Stonyfield Oikos Greek Yogurt Giveaway!

Hello friends!

I have an exciting giveaway for you all today from one of my favorites companies, Stonyfield!


I really love Greek yogurt, as you guys know. In fact, the last time I did a giveaway for Oikos, Stonyfield’s organic Greek yogurt, I wrote a whole post about different ways to use Greek yogurt! Check it out if you need some new ideas ;)


Today, I am giving away $60 worth of coupons for free Stonyfield yogurt! Sweeeeet. They expire at the end of the year, so you better get crackin’!


One fANNEtastic reader will win:

  • 3 free Oikos multipack coupons
  • 3 free 16 oz. Oikos coupons
  • 3 free Stonyfield quart coupons
  • 2 sets of Stonyfield/Oikos recipes
  • 1 Oikos spatula


Awesome. Here’s how to enter — each option is an additional entry!

  1. Leave a comment telling me something nice you did for someone else recently. Let’s spread some holiday cheer :)
  2. Tweet about this contest on Twitter (include a link to this post and @fannetasticfood),and then leave another comment telling me you tweeted.
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts, and then leave another comment letting me know you posted about it.

U.S. residents only, please. You have until tomorrow (Thursday, December 2nd) at 4 p.m. EST, when I will draw and announce the winner!


  1. 1

    For Thanksgiving instead of spending time with our family we volunteered at the Salvation Army to serve the Thanksgiving meal for the less fortunate in our community. This was the idea of my 9 year old daughter and we all came away feeling thankful for everything we have in our lives.

  2. 2

    I love Stonyfield! I made dinner for my roomies – who took care of me when I was sick. Double the love!

  3. 3

    I bought drinks for my classmates at my 10 yr reunion, and brought chocolate to a friend’s mom :)
    Hooray for yogurt!

  4. 4

    I have the opportunity every day at work to help people fight discrimination in the workplace! I lend my ear to hear their problems and then investigate on their behalf to make sure the employer is complying with state laws. It is rewarding in so many ways. It also helps me feel satisfied there is some justice in the world.

  5. 5

    I made my husband dinner!

  6. 6

    I cleaned the kitchen for my roommates when it wasn’t my turn — small thing, but I think it helped everyone out when things were busy! Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. :-)

  7. 7

    I took a big project off of an overloaded friend at work.

  8. 8

    I was nice enough made two kinds of macarons for a visiting friend! And, I also eat yogurt way. too. often. Yummy giveaway.

  9. 9

    I did the dishes for my boyfriend & his roomies (after I made a mess from baking cookies!).

  10. 10

    I bring my friend coffee almost every afternoon because I know he has long days since he works 6:30 to 8:30 most of the time. I hope this is something he looks forward to and brightens up his day.

  11. 11

    This week, I covered for a co-worker who had to leave the office because of a terrible headache. And if I won the giveaway, I would share my yogurt with friends who have not yet discovered how good and versatile it is!

  12. 12

    I love Oikos! My boyfriend has been extremely stressed out as the end of the semester nears so I cleaned his kitchen and bathroom, top to bottom so that it would be one less thing he’d have to worry about.

  13. 13

    I hosted my husband’s family for Thanksgiving, and we gave up our bed for the kitchen floor for the weekend. And, we had another friend who had no place to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner join us for the meal. It was a sweet time of blessing others!

  14. 14

    I love greek yogurt! I am obsessed! Over the holiday, I made sure I got all my errands done before the holiday so I could spend all my time possible with my husband and family. Oh, and I cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the hubs on Friday!

  15. 15

    In mid-November, I donated a kidney to a stranger! I’m exactly 3 weeks post op, and just getting back in the swing of things. :)

  16. 17

    I take the train into Boston every day. I hate driving and this works out great – I can email, listen to my ipod and relax. The only time it’s not great is when the train breaks down or is late. It happens but what can you do? On Monday there was a gentleman who got VERY angry about this happening and he decided to vocalize this to the entire train (at 6 am I might add). The conductor apologized and everyone else stuck up for the conductor including myself after a bit of a tango ensued. When I got to my desk at work I emailed the automated MBTA train address to provide a glowing report of the team of conductors on the line I ride in support of everything they do. I received a real response back from someone pretty high up saying they would put my email in several personal files on record as well as share it with that particular line. It is the Holidays afterall!!! :)

  17. 18

    My boyfriend has been crazy stressed out with his graduate school classes lately, so for his birthday I treated him to a hot stone massage at our favorite spa to help him unwind and loosen up his tense muscles. He loved it!

  18. 19

    I tweeted! love the blog, love greek yogurt – its a win win:)

  19. 20

    Nice thing…. I was at whole foods and the cutest little old man was having trouble with the bulk bins. I went and helped him out because he was clearly struggling. You could tell it just made his day. He was like “are you always so cheerful?” with a huge grin on his face :)

  20. 21

    AH I love Oikos!

    I put up my grandparents’ Christmas tree and decorations for them because they were just too tired and old to do it. Grandma wasn’t going to have them put up at all but I went over and did it.

  21. 23

    I picked up a sports bra for a running buddy when I found my favorites at a discount store for $6.99.

  22. 24

    Stonyfield is the best! One of my roommates is sick, so yesterday night, I ran out and grabbed some chicken noodle soup for her. Soup always helps speed up recovery! :)

  23. 25

    We recently donated money to the local food bank to make sure more people got a Thanksgiving meal that are not as fortunate as us!

  24. 26

    Ah! I love these giveaways!

    I’m a college student and I work at Starbucks. Last weekend we had our big rival game at home. I didn’t have to work, but a girl called wanting to switch so she could go to the game. I switched and took her shift for her.. I think she wanted to go much worse than I did! I’m glad she was able to go!

  25. 27

    I love Stoneyfield yogart. I never tasted Greek yogart until I started reading your blog about it and decided to try it for myself. We have 5 kids and 8 grandchildren and they have so much that we all had a family meeting Thanksgiving and ALL decided to buy toys in abundance for the Toys For Tots this year.

  26. 28

    Awesome giveaway!
    I taught an art project to elementary school students from an underprivileged community. Lesson learned: paints in the hands of young kids is a recipe for messiness!

  27. 29

    I volunteer with the Junior League to help out those less fortunate than me!

  28. 30

    Love this yogurt! I’ve been rounding up all things – clothes, etc. that aren’t getting use around my house and I’m about to take them all to Goodwill!!

  29. 31

    Something nice… hmm, I did my brother’s blog post for him at the last minute when he was sick.

  30. 32

    Awesome!! I’m entering the giveaway!!!! I’ll be baking for a friend of the family’s after she has surgery. She won’t be able to get around a whole lot, so my mom and I are goind down there!

  31. 33

    I have also linked to this page on my blog!

  32. 34

    Held the elevator for someone in the lobby of my building. It doesn’t sound like much but we work in a really talllllll building. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. 35

    I let my one brother live with me and my husband for over a year and now my other brother is living with us! You have to look out for your family.

  34. 36

    I drove everywhere while at home with my mom over Thanksgiving- she prefers not to drive so I was pretty much her driver all week haha!

  35. 37

    I have been helping my friend move! Which hasn’t been a breeze (she has a lot of stuff!), but we’ve made it fun…I love getting to spend time with her :)

  36. 38

    Just Tweeted the giveaway here:

  37. 39

    I drove my sister back to her college this weekend so she didn’t have to pay for a train or travel by herself and then I took her out for sushi and fro-yo :)

  38. 40

    Yesterday I sent flowers to my vet for taking good care of my sick puppy last weekend!

  39. 41

    Hmm… I’m usually big on RAOK, but this contest made me realize I’ve been too wrapped up in myself and my problems to do something lately. Thanks for the reminder! Today I’ll buy a gift for the salvation army angel tree :)

  40. 42

    I really WANT to like Greek yogurt but I just can’t seem to enjoy it….I have bought and tried it, in many different types and flavors, almost 5 times now and it just tastes…sour….I am going to check out your post on ways to use greek yogurt and maybe I’ll find a way to start incorporating it into my food rotation…

    As for doing nice things, my friend has cancer and lives about an hour away. On my days off, I have gone up to meet her to just hang out. I bring dinner, take her out to lunch, go for walks together, or just sit and talk with her. That’s what friends are for!

    I could use the coupons to fuel my Greek yogurt recipe experiments!

  41. 43

    Mmmmm….Love greek yogurt as does my 4 year old. I decided to do an inventory of everything in our house and donate anything we did not use.

  42. 44

    Oh sweet giveaway! And what wonderful requirements for entries.

    One thing I recently did for someone was to work on a Saturday for my one co-worker who wanted to be off to see her daughter’s swim meet. It was so important to her and I changed my plans last minute to be able to give that to her.

  43. 45

    Swa-weet! Thanks, Anne! I LOVE Oikos deeply.

    I gave my little sisters back rubs last night after they asked for them…they had been sweet enough to rub mine, so I returned the favor! :)

  44. 46

    I paid the toll for the car behind me when I was driving back home after Thanksgiving. This small anonymous deed felt great!

    • 47

      Someone did that for me once! I didn’t have ANY cash at all, and the person went out to write down my plate number to send me a bill later, and the person behind me just paid for me instead :) It made my day!

  45. 48

    Love Greek yogurt, espeically Stonyfield :D

    I washed the dishes of my family this morning. I usually do this, but I’m always in a rush in the morning before work. I had some time and washed a lot of dishes, pots, and pans (surprising how many 3 people can use!).

  46. 49

    I eat Oikos every day so this would be perfect!!

    This morning a man was standing outside the building and his keycard wasn’t working, so I went out and let him in :)

  47. 50

    I made a wonderful vegetarian dinner for my wonderful vegetarian boyfriend. I had candles lit, record playing and dinner on the table when he came home from work. I even made him a whiskey cocktail :)
    LOVE greek yogurt….almost too much!

  48. 51

    My husband has been asking for an iPad since, well, before it came out. We had extra credit card points so I bought him one. He’s like a kid on Christmas morning with that thing. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve been replaced.

  49. 52

    My sister joined the Peace Corps and moved to Kenya in October. My husband and I just put together a big care package for her with American junk food (unhealthy, but she says the main staple where she lives is kale (!!) so I’ve gotta balance her out, LOL), homemade date bars, school supplies for her students … It was so fun putting it all together! I hope it makes it to her in tact.

  50. 53
    Samantha Kepler says

    I found an excerpt in a book that I thought a friend would like to read…but it was in Spanish so I translated it for her!

  51. 54

    I invited people over for Thanksgiving that didn’t have family and we had a great time!

  52. 55

    I cleaned my mom’s kitchen and made all of the side dishes for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t planning to do it, I just got up and did it. I want to host next time!

  53. 56

    Last night I called my sweetheart and told him I was making him dinner…he takes college classes at night and when he came home I had chicken quesadillas, red wine, and chocolate chip cookies waiting for him :)

    And I looooovvvveee Oikos. And Stonyfield. In fact, with the quesadillas last night I put out a little dish filled with Oikos knowing he’d think it was sour cream…he ate it without question :)

    • 57

      Great idea! I should try the same thing with my boyfriend! So far I’ve gotten him to like turkey chili, chicken sausage, and 1% milk, even after he insisted he would be able to tell the difference! ;)

  54. 58

    Recently I have done some favors for people who are really swamped at work, to make their lives easier – they are always appreciative!

  55. 59

    just tweeted :)

  56. 60

    I made gingerbread from scratch last night for my family to enjoy after a Christmas concert! LOVE this time of year. And LOVE yogurt.

    • 61

      Hey Michelle, what gingerbread recipe do you use? I’d love to try making gingerbread from scratch for my family at Christmas this year!

      • 62

        Hi Katie. I used a recipe from that turned out pretty well, but I also want to try the Gramercy Tavern recipe from Such the perfect dessert for this time of year :)

  57. 63

    I try to do nice things for people as much as I can. Yesterday I took my friend from works dishes to the kitchen so she didn’t have to. Small, but she really appreciated it!

  58. 64

    linked back in my post today!

  59. 65

    I sent three postcards out earlier this week to long-distance friends, just to say ‘hi’. It is so important to stay in touch!

  60. 66

    I helped 3 kittens find a home. I know they are not human, but I think they should still count!

  61. 67
    Jen Robinson says

    My sister and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner while my mom recovered from surgery. I also have been helping my mom out in other little ways like making her soup and taking her to get her haircut.

  62. 68

    Awesome giveaway, Anne! And, as for me, I put my arm around some fellow members of our organization as they grappled with a tough loss…

  63. 69
    Jen Robinson says

    Ps I tweeted!!

  64. 70

    i recently helped someone with setting up their new laptop :)

  65. 71

    I got up early to make my boyfriend breakfast, he is always doing nice things for me so we are in a cycle of kindness!

  66. 72

    I recently showed a guy at the gym that he could do lunges! He didn’t think he could but after I showed him he was a pro. It nice when you can show someone how to do a proper something, even a lunge!

  67. 73

    I’m currently making plans to bake a rainbow cake for the Gay-Straight Alliance at the high school where my husband teaches (he’s the sponsor).

  68. 74

    I packed my husband’s lunch for him this morning, and while I was out, saw and purchased individual boxes of YooHoo for subsequent lunches.

  69. 75

    I volunteered at Fort Hood for Thanksgiving and served food to the soldiers.

  70. 76

    Something nice, hmm. I brought in Christmas cookies to class today, because who doesn’t need sugar at 11am?

  71. 77

    I love Greek yogurt! It’s a favorite lunch choice most days at school–quick, easy and keeps me moving!

    Nice thing…I am participating in the “Random Acts of Kindness” weeks at school…I’ve been leaving treats for my secret pal each day in her mailbox or in her classroom!

  72. 78

    I tweeted about the contest! Thanks :)

  73. 79

    I took my fiancee out for dinner last night! He was SO excited :)

  74. 80

    my rents have let me crash at their place for the past week or so, so ive been cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, etc. anything i can do to thank them for having me stay!

  75. 81

    Woohoo!! I love Stonyfield Yogurt! :)

    I did something nice for my students: I held 3 hours of extra office hours this week since I knew they would be rusty after Thanksgiving break and they have a practical quiz (their last one of the semester) this week. They seemed to appreciate it so that made the sacrificed time worth it for me. :)

  76. 82

    yummmmm stonyfield is the best!!

    something nice i did? a project at work that no one else wanted to do!!

  77. 83

    I love Greek Yogurt but I have never tried Stonyfield Oikos Greek Yogurt so if I win, I can try it! :)

    I try to do my “Girl Scout Deed of the Day” everyday! Yesterday while I was shopping, an elderly lady dropped a lot of change on the floor. By instinct I bent down and picked it up for her. She appreciated it a lot (she wanted me to keep the change she dropped- I wouldn’t let her ;)). Helping others shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a natural thing. :)

  78. 84

    Just tweeted!

    And posted it on my most recent blog post! :)

  79. 85

    I love Greek yogurt and am always excited to try new kinds! Something nice I did for someone recently is make my friend dinner–her & her boyfriend just broke up so I made her dinner to get her mind off of it!

  80. 86
    Whitney H. says

    My Dad has been sick recently so when I went to visit over Thanksgiving I brought him loads of healthy fresh foods that I cooked for him. He has been so grateful to have the food all ready to go so he doesn’t have to cook and has the food just ready to go. He’s also never been one to like vegetables and I think I am slowly winning him over with them by showing that, when cooked the right way they are DELICIOUS!

  81. 87

    I’m teaching someone to read. It’s a long process, but it’ll be so worth it in the end!

  82. 88

    I love any kind of yogurt! I made Thanksgiving dinner for my entire family because my Grandma, for the first time in years, was unable to. It turned out successful!

  83. 89

    Since the week of thanksgiving, every time I go to Starbucks, I’ve bought the person behind me their drink. I’m planning on doing this through the end of the year, too. It’s so nice to see how grateful and happy people are, and hopefully, it’ll make someone’s day, too. I figured I could spare the few bucks and if it brightens someones day, it brightens mine, too! Happy holidays!

  84. 90

    My hubby missed Thanksgiving with the family because he was traveling so I made him all his favorites when he got home the other night.

  85. 91

    I packed my husband lunch this morning because he was running late.

  86. 92

    I made some healthy chocolate chip cookies and brought them in for my co-workers to enjoy. They were a big hit!

  87. 93

    When my roommate went to her family’s place for the Thanksgiving weekend, I surprised her by cleaning up every part of our apartment and put up Christmas decorations. She was SO surprised and happy! :)

  88. 94

    I watched my little brother for 2 nights so my mom could have a break :)

  89. 95

    I went and bought a new hanger for the wreath…the first one broke.
    Oh, and I mailed the bills!

  90. 96

    My dad has a disability and can’t help my mom with yard work, so I went over to my parent’s house the other day and helped my mom rake/bag the leaves in the yard. She was SO appreciative!

  91. 97
    Monique Gagnon says

    mmmmm i LIVE for greek yogurt:) I surprised my sister with papa gino’s pizza, chips, and a sprite because she was feeling a little ‘under the weather’

  92. 98

    I paid for the coffee for the person behind me in the Starbucks drive thru. While I never will know if they appericated it I sure felt good to make someone’s day.

  93. 99

    I tweeted @lmm831

  94. 100

    I could so use this! Love Oikos and Stonyfield products. We have something of theirs every day in our household.

    Something nice I did recently? I posted an Operation Beautiful note today and am starting an initiative to do something for others each day in the month of December on my blog. :)

  95. 101

    Something nice I did recently: I sent the link to your blog to all my friends so they could benefit from your yummy recipes and entertaining stories!

  96. 103

    I picked up my friend’s dog from the kennel becuase she couldn’t get back in town for the 4-6pm Sunday pick up time! Her doggy was so happy to be out!

  97. 104

    I tweeted about the giveaway too!

  98. 105

    I cleaned the apartment top to bottom (we’re talking scrubbing + multiple hours of work) so it looked beautiful when my boyfriend came back from Thanksgiving!

  99. 106

    I helped my grandparents finish their holiday shopping. They are very old and can’t do so much anymore.

  100. 107

    I took my silly old dog to the vet… though I guess he wouldn’t see that as very nice ;)

  101. 108

    I count dogs as people…over thanksgiving weekend, I went to the SPCA and walked/played with some pups :)

  102. 109
    Shaina Reynolds says

    I tutor fellow Nursing Students a couple times a week! Even though I could be using the time to study for myself because Lord knows I need to be studying!!

  103. 110

    I cooked lunch for a place similar to Ronald McDonald House in Houston. It was really nice to use my skills to make a hot meal for people.
    And I love Oikos, it was the first Greek yogurt I tried!

  104. 111

    I helped an elderly woman in the store find the right size sweatpants and sweatshirt because she could not bend down to look for her size and colors she wanted. :) omg i love greek yogurt but I can’t afford to buy it regularly.

  105. 112

    The weekend before Thanksgiving I volunteered at a shelter house for women and children. It was a lot of fun and we plan on going there more often to help out :)

  106. 113

    On my only weekend day off ever (I always work weekends), I covered a shift for someone who was in desperate need. I knew I would want someone to do the same if I were in her shoes!

  107. 114

    I helped an elderly lady find a gift she was looking for today at Michael’s. I don’t work there, but I told her I would be happy to help her when she asked me to. I hope people are nice to me when I am old :)

  108. 115
    nooreen zaidi says

    I love greek yogurt!! I helped an elderly lady at the grocery store, she was having trouble getting out of her automatic wheelchair and I helped her get a few things from the shelf. She was so appreciative! It made my day :)

  109. 116
    Danielle J says

    A friend of mine was sick and was bummed that her mom lived so far away and couldn’t make her soup. I called her mom and got her favorite recipe and made it for her :D

  110. 117

    I took my little brother to see a movie over break!

  111. 118

    I signed up as a volunteer at church to be a baker, help with the large mailings, and donated bags and bags of clothes to Goodwill and Salvation Army since I lost about 55 pounds!

  112. 119

    I recently had a brief conversation with a homeless guy my age at Starbucks. I know that some people are resistant to help but I figured why not offer what I have. I ended up giving him my spare granola bars. While I don’t particularly notice the absence of a few granola bars, he seemed extremely grateful. It just reminded me of how predicting the weight of our actions is difficult. You don’t know if the smallest negative thing can just crush another person or if the grandest of positive actions will have no influence over another. When you have a bad day you can cause others to have a bad day. The same goes with putting little bits of good into the world – they can be much more helpful than you imagine.

  113. 120

    I love Stonyfield! This past weekend my 2 year old daughter spent the whole weekend making a huge pile of items we are going to donate. Two-Three times a year she and I go through all of our stuff and decide what we’ll donate to those in need. I feel good knowing that at 2 1/2 she understands the concept of helping others who may not have as much as we do.

  114. 121

    Recently I made wreaths for all of my boyfriend’s family, and while I was at it, I made one for his next door neighbor, who does not have any family and does not decorate for the holidays… he seemed to truly appeciate the gesture, and could not stop smiling as I helped him mount it on his front door.

  115. 122

    Made chicken soup for a sick friend and brought it over piping hot in the freezing rain!

  116. 123

    I helped someone who had diabetes and who suffers from obesity overweight inspired to start working out. During Thanksgiving she called me and told me she completed the Turkey Trot! It was a great feeling :)

  117. 124

    Baked banana bread and brought it to work for all my co-workers to enjoy.

  118. 125

    Something nice I did recently….

    Two coworkers died in one day last week. It was a rough day and I felt like I wanted to spread some happiness and so I told my coworkers I appreciated them. I hugged some of my coworkers I’m closer with and made sure everyone in my life knew I loved them.

  119. 126

    TWEETED! @lisaeirene

  120. 127

    I treated my friend to a latte this afternoon!

  121. 128
    Fran Eckert says

    Fran says:
    I volunteered to help serve food at an Advent Luncheon and Communion Service at my church for shut ins from two different nursing homes. We served about 30 people today. I also helped pour wine for the Communion Service and clean up in the kitchen afterwards.

  122. 129
    Kayley Ray says

    Fun Fact: I am on a dairy products judging team at the University of Tennessee and of all the organic yogurts, Stonyfield’s typically got the best grade. Why am I not surprised. As a Food Science major, my dream would be to work for Stonyfield one day! Maybe then I wouldn’t need $60 worth of coupons to get my Stonyfield fix!

    Oh yes, nice thing….I’m a sucker for always letting people go in front of me when driving. Parking lots, interstate, wherever.

  123. 130
    Kayley Ray says

    tweeted :)


  124. 131

    I helped my sister de-stress about entering college by taking her to a friends house. We sat in the hot tub and chatted about all the exciting things she’ll get to do when she graduates high school.

  125. 132

    I baked an apple pie for a refugee family on thanksgiving

  126. 133

    i baked cookies for my co-workers as a thank you for their hard work on black friday!

  127. 134

    I worked overtime and saved enough to buy my husband a gym membership. He is struggling to get in shape, but we’re both busy with our children and could not afford the time or money for membership. I’m hoping he’ll now be motivated and feel better

  128. 135


    I baked cookies for a family of Iraqi refugees who I’ve gotten to know and I just love them more every time I visit them!

  129. 136

    aaannnnd i tweeted

  130. 137

    I love Stonyfield. I recently did all of my sister’s laundry to help her out!

  131. 138

    My sister is living with me and my husband right now, and is staying in our guest room, which is really my closet room. So I’m slowly moving more and more of my stuff out of the room so she has more space.

  132. 139

    Oikos are one of my favorite Greek Yogurt brands!

    Just re-tweeted this post.

  133. 140

    While my two sisters lazed around on Thanksgiving day, I helped my mom with food prep and cooking for the 19 people we had coming over for dinner! My mom said I saved her hours of time and days of sore arms :)

  134. 141

    I made dinner for a friend of mine who recently had a baby who has some health complications so she is having to spend a lot of time at the hospital. Now for at least a couple of nights she doesn’t have to make dinner when she gets home =)

  135. 142

    The day after Thanksgiving, my family and I of 23 made and served breakfast for the Ronald McDonald house next to the children’s hospital in St. Louis.

  136. 143

    I am a nurse at Children’s hospital. Two of us were scheduled to work Thanksgiving, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (the other nurse’s birthday). Hence, she got home baked cupcakes for her birthday from me, since she did not get to spend any time with her family.

  137. 144

    I bought a Christmas present for my work’s adopt-a-family!

  138. 145

    I shared dinner with my coworker the other day since I knew it was her favorite.

  139. 146
    Donna Porter says

    I have always wanted to try greek yogurt! Hmm…something nice I did for myself? I finished my holiday shopping way early so I don’t have to stress about it as the holidays approach! Now I can focus on creating yummy treats. Also, I learned how to make an awesome post workout drink..that was the best thing I have done for ME in awhile!

  140. 147

    I’m babysitting this Friday night instead of going to a REALLY fun concert with my friends. I wanted to decline but they were really excited about their friends’ Christmas party- a small sacrifice so they can have a fun night out!

  141. 148

    My grandpa recently got his first cell phone and is learning how to text–so I send him texts throughout the day telling him I love and miss him!

  142. 149

    I went to stay with my uncle after his emergency surgery while my aunt and cousin flew home early from their vacation. Family is what it’s all about!

  143. 150
    Annamaria L says

    YAY Greek yogurt!!! It’s funny how it is more popular here in America than in Greece ;)

    I recently took my Grandma out for a fancy lunch and to the movies for a “Girls’ Day”. She needed a nice break from all the stress Thanksgiving cooking gave her, and I loved seeing her enjoying the simple day with me :)

  144. 151

    I helped my grandma buy Christmas gifts for her relatives.

  145. 152

    I say “please” and “thank you” :-)

  146. 153
  147. 154

    I tweeted.

  148. 155

    I offered to work for my coworker so that she could attend a holiday event that she had planned.

  149. 156

    I tweeted! (@carrotrunr)

  150. 157

    I was a designated driver last weekend! :)

  151. 158

    I baked some banana bread for a colleague, just because.

  152. 159
    karen miller says

    i love oikos!

    this past weekend i volunteered to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society by wrapping presents at a bookstore! fun and a good cause!

  153. 160

    I supported a terminally ill patient’s choice to stop aggressive treatment even when his family was yelling in my face :) I am a nurse haha!

  154. 161

    I have now caught on to the greek yogurt train! It is so good. One thing I add to the yogurt is some sugar free powdered pudding mix. It’s delicious!

  155. 162

    i made my mama dinner on sunday night because she was ultra stressed with a project she had been working on! she was very thankful and the meal was tasty!

  156. 163

    I let my husband have our bed last night to himself – he’s been really sick!

  157. 164

    I let my husband pick where we ate dinner, does that count?

  158. 165

    I watched my 3 little nephews so my sister could get some time to herself!

  159. 166

    I just signed up to give back to the running community by registering to be a Running Buddy with Girls on the Run! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway, Anne!

  160. 167

    I patiently helped my in-laws learn how to use gym equipment, like the weight machines. They have never worked out at a gym and while it was fun, I definitely felt like I did something nice by being patient and positive for others.

  161. 168

    I tweeted the giveaway: @FitintheMidwest

    @fannetasticfood is having a fantastic stonyfield yogurt giveaway:

    I am also hosting a smaller giveaway for Stonyfield yogurt and there aren’t that many entries for those that are really interested in winning some yogurt!

  162. 169

    I love love love oikos greek yogurt. :D
    I offered to work for a couple of my co-workers so they could have some extra time with their family over the holiday break last week.

  163. 170

    I love greek yogurt! I have a least a serving a day!! Recently I have been trying to help my mom out by putting my 2 year old sisters down for naps. I almost every night I make dinner, but that is mainly because I love to cook!! Actually, I used stonyfield greek oikos in dinner last night! YUM!

  164. 171

    I helped my roomie vacuum her upstairs bedroom! haha :)

  165. 172

    I sent a care package of tea to a friend for her finals week!

  166. 173

    and I tweeted ;) xo

  167. 174

    I can’t even name something nice that I’ve done for someone lately! I’m sure there’s something (maybe?), but I asked my sister and she said I did something nice when I took her to the ER when she was sick with a migraine this weekend. She also just reminded me that we took food to the Ronald McDonald House for Thanksgiving; I didn’t even think of that either.

  168. 175

    I tweeted, too! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  169. 176

    I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family!

  170. 177

    I just surprised my college roommate with a happy birthday sing a long phone call! Nothing like feeling remembered and celebrating a birthday with some Greek yogurt to share too!!

  171. 178

    I bought a crate of clementines for my office mates to help counteract the endless supply of Holiday sweets around the office!

  172. 179

    I helped my friend walk dogs she was watching – and even helped with poop cleanup. ;) If that’s not love, then what is?

  173. 180

    Great giveaway!! I am mentoring a highschool girl who is having self-esteem issues. Some days though, I think she mentors me.

  174. 181

    I have been leaving notes of kindness and delicious treats for a coworker who is feeling very unappreciated and overworked lately. I haven’t told her who is leaving them yet because sometimes it just makes the day better to know that you helped someone smile… :)

  175. 182

    I adopted and Angel Tree kid for Christmas!

  176. 183

    I made a cake for my daughter to take into her office tomorrow! (so she can spread some cheer…)

  177. 184

    When I go on long runs I and need to stop for a gatorade at the gas station, I always bring along an extra dollar to give to a child to buy a treat…so far I haven’t had a parent say no:)

  178. 185

    Delivered a Christmas tree to someone I didn’t know. My mom met someone who had just moved to GA and couldn’t find her tree. The woman lives must closer to me than my mom, so when my boyfriend and I delievered a piano to my aunt (driven in the back of a truck from AL to GA) we picked up the tree and I delivered it the next day.

  179. 186

    I found a wallet on the street and took it home to track the person down. It ended up being a lot harder to find ANY contact info and my mom and I spent hours calling banks, facebooking stalking her relatives, etc. We finally found her and she was so grateful. Yay!

  180. 187

    I recently made cookies for our local fire department to thank them for their services to our neighborhood!

  181. 188

    I am working on a project for a nonprofit organization that I’m really proud of. It’s a school assignment so it’s not totally altruistic, but knowing that this organization is going to benefit from the end result is so gratifying. And it’s a really worthy organization so I’m proud to be a part of it.

  182. 189

    I cleaned the whole kitchen for my mom ;]

  183. 190

    Oh btw I tweeted [:

  184. 191

    Tweet Tweet @HILLontherun

  185. 192

    I made pie for my friend who was hospitalized and has been home from work for several weeks. He loves pie!

  186. 193

    I helped a woman with a disabled daughter avoid eviction at the Legal Aid center where I volunteer. It’s why I love being able to volunteer and the reason I want to become a lawyer!

  187. 194

    I helped my sister edit her personal statement to become a health promotions major in college today. I am praying she gets it!

  188. 195

    I also tweeted @kimmyjahnke :)

  189. 196
    Adventurer says

    I wrote 4 letters of recommendation to grad schools for one of my former aides!

  190. 197

    The other day I helped my 80 year old grandmother clean her house! :-)

  191. 198

    This morning when I was heading to work I saw a little dog on the side of the road with a collar on so I had to stop and help him find his way home! called the owner’s number and the guy came right away to get him and was so happy to be reunited with his pup!

  192. 199

    Stonyfield Oikos is my all-time fave! I adore the plain as I can do SOOOO many things with it!

    As for something I’ve done for someone recently….I brought a Thanksgiving plate to a good friend as he was alone for the holidays for the first time ever. Also, he has been down on his luck, so I bought him some groceries to tide him over until his next paycheck.

    I tweeted about the giveaway on Twitter! (check out @geomusic16)

  193. 200

    I made treats for our neighbors!

  194. 201

    This past weekend, we sat down at a restaurant for dinner and realized that the previous family had left their camcorder underneath the table. Instead of taking it for ourselves, we held onto it and returned it to them when they came back.

  195. 202

    I baked for my co-workers

  196. 203

    Every Saturday on my drive into Weight Watchers I give the same homeless man a few dollars as I come off 395. Makes me feel good even though it’s so small.

  197. 204

    And I tweeted this fabu giveaway!

  198. 205

    I gave my apartment to visting friends and went to stay at my boyfriend’s.

    I love Stonyfield!!

  199. 206

    A dear friend is going through a divorce. I sent her flowers the day it was final. I wanted her to know she was loved. <3

  200. 207

    My cousin recently had her second child and I am taking her dinner tomorrow night. I’m actually going to bring her a breakfast casserole along with the Fruit Salad Recipe you added to your blog. YUMMO!

  201. 208

    I also tweeted about this wonderful giveaway!

  202. 209

    I brought in some healthy apple muffins (most recent entry on my blog!) to my coworkers to balance out the sugary treats we have all been eating lately. I also donated to my office’s annual toy drive.

    It’s great reading about all of the nice things people do!

  203. 210
    Haley Julian says

    I always leave a note of encouragement in my 7-year-old daughter’s lunch bag. She says it’s her favorite part of her school day!

  204. 211

    i gave a friend my computer to use for school because his died during finals week and he couldn’t afford a new one yet

  205. 212

    So I can’t enter the contest because I don’t know how to tweet (I know) but I love this story so I just wanted to share it. We got stuck at the airport in Salt Lake City one December and had about eight hours to kill so we took the free shuttle/tour of Temple Square. While we were walking from one building to the next a homeless woman approached us asking for money. My husband is usually very generous but it was really cold and we were trying to cross the street so we could get our kids inside (we lived in Hawaii at the time so we didn’t have any winter clothes). When we didn’t make the light my husband gave my six-year-old son some money to give to the woman. He walked over and gave it to her and then out of nowhere wrapped his little arms around her gave her a great big hug. The woman started to cry. I cried too. I can only imagine what that hug meant to her.

    • 213

      You are still entered just by commenting! Tweeting was just an option for an additional entry :) What a sweet thing your son did – I love this.

      Hope you are doing well! :)

  206. 214

    On my way out for a run the other night, a woman dropped a bottle of champagne from a grocery bag onto the floor in my apt building lobby. It exploded and the glass went everywhere, so I stayed to help her pick up all of the glass pieces. :)

    P.S. Love everything Stonyfield!!!

  207. 215

    I told the manager of a store how pleasant her staff is. Gave them all compliments. I am sure all they hear are complaints and I wanted to let them know how good they were doing.

  208. 216

    Don’t think I have tried Stoneyfield yogurt. I’ll look for it at the grocery and Trader Joe’s. I am always watching for an opportunity to do something nice for someone else. I took in dinner to my neighbor, yesterday. He had just gotten home from having a quadruple bi-pass surgery. He was very appreciative and I was so glad I could do something to help.

  209. 217

    Love the blog and Stonyfield! I skipped my lunch at work to help a coworker get the data they needed for a report!

  210. 218

    I helped my mom out in the kitchen :)

  211. 219

    It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m going to send my mom a surprise in the mail for her birthday (THIS saturday) – She always says that it’s just another birthday and she never really gets anything special for it.. this way she will!

  212. 220
  213. 221

    I joined the California Parks Foundation to support the state parks in California! :)

  214. 222

    I love me some Greek yogurt! I was at Sephora earlier today and it was crazy in there. My cashier seemed frazzled so I took time to chat her up and be nicer than I usually am and wish her a great Christmas!

  215. 223

    I gave a friend a ride to the airport.

  216. 224

    I donated to Toys for Tots!


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