Easy DIY Charcuterie Board

Why you'll love this:

• Quick & easy   appetizer

• Customizable

• Looks fancy!


• Cheese (2-3 types) • Jams/spreads • Pickles/olives • Meats (salami,   prosciutto, etc.) • Veggies/fruit • Crackers/crusty   bread • Nuts/dried fruit • Fresh herbs (for   garnish)

Step 1

Slice 2-3 different types of cheese. Place them on opposite ends of the board.

Step 2

Add a jam/spread & pickles/salty items in small bowls. Place them in the gaps near the edges of the board.

Step 3

Create a “river” of folded salami or prosciutto diagonally through the board.

Step 4

Fill any large gaps with fruit and veggies.

Step 5

Fill smaller gaps with nuts and/or dried fruit. Garnish with fresh herbs.

Add crackers and serve!

Add crackers and serve!

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• Tips on choosing   cheese • Which fruits &   veggies work best • What type of board   to use • How to prep this   ahead of time • and more tips!