Training continues!

Half marathon training continues!

I had the best run yesterday with friends – the company made the miles seriously fly by and it was a perfect weather day for a run.

It was a nice treat after the nonstop rain we had all last week… and that we will apparently have this week too! 

dc run with friends

Self timer jumping photo fail – ha!

dc run date with friends

Almost 9 miles — woo!

dc rock n roll half marathon training

Mary had to get home after about 6 miles, so Sokphal, Kathleen, and I dropped her off back at the cars and then did another short loop, ending at Compass Coffee for pastries + lattes.

This the best way to end a run in my opinion – I’ve been missing this since we haven’t been meeting up for our long run dates anywhere near a coffee shop lately! Thanks for the fun miles, ladies. <3

I had a cream cheese kolache (sooo good, I’m obsessed with the fluffy yet doughy texture and it’s just the right sweetness level) + a latte with a splash of their almond butter syrup. I always ask for less syrup because it’s so aggressively sweet otherwise, but I like a little flavor. :)

compass coffee rosslyn

After I got home and showered, lunch was an unpictured make-ahead freezer burrito. Yum!

I was feeling really good on Sunday morning for the run probably because this is how my Saturday night looked:

This phase of motherhood is super fun and energetic and also super exhausting and overstimulating. I find I’m craving stillness and calm, especially at the end of the day, more than I used to! 

Just sitting and staring at this fire while Freyja sat next to/on me was so lovely and calming. 

Dinner before the fireplace sitting was a crusted fish (it reminded me of a hybrid of my Almond Crusted Tilapia Recipe and my Sage & Pecan Crusted Tilapia Recipe, but made with cod) with some balsamic pan seared peppers and tomatoes and roasted zucchini. Yum! After I took this picture we ended up adding some leftover pasta and grated parmesan to our plates, too – it worked well with everything!

crusted cod with veggies

The other two dinners this weekend were the usual steak + taco salad with my parents at our place last night, and a fun sushi dinner out with friends on Friday. 

the sushi bar

We also had some really yummy lentil soup for lunch one of the days – I think on Friday? – Riese randomly loves lentil soup! Plus some crusty bread and cheese. 

lentil soup and bread

Back in the day I posted this recipe for two ingredient lentil soup – basically lazy lentil soup – and this was a bit fancier with some veggies in the mix and beef bone broth stirred in. ;)

It’s looking like a busy week – I’m wrapping up reviewing applications/interviews for the job posting I shared a couple weeks ago, which is super exciting – and I’m really happy because our usual nanny is back in town after 3.5 weeks away! She was home visiting her family, which is awesome, but those of you that are parents know how hard it can be to figure out/line up back up care (especially when it’s just part time care)… the past few weeks have been a lot of piecing together various sitters + my mom once one of those sitters bailed last minute (thanks mom!), working in the evenings a lot to make up for lack of work time during the day, etc. It will be nice to be back into our normal routine with 2 consistent full days a week of childcare! 

Have a great day, and stay dry if you are here in rainy DC!


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    Nice work on your long run! So nice to be able to end the run with coffee and a pastry! I’m with you in feeling pretty exhausted at the end of the day with a toddler. It was snowy/cold here this weekend so we were cooped up inside which made the days feel extra long – plus our little guy was up around 5 on Sat and 5:50 on Sun. Womp womp. I enjoyed some reading & a little nap in the reclining chair in our bedroom in front of a fireplace. When we bought the house, my husband thought we’d never use the fireplace in our room. I have proved him very wrong as it’s my favorite spot to sit during naptime!

    • 2

      Ugh the super early mornings are rough! We are lucky Riese has been sleeping til 7 lately… such a treat!! I LOVE having a fireplace in our house now… we use it almost every day!

  2. 3

    Too bad they can’t bottle that toddler energy for the rest of us!

  3. 5

    Great to see your mileage creep up as you prepare for the half-marathon, Anne. And very nice to have folks help make the miles glide away as you run and char with them. And there is, of course, nothing like a dog and a fireplace on a cold February evening after a busy day!

  4. 6

    I love your weekend posts … they really give us a peek into your life and those are the fun recaps to read! I do have to ask … do you prefer to eat seafood over say chicken, turkey, pork, etc? I know that some folks eat seafood because it is said to be “leaner” and healthier than chicken, turkey, and pork BUT I have found that I just can’t stomach it. Do you recommend a comparable meat that isn’t so fishy?!?!

    • 7

      I like having a variety of proteins! We usually have a big mix throughout the week – the thing we eat the most is chicken, and then I aim to make one fish dinner at home each week, and sometimes I’ll get fish out another night if I’m feeling it. Beef is more occasional, same with turkey- just depends what looks good on the Blue Apron or Sun Basket menus for the week. :) I like mixing in some vegetarian proteins too, like beans, lentils, etc., especially at lunch. If you have a hard time with fishy fish, have you tried tilapia? The main nutritional benefit of fish is the omega 3 fatty acids – lots of great healthy fat in fish!

  5. 8

    So, so fun to run with everyone on Sunday! Love our weekly run dates. <3

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