My Top 9 Most Popular Recipes + Posts

Hi friends! In honor of this week marking my 9 year blogging anniversary (whoa!), I thought today it would be fun to round up my 9 most popular recipes and blog posts of all time. Surprisingly, I actually don’t delve into my analytics all that often (I’m sure I probably should), so it was really fascinating to find out what are my most viewed recipes and posts on the blog! If you haven’t checked these out yet, I hope you will! I’ll start with #9, building up to #1, my most popular post/recipe of all time.

Let’s do this – my top 9 most popular posts + recipes are:

#9: How to Make Oatmeal More Filling and TastyI love that this post is popular! I am very passionate about the fact that everyone needs to learn how to make oatmeal that actually tastes good (and keeps them full for more than 30 seconds). I’m looking at you, tasteless and gummy oatmeal made with water…

how to make oatmeal more filling

#8: Scrambled Egg MuffinsThese make such a great portable snack or on the go breakfast! I should make another batch of these ASAP… it has been awhile!

scrambled egg muffins

#7: High Protein OatmealApparently my oatmeal blog game is seriously strong (see also #9 and, spoiler, #4)!

high protein oatmeal recipe

#6: The Sneaky Thing That Might Be Causing Your Stomach PainThis one is apparently popular on Google – random! You’ll have to read the post to see what it’s about!

#5: Banana Spinach SmoothieAs easy as it sounds – banana + milk + spinach = super basic green smoothie recipe that you can customize and add to as you wish! An old fave.

banana spinach smoothie

#4: Easy Overnight Oatmeal RecipesI guess everyone loves fast make-ahead breakfast ideas – especially on Pinterest!

easy overnight oatmeal recipes

#3: Quinoa Taco SaladThis recipe has done really well on Pinterest. It’s craaaazy easy and doesn’t really require a formal recipe or any measurements – give it a shot!

quinoa taco salad

#2: How to Become a Registered DietitianThis how-to guide has always been one of my most popular pages thanks to Google!

And now, drumroll, please… the most popular recipe on my blog with the most views of any post on my site is…




#1: AVOCADO TOAST RECIPESYum. You guys have good taste. ;) I think this one is fully thanks to Pinterest – it’s crushing it over there! Avocado toast is having a serious moment and I don’t hate it.

avocado toast recipes

So there you have it! Have you tried any of these recipes? Or, do you have other faves from my site? I’d love to hear which ones!


  1. 1

    My favorite recipe from your website is a recent one – the pineapple shrimp skewers! They were SO good. We’ve made them multiple times and I have my parents make them when I was at their lake home during maternity leave. And I know one other person who made them after I posted a photo of the finished product on IG. I love that the marinade ingredients are basic things I tend to have on hand so I only need to shop for the shrimp and pineapple. I need to make these at least one more time before the cold weather arrives and puts an end to our grilling season!

    I need to make those scrambled egg muffins – yum!

  2. 3
    cathie orozco says

    Quinoa Salad with Pecans and Cranberries (recipe from our wedding!) is my favorite and the one I sue the most that you have posted. It is actually a Thanksgiving dish every year!! Thank you!!

  3. 5

    The Mediterranean Avocado Toast helped inspire my own version – crostini or crackers, guacamole, chickpeas with feta olive oil, dill and a bit of lemon juice. So delicious!

  4. 7

    Happy Blogiversary!
    I have personally forwarded several of those to friends and family- all great posts!

  5. 9

    Happy anniversary! My personal favourite is your homemade citrus sports drink! I’ve been making it for long runs for a couple of years now and I’ve even carried it in my water bottle for races! Thanks for all of your great recipes!

  6. 11

    I love this round-up, and happy blogiversary!

  7. 12

    Happy 9 year blogiversary!!! I actually printed #2 when you posted it because I went to school to become an RD and then had heart issues and had to take some time off. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and your advice! You are a wealth of knowledge!! Have a beautiful weekend!!

  8. 14
    Roadrunner says

    Fun! Congrats on 9 years! How interesting that oatmeal is such a favorite. Nice to rivisit!

  9. 15

    Your flour free banana pancake! It is a weekend staple in my house.

  10. 17

    Make your sports drink often and turned my whole running group on to it!

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