WSU Week 3 Meal Plan

Welcome to week 3 of the Winter Shape Up! (Looking for the home base Winter Shape Up page? Click here – it has the answers to any questions you might have about the challenge and links to all the weekly content, too!)

As you know, my friend Gina and I have partnered up to bring you this fun healthy living 4 week challenge to inspire you to kick off the year on the right foot in terms of fitness and nutrition. Gina is a personal trainer, so on her site, you’ll find the weekly workouts for the challenge, including videos. Here on mine, I’ll be sharing the weekly nutrition-focused content, which will feature quick and easy recipe ideas for your meals and snacks.

Winter Shape Up 2015

We love to hear how you guys are doing with this challenge! If you share updates or photos on social media, please include #WinterShapeUp and, if you have space, tag both myself (@fANNEtasticfood – follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!) and Gina (@fitnessista) so we can see! :)

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Before I get into the plan, please remember that everyone’s nutrition needs are different and will vary based on activity level, age, gender, height/weight, and more. I am a Registered Dietitian, but this meal plan is not meant to be a substitute for personalized nutrition plans or nutrition counseling (like I provide in my AnneTheRD private practice). Above all, use this as a guide, not a concrete plan, and change it as you see fit based on your own hunger levels, preferences, and dietary needs. I’m not including specific quantities/portion sizes because of this – try to eat intuitively and listen to your body. This guide may be too much food for some of you and too little for others. If you’re getting full, save the rest for later. If the meal or snack wasn’t enough, don’t second guess yourself – listen to your body and have something else. If you’re really hungry and try to deny it, it will only lead to overdoing it later or feeling like crap. Honor your hunger, my friends. And same with the other end of the spectrum – stay mindful during your meals, and stop as soon as you start to get full. If you’re distracted, it’s a lot easier to overeat. Your body knows what to do if you just listen to it! Sound good?

A note on drinks: I didn’t include drinks in this guide, but aim to limit sugar-sweetened beverages. If you’re currently having a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages (soda, sweet tea, sweet flavored water, etc.), try to cut back by 1 or 2 drinks per week until it becomes an occasional treat vs. a daily habit. Focus on drinking lots of water, some unsweetened tea/coffee (if you’re into it), and the occasional wine or beer, if you like.

Regarding dessert, it’s not included in the plan for simplicity’s sake, but indulgence in moderation is certainly part of a healthy relationship with food. The key is to view dessert as an occasional treat vs. letting it become an everyday habit. If you really want something, by all means allow yourself to have it and really savor it. There’s no point in feeling guilty – eating perfectly 100% of the time isn’t realistic or healthy. Just make sure that when you do indulge, it’s worth it. Choose the real thing, not a diet imitation; stay mindful and stop when you are satisfied.


To download the week 3 meal plan, please click here.

If you have any problems with it or see any errors, please let me know! It also includes grocery lists (including vegan and gluten free variations). A big thank you to my dietetic intern Jackie for her help in putting these together for you guys!

For snacks, choose a variety each day based on hunger levels. Some days you might need a snack or even two or three, while other days you might not need one at all. Focus on how you feel. Hunger levels change daily based on activity and a host of other factors, so don’t expect to feel the same every day. For snacks, just like meals, focus on a good mix of carbs, protein, and healthy fat to keep you satisfied.

To download the simple snack ideas PDF, click here. Here are some fun new make-ahead recipes to try out this week:


Please say a big thank you to our Winter Shape Up sponsors for making it possible to offer this challenge to you guys for free!

Wild Blueberries | Cabot | Sabra | Sizzlefish | About Time | FitFluential

wsu2015 sponsors

This week’s featured sponsor is Sizzlefish! If you haven’t heard of Sizzlefish before, it’s an online home delivery company that ships you pre-portioned (in exact USDA recommended 4-oz servings), high quality seafood. The fish is shipped flash-frozen and arrives packed in dry ice. I love this because you can just throw it straight into the freezer, and then take it out to thaw whenever you’re ready to use it!

Sizzlefish was started by a fellow runner, Rob, who said he came up with the idea while out on a training run, since omega 3 fatty acids (which fish are a rich source of) are so beneficial to athletes. Rob said they’ve been careful to choose the best suppliers in terms of not only fish quality but sustainability, too, which I love.

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For this giveaway, Sizzlefish has offered to ship 2 lucky winners their Wild Ocean Blend. Comment below up to once per day (starting on Monday) with how thing are going for you during the challenge and each comment will count as an entry! I’ll randomly select the winners after the week is over (Monday morning) and notify them directly by email. Good luck!


  1. 1

    Workout done for the morning! Made your yogurt, blueberry, and apple bread last night and had it for a pre-workout snack. Yum! Feeling strong today and excited to start the third week.

  2. 2

    This morning I’m enjoying some overnight oats with ricotta, honey, chia seeds and wild blueberries!

  3. 3

    this weeks recipes look great!!!

  4. 4

    yum I love love love pumpkin and smoothies! probably going to keep that on rotation in the morning since I have a can of pumpkin open now :)

  5. 5

    Enjoying the last of my black bean sweet potato enchiladas! I’m a huge chicken enchilada fan, but I don’t miss the chicken in these. It’s kind of amazing.

  6. 6

    Going strong! Just finished up some weekly meal prep to prepare for the week :)

  7. 7

    So far, so good! Planning on making a big batch of sauteed veggies later and sauteed plantains! Excited to try the superfood cookie dough recipe!

  8. 8

    Did some weekly meal prep last night even though I knew I would be snowed in today! Chicken burgers with salads for lunch, breakfast cookies, ACV drinks and veggies and hummus. Tonight I’m making your mexican casserole! I can’t wait to try it after hearing everyone rave about it! :)

  9. 9

    Loving starting this week’s meal plan!

  10. 10

    Did my meal prep yesterday for the week – trying the 4 ingredient soup and the egg salad and continuing with the egg, kale and mushroom burritos for breakfast. Looks like it’ll be a good week!

  11. 11

    Barely had breakfast–the little one was fussy today. Hoping tonight will be better.

  12. 12

    That pesto baked salmon needs to be on my plat asap!! How I didn’t know you had a pesto recipe is beyond me, but I wish I’d seen it ages ago!

  13. 13

    Great day full of healthy eats! Banana oatmeal, roasted vegetable soup, almonds for a snack, and big healthy salad for dinner!

  14. 14

    I made a healthy greek salad with lots of veggies for dinner. I’m thinking about some low sugar granola bars to make for tomorrow. Thanks Anne!

  15. 15

    Love the blueberry balls from last week – great snack!

  16. 16

    Made delicious veggie/bean burgers for lunch

  17. 17

    went out to eat but ordered exactly what i wanted and didn’t finish instead of eating all of something I didn’t like :)

  18. 19

    I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. I stayed right on track–walk A LOT, and ate well, with a few indulgences. :)

  19. 20

    Lunch packed for the day…salad mixture with rice, asparagus, cottage cheese, hummus and chicken…random but delicious!

  20. 21

    Veggie egg cups for breakfast and a salad for lunch!

  21. 22

    Looking forward to making the almond crusted tilapia tonight!

  22. 23

    Went out to dinner last night and made healthy choices by getting a big salad with shrimp! Breakfast was oatmeal with peanut butter! yumm

  23. 24

    repeating one from week 1 tonight!

  24. 25

    I tried the new Mocha flavored Vega One in my smoothie this morning. Delicious! My new favorite!

  25. 26

    Oh my – I think I have a new favorite with this 4 ingredient soup (and all the toppings). Tasty and so easy!

  26. 27

    Another pumpkin kale banana smoothie today, dinner with my dad tonight- picked sushi!

  27. 28

    Had Gina’s cashew chicken for dinner from her HIIT book – delicious!

  28. 29

    Was feeling down in the dumps and didn’t do well with snacking yesterday but still got my healthy meals in. And I tried the pumpkin smoothie! It was ok – for my taste, I think I need just a little less pumpkin puree and more banana. Today was perfect microwave oatmeal for breakfast, the egg salad for lunch with salad and dinner was roasted pork and veggies.

  29. 30

    Had chickpea and turkey for dinner. Want to try that pumpkin smoothie but hesitating. Can’t remember whether or not I like pumpkin pie. Haven’t had it in years.

  30. 31

    I made low sugar granola bars today with dried fruit and nuts.

  31. 32

    making cookies later, love these recipes!

  32. 33

    Healthy buffalo chicken burgers and salad for dinner last night, perfect microwave oatmeal with peanut butter this morning after a good chilly hilly run!

  33. 34

    I’ve been awful about checking in with my meals. I’ve been sticking to my usual greek yogurt with flax, chia, blueberries, and bananas for breakfast everyday during the work week. Having leftovers for lunch today: ginger mahi mahi with sauteed veggies and quinoa.

  34. 35

    I loved my cherry chocolate smoothie this morning for breakfast, but I’m already craving lunch. I have leftover turkey veggie chili and I can’t wait. It was delicious!

  35. 37

    heyyyy – it’s hump day! lol I had oatmeal for breakfast, lunch was a spinach/artichoke/mushroom whole wheat quesadilla (so good) and tonight I’m thinking of having an egg/avocado sandwich since it’s a laid back dinner night at home.

  36. 38

    I’ve become obsessed with egg salad recently, so I made a big batch that I’ll probably have for dinner tonight!

  37. 39

    Just made a batch of cinnamon raisin almond balls!

  38. 40

    Basic protein shake (about time strawberry, almond milk and raspberries) along with a skim cappuccino for breakfast today and then the egg salad on greens for lunch. I had an apple around 11:30 to get me through a meeting and now, 3/4 of the way through the salad, I’m full! I have no doubt that I’ll finish it in another hour or so, though! Dinner tonight will be an egg casserole I made last night, along with croatian cabbage slaw. All in all, it looks like a great day!

  39. 41

    Salmon and salad for lunch with another winter shape up friend!

  40. 42

    Still hoping to try that pesto baked salmon soon! Today was a repeat of yesterday for my meals. I can’t help it if I like what I like! ;)

  41. 43

    Halfway through the week…I’ve been staying mindful of what I am eating.

  42. 44

    Had a delicious salad for lunch!

  43. 45

    I had leftover turkey veggie chili AGAIN for dinner and I’m still not sick of it. There’s one more serving, which I plan to devour for lunch tomorrow, and then lament its demise.

  44. 46

    added pumpkin puree to my greek yogurt with some stevia for pumpkin yogurt! with nuts and fruit on the side! yumm

  45. 47

    Went back to an old favourite – breakfast cookie – today

  46. 48

    Made another giant salad concoction for lunch. Dinner is going to be egg salad on homemade Whole wheat bread!

  47. 49

    still going strong!

  48. 50

    Enjoying some overnight oats with nectarines, almond butter, and a dollop of ricotta. Yummmmmm!

  49. 51

    Green protein smoothie (spinach, banana, chia seeds, sunbutter, PerfectFit protein, and almond milk) for breakfast and veggie burger over a salad for lunch!

  50. 52

    Salmon and butternut squash for dinner last night and perfect banana oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast!!

  51. 53

    The cinnamon raisin balls I made yesterday were a perfect snack this morning!

  52. 54

    Making zucchini pizza tonight from Gina’s HIIT book!

  53. 55

    I need to up my game with your snack ideas!

  54. 56

    Snacking on homemade granola bars and cinnamon almond balls!

  55. 57

    For breakfast, I had oatmeal with peanut butter. For lunch – leftover egg salad on one slice of wheat toast and a side salad. For dinner we had salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and a little salad.

  56. 58

    love pesto salmon, salmon is my favorite fish by far and my mom and I use the trader joes pesto on it all the time!

  57. 59

    Amazeballs were a life saver otday. Long, busy day

  58. 60

    Had Laura’s Lean Beef hamburgers for dinner last night plus a salad.

  59. 61

    Just made some granola and baked banana oatmeal for the week!

  60. 62

    your mexican style recipes are great!

  61. 63

    Today I had a speedy breakfast of a Kind Bar and two pieces of whole wheat toast with lite cream cheese and homemade spinach pesto. I also have a nectarine and some kale chips to hold me over until lunch, which will probably be just as slapdash and hurried. It is definitely one of those days.

  62. 64

    Healthy buffalo chicken burger on a bed of salad for dinner last night, breakfast today is perfect oatmeal! Last night I made some healthy protein fiber balls to take for healthy snacks today!

  63. 65

    Greek salad with low fat feta for lunch and plans for a homemade tapas style dinner with the boyfriend tonight. Plan to keep dinner healthy with hummus, GF crackers, raw veggies, and nuts!

  64. 66

    My last kale, mushroom and egg breakfast burrito today and I think I’ll have to make more! Lunch isn’t all that exciting, as I just ran out of time to get anything better prepped, so it’s just a frozen veggie burger and some cabbage-vinegar slaw. Happily getting to cook with a friend tonight and think it’ll be along the lines of fish and roasted veggies (and some wine, of course!). Yum!

  65. 67

    I loved the almond tilapia – plus it was really quick to make. Even my BF who doesn’t usually like almonds liked it.

  66. 68

    Looking forward to a healthy Valentine weekend :)

  67. 69

    Another great day of healthy eats!

  68. 70

    I started off my day with some overnight oats!

  69. 71

    Pre-workout I had a slice if Ezekiel with almond butter and banana slices on top. Post- workout I was on the run so I had 2 boiled eggs. Got home and was hungry so I had a little oatmeal. For lunch I had spinach/artichoke whole wheat quesadilla. Snacks was fruit. Made valentine’s day cupcakes with the kids and I had one ;) then dinner was salad with a small portion of salmon.

  70. 72

    Had Gina’s breakfast cookie dough cereal from her HIIT book for breakfast – YUM!

  71. 73

    Eating leftovers tonight! And dessert!

  72. 74

    Had leftovers last night and making some eggs and toast for breakfast this morning! Along with a big cup of coffee!!

  73. 75

    Planning on baking some bread today!

  74. 76

    Vegetable soup and salad for dinner last night and healthy oatmeal for breakfast before a day of chocolate and love!

  75. 77

    I’m staying far away from my kids’ chocolate!

  76. 78

    Happy Valentine’s Day! This morning I made the kids heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes. I added banana to mine and had some blackberries. With my must have – coffee! For lunch – leftover spinach/artichoke whole wheat quesadillas and more blackberries. Tonight heading out for dinner with the hubby and will be mindful, however, I will be having a cocktail ;)

  77. 79

    Started my day with Gina’s cookie dough cereal again! Love it!

  78. 80

    I went to a brunch this morning and had all the eggs in the world. I finally felt hungry for dinner but got lazy and had sweet potato chunks and some leftover egg cups.

  79. 81

    we were in DC all afternoon so I requested sweet green for lunch, nothing like a big mid day salad!

  80. 82

    Made protein pancakes for a quick breakfasts for the next few days-!

  81. 83

    No real highlights today. Just grabbed a bunch of random stuff

  82. 84

    Green protein shake for breakfast.

  83. 85

    new week!

  84. 86

    Pumpkin banana pancakes for brunch today! And sushi for dinner as our late vday date

  85. 87

    Doing meal prep today for a healthy week!

  86. 88

    Veggie club and salad for lunch from my fave spot–Mocha Mocha.

  87. 89

    I tried your “maple cinnamon latte” recipe. I don’t have a frother so I don’t think it would have been quite as awesome. But I was definitely shaking it like crazy to foam it up!

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