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What are your favorite products for running/fitness and cooking/kitchens?

I want to become a Registered Dietitian, but I have an unrelated bachelors degree like you and will need to start from scratch. Help! Where do I start?

  • Check out my page all about How to Become a Registered Dietitian. It explains the process, step-by-step, and is especially helpful if you’re applying coming from an unrelated field.

I am a Registered Dietitian looking to start a nutrition counseling business. Help! Where do I start?

What kind of camera and lenses do you have?

  • I have a DSLR — the Canon Rebel T3i. I have the standard lens that came with the camera, which is great for travel and everyday pictures, and I also have a macro lens — the 60 mm f/2.8 macro lens. It’s amazing for super close up food photography, and is what I usually use anytime I post a recipe or a meal we made at home. 
  • I also have a point-and-shoot camera that I bring with me on runs, bike rides, etc. It’s awesome, very durable, and takes great photos, even in low lighting: Canon PowerShot Digital Camera.
  • Finally, I also have a waterproof camera: the Olympus Tough Waterproof Digital Camera! It’s great for  anything active involving water, like kayaking or swimming! I usually bring this with me as my main camera when I travel, too, since it takes really good regular photos.

Speaking of cameras — do you have any tips for taking better pictures?

Ask and you shall receive! Back in 2010, I wrote a post about how to take better photos using a point and shoot. For more help (including details for cell phone cameras, point and shoots, and DSLRs), check out the series of guest posts below!

What are your favorite restaurants in the Washington D.C. area?

  • In D.C.:
    • Lincoln DC (Logan Circle – trendy/fun seasonal small plates, great cocktails)
    • Ris (Foggy Bottom – seasonal, healthy fare in a trendy fun atmosphere)
    • Farmers Fishers Bakers (Georgetown – epic brunch)
    • Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe (Dupont — American food & a hipster bar/bookstore)
    • Birch & Barley (14th Street – upscale American & great beer/bar)
    • 2 Amy’s (Cleveland Park – pizza)
    • Pizzeria Paradiso (Multiple locations – pizza)
    • Zaytinya (Metro Center – upscale/trendy Mediterranean)
    • Rasika (Multiple locations – trendy Indian)
    • DC Coast (Midtown – upscale seafood)
    • Sweetgreen (Multiple locations – casual healthy lunch spot, salads, best frozen yogurt ever, vegan/veg friendly)
    • Teaism (Multiple locations – casual healthy tea shop & cafe, vegan/veg friendly)
    • Protein Bar (Multiple locations – casual healthy lunch spot, vegan/veg friendly)

What are your favorite running/biking/hiking trails in the Washington D.C. area?

What are your favorite yoga/fitness studios in the D.C. area?

  • D.C.: In Georgetown, Urban Athletic Club has great boot camp/strength classes, as does Definitions. CorePower Yoga has a great heated power yoga with weights class that I love, and offers regular (all hot except level 1) yoga as well – they have multiple locations around the city. I also love Epic Yoga in Dupont Circle for yoga – they have a good mix of hot and non-heated classes for all levels of fitness. BLAST is another fun place to try for treadmill + boot camp classes (similar to Orange Theory).
  • Arlington: For boot camps/strength, Bodymass Gym and Next Phase Studio both offer a lot of great classes and variety. For yoga, I love Edge Yoga – try Mark or Nikki’s classes for really hard yoga that’s great for athletes, or keep it lower key with Rachel or Rebecca, who are also fabulous. For kickboxing, check out 9Round (multiple locations).

Any recommendations for what to do while visiting DC?

My recommendation would be to walk around the whole city and sightsee! DC is very walkable. Here are some of my favorite DC-related sightseeing/photography posts to give you some ideas:

What are your favorite restaurants in the Chapel Hill, NC area?

What are your favorite running/biking/hiking trails in the Chapel Hill area?

  • For running, I love the American Tobacco Trail in Durham, and the Carolina North Forest (also great for mountain biking).
  • For biking, I love parking at Maple View Farm (hello, after bike ride ice cream treat!) and taking bike rides from there on the roads around farm country. If biking on roads isn’t your thing, I wouldn’t bike here, but traffic is generally very light and cars are pretty aware of bikers since it’s a popular area to bike.
  • For hiking, I love Eno River State Park (posts about it here and here) and the New Hope Trail (post about it here).

What’s your favorite yoga studio in Chapel Hill?

  • Franklin Street Yoga – I miss it so much! Lori, the owner, leads awesome and hard classes, but they have classes for all levels and you really can’t go wrong.

Why are you so awesome?

  • Juuuuuust kidding. :)


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    I am so bummed I didn’t do any hiking when I was in the DC area. Now I must plan a visit…

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    Hey, now. Where’s the answer to my question, dangit? ;)

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    Interesting that you use the 50mm for travel and everyday. I find the range too close and I want to zoom out. Also, now I want to go back to dc to try what you recommend! But glad I did some of the things last weekend and have the same touristy photos!

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    I love this page. Hillsborough, any relation to Hillsborough Farm bacon etc.

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    Um, hi, Anne, I have a personal question for you. Could you elaborate on the “Why are you so awesome” section? I’d like to know more! ;)

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    Shouldn’t we be asking why you’re so fantastic?

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    Substitute for rice syrup?

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      Depends on the recipe, but you can try maple syrup or honey. If it’s in my no bake bars, you really need to use the rice syrup though or else they won’t be sticky enough to stay together!

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    Nicole Olson says

    Do you have a way to search for specific posts/an archive of old posts that are easily accessible? I like reading about all of the fun you have with your travel and have accessed some of your old posts that way, but wasn’t sure if I was missing something.

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