Exploring Mystic, Connecticut

Hello, friends!

I’m back to share the rest of my weekend adventures up north with friends Tina, Ashley, and Theodora!

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Our first order of business Sunday was breakfast! As part of our media passes for the weekend, we were offered a complimentary breakfast both days at the Seasons Buffet  inside Mohegan Sun. It was actually an AWESOME buffet — massive and with tons of options. Great fresh fruit, too. While waiting in line for omelettes, Tina and I demolished about 4 pounds of watermelon and fresh pineapple. :)


I had pretty much the same breakfast both days — I always like keeping breakfast on the healthy side when I travel to start off the day right. I enjoyed about half of a veggie omelette topped with smoked salmon, even more fruit, and some oatmeal with cottage cheese.


Horrible lighting = horrible photos… sorry. You get the idea. :)


After breakfast, we made a quick visit to the slot machines “just to say we did”…


…and then decided we were in need of some fresh air and sunshine. (I loathe the fact that casinos still allow smoking. So gross and my only complaint about the otherwise lovely Mohegan Sun! Thank goodness the convention center where the winefest was held didn’t allow smoking!)

We drove down to nearby Mystic, Connecticut, a cute coastal town, for lunch and some walking around.


It was adorable! And the weather was cooperating quite nicely as well — cold, but sunny.




I love the water. It felt nice to be outside!

Oh, and did you guys know that I apparently have a boat docked in Mystic? Look — boat Anne! :)




Best sign ever:


And look — do you guys recognize this place from the awesome 80’s movie classic Mystic Pizza? :) 


After wandering around and exploring the area by foot, the girls and I ended up at Oyster Club, a cool new farm & sea to table restaurant. Apparently it was recently reviewed by the NY Times and got rave reviews!


It was super cute and cozy inside — lots of pretty wood and wine, and very open with a lot of sunshine and big windows. Just my style.


I started with the green salad with roasted Rome apples, toasted almonds, feta, cider soaked raisins, and a ginger—maple dressing. Major yum — great combination of flavors.


I also enjoyed the Quahog chowder with bacon, celery, potato, leeks and fresh parsley. The broth was outstanding — so flavorful and rich, but without any cream.


Unfortunately they ran out of Quahog (a type of clam — and also reminds me of the TV show Family Guy), so we had another type of fish in the chowder instead. I can’t remember what it was but it was good! I wish there’d been a little more seafood though. :)


After lunch, the girls and I enjoyed a nice stroll back to the car. We were sad the weekend went by so quickly!


Tina and I took Theodora and Ashley to the train station and then drove back to Boston — straight to the airport for me! My flight was delayed, blah blah, so I ended up not getting home until about 10:30. I basically went straight to bed and slept like a rock.

Thanks for the fun weekend, ladies! And another thank you to Mohegan Sun for inviting us out for the Sun Winefest. Hands down the best wine fest I’ve ever been to given the massive size and variety of vendors alone! The company was pretty sweet. too. :)


Time to get back after it — class, homework, and real life await! Happy Monday, friends!


  1. 1

    Sounds like you had a great trip (and nice weather too!).

    I absolutely love Mystic… my parents keep their sailboat there so I’ve spend many summer days up there. Next time you must eat at Daniel Packer Inn (! So good!

  2. 3

    I think the only reason they still allow smoking is because they’d make a lot less money if they couldn’t keep all the addicts in there b/c they lost them to smoke breaks! It’s sooo gross.

  3. 5

    I love that part of CT. My Aunt/Uncle/Cousins live there and I love visiting them. We actually ate at Mystic Pizza one year. :) Old Mystic Village is also a fun spot with quaint shops.
    My aunt actually works at Mohegan Sun!

  4. 9

    looks like you had a great weekend!

  5. 10

    Looks like a super quaint place to be….:) Love that the boat had your name on it! Great weekend, with great friends are the best.

  6. 11

    all those white houses look so beautiful along the water! what a pretty town!

  7. 12

    Beautiful area. Food looks terrific except for the salmon. Sorry. That sign about the rocks is hilarious. Glad you had a great time.

  8. 13

    Looks like you guys had a blast!! The area is so beautiful it makes me want to take a vacation asap! Where did you get that lovely bag/purse from? I LOVE it and am currently in the game for a new bag!!

  9. 15

    Mohegan Sun does have a smoke-free area. You may have to walk through the smoking areas to get to it but it is always a good option.

    I love Mystic! I’m from CT and got married at the aquarium in Mystic. It is such a beautiful area.

    • 16

      We actually saw a “smoke-free area” sign in the casino, but it was in the middle of the smoking area… so it didn’t even make a difference. People weren’t really paying attention to the signs, either.

  10. 17

    love love love mystic. So glad you had a good time!!

  11. 18

    looks like a great time! The chowder sounds awesome :)

  12. 19
    Jennifer L says

    Hmm that boat is kind of creepy… I feel like murders happen in it, so I’m glad you got away safely. I think I watch too much Criminal Minds…

  13. 21

    What a fun trip!! I always wanted to go to Conneticut!

  14. 22

    Mmmmm……your Smoked Salmon looks yummy!

    Glad you had a “rockin” weekend :-)
    Thx for sharing!!!

  15. 23

    Such a fun weekend! Mystic’s such a cute town and I can’t believe how warm it looks for January!

  16. 24

    It sounds like you had a great weekend! I’m not a big fan of places that allow smoking indoors – I have asthma and it can aggravate it if I’m not careful.

    Also – smoked salmon and eggs? One of my fav combos.

  17. 25

    Loved reading your post on Mystic, it really is such a great little town to explore! You picked a great restaurant going to the Oyster Club but that’s one of the best parts of this town are all the great restaurant choices. My boyfriend and I are eating our way through Mystic and blogging about it, you can check it out at and if you ever head back and need a recommendation feel free to hit us up!

  18. 26

    looks like a great time! The chowder sounds awesome :)

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