Our Wedding: Bridesmaid & Groomsmen Portraits!

If you missed my previous wedding recaps, check those out first! Here are the most recent:


When I last left off, the girls and I had just gotten ready and were heading out to take some photos around the grounds of Rosemont Manor (our wedding venue) before the ceremony! I just got some of the best of them back from our photographers, Ben and Taylor, and wanted to share some of my favorites. Click below to see them (I split the post so my main homepage wouldn’t take ages to load). Enjoy!


Heading outside – sky high stilettos + long dress + grass = treacherous! Thank goodness for Team Bridesmaid. ;)


I LOVE how the photos with all the girls came out. So cute!


And I really loved our bouquets! So colorful. We worked with Flowers Unlimited, recommended by our venue, for the bouquets, table decorations, and ceremony flowers, and they did an AMAZING job. Highly recommend using them if you’re looking for a flower vendor in Virginia!


When we first met with the flower guys, I showed them a bunch of my pinterest photos of bouquets and vaguely told them that I wanted something “colorful” with purples, blues, and greens and that I wanted them to be loose and fun looking but not too crazy. Mark and Anthony from Flowers Unlimited were not only really nice and friendly to work with, but they were also able to turn my vague ideas into a beautiful reality. A big thank you to both of them! More on the ceremony and table decorations in those posts, but they did a great job with all that, too. I also loved how they made my bouquet more cream and green, but it still looked nice with the others!


Just chillin’ on the porch :)


We also did some one-on-one portraits with the girls and my family. Here I am with my high school BFF and matron of honor, Jenny:


Lol – love this photo! Way more “us” than the one above. ;)


With Turner, my college roommate & BFF:


With Kris, my college roommate & BFF:


And with Jess, my random craigslist roommate turned BFF from the early post-college years here in DC :)


We then moved on to the front portico of the house to take a few more pictures!


Laughing at something the girls said:


Okay, we’re going for serious and smoldering again now:


And some back views. :)


Once we were done with our photos and back inside, the boys were alerted and they headed out to take theirs! They got some AWESOME ones. I loved their boutonnieres, also done by Flowers Unlimited!


Lol! One of my faves:


Apparently the karate photo shoot below was so epic that Matt managed to bust a button off his jacket. His aunt was luckily on hand to fix it before the ceremony. ;)


SOCK BOMB!!! One of Matt’s gifts to the groomsmen was these fun argyle socks in different colors. It became a joke throughout the rest of the night with everyone yelling “SOCK BOMB” at random points in time. ;)


Hehe. Boys are so funny. I so wish I could have done a jumping photo with the girls, but I think the shoes and dress might not have done so well with that…

Stay tuned – next up in the wedding recap series is the ceremony, coming later this week or early next! :)


  1. 1

    love all the photos- especially the sock bomb! that is such a cute idea!

  2. 2

    Ahh! I love it!! They came out so great! Hats off to Ben and Taylor! and us being so hot, obvi… ;) Love the action shots of the guys too!

  3. 4

    Aw so pretty Anne!! I LOVE the color of the flowers with the green band on the bridesmaid dresses. And you look gorgeous!! Lovely and congrats lady!!! xoxo

  4. 5

    You look gorgeous! The guys pictures are hilarious haha

  5. 6

    Beautiful Anne, lovely dress and a lovely bride. I love the karate guys, funny. Well, husband and I got back from Hawaii this morning.Vacation with just us was wonderful.Evacuated last weekend for Tsunami alert. Nothing happened. I’m glad you and your family are ok from Sandra.Daughter lives in Atlanta City and she was mad at the CNN clown saying AC was under water. Not true. Boardwalk that was washed away was from 5 years ago.

  6. 8

    I love that your friend’s name is Turner. That’s so unique. Also loving the sock shot and the back of your dress is so awesome!!

    • 9

      It’s not really – it’s actually her maiden last name. Her real name is Laura, but we had like 6 Laura’s on our freshman year floor so they all got nicknames! :)

  7. 10

    Love all the fun pics! Lots of life in them; you see you’re all brimming with excitement and happiness! Bouquets were gorgeous! Love the colours, so vibrant and of course you looked AMAZING! Like an English Rose!

  8. 11

    the photos all look great! I especially like the karate photo!

  9. 12

    You’re stunning… and the guys’ socks — that’s too great!

  10. 13

    Fannetastic photos!!! I couldn’t wait to see them-
    **sigh** I just re-lived that unforgettable day! :-)

    You look gorgeous. Like a Cover Girl bride!
    And the Boys, ahem……..will be boys! Lol!

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful memory. Congratulations again!

  11. 15

    These made me so happy. And I LOVE the sock bomb! :)

  12. 16

    You look so gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!! :)

  13. 17

    You and the ladies look so beautiful!
    And the guys with those socks – AWESOME!

  14. 18

    Gorgeous! I love seeing all the wedding photos!

  15. 19

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and the guys are hilarious!

  16. 20

    I love that us ladies were so well behaved and the boy’s got up to karate chopping and sock bombing (evidently while drinking whiskey)!

  17. 22

    The pictures are beautiful and I love the flowers! It looks like you have some hydrangeas mixed in there; they’re my favorite flower!

  18. 23

    Oh Anne, I love all those pics!!! The sock bomb ones are soooo funny!!! Yay!

  19. 24

    Very very beautiful wedding pics and the boys so so funny pics. I love that flowers…

  20. 25

    What beautiful photos! Love them all. Such a great idea for colorful socks for the groomsmen.

  21. 26

    You rocked that open back like nobody’s business! ;)

    Congratulations again!!!

  22. 27

    All of your photos are so gorgeous!

  23. 28

    lol – love the “sock bomb” photos. Very cute! Great pictures.

  24. 29

    Very beautiful pictures! I love the venue, congratulations!

  25. 30
    Laura Matute says

    Very beautiful pics……

  26. 31

    Love, love, LOVE that dress! Florist did a great job, too. You made a gorgeous bride!

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