Man vs. Beefsteak

So… Anatomy and Physiology is going to be hard! We have a quiz on the first two chapters of the book already today and that’s basically an entire overview of everything in the body. Awesome.

At least the book (tries to) keep us entertained. Apparently a bunch of dudes back in the day did a theatrical demonstration of homeostasis (our body’s ability to regulate itself, e.g. temperature) for which they spent 45 minutes in a 260 degree F chamber with a dog and a beefsteak, lol. Basically, the beefsteak cooked (since it’s dead and can’t regulate it’s own temperature), while the men and the dog sweat/panted respectively, but were fine. The book then states: “History does not record whether the men ate the beefsteak in celebration or shared it with the dog.” LOL!

Aaaaanyway! In between studying, I did go to my favorite pilates class this morning and then had a tasty lunch involving one of my favorite beet salads :)


On the side was half a butternut squash topped with 2% cottage cheese and some pumpkin pie spice. Sounds weird, but it was good :)


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I’m off to class, then heading to my grandmother’s for a late dinner, then picking up my mom at the airport! Must pack for Seattle at some point, too, since I have to work tomorrow before I leave… gah!

Have a great day :) It still feels like spring here in D.C. and I’m loving it!


  1. 1

    Have an awesome trip to Seattle!

    I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award today on my blog.

    Aw, thanks! :) -Anne

  2. 2

    That butternut squash doesn’t sound weird at all! I’m gonna try it with greek yogurt, not a fan of cottage cheese.

  3. 3

    that butternut squash compilation looks amazing! i have container of cottage cheese i’m just looking to use up and i think i found what i’m going to use it on! :)

  4. 4

    Mmmm…love butternut squash with anything!

    I am very impressed at people who can take science classes…I’m strictly an arts and humanities kind of girl :-)

  5. 5

    Good luck with class! Anatomy and Phys was my favorite class in college…until I switched my major. But I started out as a Nursing major BECAUSE of Anatomy and Phys. Yea, I’ve got “nerd” written all over me!! :)

    Want to take this class for me?? :) -Anne

  6. 6

    B-nut and cottage cheese? That sounds amazing! I’ve been on a cottage cheese kick recently anyways…I’ll have to try that soon.

    Good luck with the A&P. I’m trying to get that course offered at the high school I teach at (I’m the science head-at a VERY small school) next year so I have to brush up myself! :)

  7. 7

    The squash actually sounds great, i’ll have to try that!!

  8. 8

    I never thought about adding cottage cheese to butternut squash. What a great idea! I need to get some cottage cheese tho. Anyway this weather has been amazing….I wish it was here to stay

  9. 9

    funny story about homeostasis-never heard that one! your sweet potatoe looks good!

  10. 10

    oopssss i mean butternut squash!

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