Mighty Leaf Tea & Mug GIVEAWAY!

Happy Friday!

I’m stuck in an all-day workshop about Motivational Interviewing for my Nutritional Counseling Skills class, so I will leave you all with this awesome giveaway!

You all know I absolutely love tea — in fact, my very first blog post was about tea. :)


So, since fall is upon us (officially — it went from summer to fall overnight here in NC!), the lovely people at Mighty Leaf Tea were nice enough to send me some fun new teas (and tea recipes!) to sample, and they also offered to do a giveaway for you guys!


One lucky fANNEtastic reader will receive:

o   1 box Bombay Chai

o   1 box Rainforest Mate

o   1 Box Chocolate Mint Truffle

o   1 Box Matcha Green Tea

o   1 Tea Top Brew Mug (love this — no more over-brewed, bitter tea!) or Mighty Leaf Ceramic Mug


(The Matcha green tea is unpictured since I already used it all ;) It’s in powder form!)

How to enter to win a Mighty Leaf Tea Package!

There are three ways to enter to win; each way will give you an additional entry, so you can do one, two, or all three!

  1. Leave a comment telling me why you love tea. I love tea because it’s soothing and cozy and holding a mug full of hot tea on a cold day makes me happy :) Plus, tea goes awesomely with my specialty — healthy baked goods!
  2. Tweet about this contest on Twitter (include a link to this post and @fANNEtasticfood in your tweet), and then leave another comment telling me you tweeted.
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts, and then leave another comment letting me know you posted about it.

*U.S. residents only, please.

I will randomly select a winner on Tuesday, November 2nd at 8 a.m. EST.

Happy commenting and good luck! :)


  1. 1

    I love tea because it’s great flavor with little or no calories that always tastes like a treat or indulgence!

  2. 2

    I also just tweeted about the giveaway, @skinnyemmie

  3. 3

    I like tea because it is so versitile – I can choose from 2340 different flavors and decide whether I want it hot or iced. :-)

  4. 4

    I just retweeted you and added if you are looking for amazing recipes/adventures this is the blog!

    Ps. I really do love your blog, it makes me smile daily!

  5. 5

    I like tea because it feels healing – healing for my throat, my stomach, my mood if I’m having a bad day. I especially like it because it reminds me of sitting outside after dinner with my Mom and drinking chai. Yum!

  6. 6

    I love tea because, with loose leaf, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire until you come up with the perfect blend that will warm you up from the inside out.

  7. 7

    I love tea because it’s warm and relaxing and easier to make on-the-go than coffee

  8. 8

    I love tea in the evening during the winter – sometimes it’s all I have for dessert!

  9. 9

    Tweeted too! (@running_foodie)

  10. 10

    Hi Anne!

    I loooooove tea. This is an awesome gift pack!!

  11. 11

    I am fairly new at tweeting and not sure I really know how.

    I love hot green tea with pomegranate because it is very filling and satisfying.

  12. 12

    I LOVE tea too! I have always been in to it and my boyfriend just started getting in to tea too so we have been experimenting with all different flavors of loose leaf tea, so fun! I love tea because it warms you from the inside out (without hurting your stomach like coffee). I have never tried the mighty leaf teas so i would love to win!

  13. 13

    I love tea because there are so many different flavors to try! My favorite is definitely green tea.

  14. 14

    Coffee upsets my stomach, so I love tea as an alternative for a little caffeine boost. Even in FL, I still enjoy it :)

  15. 15

    This is an awesome giveaway. I love tea because my office is freezing and drinking 20 cups a day is the only way I stay warm! That, and I really just like the flavors much more than coffee.

  16. 16

    I don’t know if I can properly capture exactly why I love tea … it’s a lifestyle. It’s a steaming mug of Earl Grey in the morning, iced tea with lunch and dinner, and a soothing mug of peppermint or green tea before my head hits the pillow.

  17. 17

    I don’t like the taste of coffee so I drink tea – and lots of it.

    I love just a simple black tea with a little bit of honey. My mom always drank tea – I guess I got it from her.

  18. 18

    Tea is just so soothing. I love that. And there is nothing like peppermint tea to soothe an upset stomach. It’s natural. It’s herbal. So good.

  19. 19

    I love tea! Like a commenter about me said, I’m an Earl Gray girl in the morning but switch to green later in the day. My current favorite is Tazo Ginger green.

  20. 20

    And I tweeted, too. (Excuse me!)

  21. 21

    I just tweeted too (runleangreen)

  22. 22

    I love tea because herbal tea is relaxing and green tea gives me energy…. I love tea!

  23. 23

    I love tea! It warms my soul! Right now I could use a cup as I am icing my sore foot :( I need some warmth! Thanks for offering the giveaway! I hope I win!

  24. 24

    Tweeted the contest too!

  25. 25

    I love tea because I’m always cold and I hate coffee :)

  26. 26

    I love tea because of the antioxidants. It also tastes yummy.

  27. 27
    Katherine says:

    Most of all, I love decaf mint tea with milk and a little stevia… it’s a sweet treat that warms me up and makes me feel all Christmas-y and cozy!

  28. 28

    I LOVE tea, especially ginger and peppermint because it helps with digestion and makes me feel satisfied! thanks!

  29. 29

    I <3 tea because of the wonderful, soothing smell.

  30. 30

    Finally a contest for ME! haha, needless to say, I love tea. Like some of the others above, I don’t like coffee because it a. makes me too jittery and b. it coats your mouth and gives you yucky coffee breath. But not tea! You can choose from caffeinated teas to give you that boost in the morn, but then later in the day/night you can choose a white, herbal or mint tea that won’t make you jittery. There are tons of options of flavors, as well as blending flavors. You can have it hot, or cold…it’s just awesome:)

  31. 31

    I love tea at any hour of the day, but particularly before bed because it’s soothing. That is, until I have to pee in the middle of the night haha. :)

  32. 32

    I love the cozy feeling of drinking tea!

  33. 33

    I love drinking tea because there are so many different options and flavors!

  34. 34

    I love tea because it makes me warm and cozy when it is cold an bitter outside. I sip it all morning and all afternoon long October-March! It is like long underwear for your insides!

  35. 35
    Danielle J says:

    I love tea because it’s warm and makes me soothing. Nothing more relaxing than a big cup of tea and vegging on the sofa :)

  36. 36

    I love tea because I can always find a type to fit my mood! Yerba mate when I have to stay up doing homework, mint after dinner, and vanilla chai in the morning. I think I’ll go make some now!

  37. 37

    I love tea because it’s warm and tasty w/o the bad side effects of coffee!

  38. 38
    Lisa McGeen says:

    I love the soothing qualities of tea. I love that it is versitale all times of the year.

  39. 39

    I love drinking tea, because it is so relaxing to take 15 minutes all to myself while I enjoy sipping a warm mug :)

  40. 40

    I love tea because no matter how bad your day can be going, a cup of tea will instantly make it better.

  41. 41

    I love tea because it’s something warm but doesnt have as much caffeine as coffee so it’s safe for me to drink. I don’t get the crazies from it ha! Plus all the diff. flavors and varieties.

  42. 42

    I love tea because I live in Iowa, and it’s COLD!

  43. 43

    Only yesteday I was shopping Mighty Leaf’s website and wishing I owned that TeaTop travel mug!

    I love tea because it’s warm, comforting, and can feel exotic… hello chai! It’s kind of like a trip in a cup. I also appreciate the caffeine boost minus the coffee jitters.

  44. 44

    I love tea cause it always makes me feel better if I’m feeling under the weather and there are always new flavors to try. In addition, there’s nothing better than a giant glass of sweet (iced) tea!

  45. 45

    Ohhh – I just saw this stuff on Gracies blog! I think she had teh chocolate mint! I love tea b/c is SO much lighter than coffee. It can be so calming :-)

  46. 46

    I love tea because it’s warm and comforting. I love the many different varieties and flavors it comes in, and I adore cuddling up with my cats, a good book, and an excellent cup of tea.

  47. 47

    Tea is my go to morning drink, I despise coffee and love the nice warm feeling I get from tea.

  48. 48

    I love tea. There are so many different types and flavors and I find most of them quite delicious. It feels so cozy and reminds me of home- my dad starts his morning with a cup of tea everyday!

  49. 49

    I tweeted.

  50. 50

    I love tea for its coziness and a good way to warm up on a chilly night!

  51. 51

    Tea is so comforting! And, I just made a batch of your Butternut Squash spiced muffins last night and tea would go perfectly :)

  52. 52
  53. 53

    I love tea because it warms me up inside and is perfect for anytime of the day. I love to drink it right when I wake up and right before I go to bed.

  54. 54

    I love tea because there are so many different varieties and I can satisfy my sweet tooth (usually:) with a nice cup of chai with honey and skim milk and feel good about doing it!

  55. 55

    I love tea because my (English) mum and dad drink cups and cups of it a day. It reminds me of being home :).

  56. 56

    I love tea because it relaxes me and makes me happy! I also love how many flavor choices there are in the cooler seasons!

  57. 57

    I love tea because it reminds me of cuddling with my grandma on cool fall days reading books after school.

  58. 58

    I love tea because it reminds me of my time in Ireland!

  59. 59

    I love tea because it’s delicious! I worked at a tea house in college and it educated me about all the wonderful flavors of tea – I now drink it au natural! No sweeteners or milk needed! And it is wonderfully warm and comforting, too, especially as these days get colder and darker.

  60. 60

    I love tea because it’s the perfect companion to a good book on a snow day :)

  61. 61

    I just tweeted about your giveaway! @shrinkinggretch

  62. 62

    I also linked to this post on my bloggy blog – What up 3 entries! ;)

  63. 63

    I love tea because it can always fit my mood. If I need caffeine, soothing from a cold, warming up on a cold night, something light in the afternoon, etc. it’s always there for me!

  64. 64

    I love tea – I’ve been drinking it almost my whole life, and I love to try new/different flavors!

  65. 65

    I was just thinking the tea stash at work was running low, i only have 5 boxes! I love tea because of all the flavors and types – black, green, white, herbal. And I can drink it all day and not feel jittery like coffee!

  66. 66
  67. 67

    I love tea because it reminds me of being in South America. I drank lots of black tea and coca tea while I was in Ecuador and Peru!

  68. 68

    I love tea because it is so versitile and yummy. When I need a boost in the morning, tea is my go to beverage.

  69. 69

    How ironic! I JUST tried this brand of tea yesterday and fell in love with it!

    I love tea because it instantly calms me. It literally gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me FEEL healthy.

  70. 70

    I love tea because it’s a great way to wake up and start my day.

  71. 71

    I love tea because it’s so relaxing and it warms the soul! :)

  72. 72


  73. 73

    I love tea because it relaxes me and goes great with anything I eat.

  74. 74

    I love tea because it helped me stop drinking so much soda! About a year ago I decided that I didn’t need all of that sugar in my life and attempted to replace my usual one 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew a day with hot tea. I will admit, it took some adjusting but now I very rarely drink soda! Not only is it healthier for me, but it is a whole lot cheaper too! :)

  75. 75

    I love tea :) It makes me feel warm and fuzzy on a cold day! And it makes me think of playing outside in the snow when I was a kid. We would come inside and my mom would feed me and my brothers hot peppermint tea.

  76. 76

    I love tea because it’s so calming. Nothing like a cup of tea to relax me while I’m unwinding after a long day of work, class, and basketball! Plus, that mug looks amazing! I don’t have one of my own and my parents get super frustrated that I always borrow theirs.

  77. 77

    tweeted! @cox_2446

  78. 78
  79. 79

    Tea is my comfort food. I drink it after each meal, before I go to sleep and when I wake up, because it soothes my tummy. I often have tummy troubles, so I drink a variety of teas throughout my day to make me feel better rather than take medicines!

  80. 80

    I love tea because I get cold so easily, and during the fall/winter I find myself needing it almost any time of day!

  81. 81

    I relax every night with a cup of tea. Doesn’t matter what kind, I love them all!

  82. 82

    I love tea because it makes me feel warm and cozy. I live in MA and there is nothing better than wrapping my hands arounda nice warm mug on a cold fall/winter day!

  83. 83

    This giveaway is amazing. :)

    I love tea because it can be invigorating or sleep inducing (or in between), plus, with a variety of flavors to choose from it’d take a while to get bored, AND it is delicious served hot or cold. :)

  84. 84

    I love tea because it’s always comforting. It can be sweet, or hot, or cold

  85. 85

    I love tea because there are so many different flavors, it is relaxing to drink, and, depending on the kind, it has a enough caffeine to give me a jump, but not enough to give me a headache. I am drinking some right now.

  86. 86

    I love tea because there are so many different flavors, it is relaxing to drink, and, depending on the kind, it has a enough caffeine to give me a jump, but not enough to give me a headache. I am drinking some right now!

  87. 87

    I love tea because it makes you feel all warm inside. It’s especial great when the weather starts getting colder!

  88. 88

    I love tea because it always makes me feel calm and collected. I often forget how much I love it until I need it!

  89. 89

    I love green tea…I drink a big mug each morning to wake me up. I sit on the couch with my dog, watch the news, and sip tea :) It’s delightful!

  90. 90

    I love it because sometimes, tea is the only thing that will listen.

  91. 91

    I love tea because it warms me up (I’m always cold), it’s something other than water, and has no caffeine (at least the one’s that I buy).

  92. 92

    LOVE Tea… I just recently (about 4 months ago!) became obsessed with it!! Where was it all this time?? :) I want to try Matcha Tea SO bad!! :) Love this give-away!

  93. 93

    Tea is PERFECT for a cold or gloomy day. It’s not as thick or filling as coffee, and there are so many flavors to fit every mood!

  94. 94

    I love tea because it warms me up! :)

  95. 95

    i love how tea instantly warms you up!

  96. 96

    I drink tea to warm me up on cold days. I also love that peppermint tea soothes my upset tummy!

  97. 97

    I love tea and the fact that there is a ton of different flavors to chose from ya never have to worry about getting bored with it. I am almost always cold so its a great way to warm up.

  98. 98

    I love tea because of its high levels of antoxidants. I love to have a mug of warn tea after a cold winter run.

  99. 99

    I love how well hot mugs of tea go with snuggling on the couch. Peppermint is one of my faves.

  100. 100

    I love tea as a ritual. It comforts me and and helps me relax and unwind. (when it’s caffeine free!)

  101. 101

    I love tea because it tastes so good! I love how many different varieties there are and of course you can’t go wrong drinking it on a cold day!

  102. 102

    I love tea for a number of reasons : it tastes good, is good for you and keeps me warm (I’m always freezing!). But most importantly, I love tea because it’s something I share with my amazing grandma. Every time we visit, she makes a pot of piping hot tea, which we enjoy in her antique tea cups and share over good conversation and a fun game of Scrabble. :) Definitely some of my favorite memories!

  103. 103

    I love tea because it’s so comforting and therapeutic to drink. It’s calming and delicious and makes me happy.

  104. 104

    I love tea because it’s gentle and makes me feel so much better when I’m sick.

  105. 105

    I love tea because it helps me relax after a long day of work!

  106. 106

    I love tea very very much. I love tea because everyday at 3:15 pm, I get the drowsy, hungry, grumpy slumps. If I don’t give in to salty fatty snacks and soda, it’s because I had a wonderful mug full of hot green tea. No need for any sweeteners, it’s perfect the way it is. It staves my hunger, lifts my spirits, and energizes me.

  107. 107
    larissa h says:

    i love some warm tea when there is a chill to the air, and tea doesnt leave me jittery like coffee!

  108. 108

    I love tea because it is comforting and I love holding warm mugs on cold days. I love the way it infuses into hot water; I love the swirls of color it creates as it brews.

  109. 109

    I love hot tea in the afternoon as a pick me up instead of soda or coffee. I also drink it in the fall/winter months when there is a chill in the air – it’s sp soothing and warms me right up! It also helps to calm a scratchy throat.

  110. 110

    I love tea because it is super rejuvenating yet, calming and relaxing! It is my antioxidant-loaded weapon for the mid day drowsies!!

  111. 111

    I tweeted the giveaway! @coconutkelly

  112. 112

    I love tea because it is warm and comforting in the cold, and cool and refreshing in the hot!

  113. 113

    Drinking tea is comforting.
    Drinking tea makes me feel ‘clean’.
    Drinking tea is calming.
    … and it makes me think of my mama :)

  114. 114

    I love sipping tea on the couch in the winter as a way to warm up and feel refreshed!

  115. 115

    tweet tweet @HILLontherun.

  116. 116
    Samantha Robertson says:

    I love tea because I am always cold (even in the summer) at work, and it is something hot to drink that is not only low calorie, but has lots of health benefits.

  117. 117

    I’m not a big coffee drinker but I LOVE tea, especially chai. It’s so comforting to sip hot tea on a chilly fall day.

  118. 118

    I like tea because it’s warm and comforting, especially during cold & flu season!

  119. 119

    I love tea because it so nice and warm on a cool fall day. Plus it’s so easy to make and there are so many varieties!

  120. 120

    I love tea because the warm, flavorful, light flavors warms my heart :) I love drinking it one sip at a time and really savor the flavor (sorta of like wine).

  121. 121

    I tweeted….”Win 4 boxes of @MightyLeaf Tea at @fANNEtasticfood and an awesome no overbrew mug :)


  122. 122

    I love tea – hot or cold. Hot tea is so comforting with nice flavor. A nice treat without calories filling you up.

  123. 123

    i love tea because it warms the soul in a wide range of mild to bold flavors. :D

  124. 124

    I love tea because it’s soothing and seems to ground me. I drink it all the time, but definitely reach for it when I’m stressed out!

  125. 125

    I love tea because, like you said, it’s very soothing! It’s like my comfort “food” but instead, my “comfort drink”. :)

  126. 126

    I also tweeted about it. :) <3

  127. 127

    I tweeted too (@blackcatkitchen)

  128. 128

    i am a tea junkie because it’s so flexible, I have different teas for different moods, and there are more facets to tea than to other hot drinks. it’s like a chameleon. It’s also my comfort drink and what I chose to drink over drinking soda. Since I gave up diet soda, tea has been my mainstay. i probably have abou 30-40 different kinds in my cabinet, in fact, I probably should have a separate cabinet just for tea, so that there is more room for other food. ;) (plus most of it is more affordable than coffee!)

  129. 129

    I love tea because it warms the body! It adds energy but not in an overbearing way like coffee or soda!

  130. 130

    Now that the weather is getting cooler I am constantly craving tea, and I LOVE it! It is so soothing and especially helpful in warming me up since my heater is currently broken and I have to wait till mid-November for the gas company to come out and fix it. Soooo, I’ve been drinking tea non-stop in the evenings. (Which also means I’m waking up constantly to go to the bathroom all night, lol.)

  131. 131

    I tweeted @stampylisa.

  132. 132

    I love how calming and comforting tea is! It’s great in fall and winter.

  133. 133

    I love tea because there are so many kinds and I always drink the kind that suit my days. I have a cup of mighty leaf chamomile tea in front of me as I am typing this! <3 it.

  134. 134

    Woohoo! I want to win free tea!! I love tea because nothing puts me to bed better on a cold Boston night than some warm tea! [I love to make a pot of Lemon tea with honey if I’m feeling cold or down or sick at night. I like Earl Grey with milk on those few mornings when I don’t go to work (rarely, ha) to pick me up in the morning without the intensity of coffee, somehow it is still calming :) And I always keep some green tea in my drawer if I need a zen thinking moment of clarity at work ;)]

  135. 135
  136. 136
    Haley Julian says:

    I heart tea! I love it b/c it’s soooooooooo versatile: comforting on a gloomy day, a pick-me-up mid-morning if caffeinated, a hunger suppressant late evening (to keep me from gnoshing on snacks at 10 pm!), and a healer on mornings when I start to feel a cold or other infirmity sneaking up on me. I keep a stash of different kinds on hand: loose-leaf, decaf, caff, bagged, fruity, breakfast blends, …

  137. 137

    i like tea because it keeps me awake during late night study sessions ;)

  138. 138

    I tweeted about the contest!

  139. 139

    Nothing is more calming and puts me at peace than just relaxing quietly with a cup of yummy hot tea. It warms you up and soothes the soul.

  140. 140

    I love tea because one can easily find a tea for every occasion. Tea to go with breakfast or dinner. Tea for Christmas or Summer. Tea for when you’re feeling sick or even when you’re happy. It’s always time for tea.

  141. 141

    because coffee tastes really gross!

  142. 142

    I love tea because it can either wake you up with a strong black tea
    or it can unwind you from a long day. In fact I am enjoying a cup right
    now- chocolate-hazelnut :)

  143. 143

    I like tea because it is a light, smooth drink and comes in many pleasant flavors.

  144. 144

    i love tea because it reminds me of my mother and my childhood. she always fixed me tea when i was sick/stressed/upset or just on cozy nights in front of the fireplace. nostalgia!

  145. 145

    I love tea…… makes me smile and here are five reasons why:
    1. makes me think of my grandparents house
    2. because its calorie free
    3. it has caffeine
    4. it has lots of antioxidants
    5. There are SOOOOOO many flavors to pick from!

  146. 146
    Barbara G says:

    Why do I love tea? Let me count the ways! But mostly because tea means sharing time for me. I invite others over for tea, and I go out for tea to share special conversations with friends and family.

    I also love tea because tea loves me. It’s gentle to my body and it nourishes my soul.

  147. 147
    Barbara G says:

    I also blogged about how I love tea on SparkPeople!

  148. 148

    I love tea because it warms me up!

  149. 149

    I love tea, because I grew up drinking cups of black tea with my mom. We even take our black tea the same way – 1 sugar and a splash of skim (although I try and swap in soy or almond milk now, when possible).

  150. 150

    I love tea because it is so so warm, soooothing and just makes me want to sit by the fire!

  151. 151

    I love tea because the names sound so fun – Eggnog’n, Candy Cane Lane?!?!

  152. 152

    I love tea because its soothing…tea with honey..the BEST!

  153. 153
  154. 154
    Christine says:

    I love tea because it always seems to make me feel better when I’m sick! (Like this week. Boo!)

  155. 155

    I love tea warm or with ice! You don’t even need to sweeten my favorites – chai and peach tea. :)

  156. 156

    Awesome giveaway!

    I love tea for so many reasons! It fulfills so many craving – cravings for something warm, for something sweet, for something caffeinated… and it comes in so many varieties. AND it’s super easy to make and enjoy! AND it’s relatively inexpensive!

  157. 157

    i love tea because it is refreshing, calming, and a warm feeling in my body. it also reminds me of my childhood when i used to have “tea parties” with my babysitters. i treat tea as a medicine and i feel like it really helps in recovering.


  158. 158

    I love tea because it always soothes my stomach. I have a slight IBS and drinking tea has helped me tremendously in calming my tummy.

  159. 159

    I love tea because it tastes great and warms me up!

  160. 160

    I love tea because it calms my finnicky stomach.

  161. 161

    I LOVE tea! For the same reasons as you … it’s soothing and comfy. My favorite is Yogi bedtime tea. It smells so good and warms me to the core!

  162. 162

    I love tea because it warms me up on these chilly fall mornings!

  163. 163

    I love tea because it comes in so many different flavors!

  164. 164

    I love tea because it is natural and healthy

  165. 165

    I love tea because you can get it in practically any flavor or type! I love variety. And it went from Fall to Winter in Iowa overnight :(

  166. 166

    I love tea especially in the morning! Waking up to a good cup of chai is the best!

  167. 167

    what i like most about tea is seeing what flavors people pick to buy. its super interested when pantry snooping!!

  168. 168

    I love tea because on cold days it makes me feel warm and cozy. It also makes me feel relaxed when I am stressed out.

  169. 169

    i’ve loved tea since my first cup of thich lebanese tea when i was just a child…since the coffee at my work sucks, i’ve started bringing in my own tea and now a morning doesn’t go by with a warm, comforting cup…it makes the day seem a bit more bearable :)

  170. 170

    i mentioned your giveaway in my blog!!!

  171. 171

    i tweeted!!!

  172. 172

    I love tea because it is warm and comforting.

  173. 173

    I love tea because it heats me up when the weather is cold.

  174. 174

    I love tea because it comes in so many amazing varieties!

  175. 175

    it transports me to a happy medium

  176. 176

    I love tea because it makes me feel like I am sitting in front of a lovely wood fire wrapped up in a blanket, relaxing. I like to have something to sip that is healthy, yet comforting. I can have as many cups as I want and still feel okay. I also like putting it in mugs such as what you have pictured (matter-of-fact, that looks like one of mine!) because I can support local craftsmen in their trade.

  177. 177

    I love tea because it reminds me to take time to relax. I love to cuddle with a cup of tea, a blanket and my favorite book! :)

  178. 178

    I love all the different flavors of tea, and because it makes it easy to get all my water in every single day!

  179. 179

    I just finished studying for my exam and spent hours – HOURS – in coffee shops. Coffee just doesn’t sit right with me, so I buy a lot of tea. I’ve learned that there is so much more to tea than just Lipton or Tetley. I’m now officially obsessed and often buy a new flavor when I go grocery shopping as a treat.

  180. 180

    I love tea because it’s a great break to look forward to at work. It’s especially nice on weeks like this when the weather starts to catch up with you! I also should say that I discovered your blog through Heidi in DC, and this contest has finally dragged me into the world of commenting. Will tweet you, too! Thanks!

  181. 181

    alright, you have been tweeted, and my wife blogged you as well-! Thanks!

  182. 182

    I don’t drink coffee so that makes me a tea lover. I was raised in a country that primarily drinks tea so I grew up loving tea.

  183. 183

    This is SO cheesy, but I love how mugs look with a tea bag hanging out of them. I’m always interested to see what type of tea people are drinking. Tea is so fun because there are SO many varieties!!

  184. 184

    I love tea because the process of making it relaxes me…I actually look forward to the colder months because they mean drinking lots of tea!

  185. 185

    I love tea because it keeps me warm in my cold office.

  186. 186

    I love standing at the stove as I wait for the tea kettle to sing.
    I love using my green pot holder to grab the tea kettle so I can pour my hot water.
    I love pouring the hot water into my mug from South Korea.
    I love the process of selecting the perfect tea to fit my mood while I wait for the water to cool down a bit.
    I love knowing that the water has to cool so I don’t burn my tea.
    I love holding my cup as the tea steeps.
    I love adding honey from France to soothe my sore throat.
    I love holding my mug to my cheek as I try to grab the last of the warmth from it.
    I love that last sip of tea that always leaves me wondering if I have time for just one more cup.

    Most of all, I love that there is a tea for anytime, anywhere. It is an instantaneous comfort that you know you will never be without.

  187. 187

    I love tea because there is nothing better than curling up with a book on a rainy day with a cup of hot tea! Also, tea smells WAY better than coffee!

  188. 188

    I love tea because it wakes me up in the morning & makes me feel warm & fuzzy at night :)

  189. 189

    I love tea because it’s hot on a cold day, it’s sweet (after addition of the evil artificial sweetener), and it’s got caffeine in it! In short, tea has all kinds of goodness!

  190. 190

    I love tea because its energizing, and I am probably giving myself a great dose of all kinds of wonderful antioxidants!!!

  191. 191

    I love tea because it is so soothing and relaxing after coming in from the crisp, newly Fall weather. It is also full of health benefits for a great bonus!

  192. 192

    I love my tea cool—even in the winter. A good green tea that tastes as good as it smells is just comfort in a cup… and as you said: the baking potential is awesome!

  193. 193

    I love tea! It keeps me warm and happy, and is the perfect drink to take to school.

  194. 194

    I love tea because it wakes me up in the morning without drinking coffee!

  195. 195

    Tea is simple and comforting. Love to drink it in the mornings for an AM kick or decaffeinated in the eveings as I wind down.

  196. 196

    I love tea because it’s a warm drink I can actually have – no sugar or caffeine (well, if you use the right teas!), and it’s soothing. ^_^

  197. 197

    I love the cozy feeling I get when I drink tea. It reminds me of fresh snow on the ground and sitting with a good book beside a fireplace. Which might explain why I don’t drink a whole lot of tea in the summer, but fall winter and spring I drink sooooo much!

  198. 198

    I like tea because it has caffeine and I don’t like coffee!

  199. 199

    You know I hate turning on the heater here so I drink it pretty much all every day to keep warm and it makes me happy! :)

  200. 200

    I love tea because it feels healthier than coffee when I need a pick-me-up, and green teas are great for a hot beverage in the evening that will still let me sleep well. :)

  201. 201
    Mary Beth says:

    I love tea during the fall and winter at the end of a long day with a good book (or, reality tv!).

  202. 202

    I love tea because it relaxes me and puts me in a good frame of mind :)

  203. 203

    I love tea because it reminds so much of my grandmother and grandfather. They’ve had a four o’clock tea time date for 50 years. :)

  204. 204

    I love tea because as a singer, it relaxes the vocal chords. :) Also, after a long run, my throat sometimes hurts (due to breathing with my mouth open) so a nice mug of tea helps soothes the throat. :)
    I also prefer tea to coffee in the morning when I’m on my way to class. :)

  205. 205

    I love tea because it is warm and I feel like you have to relax just a little while drinking it. (I even feel a little relaxed when I am drinking it while I am teaching high schoolers in the morning!)

  206. 206

    I adore Mighty Leaf so much! But out of the kinds you have pictured I’ve only tried the Rainforest Mate so far.

    Tea is essential for me. Just drinking it puts me in the right frame of mind and I feel (hope) my day runs smoothly from that point on. I’m always carrying around a thermos in the mornings on the way to class. Some friends think I have a huge coffee addiction….nope!

  207. 207

    i love how versatile tea is! similar to wine, tea can be paired with various types of food.

  208. 208

    I love tea! It just seems to hit the spot and is so soothing.

  209. 209

    I love tea because i’m not good about drinking from my water bottle during the day, so it is a tasty way to stay hydrated :)

  210. 210

    I am addicted to tea! After a life of feeling left out at coffee shops with friends since I HATE coffee a friend bought me a Mighty Leaf tea sampler. I had tried tea a few times but never any of the “premium” teas. Finally tried some, not expecting much and that was the beginning of my tea addiction! I entered the world of whole/loose leaf tea and never looked back! I can’t get enough of it. Always on the hunt for something new and intersting…right now black tea is my fave. Incredible taste and 0 calories!!

  211. 211

    I love tea because it provides quiet time in the afternoon, soothes me at night and reminds me of drinking lots of green tea in Japan.

  212. 212

    Tea makes me feel cozy. It keeps me happy when I am stressed in studio. I get into my happy zone…

  213. 213

    I *need* to love tea because just today I’ve decided that I can’t drink coffee anymore. The last several weeks I’ve had some miserable stomach issues and I am finally making the coffee connection. So, now would be a really great time for me to sample some new tea!

  214. 214

    I love drinking hot tea mostly because I love wrapping my hands around a warm mug of something delicious. So warm and comforting!

  215. 215

    I love tea because it is comforting and warms me up at work when I am cold. Also, the health benefits that go along with green tea, chamomile, etc. are wonderful!

  216. 216

    I linked to the contest on my blog.

  217. 217
    Adventurer says:

    There’s nothing like a mug of tea on a cold afternoon!

  218. 218

    I love tea because it reminds me of fun times with my step-sister (once I stopped hating her) and our tea and toast snacks when she got home from school. I love the warmth that it brings to my cold body in fall and winter and that I get just enough caffiene to avoid getting a headache.

  219. 219

    I love tea because it gives me warm fuzzies on a cold day!

  220. 220

    i love tea because i always like to drink something warm.

  221. 221

    As a person who is perpetually cold, I love tea because it warms me up from the inside out!

  222. 222
    diane moser says:

    M-M-M-M-M I just adore tea, hot or cold. So many flavors, so few calories! Warms you inside, great with a cookie or biscotti. Im drinking some now. Thanks for this opportunity.

  223. 223

    lots of flavor and no calories, a winning combination in my book.

  224. 224

    Only three words here – I love tea!!

  225. 225

    I love tea for the same reason you do–it’s so comforting. I put the kettle on for my Irish Breakfast tea the minute I stumble out of bed and it sets the tone to have a fabulous rest of the day. I also love to sip a cup of herbal tea after dinner. It helps me wind down.

  226. 226

    I love tea because it tastes so much better than (inexpensive, nonflavored) coffee but still helps me out on those cold, early mornings!

  227. 227

    PS, I tweeted! @CatWaltSCR

  228. 228

    I love tea because it warms your soul :)

  229. 229

    tweeted! @emilytara

  230. 230

    I love tea because it’s like an all-purpose medicine. Stomach aches, stress headaches, chills, and sore throats can all be cured by a cup of tea. :)

  231. 231

    I love tea because it picked me when I was a teenager, and we’ve been together ever since. Ours is a very happy union, and I’ll never go without it in my cup. The best hot drink on the planet, if you ask me. And you just did. :)

  232. 232

    I also tweeted! @foodboogie :)

  233. 233
    Kara Heys says:

    I love tea because it seems like no matter what the day has dropped on me, or how bad life seems at the time, being still with a hot mug of soothing tea makes everything all right, even if just for a few moments. Breathing in the aroma and enjoying the warmth helps everything else just fade away.

  234. 234
    Kara Heys says:

    I also tweeted this – @kvandelune

  235. 235

    I love tea because there are so many varieties, and for me, I do not like the taste of coffee and tea is just such a fun alternatives. I just love having all kinds of different teas to serve when I have people over. Nothing like sitting down with friends, sipping on hot tea. :)

  236. 236

    I love tea for that light caffeine buzz. It’s delicious and flavorful and it has just the right amount of kick to it! =)

  237. 237
    April Barker says:

    I love tea because it’s a calorie free drink that can be customized so many different ways!

  238. 238
    April Barker says:

    I also retweeted your post! :)

  239. 239

    I love tea because it has so many varieties – a taste for every mood! Plus, I like it hot and iced so I can enjoy it all year long. :)

  240. 240
    Christina M says:

    I love the warmth and coziness of a mug of tea and it reminds me of my grandmother who was always a big tea drinker :)

  241. 241

    I love tea because there are so many delicious varieties and I can always find one that suits my mood. Mighty Leaf is a favorite. My husband and I discovered it several years ago and began ordering their loose leaf teas and have been doing so ever since. So yummy!

  242. 242

    I love tea. Holding the warm mug in my hands always makes me feel like
    everything will be okay. It is so comforting !

  243. 243

    I first started drinking tea in earnest while I was living in China and since then it’s always felt like home–relaxing, introspective, yet with a deep-rooted energy. Coffee is for the pick-me-up but tea is for the growth.

  244. 244

    I love tea because during the fall/winter season, it’s feels like such a cozy, relaxing treat and during the summer, nothing beats fresh, iced tea!

  245. 245

    I love tea because it reminds me of home. My mom always has a mug of tea every night, and her mom does the same. :)

  246. 246
    Marilyn Lisenbee says:

    I love tea, it’s warmth takes me back to a time when my Mother and I used to share an afternoon with a cup of tea and her homemade tea cakes. It is something I really miss with my Mom and have started my own “Tea Time” tradition with my Granddaughter. She love getting out my china tea pot but even more, she loves picking out our “tea of the day”. At the same time, I am also teaching my grand daughter how to make the tea cakes.

    Thanks for the lovely walk down memory lane.


  247. 247

    I’m too late for the contest, but wanted to tell you that I love tea because when I drink it, I feel connected to the universe and times long past.


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