How to Take Better Photos

I’ve had a lot of readers ask for tips for how they can take better photos, especially with point and shoots.


Here’s are my secrets.



#1 Be creative with angles. Try to look at the whatever you’re photographing in a new, unique way. 


#2 Find good or creative lighting. Natural lighting is almost always better, especially in terms of food photography, so if you’re taking a picture of food, put it next to a window or take it outside! Also, don’t use flash if you can help it — it will just wash out the colors.


#3 Use the macro (little flower symbol) setting if you’re taking a close up picture. It will make a huge difference in clarity sharpness.


#4 Use the color contrast “auto correct” setting in your computer’s photo gallery. Sometimes it doesn’t make a difference, and sometimes it really brightens up the contrasting colors in the photo.


#5 Have fun! It will show :)

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Anything to add? Leave it in the comments! :)


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    Aw, what a cute page. I definitely agree with all your tips :o) Especially to just have fun!

  2. 4

    informative post! I’ve been in the market for some tips like these :-) not ready to make a big C$M$R$ purchase so trying to make the best with what I have

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