked you on Facebook

  211. 212

    Love the Holliday dress!!

  212. 213

    I would choose the Adelie dress because I’ve only worn pants for too long, and this would be the perfect dress to start a more feminine look.

  213. 214

    Definitely the Holliday Dress!

  214. 215

    I posted your giveaway on the Fitness & Feta facebook page! And I like you on Facebook :)

  215. 216

    I like the Adelie dress, too!

  216. 217

    I would say the Adelie dress in plum! I borrowed a friend’s wrap dress years ago for a bridal shower and have been wanting one since! They are so versatile and can be dressed up or down!

  217. 218

    I’d choose the Adelie dress. It would be super comfy to wear to work (I sit at a desk all day)!

  218. 219

    First of all I have to say it was difficult to narrow it down to one item, everything on the site is super cute! I am so glad you introduced me to this awesome company. I love the holiday dress, it would be nice to have something adorable, comfortable AND environmentally friendly to wear to my parents for the holidays!! Not to mention I definitely do my part in supporting local dance parties :)

  219. 220

    I would love the Fireside Cowl Neck Shirt. The cowl neck is very flattering to me and my short dark brown hair. It looks so comfortable and cozy.

  220. 221

    Retweeted, with love!

  221. 222

    I love the Adélie Dress – so cute for a winter night out… with boots!

  222. 223

    also I have now shared the scoop with the wonderufl world of FB

  223. 224

    yikes, definitely meant wonderful. couldn’t let that one slide without correcting.

  224. 225

    I tweeted

  225. 226

    I would chose the Rohre Dress
    in the Imperial Purple and Teal. They’re my favorite colors to wear and the dress is chic and gorgeous!

  226. 227

    I would pick the Orcas henley, but the Fireside Cowl is really cute, too.

  227. 228

    The Holiday dress would be awesome!

  228. 229

    I love the Purple Adélie dress, but the travel skirt in any color would be great too =)! I love to dress up without the “fuss,” and these two items would work well for me. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  229. 230

    I could always use a perfect work dress like the Adelie dress!! I like the teal and the purple, classic work colors and a classic silhouette!

  230. 231

    I’m loving the Rohre dress!

  231. 232

    I would choose the Elusive dress. Such cuteness, it’s hard to pick just one!

  232. 233

    I love the adelie dress! It looks super-comfy!

  233. 234
    Cellabella says

    I’d like to get the Sherwood Hoodie for my husband :)

  234. 235

    I would choose the Adélie Dress. I have one fake wrap dress already and love it!

  235. 236

    The Rohre Dress is super cute!

  236. 237

    Etheb Hoodie! It looks super comfortable in this cold weather !

  237. 238

    Either the Adelie dress or travel skirt – they look so comfy!!

  238. 239

    I would probably pick the Fireside Cowl Neck top because it looks so cozy, but I love their dresses, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  239. 240

    the fireside cowl looks so comfy!

  240. 241

    LOVE the holiday dress! Although I’m also partial to the cute V-neck tee with the panda on it…

  241. 242

    I really like the fireside cowl AND the holiday dress!

  242. 243

    I would choose the awesome fake wrap dress you are wearing because i just got a job as a special education teacher and therefore I need a dress that is professional and that I will not have blown open when I am standing outside at recess duty! Such a cute dress!

  243. 244

    The adelie dress in plum is super cute!

  244. 245

    such cute clothes! id love to win a dress!

  245. 246

    i tweeted!

  246. 247
    Hannah Webb says

    I would totally want the Holliday dress. It’s practical, modest, and very cute.

  247. 248

    I like the holiday dress!

  248. 249
    Hannah Webb says

    I tweeted the link to this blog post. :)

  249. 250

    OMG that Rohre dress looks fab on you! In fact that is what i would pick for myself, although I am more of a black/grey girl so Id get the black one. Very figure flattering and i would really like to try that fabric! Thank you for a great giveaway!

  250. 251

    Definitely the Adelie dress. Because it can be worn to work, church, or out to lunch.

  251. 252

    Totally would do the Holiday Dress! So cute, simple and easy ways to accessorize, dress it up or go totally casual. Such a versatile dress! Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win!

  252. 253
    Hannah Webb says
  253. 254
    Hannah Webb says

    Last but not least, I posted the link to facebook. Thank you for the opportunity!

  254. 255

    Just tweeted too! :-) Tweet tweet!

  255. 256
    Hannah Webb says

    oh! and to my blog.

    hannah’s hodge podge on blogspot

  256. 257


  257. 258
    Jessica Tieman says

    The Adélie Dress is gorgeous – I can already think of how I could wear it ANYWHERE!!! So versatile. Having it in plum would be cute – that’s my college’s main color.

  258. 259

    I like the Orcas henley or the holiday dress. I can think of a bunch of ways to wear both!

  259. 260

    I’m torn between the fake out wrap dress or their travel skirt!

  260. 261

    I would choose the Rohre Dress. It looks so cute and comfortable, I would wear it everywhere!

  261. 262

    the adelie dress for sure, why? i have always wanted a wrap dress.

  262. 263

    SO want the Fireside Cowl Neck – putting this on my wish list right now!

  263. 264

    If I won, I’d definitely choose the Rohre dress. I love it. Also really want a teal pair of crops!

  264. 265

    Posted on Facebook!

  265. 266

    I love the Adelie dress and the Fireside cowl! They’re both so cute :)

  266. 267

    I am absolutely in love with the Adelie Dress and the Fireside Cowl Neck!! What great clothes that are reasonably priced!

  267. 268

    love the fireside cowl neck and also the crop leggings – everything looks super comfy! thanks :)

  268. 269

    I would love to have the rohre dress! It’s so cute, and very flattering!

  269. 270

    I love the Adelie dress! I have a severe lack of dresses in my life. I always look at all the cute dresses when I go shopping but never end up buying any.

  270. 271

    I follow you on twitter, and I tweeted about the giveaway!

  271. 272

    I am in dire need of some nice shirts! I’d love to try the fireside cowl neck style!

  272. 273

    I love the Holliday dress!!!

  273. 274

    And I tweeted! :)

  274. 275

    I love the Adelie dress!

  275. 276

    I love the rohre dress!

  276. 277

    I follow you on twitter and I tweeted!

  277. 278

    i love the etheb hoodie and fireside cowl neck! and the holiday dress, so cute!

  278. 279

    I like the long and lean cardigan. It has so many options from dressing up at work to jeans or even sweatpants :)

  279. 280

    I liked you on facebook and made a status about your giveaway with the link!

  280. 281

    I love the Etheb Hoodie. I hope that I win because it is ADORABLE! :D

  281. 282

    The Rohre dress is so cute, I really hope I win this one! Good luck in Vegas :)

  282. 283

    I love the cowl neck shirt and all the dresses. You look fabulous in the dresses!

  283. 284

    I would definitely get the Adélie dress!

  284. 285

    Everything is so cute! I guess my favorite would be the Holliday dress. Very classy yet casual:)

  285. 286

    How do you choose just one piece of clothing?!?! All of their clothes are super cute. I think I might have to go with the holiday dress though. I have been in the market for a super cute, comfy “winter” dress with sleeves. And the beautiful green color is great!

  286. 287

    I think Five Bamboo’s stuff is great. I love the fireside cowl neck and the wrap dress. The HLS shirt is so comfy.

  287. 288

    id really love a turtle neck to keep warm this winter :)

  288. 289

    What a cool company!
    I love their dresses but my choice would be the Travel Skirt.

  289. 290

    I love the dresses, can’t decide which is my favorite.

  290. 291

    I would opt for the Fireside Cowl Top; it looks very professional for a work setting, and I’m always looking for fun ways to supplement my (currently) boring work wardrobe!

  291. 292

    Love the cowl neck turtleneck and the long and lean cardigan! My husband would LOVE This stuff! Have fun in Vegas! Good luck on your run!

  292. 293

    Also – I just posted a link to this giveaway on my FB page! Thanks!

  293. 294

    I’m loving the Etheb Hoodie! Ever since I saw your post about Five Bamboo at the Healthy Living Summit I’ve wanted to give them a try. Can’t beat a “green” garmet at a great price!

  294. 295

    I LOVE that rohre dress!

  295. 296

    I tweeted about this giveaway! :)

  296. 297

    I love both the dresses you have!!

  297. 298

    AH this is such a hard decision! I can’t decide whether to shop for me or my boyfriend ;) But I’m gonna have to go with the orange sherwood hoodie because that’s my boyfriends favorite color and it would make a great Christmas gift for him! Plus, he’d stop stealing all of my hoodies to keep warm haha.

  298. 299

    I already follow you on twitter + tweeted.

  299. 300

    Wow I have never heard of this company. They look great! I LOVE Etheb hoodie!!

  300. 301

    i follow you on twitter now! <3

  301. 302

    i like you on facebook too!

  302. 303

    I love that Adelie dress because it would be perfect for all of the holiday parties I am attending this year.

  303. 304

    i tweeted @accidentlydlish!/AccidentlyDlish

  304. 305

    Hey Anne! Thanks for this incredible giveaway…I, too, was at this year’s HLS (the short girl w/dreads!) and loved the bamboo t-shirt…I would LOVE to wear Rohre Dress – super flattering and comfy looking. Thanks for this!

  305. 306

    I tweeted about the giveaway (@bonnielang)

  306. 307

    I think the Orcas Henley is pretty cute :)

  307. 308

    I love the Adélie Dress. It’s perfect for fall and I’m sure would look great with boots. I love wrap dresses!

  308. 309

    I posted on fb!

  309. 310

    I love the crop leggings! :)

  310. 311

    Rohre dress

  311. 312

    I like on FB

  312. 313

    Hi Anne! I would choose the Adélie Dress because I love the colors (different from just your standard black wrap dress), it looks comfortable, won’t wrinkle in a suit case or gym bag, yet you can still look polished and professional at work! Thanks for having this give away and good luck in the race this weekend!

  313. 314

    Definitely the fireside cowl neck shirt as I’ve just moved to a cooler climate and have very few warm clothes! This shirt looks like the perfect one to cuddle up in to stay toasty :)

  314. 315

    Posted on Facebook! I also “liked” fANNEtastic Food.

  315. 316

    Thank you for giving me a reason to create a twitter account! I have been meaning to for some time and now had the perfect reason to sit down and do it! I am now following you and my first tweet was about the giveaway!

  316. 317

    I love the Adelie Dress! So cute and I need a new dress!

  317. 318

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  318. 319

    I love the Adelie dress. I’m a huge wrap dress fan, but haven’t been able to wear them while I am chasing after my toddler. The Adelie will give me the look I want, with the security that I need!

  319. 320

    The fireside cowl looks so cozy.

  320. 321

    Just posted about the giveaway!

  321. 322

    I like that first dress :)

  322. 323

    tweet tweet @HILLontherun

  323. 324

    Love the faux wrap dress!

  324. 325

    I would definitely go with the Etheb Hoodie- it looks so comfy and versatile. :)

  325. 326

    I would choose the v-neck panda t-shirt because I love animals!

  326. 327

    I would pick the fireside cowl. Looks so cute and comfy!

  327. 328

    I love the holiday dress. It is simple, yet lovely.

  328. 329

    the fireside cowl neck looks so cozy! perfect for this time of year :)

  329. 330

    just tweeetedd!

  330. 331

    I love the look of the Holliday dress! I’d love to wear it to this season!

  331. 332

    Wow- what a great site- I love the Adélie Dress too!

  332. 333

    Shared this on my FB:

  333. 334

    Love the fireside cowl neck top in plum.

  334. 335

    I have had Five Bamboo bookmarked forever!! I have wanted to try their beautiful clothing! Cropped Leggings (LOVE), Long and Lean Cardigan (LOVE), Holliday dress (beautiful!!), Fireside Cowl (lovely color!!), and Adelie Dress (adorable!). Okay, wrap them up and send them my way! LOL

  335. 336

    I love the rohre dress. The colors are cute, and it looks like a flattering and comfy dress.

  336. 337

    The fireside cowl neck looks like it would be a warm, stylish addition to my winter wardrobe.

  337. 338
  338. 339

    I would love the holiday dress! I love wearing dresses but barely have any!

  339. 340

    I love the Holliday dress-I think I could find many ways to wear it!


  340. 341
    Jen Robinson says

    I love their dresses- the Holiday and the Rohre dress that you have but I also like the V Neck panda shirt and their miniskirt. So many cute options!!

  341. 342
    Jen Robinson says

    I tweeted the contest too :)

  342. 343
    Jen Robinson says

    Also my twitter updates my facebook so I facebooked it as well! (and i’ve “liked” fannetastic food on facebook since the beginning, hehe)

  343. 344

    the artemis dress!
    the last time you posted the discount code, i bought a skirt from fivebamboo…i love it!

  344. 345

    I would choose the Rohre dress if I won, so cute!!

  345. 346

    I love the Adelie dress. It’s the perfect match between sophistication, style, and comfort.

  346. 347

    I tweeted!

  347. 348

    I love their clothing, especially the holiday dress. I’m always looking for quality dresses that are cute and easy to wear.

  348. 349

    I really liked the Elusive Dress. It would be really versatile. You could dress it up or throw it over a swim suit!

  349. 350

    The Holliday dress looks cute and comfortable and easy to dress up or down so that’s my favorite.

  350. 351

    And I tweeted =)

  351. 352
    Jacqueline says

    Love the Adelie dress!

  352. 353
    Heather from NC says

    I love the Adelie dress in plum!

  353. 354

    I love the Fireside Cowl Neck top, in Plum!

  354. 355

    just tweeted! love the clothes!

  355. 356

    love the holiday dress!

  356. 357

    I like the Adélie Dress

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