Smoked Salmon & Vegetable Egg Casserole Recipe

This recipe got a photo makeover – check out the updated page for the full recipe!

smoked salmon egg casserole


  1. 1

    Looks delish!! I will have to whip one of these up for easy grab & go portions for breakfast!

  2. 2

    This looks incredible! I think I may put this on our BFD menu for the week. Thanks for the recipe Anne. :)

  3. 3

    Yummie – Looks great Not a fish fan so I would omit that, but still looks fannetastic.

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      My birthday is this Saturday and my kids said they want to cook for me all day Saturday (help). I am printing this recipe and putting it in my fannetastic cookbook and leaving it out on the kitchen counter so they will take the hint.

  4. 6

    I love egg casseroles because they are almost infinitely customizable plus I love having veggies a part of the dish as opposed to on the side because it really stretches out portion size and makes things seem more filling.

  5. 8

    Looks yummy!
    High Protein, Low Carb….totally my style!!

    Good Luck with your BioChem studies
    Kreb cycle is something you’ll NEVER forget….
    (but never use!)

  6. 10

    Good luck on your test! I’m in school too but for Esthetics so in class last week we waxed eachother’s underarms, this week BIKINI line! That’s EEK!

  7. 12

    Can I use egg beaters instead?

  8. 14

    Thanks for posting this awesome recipe. I made one of my own with broccoli, salsa and turkey strips. :) It was so easy. I don’t know why I never make casseroles but I really should!

  9. 16

    This sounds awesome! :) I love breakfast for dinner.

  10. 17

    That casserole looks great! Wonder if it would work using 3 egg whites and 3 eggs? Or up the egg white to get the same amount of liquid

    • 18

      Hmmmm yeah you will have a bit too little liquid if you just use the whites, so I would maybe use 6 egg whites and 3 eggs? Or 5 egg whites and 3 eggs? :)

  11. 19

    That looks so good. I had an egg casserole-type dinner last night, but it didn’t look that delicious. I used a mix of egg whites and eggs plus ham, mushroom, onion, and green bean. I bet it’s great with smoked salmon!

  12. 20

    man, anything with smoked salmon sounds and looks good to me.

    Love it! :)

  13. 21

    I love this idea. There are so many different ways to change this to keep it fresh and have it more often. I’ve been looking for ways to eat more protein and adding eggs and smoked salmon (yum… my favorite) is great. And it sounds like it’d be great for breakfast and dinner.
    Did you reheat it for breakfast? Does it work in the microwave?

  14. 23

    Mmmmm…that casserole looks so good! I love the addition of feta cheese!

  15. 24

    that casserole looks great! Good luck with your biochem test!!!

  16. 25

    Haha, I ALWAYS forget to spray the pan. No bueno!

    bookmarking this brunch creation – also looks like a breakfast-for-dinner WIN. :)

  17. 26

    I’m going to try this breakfast for dinner tonight :-) I think I’ll make it with Goat cheese since I already have it in the fridge.

  18. 27

    Looks delish! Any idea how many calories per serving?

  19. 29

    Will it make it better to put the egg, salmon and veggie mix in the fridge for a while first before baking?
    Also, would it make it better to saute the veggies first and then add them to the eggs and salmon and bake it?
    I am a very inexperienced cook so any advice is appreciated!!

  20. 31

    Might be neat to add some drained tomatoes as well. Would not want to add juice, might get sloppy. Just an idea, stupid me made without the milk , had to whisk it in . But looks great. Thank You.


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