Homemade Minestrone Soup


I whipped up a batch of my homemade minestrone soup for dinner last night.


I love this soup — definitely one of my favorite recipes on the blog. It’s so easy and super versatile; every time I make it it’s a little different depending what I have in the fridge. :)


This variation included zucchini, carrots, celery, kidney beans, brown rice pasta… and some quinoa just for fun.


I made a half cup (dry) quinoa in a separate pot (so it wouldn’t soak up all the liquid in the soup!) and added it in once cooked.



Since I had the carrots and celery out, I also took the opportunity to wash and chop up the remaining ones not going in the soup and put them in a ziplock for easier snacking later.


Apparently we are so lazy that if the celery and carrots in the fridge still need to be washed and cut, we won’t touch them. But if they’re already all ready to go — both Matt and I will grab them as snacks. Anyone else?

Since I added quinoa, I used a little less pasta than usual. I used this brown rice pasta I had in the pantry.


All ready to go!


I enjoyed it with a buttered roll. Perfect meal for a rainy night.


I’m off to get some work done. Have a good day, friends!

p.s. I’ll be back tomorrow with a wedding planning update — stay tuned. Our Save the Dates have already arrived and we picked out bridesmaid dresses so I’ll show you a sneak peak of both! :)


  1. 1

    You’re on a roll with the wedding planning! I love minestrone – so versatile but always delicious.

  2. 2

    Yummie, I love minestrone soup and that batch looks so warm and cozy.

  3. 3

    sounds like wedding planning is rollin’ right along! :)

    love the addition of quinoa to the soup.

  4. 4

    YAY cannot wait to see these sneak peeks!!

  5. 5

    I am just like that with veggies! I love them, but if they aren’t prepped and ready to eat, I usually convince myself to grab something else, even though I love veggies! Lazy much?! ;-) if I prep them at the beginning of the week though I am more likely to eat them for sure. I can’t wait to hear about wedding planning!!

  6. 6

    Your soup looks great! I was looking for a way to use of up the celery and leftover quiona in the frig.

  7. 7
    Pat Elsberry says:

    I love minestrone soup, too! Love that you can vary the ingredients depending on what’s in the fridge! I have an awesome Turkey, Kale and Brown Rice soup recipe my husband brought home from work (can you believe it?!) so of course I had to make it for him this weekend. I was DELISH!! :) Can’t wait to see your “sneak-peek”!

  8. 9

    This is one of my favourite soups to eat….and I ‘ve never made it before! Haha this changes now :D

  9. 11

    Minestrone is my favorite soup! I love how versatile it can be, and how yummy it is with a grilled cheese to enjoy with it!

  10. 12

    Can’t wait for the wedding update! And this would be the perfect soup for this cold weather we are having in MN!

  11. 13

    That soup looks delicious! I’m the same way with carrots and celery, I just cut mine up last night!

  12. 14

    What a great idea to sneak in a little quinoa!

  13. 15

    I love things like soups and chilis that can vary depending on whats in my fridge. Its a great way to get a bunch of veggies in one meal as well. That soup looks great!

  14. 16

    Minestrone is the perfect cold-weather food, which is good because DC is about to get frigid!!!

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