The SparkPeople Cookbook Review & Giveaway!

Hello and happy Friday!

Today I have a book review, guest post, and giveaway to share with you all, featuring the SparkPeople cookbook!


One of my blog friends, Stepfanie, works for SparkPeople, which is a community/member website that offers nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources (all 100% free — all you have to do is sign up!) to help people towards reaching their goals to lead healthier lives. The SparkPeople cookbook came out in October, and Stepfanie co-wrote it! Pretty cool. :)


Stepf and I originally became friends via email when she approached me in 2009 about doing some guest posts for dailySpark. She also wrote a great guest post for me last year called “The Best Stretches for Athletes” — which I would recommended checking out if you missed it, it’s a good one. After emailing for awhile, we met in person at a few of the blogger conferences and had fun chatting about blogs, traveling, and life.


Stepf sent me a copy of the cookbook a couple weeks ago and it’s amazing. Not only does it include recipes, but also tips for fitting these recipes into your budget and schedule, chef secrets to streamline the cooking process, and success stories from real SparkPeople members that have turned their lives around by eating healthier.



Other things I love that they included in the book:

  • The “Make it a Meal” feature — notes for how to make a main dish into a well-balanced meal by adding sides
  • 150 of the meal ideas/recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare
  • Two weeks of meal plans (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) — they are in the 1,400 to 1,600 calorie range, which is too low for some people, but still a great feature and you can easily add in more snacks/larger meals
  • A healthy pantry checklist
  • Step-by-step guides for healthy cooking techniques
  • A list of kitchen equipment necessary for healthy cooking
  • Tips to raise kids to be healthy eaters
  • This page:


I also love that Stepf’s coauthor, “Chef Meg,” includes this in the foreword:

While some low-fat products are fantastic, I steer clear of over processed “diet” foods because they don’t satiate me and I end up eating more. Instead, I cut calories and fat by choosing low- or non-caloric cooking techniques and save room for some rich and savory ingredients like a little bit of butter, cream, bacon, or full-fat cheese… If you use these ingredients in the right amounts, you get the benefit of their flavors and satisfaction without breaking the calorie bank.”

Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself. :) So NOT a fan of the “diet” mentality and definitely wouldn’t help to promote a book that was preaching that! This book very much takes the same approach I do — a practical/fun approach to nutrition, emphasizing real food that tastes good. Most of the recipes are healthier versions of typical favorites — no weird or crazy ingredients — with a few creative recipes thrown in there as well, like this Quinoa-Flaxseed Pizza Dough. Yum!


If you like my blog and my recipes, you will love this cookbook. There aren’t a ton of vegetarian recipes in the book, FYI, but if you are looking for tips to eat healthier and are interested in recipes that give healthy twists to old favorites, I’d really recommend checking this book out. The recipes all look really simple and sound delicious, too.


Matt’s going to be pumped about this healthy Buffalo Chicken recipe!


Since I’m friends with the co-author of this book, in addition to my review I thought it would be fun to ask her to share some of her experiences with writing the book. Enjoy!

Writing the SparkPeople Cookbook

by: Stepfanie Romine

Joining the team four years ago was like winning the lottery. I genuinely enjoy coming to work every morning, and, in addition to helping people reach their healthy-living goals each day, I get to pursue my own as well. In the past four years, I’ve learned to ride a bike (I had an odd childhood), discovered that I love running, run two half marathons, earned my yoga teacher certification, and tried countless new fitness activities. I’ve traveled to Vancouver to meet Olympic athletes, helped us forge partnerships at some major magazines, and given talks at our conventions and last year’s Healthy Living Summit.

I write about topics that I love: yoga, stress relief, food, and cooking. In addition to writing content for our sites, I manage, our healthy recipes website, and, our healthy living blog. I also co-wrote "The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight" with our resident healthy cooking expert, culinary instructor and World Master Chef Meg Galvin.

Writing the book was so much fun (but a lot of hard work). I worked long, odd hours when we were doing the bulk of the writing. I would go to the office in the mornings, head home in the afternoons, and write until the wee hours–when creativity strikes, you have to write no matter what time it is. Altogether, I wrote about 80,000 words. I spent almost a month on set as we photographed the book. I did the set styling (such fun!) and worked with our food stylists to ensure the dishes were true to the original recipes. Unlike with many cookbooks, the portions and ingredients are exact–if you see a serving of something in the book, that’s what it will look like when you make it at home.


I was involved in every aspect of the book–from writing the proposal to working on PR and marketing after it was finished. From genesis to publication, the book took almost two years–we gathered success stories from members who lost weight using Chef Meg’s recipes, conducted two surveys of longtime members and yo-yo dieters, and did an in-depth taste test comparing our recipes to traditional diet foods. The cookbook is much more than a collection of recipes. It’s an education in healthy cooking and inspiration for anyone who’s trying to get excited about losing weight and lightening up their meals.


As a writer, there’s no feeling more satisfying than seeing your book in stores. My eyes welled up the first time I saw "The SparkPeople Cookbook" on store shelves. My regular grocery store carries it, and it’s fun to pass by it every time I shop.

Most recently, I just wrote our first e-book, "Easy Vegan Meals by SparkPeople: The No-Stress, No-Guilt Way to Reap The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet." With 122 recipes and almost 250 pages, it was another huge undertaking but a very fun one.

And now, for a giveaway! Stepf and her team have offered to give away cookbooks to 2 lucky fANNEtastic food readers.

Here’s how to enter to win a SparkPeople Cookbook — each option is an additional entry, so if you do options 2, 3, and/or 4, please be sure to come back and leave a separate comment each time saying what you did.

  1. Leave a comment telling me why you want this book.
  2. Tweet about this contest (include a link to this post and @fANNEtasticfood — and please make sure you are following me!).
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts.
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Contest open to U.S. residents only, please. I’ll draw a winner on Tuesday morning (March 27).

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  1. 1
    Danielle J says:

    I love trying new (healthy) recipes and this book would be a great way to add new things to my meals :D

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    I am always looking for new healthy recipes that will satisfy my husband too!

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    I’m trying to make healthier decisions about what I’m eating, and any cookbook that has good healthy swaps would be a great addition to my kitchen.

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    I’m always looking for new recipe ideas! This cookbook looks great!

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    Jessica B says:

    I love cooking and recently decided I was not only going to eat healthier, but that every week I have to try a new recipe. This cookbook would fit in perfectly with those goals!

  8. 8

    I love Sparkpeople! I use their app every single day to log all of my calories. I would love their cookbook. :)

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    Shannon M says:

    I recently began counting calories and am working towards being an overall healthy eater – I’d love to have this cookbook to use as a tool for my success :)

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    Awesome! I’m working on losing the last 10 pounds and love!

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    I’ve been in a bit of a recipe rut lately, making the same group of recipes all the time. It’s getting monotonous, and this cookbook would be perfect for some inspiration!

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    Cassie D. says:

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    While I’m not trying to lose weight right now, I do like the idea of a book filled with recipes that are healthy AND taste great! I love to cook and am always looking for new ideas and just the few samples in this post had me drooling.

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    I would LOVE This cookbook. I read the Daily Spark often and am always looking for new recipes!

  19. 19

    I would LOVE this book. I frequently read the Daily Spark, so inspirational!

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    The shot of the flaxseed pizza dough recipe sold me — I always throw flaxseed in my pizza dough and other breads, too!

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    I love Sparkpeople!! I’ve lost 75lbs with them so far and adding this cookbook to my healthy lifestyle tool belt would be amazing!

  22. 23
    Katherine says:

    I am always looking for new recipes to try! This would also be my first cook book…I would love this to be the start to a new collection! :)

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    Just seeing a few of the pages from this book “sparked” my interest to see more. And I love getting ideas on living healthier. Thanks so much!

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    Just moved in with my boyfriend and I need new recipe ideas!

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    I am a nutrition student and I love searching new and healthy but unique recipes in my spare time. Whenever I go home I bring recipes that I can make for my parents to help introduce them to fun and healthy recipes too.

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    My sister loves buffalo chicken, so I’d love to learn how to make a healthy version of it!

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    This cookbook looks awesome! I always find that I get home and I’m HUNGRY and don’t want to take forever to make something! A quick recipe idea sounds perfect!

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    I tweeted!

  33. 34
    Stephanie says:

    I would love to win this book because I could really use some cooking inspiration. I like to cook healthy meals but sometimes I don’t know where to look for them. It sounds like this book would do the trick.

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    I would love this cookbook – it sounds so great, and after putting on 20 lbs after marathon training I could really use something to get a bit more excited about losing weight.

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    What a fun giveaway! Would love to win!

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    I love Spark people recipies. Whenever I am looking to cook something, the ideas always come from the website. It looks like a great book to have.

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    Thank you for the review/giveaway! I’d love this book because I feel like I get in food ruts so often, I end up eating unhealthy foods to get out of my rut. If I have a new cookbook with new healthy ideas, I’d probably stick to my healthier habits more often :)

  43. 44

    I would love this book because I am always pressed for time, so it would be great to be able to check out the 150 recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare. Rachael Ray’s 30-minute Meals are great and everything, but this looks like it is a much healthier collection of resources!

  44. 45

    I have this cookbook and love it! I have been with Spark for over a year and a half. I actually found your blog by using!

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    I WANT this cookbook because I just lost 100 pounds, as of March 21,2012, with SparkPeople. The challenges there ROCK!

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    I like that so many of the recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare!

  47. 50
    Shaunna Ulrick says:

    I love their website so i know i would love this book

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    I would love to share this with my daughter–she is a wonderful cook and has had some health concerns over the last couple of years plus she likes to give her daughter healthy food, too.

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    This book looks like it has tons of new, healthier recipes that I’d love to try.

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    Doreen G. says:

    I’ve used SparkPeople and I’ve tried some of Chef Meg’s recipes, both are great! I’d love to have such a complete and helpful cookbook!

  52. 55
    Cheryl Gottlieb says:

    Checking out the new cookbook –
    “the SparkPeople cookbook” and hoping to win one on the contest on the blog fANNEtastic food. Spark people was first introduced to me in my support group at Tufts Weight and Wellness Center. It is healthy food and great ideas that really help transform your eating habits.

    Personal note:
    I had a gastric bypass on Nov. 2nd 2010 and lost 90 pounds. Now is the fun time to transform my eating for good and keep off the weight. I have the apps on my iPhone and the Spark book about exercise. It would be great to have the cookbook to help transform my eating and help my family and friends do the same.

  53. 56

    I love sparkrecipes! I would love to have this cookbook – I so value the strive for good health and awesome, supportive community that Spark People boldly represents. Awesome people, great site!

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    Ahhhhh I love Spark People recipes, so many wonderful ones on the site too! I’d really enjoy having the cookbook for the healthy pizza on the front alone! ha ;o) I bet there’s some good ones in their to along with you and the other Ladies, I too am totally over the diet mentality. Diets cause weight gain, changing our ways of eating is what gets & keeps us healthy!!

    I’m on a path of health and this book would really help in the variety of it!

  55. 58

    I would love this cookbook! The recipes look awesome and don’t seem intimidating.

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    I read SparkPeople daily, and also have their book. I would love the cookbook. :)

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    I would love to have this book as I am sure there are many innovative techniques for healthy cooking in it–I do use many of the Sparks recipes from on-line. Here’s hoping!

  60. 64

    Hi Anne,

    Brand new to your blog… I love cooking and eating healthy and I’m dying to try that salmon patties with spicy-sweet yogurt dressing recipe… looks yummy!


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    I’d love to win this book! I’m always interested in trying new recipes and also putting my own flare on them!

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    I would love to win this book. It’s hard to find healthy living cookbooks, and this one looks like it fits the bill perfectly!

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    I love SparkPeople! I’m actually the Administrator for the “Recovering Eating Disorders” team :)

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    I would love to learn some new healthy recipes that are easily accessible for less experienced cooks! Sparkpeople is the best!

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    I use Sparkpeople as part of the wellness program @ my job. Would love to check out their cookbook!

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    This cookbook would make a perfect addition to my collection. I love trying new recipes and learning new ways of secretly getting my family and friends to eat healthier! My husband is more of a vegetarian than he thinks! :)

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    I can always use new ideas for healthy meals! Looks like a great cookbook!

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    This is SO up my alley! What a great way to start off spring with a huge collection of new recipes AND inspiring stories, love it! :)

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    I would love to win this cookbook because I am graduating from college and moving into my own place in a couple weeks and would love a cookbook to start making my own meals!

  70. 74
    Rachel C says:

    I love the before and after pics and the inspiring stories. Plus, the recipes you highlighted look wonderful. :)

  71. 75

    This book looks great. I often go to the SparkPeople site to check for recipes and ideas and also for exercise demos, too. This book would be a real boon to making the nutritious meals and the menu-planning that I do for my family.

  72. 76

    I would like to win this book based off that salmon cake recipe alone!

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    I would love to win this book because I have a weight loss goal of 50 pounds and a lowfat, easy to follow recipe cookbook would help me obtain that goal.

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  75. 80

    I’d love to have this book to help make healthy meals for my family.

  76. 81

    Funny thing, I found you because of Spark. Lovin it ever since!

    I would LOVE to have a copy of this book. We are financially challenged at the moment (hopefully temporarily!) so I can’t exactly buy … anything at the moment. (But that doesn’t stop me from lacing up and doing bodyweight exercises at home!)

    Chef Meg really turned SparkRecipes around. The recipe section used to be … okay, but I absolutely love that she’s not afraid to use butter and the like but still make the recipe healthy. Her recipes are all about balance and I think we all need that influence!

  77. 83

    Would love to learn some new recipes and read all the info in the book.

  78. 84

    I love cooking!! Also the photography looks amazing. Thanks Anne!

  79. 85

    This looks like such a great book! I hope to one day open a nutrition private practice, an envision myself having a studio of sorts where I can do cooking lessons (especially with kids!) and I’d love to have a library where clients can check food and nutrition books out — I think this could be a good resource! Plus, I love to check out books like this for myself, too. Who couldn’t use a few extra healthy recipes at their disposal? :)

  80. 86

    I need healthy but not diet recipes for after I have my baby in May!

  81. 87

    I’m always looking for new ways to eat healthier and I love that this book is about lifestyle, not just food. Sounds great!

  82. 88
    Linda W. says:

    SparkPeople is a great site with lots of great info! Don’t want to/like to/have the money to go to the gym? Check out the videos on their site. Not sure what a chest press is? They also have exercise demos.

    How do I know this? Well, my favorite hobby/form of relaxation is cooking so there has got to be some exercise in there somewhere and I dislike gyms! I try all kinds of new recipes though. Just don’t tell people it’s healthy, just say it’s a new recipe! This works with my husband even though by now he knows it is probably something healthy and he is okay with that! Now if I can just get that to work on some of our friends with health issues that need to watch what they eat!!! I’m sure the Spark Cookbook would have something they would like if I made it for them!!!

    Keep up the good work Anne!


  83. 89

    Oh! I love a good cookbook! I am always looking for new healthy recipes to try! The only problem is that I can barely find the time to actually cook between work and half marathon training! :) But I am working on it! p.s. Love reading your blog and your recipes! Always feel so inspired to go out for a run after reading!

  84. 91

    I am a SparkPeople and love what they have already done with their site. Their recipes, exercise and community are great. The cookbook would be a great addition to my already invested involvement in Sparkpeople. Thanks a bunch for the opportunity to win the cookbook!

  85. 92

    I think I would LOVE this cookbook becuz I am trying to get my family, mostly by 2 boys, to eat healthier. But I’m a Mom, that works full time and I honestly don’t have a lot of time to prepare.

  86. 93

    Would love to win the cookbook because I just recently developed a love of baking, but cooking meal type food still scares me!

  87. 94

    I have been a member of for several years now and I love it! It is an awesome resource for anything you can imagine to help you towards your healthy living goals! This cookbook would be a much used addition to my kitchen everyday!

  88. 95

    this book sounds awesome! i can always use new cookbooks :D

  89. 96

    I want this book to add new healthy recipes to my collection. I know that anything Anne has to do with has to be first rate.

  90. 97

    I just tweeted

  91. 98

    I would love this cookbook – I live alone and find myself going for easy frozen dinners or takeout way too much! some healthy inspiration is needed!

  92. 99

    I would love this cookbook becasue I need all the healty eating inspiration I can get. I am a single 20-something and making big meals for just myself is really hard, I usually end up making something and then eating the leftovers for a few days. So some new ideas would be great!!

  93. 100

    I would love to have this book because I’m trying to shed weight, and it will give me healthy food options.

  94. 101

    I would like this book because I need variety in my recipes. Also, the quick breakfast excerpt looks great.

  95. 102

    I love your recipes (almond encrusted tilapia makes our weekly menu most weeks!!) and I would love this cookbook for more inspiration.

  96. 103

    I love SparkPeople! I like how their recipes show cooking-challenged people like me how to make healthy and tasty meals. I would love this cookbook!

  97. 104

    I Tweeted.

  98. 105

    We’re stuck in a food rut and for sure need inspiration.

  99. 106

    I want this book because I enjoy their website and am always looking for healthy ideas and recipes! Great giveaway!

  100. 107

    I want the book for some new, creative inspiration!

  101. 108

    This cookbook looks like all the recipes I love to pour over on different blogs. I love experimenting in the kitchen with healthy ingredients.

  102. 109

    I would love to win this cookbook for my mom because I’d love to help her with losing weight and make it easier to find satisfying meals healthy for her !

  103. 110

    because i want quick, healthy, creative meal ideas!

  104. 111
    Amanda B. says:

    Just going to be starting SparkPeople again to lose my baby weight! This would help so much!

  105. 112

    because I’m a college student learning to cook *well* & seeking healthy meal choices :)

  106. 113

    I would love this book to add some new healthy recipes to my weekly meals!

  107. 114
    Angela Knott says:

    2012 has been the intro to clean eating for my family. We would love to add to all the recipes we have been collecting through many great blogs.

  108. 115

    I would love this cookbook because I’m a college student short on time with a lack of new ideas for meals. :)

  109. 116

    I would love to win this book! I lost 60 lbs seven years ago and have kept most of it off through exercise and eating right. I’ve got some old favorite healthy recipes, but am always looking for new favorites to keep things interesting.

  110. 117

    I would love this book! I’m always looking for new recipes that are healthy

  111. 118

    I’ve maintained a 60 pound weight loss for 2 years now and love all things healthy!! Sooo much out there to learn and this book would be perfect!!

  112. 120

    I’m actually a user of, and originally found this blog through a guest blog featured on that site. I have found sparkpeople to be incredibly resourceful and informative over the years, and desperately want a copy of the cookbook. Unfortunately, working as a poor Americorps VISTA and being a full-time student doesn’t leave me a lot of extra cash :( So fingers crossed I win the random comment lottery!!

  113. 121

    I have struggled with my weight throughout life, so having this book seems like it would e great inspiration! I love to cook and have a small blog myself, and I think the cookbook could help me guide my own recipes in a more healthful way!

  114. 122

    I need this cookbook because I am the most uninspired cook ever. True story.

  115. 123

    I already follow you on Twitter. And I just tweeted about this giveaway.

  116. 124

    This cookbook looks awesome! I am also in school to become a dietitian (I’m in the DPD/MS program at Simmons in Boston), and I recently attended the Massachusetts Dietetic Association conference where SparkPeople was mentioned a few times as a great tool for dietitians and their clients! I’d love to try some of Stephanie’s recipes!

  117. 126

    This would be a great addition to my cookbook collection. I am always searching for new recipes in magazines and at the library. These recipes look simple and quick which would be perfect for our busy life!

  118. 127

    I’m trying to eat healthier due to my family history of diabetes. This book seems like it would really help!!

  119. 128

    Seeing the recipe for Quinoa-Flaxseed Pizza Dough was enough to make me want the cookbook. But I love Sparkpeople and know it will be a great book!

  120. 129

    I would love to have a healthy cookbook with recipes that reflect my lifestyle and need for healthy yumminess! Everything looks absolutely wonderful, and what an accomplishment it must be for Steph to have been involved in every aspect of the book. Currently writing my thesis for a MS, and I think it would be way more fun writing and designing a cookbook ;)

  121. 131
    Sarah S. says:

    What a great cookbook. This would be great for quick and healthy weeknight meals. I’m always on the look out for new recipes.

  122. 132

    I’d love to have this cookbook! I’m trying to get healthy and in shape, and I’ve gotten into a routine with exercise, but I’m having trouble making healthy and delicious meals!

  123. 133

    This would be great! I’m in a cooking rut – I feel like I always make the same things. It would be great to branch out with healthy recipes

  124. 134

    I love how inspiring this cookbook is! I’m getting married this summer and would love to move into a new kitchen armed with some delicious and healthy recipes : )

  125. 135

    just tweeted about the giveaway! (@Danica_ipnp)

  126. 136

    This cookbook would give me more healthy recipes to use!

  127. 137

    If this book can help me got out of the “diet” mentality I want it. I am really trying to let the healthy eating habits become way of life. great review!

  128. 138

    I would love the new breakfast ideas from this book!

  129. 139

    I love Sparkpeople get on almost everyday loohing for new recipes. Would love to win this cookbook!

  130. 140

    I am trying to lose weight and love the recipe and stories for inspiration :)

  131. 141

    I’d love to win this cookbook, because I love trying new recipes, and I like to keep my meals healthy and on the lower-calorie side, while not sacrificing flavor and variety! I love that it has lifestyle tips in addition to the recipes. Makes sense, because healthy eating is more than just food selection.

  132. 142

    Tweeted about the giveaway (and follow you) :!/DareYouToBlog/status/183988065390428161

  133. 143

    I had a moment the other night where I caught sight of myself in a mirror (at a bar) and knew that I have to recommit to a healthy diet and exercising more than twice a week. I started this morning with a 5k (my first run in a month or so) and am ready to be back on the wagon.

  134. 145
    katherine w. says:

    That picture of the quinoa pizza dough alone is enough to make me want this cookbook! Sounds like a good one that could spice up my life in the kitchen!

  135. 146

    I easily get in food ruts and this will be a great way to become more creative! Thanks for sharing!

  136. 147

    This book looks like it would be helpful to anyone who wants to live a healthy life. I would love it.

  137. 148
    Danielle says:

    Living alone and working long hours, I often get in a cooking rut and this seems like it has some great ideas to mix up my routine.

  138. 149

    I´m always on the lookout for new ideas/inspirations for healthy cooking – this would be a great addition. :)

  139. 150

    This cookbook looks so awesome! Anything to give me inspiration in the kitchen would be a plus!

  140. 151

    I tweeted and I follow you!

  141. 152

    Posted on Facebook!

  142. 153

    The cookbook looks really great, your photos are very inspiring. I would like to own this cookbook because it appears that the recipes would be appealing to my tween-age twin daughters, who are athletic and therefore need to eat well for energy.

  143. 154

    I love cooking healthy recipes so I would love to have this book to find some new yummy ones. I can think of nothing better than feeding my family something that has loads of nutrition and also taste great!

  144. 155

    I’m trying to eat and cook meals that are better for me and my husband!

  145. 156

    Tweeted about this giveaway @kellyfranks10

  146. 157

    Tweeted about this giveaway! @kellyfranks10

  147. 158

    I’m trying to lose weight and get into better shape for my kids. I would love to try these recipies!

  148. 159

    I would love to own the cookbook. The stuffed pork recipe that you teased looks delicious!

  149. 160

    I find adding a new cookbook periodically to my collection helps keep the menu fresh! I’m about due for a new one and this looks like a good one to get!

  150. 161
    Angela smith says:

    Saw thus giveaway on Facebook. I love There are so many great healthy recipes out there. Hoping I win.

  151. 162
    Carrie Denham says:

    I just shared the contest link on Facebook. I love Sparkpeople recipes! I hope lots of people will do the same, and that I’ll be the lucky winner of the cookbook! Pick me! :)

  152. 163

    I would like to win this cookbook, because I have wanted one since it came out, and cannot save the cash to get it, something always comes up. I am trying to reach my goal of 180 by May 28th, my 67th birthday. I am working hard everyday to do this. I started at 372 3/4 and now am 235.4. I will do this!

  153. 165

    I want this book because it seems down to earth and do-able!

  154. 166

    I would love to win the SparkPeople cookbook! I’m looking for more healthy recipes to share with my blog readers and this cookbook would be great!

  155. 167

    Following you on Facebook and mentioned you on Facebook!

  156. 168

    Just tweeted this contest!!/SoundWindLimb

  157. 169

    I would love this book as I am ALWAYS looking for quick, tasty and healthy recipies!

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