Healthy Recipes, Resources and Tips for the New Year

Happy Friday! We’ve officially almost made it through our first week back after the holidays. Sweet! I’m treating myself to a yoga class tonight to decompress – anyone else? Also, thank you for the great feedback on yesterday’s Behind the Scenes blog post! It was really interesting to hear what many of you are up to, too, and how you are following your dreams and helping others. Proud of you guys! :)

For today, even though I’ve already shared my overall Tips for a Healthy New Year, I thought it would also be helpful to gather together some of my best recipes and other tips posts all in one post. A sort of arsenal to make healthy living just a bit easier, for those of you making that a focus this year.

healthy microwave oatmeal

Easy, Healthy Recipes to try:

Food-related tips and round up posts:

General/Nutrition Hot Topic tips:

Exercise/Running tips:

For those of you training for spring races, here are my previous plans/tips:

    What have you guys done already this new year towards improving your health or wellness? Any specific tips posts or topics you’d like to see me write about this year?


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    I have been getting more sleep and trying to incorporate some meditation in my mornings. Very quick, but I find it’s helpful. I treated myself with a Barre and a coffee out in Austin today! It was lovely.

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    I’m working on intuitive eating, which is harder than it should be! :) I’m also trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, either it fitness or in life. It’s a great feeling to go past what you thought were your limits!

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    These are fantastic resources, thanks so much for sharing! And it seems silly, but with a 2nd baby on the way in 8 wks, my husband and I have been purging/cleaning/organizing like crazy. Tomorrow we’re going to look for shelves to help organize the office, and so much has been donated to charity. Feels great to get the house in order…which will become completely disordered again once babe arrives – lol!

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    Thanks for the round up! I’m starting training for my 37th marathon, so I’ve already upped my running this year. My goal (aside from the marathon) is to keep up my yoga practice (I always seem to slip away when I get busy).

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    I love that you have pulled together all of these healthy recipes. That pesto salmon will be a huge crowd-pleaser in my house!

    Pinned for later use, too! Have a great weekend. :)

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    Roadrunner says

    Endeavoring to run further, faster!

    And please give us some of your thoughts of the proper amount of carbs we should eat — and which foods contain them (had forgotten, until recently e.g., that berries and fruit contain carbs)…


    • 11

      Carbs are highest in things like fruit, grains, and starchy vegetables. I don’t recommend counting anything – just include at least one source of carbs at each meal and you’ll be good to go!

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    Awesome roundup of posts Anne! There are some old favorites here I’ve forgotten about – definitely have this bookmarked :)

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    Wow!!! This is very great resource for healthy food. Thank you very much for share this important resource.

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