New Banner Alert!

Look up! ^ (Or click over if you are in Google Reader or reading this via my email subscription service).

I have a new banner! :)

I’ve been working with Ashley for awhile now on this so I’m really excited to finally show you all what we came up with, many trials later! While I loved my gelato (on my old banner), I felt it was time for a change, and something a bit more relevant to my blog content/photography skills :)

So… what do you guys think??


  1. 1

    I LOVE it! Those granola bars looks really yummy too! ;)

  2. 2

    I really like it! I know those granola bars taste great because the batch I won that you made were awesome!!

  3. 3

    Love it! It’s so pretty. :-) I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this but I LOVE the name of your blog. I think it’s cool how you incorporate your name into the word fantastic. :-)

  4. 5

    Love it! It’s so pretty and fresh looking. Great work!

  5. 6

    Anne! This looks great! I love it! It gives your site a very clean fresh look :)

  6. 7

    I like it! It’s making me hungry!

  7. 8

    Your new header is beautiful. I really love the green/purple combo. It’s fANNEtastic!

  8. 10

    So cute! I love it!

  9. 11

    oh this is awesome . . . very new and fresh :)

  10. 12

    I think your new banner falls in line with your blog philosophy of healthy eating and fitness. Nice job!

  11. 13

    I love it! Very fresh and healthy looking. The color combination works really well. :)

  12. 14

    LOVE the new look! :)

  13. 15

    Ash is so talented!! Love love LOVE it!

  14. 16

    Love the new look! The banner and background color work perfectly. :)

  15. 17

    Gorgeous! The color scheme is very pretty :)

  16. 18

    I freaking love it! I think it fits you so well.

  17. 19

    Looks gerat! Love the font!

  18. 20

    Oops *great

  19. 21

    I really like the colors :)

  20. 22

    Looks great! Perfect for you!

  21. 23

    I LOVEEE it Anne!!!!

  22. 24

    Love it!! The whole site looks great and put together! :)

  23. 25

    looks great!! Good job Ashley!

  24. 26

    LOVE this!!! Looks gorgy :) Great work, Ashley and Anne!

  25. 27

    …and suddenly, I can’t remember the old banner anymore. Nicely done!

  26. 28

    lurve it!!

  27. 29

    beautiful! did ashley do that for you? i love it!

  28. 31

    I love the colors, but are the greens just garnish? I think it’s hard to tell what’s what. The granola bars look so enticing!

  29. 33

    Awesome job Ashley!

  30. 34

    Love the heading! Looks both yummy and fresh. Perfect :)

  31. 35

    Love it! It’s so you!

  32. 36

    Love the new header! The bars (or whatever they are) look so good! Are they one of your own creations? Recipe? :-)

  33. 38

    It’s great! I had all these lofty goals of creating an original banner when I started my site and then totally forgot about it. I’ll have to get my creative juices flowing…

  34. 39

    I love the colors of the banner. It’s so vivid and the oats are so crisp in the picture. What camera do you use Anne?

  35. 41

    Love it :)

  36. 42

    Great header! The detail in the photo is excellent.

  37. 43

    I think it looks great! Thanks for saying something about it, too, I’m a google reader follower so I (sadly) do not see pretty headers or themes. But if I don’t use google reader, I get lost and can’t keep up! If anyone else has suggestions for how to do both, I’m all ears :)

  38. 44

    absolutely LOVE the new banner! the textures look phenom!

  39. 45

    I love the new blog header! It looks pretty with the purple and green, two of my favorite colors :D

    I can’t wait to see you soon!!!

  40. 46

    I love your new banner!!!!! It’s so you and really represents your blog, your food and fun and cute personality. I want those bars! :)

  41. 47

    I think your header is wonderful; I love Ashley. Now did you take that photo(s), or did she?? =]

  42. 49

    Looks great, Anne! Lisa is going to make the Almond Butter Banana bars today. I haven’t heard an update, but I can’t wait to try one! Thanks for all the great info!

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