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Hello from Vermont!!



The Stonyfield Blogger Barnstorming weekend is off to an awesome start. :) I seriously cannot thank you all enough for voting for me — I still can’t believe I was one of the winners and that I’m here!

There are four bloggers in attendance this weekend — myself and Tina:


And Valerie and Kristina: 


We arrived in Burlington this evening and were met by two awesome Stonyfield staff members, Amy and Nancy, who whisked us off to dinner at American Flatbread!


It was absolutely delicious — they have pizza and salad, with a focus on local and organic food. YUM!


I started with the Revolution Salad, which is greens, carrots, celery, seaweed (!), toasted sesame seeds, and a fresh ginger-tamari-raspberry vinaigrette. AMAZING. Especially the seaweed! It must have been marinated in something awesome :)


The six of us ordered four pizzas to share. Way more fun to get to taste a bunch of them than just have one on my own!

We ordered the New Vermont Sausage:

045 046

This was SO amazing — the unanimous favorite. And I don’t even usually like sausage on pizza!


The Punctuated Equilibrium Flatbread with kalmata olives and roasted red peppers:

048 049

The Sundried Tomato and Mushroom:

040 041

And lastly, the special of the day — they had me at “basil-arugula pesto":





The tomatoes on this were SO flavorful and juicy!


After dinner, we drove about an hour north to Swanton, Vermont, where we’ll be staying for the next two nights. We’re at an adorable inn that overlooks Lake Champlain and borders the 6700 acre Missisquoi Wildlife Refuge. The main house at the inn was built in 1865 and has a 60 foot long screened-in porch and beautiful lawns and gardens. Amazing! There’s only 4 rooms (it’s just the bloggers staying here!) and I won the “room lottery” (we literally drew rooms out of a hat) — check out how amazing this is. There’s even a “fainting couch”!


I know. I’m seriously pinching myself because I can’t believe I’m here right now! So obsessed with the beautiful bed!


It’s also cool because apparently we’re literally only a mile or two from the Canadian border! I am going to have to convince someone to take me there so I can put my toe over the border ;) I’ve actually never been to Canada! Weird, eh? :)

Time to snuggle up in bed — Tina and I have plans for a run in the morning before breakfast and then — the barnstorming begins!! Woohoo!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our adventures — goodnight :)


  1. 1

    Dear Anne, funny story. Jack and I went to American Flatbread tonight in Clarendon. We had the New Virginia Sausage. It had sausage, carmelized onions, sun dried tomatoes, cheese, and herbs. Oh wait….

    Have fun this weekend!

  2. 3

    Wow…looks awesome. All of it. I ran the Vermont City Marathon a few yrs ago. Burlington was a great city.

  3. 4

    So glad you guys are enjoying yourselves! I love Vermont. It is so pretty!

    Looking forward to hearing all you learn on your adventure.

  4. 5

    Hi there!

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now (it’s awesome by the way) and just needed to comment. Although I’m from Connecticut, I went to school in Canada (about 4 hours from Burlington) and I actually lived in Burlington last summer for an internship. Such a fun town! All of Vermont is amazing actually, enjoy it! And make sure to stop over in Canada if you get a chance – it’s wonderful! I may be biased though…

  5. 6

    So do you get to go to Ben & Jerry’s too!?? Thats in Vermont and Im pretty sure has something to do with milk…you should ask :) Have fun girl!

  6. 9

    Those pizza photos are freakin’ amazing!!!! Made me hungry just looking at them :)

  7. 10

    That hotel looks incredible!!

  8. 11

    looks like such a fun weekend ahead! And that bedroom is beautiful :)

  9. 12

    I am totally jealous of your trip and drooling over that pizza!

  10. 13

    I love Flatbreads! They have a few branches up in New Hampshire and Maine, and you’re totally right about that seaweed salad. It’s to die for….and how I adore fresh, organic ingredients on a pizza pie. It’s the best!

  11. 14

    Looks great! See why I was all about Burlington for our vaca?? But Austin turned out fun anyway.. Enjoy! How long are you going to be in Manchester? That is only half an hour from me, let me know if you’d have time to meet up!

  12. 15

    Too awesome! Made me hungry, wistful, and envious! What a wonderful place to stay, too! Good on starting the day with a run. Assume the weather was lovely…

  13. 16

    Ah Anne this looks so much fun! Those pizzas are seriously mouthwatering. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures! miss you girllllllllllll

  14. 17

    Can’t wait to hear and see more about your trip! Early AM runs in VT are so much more desireable than the early AM runs here in DC right now! MUCH cooler! What a dream training for a marathon would be in VT! Enjoy my home state, I miss it so much!

  15. 18

    wow, that room is gorgeous1

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