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Thank you to thredUP for sponsoring this post. The first 100 readers to use the code ANNE40 will get 40% off their first thredUP order!

Have you guys heard of thredUP before? I first learned about thredUP, which is a well curated online consignment store, from a blogger friend a few years ago. I’ve been using and loving it ever since, so I’m excited to share more about it with you guys today!

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thredUP sells like-new (or sometimes actually new, with tags!) women’s and kid’s clothing (both regular and athletic), accessories, and shoes. Brands range from Madewell to Lululemon to JCrew to Banana Republic – pretty much all of my favorites are available on there, and always at up to 90% off the original retail price.

When you place an order with thredUP, you’ll receive an adorable polka dot box on your doorstep. Inside, your picks will be hand-folded, wrapped in tissue paper, and held together with a sticker. Each item will also have a cute thredUP tag on it! Zara was especially impressed by the lovely presentation.

thred up review discount

I also loved that they gave ideas for reusing all of the packaging, just like you are reusing the clothes! :) Fun fact: as of the end of 2015 thredUP had upcycled 14,009,055 items. Wow!

thred up review

So – what’s the buying experience like on thredUP? Very user friendly! They have a TON of merchandise so I love that you can search specifically by brand, size, color, etc., so you aren’t wasting your time sifting through everything. I also like that each item details its condition – whether it is new with tags, like new, or has any minor wear (and they detail where/what the wear is, so you know ahead of time). Another tip: if you are pregnant or have a little one, thredUP has a great maternity and baby/children’s clothing section!


I’ve also always been impressed with all the great brands available – many of my everyday favorites as well as brands/designers that I can’t normally afford appear on thredUP. :) Another fun fact: thredUP customers have saved a whopping $40 million by shopping with them vs. retail!

Here’s are some of the items I purchased (using part credit that thredUP gave me for this review and part credit I already had in my account from selling items to them previously – more on that in a minute):

  • Kate Spade New York evening shoulder bagthredUP price $90.99, original price $248 – whoa – so excited to have this to wear to weddings!

kate spade bag thredup

  • Santi shoulder bagthredUP price $60.99, original price $149 – another one to wear to weddings and evening events!

thredup review

  • JCrew basic tank tops – thredUP price $6.99, original price $30 – I love these tanks and have been meaning to buy more!
  • Banana Republic sleeveless blouse with sequins (on the left below)thredUP price $20.99, original price $75
  • Banana Republic sleeveless lace blouse (on the right below) – thredUP price $18.99, original price $50

thredup finds

  • Lululemon Athletic running skirt – thredUP price $32.99, original price $71

lululemon running skirt thredup

  • Ann Taylor LOFT Makeup Bag – thredUP price $11.99, original price $34.50 – my current makeup bag is falling apart and this one is so cute!


All together now!

thredup purchases

So, how does thredUP get all this awesome clothing to re-sell? From people like us! If you’re looking to sell some of your clothes to thredUP, simply order a Clean Out Bag on their website, fill it with items you no longer want (their website has tips on what they usually do/do not take), and place it by your front door for pick-up by your mailman. That’s it! So easy. And every Clean Out Bag sent to thredUP keeps 206lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saves 17,916 gallons of water, and keeps 24 items out of landfills. Yay. :)

thredup clean out bag

I’ve sent thredUP a TON of clean out bags over the years and the process is so simple and streamlined. Anything they don’t accept they will either pass on to third party sellers or to their textile recycling partners. (You can also pay a small fee to have unaccepted items sent back to you, but I always let them recycle them for me.) Here’s a clean out bag I sent them a couple weeks ago – it was ENORMOUS!

thredup clean out bag

In terms of your payout for the items they keep, you can either use that money towards thredUP purchases, cash out via PayPal or a prepaid Visa card, or donate it to one of their cause partners (that’s what I did with my most recent bag – it’s a new option)!

I hope you guys will give thredUP a shot and that you will love it as much as I have for the past few years. Happy recycling and reusing!

The first 100 readers to click HERE and use my code ANNE40 will get 40% off their thredUP order! Offer is for new customers only. Discount is up to $50.


  1. 1

    I sent in a bag to them and got a $1 payout for some pretty nice stuff and it took like four months for them to go through the stuff. Has that been your experience? The stuff looks super cute maybe it’s better experience buying than selling?

    • 2

      Oh man, that sucks! I’ve sent them about 5 bags now over the years and I usually end up getting about $25 to $70 from them, but it depends on how nice the stuff was – they are very picky (which is a good thing when you buy from the site)! And I think it usually takes them about a month to go through my stuff – definitely not 4 months. That’s odd – maybe there was a mistake or something! I’d def try it out for the buying experience too though – so much like-new stuff at really cheap prices!

  2. 4

    I both buy from ThredUp and sell to them. I’ve found them to be a great resource for regular clothes as well as maternity clothes (as you mentioned, Anne). I’ve sent them multiple bags over the last few years and have gotten better about anticipating what they’ll like/accept and what they’ll pass on.

    I have noticed that in the last 6-12 months their processing time has definitely increased, I think because they are becoming a lot more popular! But it hasn’t particularly bothered me, as I definitely don’t have any time to make an appointment to go to a traditional consignment store.

    • 5

      Glad to hear you are a fan, too! Yeah they must be getting more popular – which is a good thing! And like you said, it’s sooo much easier than going somewhere in person lugging 100 things with you.

  3. 6

    I’m hoping that they start shipping to Canada soon, I’d love to give them a try.

  4. 7

    It sounds like ThredUp is pretty picky about choosing items – which is a good thing, we can all agree. I’d like to remind your readers that if you have stuff to “clean out” that is in less-than-pristine condition, there are lots of local charities that will pick up those used clothes and give them to people in need. No, you don’t get money for them, but you can get a tax deduction for your donation and you are helping people that can’t afford those items and simply need things to wear to be presentable for a job/school or even to keep warm! About every 18 months or so, I collect my husband’s and my “tired” work clothes and other used items and arrange for a local charity to pick them up (for free). For someone that has trouble just putting food on the table, a frayed cuff on khakis or stretched-out sweater isn’t a big deal.

    • 8

      Yes, definitely! Great reminder, thank you! We give a lot of my professional/work appropriate (vs. trendy, which I often send to thredUP) used clothing to charities – and all of Matt’s! Just made a huge donation earlier this month. :)

  5. 9

    This looks awesome! If I move back to the US I’m gonna be all over this ;)

  6. 10

    How have I never heard of this before?! It’s a brilliant idea, but I hope they do better for their sellers, if the above comments are anything to go by. Still, I’m definitely interested in checking them out as a buyer!

  7. 12

    I agree about shipping to Canada

  8. 13

    I’ve had a similar experience to other commenters. I’ve tried them twice to sell and once to buy. The first time I sold my stuff was when they first started and they didn’t chose much or pay much, so I actually paid for them to send it back and sold most of it at our local consignment store. The second time I was very picky, stuff with tags, new season, pristine condition, they chose more items but seemed to pay even less ( I received like $6 and they hold this money for a week, for some reason). I then went on their site and looked up the items of mine that I sold them and they were charging about 15-20 for each one! I also mentioned I purchased a few things, with a credit I had. One item actually was new with tags, when I received it, the tags were marked clearance for less than what I paid for it. I think the company is trying to get more business , as your the fifth blog I follow who had a sponsored post like this in the last 2 months.

    • 14

      I’m sorry to hear you had that experience, Mandie! I’d give them another shot, at least from the buying side – I’ve been buying from them over the years (outside of just this review) and have always had a good experience.

  9. 15

    I just got my CleanUp bag in the mail today! So excited to check it out! Good to know you have had success with it.

  10. 17

    I love Thredup! Their prices are amazing! I have sent in items and made anywhere from $7-$20 from them. I just apply it to a Thredup purchase which helps offset their already great prices.

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