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Hey everyone! I’m officially done with Bio 101! I think the final went well. I was the first one to finish and leave, so that’s a good sign, right!? Now I’ve just got my Organic Chem final on Thursday… yikes.

In honor of exam week, tonight I have a guest post for you all from my friend Steph, detailing her famous Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread. This stuff is amazing… she makes it for all our girly get-togethers and it always gets instantly destroyed. Enjoy!


Hey fANNEtastic food readers!

Check out my recipe binder:


I would guess that anyone who regularly reads ‘food media’ (blogs, magazines, etc.) has a collection of clippings of recipes you want to hold on to. I’ve been working on mine since finishing college, and it’s a doozy of a to-do list. Confession — I have at least half a dozen magazines ready to be cut up and put in here!

One of my favorite recipes in there is for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread (click for the recipe!). This one was clipped from, no joke, the December 2004 issue of Cooking Light, and is an old favorite at this point. Besides being delicious and relatively harmless (as far as ‘treats’ go), this recipe has a lot going for it. The clean-up is easy, there is minimal equipment needed, there are no odd ingredients, and each batch makes two loaves, so you can have one for yourself and other for the freezer or the office. Even better: it’s basically idiot-proof!


Wet ingredients: Pudding, egg whites, pumpkin, vegetable oil, and sugar.


Adding wet to dry ingredients: Flour, salt, cinnamon, and baking powder.


The best part: 

Quality control is a necessity: 


Put these bad boys in the oven for 75 minutes.


Check out my green measuring spoons! I picked those up on a shopping trip with Anne — at Hill’s Kitchen, an excellent kitchen-gear store on Capitol Hill in D.C.

A couple of notes:  
– The recipe calls for vanilla pudding — definitely cut yourself some slack and use the pre-packaged snack packs! Keep it simple! 
– You can see I used the disposable loaf pans from the grocery store. Do what works for you, but as a rule I give away the second loaf, and using the disposable pan makes that less of a headache. Plus the pans come in packs of two, making it easy to think ahead!  

Et voila!! The finished product:


I hope that you try this recipe and enjoy it as much as I, and everyone to whom I gift a loaf to, has! The bread tastes great plain, with plain cream cheese on it, or heated up with some vanilla ice cream for a real treat.

– Stephanie


Thanks again, Steph! I think I might actually try making this tomorrow, but modifying it a bit fANNEtastic food style, of course ;) I’m thinking whole wheat pastry flour instead of white flour and nonfat vanilla greek yogurt instead of pudding… Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I come up with! :)


  1. 1

    I have that placemat too! Cute!

    This pumpkin bread looks delicious! Good luck keeping up your finals stamina– you’ll be done soon!

  2. 2
    Jen Robinson says:

    Definitely will be intrigued to find out if the greek yogurt really substitutes well for the vanilla pudding- since vanilla pudding is sooooo sweet. You’ll rock your finals- yay for Christmas vacation!!

  3. 3

    If I was there I would have eaten all the chips before you were done!


  4. 4

    Steph, I love your pumpkin bread. IT ROCKS! I love the guest poster, good idea Anne!

  5. 5

    Anne – make the bread and post it, I’m eager to hear if your substitutions would work!


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