Tomato Basil Feta Omelet(te)




(serves one)

  • Two eggs
  • Fresh basil, chopped
  • Fresh tomatoes, chopped
  • Feta cheese
  • Sea salt & cracked pepper to taste


1. First, prep your fillings by chopping the tomatoes and basil. The key to chopping basil is to place a few leaves on top of each other, then roll them and chop while rolled:


2. Now, break the two eggs into a bowl and whisk them with salt and pepper to taste.

3. Pour the eggs into a nonstick and PAM sprayed pan on medium heat. The key to making an awesome omelet(te) is to let the eggs sit for a minute or two until the bottom layer is somewhat cooked. Then, start lightly lifting up the edges of the egg, tilting the pan so that the uncooked liquid on top will end up traveling underneath the part you lifted up, therefore getting cooked as well. Do this around the whole circle until there’s no more runny parts on the top.

4. Now you are ready to add your toppings! Turn the heat down to medium low so the egg doesn’t burn. Then, add in the feta, tomatoes, and basil.


5. Wait about a minute (no longer — just enough time to heat up the toppings), then carefully fold into omelet(te) form and slip onto a plate! You should have used enough PAM that this won’t be a problem :)


Et voila! Delicious and beautiful :)

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