Day in the Life

Hi guys! I thought I would mix it up and do a day in the life post today… I always love reading these on other blogs and I know you guys enjoy them, too!

This day in the life is from one of my mommy days at home with Riese (I work Mon/Tues/Thurs and get to be home with her Weds/Fri).

Here’s what we were up to all day on Wednesday of this week!

6:30am: Wake up! Can’t fall back asleep (I often get up at 5:45 or 6 for workouts, so I have a hard time sleeping much later on my off days) so I read in bed for a little bit before I hear Riese moving around. 

7am: Riese is up! Matt is about to head out the door for an early meeting, so he goes in to change her and say good morning before passing her off to me. 

7:15am: Nurse Riese, then head downstairs and start making breakfast while Riese clings to my legs. 

7:45am: Breakfast! Terrible photo, but we both have fried eggs (runny yolk for me, cooked yolk for her) and PB toast with some hemp seeds sprinkled on top for extra omega 3s and protein. 

Riese eats most of her toast and a bite or two of the eggs, which I finish off for her. ;)

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