Verizon Palm Pre Plus Cell Phone Review

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my new cell phone (how did I ever live without internet on my phone!??!) — the Verizon Palm Pre Plus — so I thought I’d do a quick review of it here on the blog :)


It’s a great alternative to the iPhone if you have Verizon and don’t want to switch over (or if you’re in D.C. and want your phone to work in the metro — only Verizon will!)

(While I love the phone, my camera seems to hate it… sorry for the ghetto pictures!)



  • Small size and sleek design — perfectly fits in my hand, but isn’t so small I can’t read anything on it
  • Touch screen — just like the iPhone. I love how you open and close applications with finger flicks, scroll using your fingers, zoom in and out with pinching motions, etc.
  • Takes really nice, clear photos
  • Fast internet
  • Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. applications
  • Easy to multitask with multiple windows open at once
  • Automatically locks when you turn off the screen — no pocket calls! :)
  • Cheaper than the other internet phones — only $50 on sale!
  • Very user friendly
  • Keyboard pulls out at the bottom of the phone for easy typing



  • Battery life — this seems to be a common problem with internet phones. It only lasts for one day — I’m used to my old phone which used to last for like 4 days (but then again I wasn’t doing anything besides texting and occasionally calling on it).
  • While the ringer is loud, the sound telling me I got a text is not loud, so half the time I don’t notice I got a text til much later

So there you have it! Basically I’m a huge fan. It’s just so useful to be able to check my email, etc. when I’m out and about all day without access to a computer.

I also love that I can use it instead of my bulky laptop to refer to my recipes in the kitchen! I made my Pomegranate Blueberry Pancakes the other day, and it was so useful to have it to refer to!



Three cheers for technology :) If you have this phone, feel free to leave further thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear them. And if you have any solutions to my cons, please share those, too!


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    Actually, now days, the most heavily used stations have service for pretty much all carriers, and they’re adding more as time goes by. The tunnels still only work with Verizon, (though in my experience while talking to people who are on the metro, not very well), but that’ll be changing in a few years.

    But anyway! The Pre is a great phone and definitely doesn’t get enough attention/respect. In terms of user-interface and usability it’s the iPhones only real competition (sorry Android, you’re getting there but still to rough around the edges).

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    Hey Anne – I’m having a dilemma here – I can “upgrade early” and get the Palm Pre now, or wait 5 months to get the new Droid Incredible which has gotten AMAZING reviews. What would you do?!?! I don’t know if i can handle waiting 5 more months for a smartphone. After having it a while now, are you still happy with the Pre & what it can do?!?

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      I would probably go ahead and get the Pre! It’s cheaper and I still really like it :) Plus – coolest thing ever I just recently discovered – it can become a mobile hot spot and give internet to your computer, wherever you are!!! Baller. When I signed up, they were doing a promo where you get the hot spot capabilities for free. It’s amazing when I’m traveling and don’t want to pay for internet!

      • 5

        I’ve been meaning to come back and comment again to let you know I did get a Palm Pre and I love it! Not one complaint yet. And yes, the mobile hot spot is one of the BEST features!

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