My Favorite Podcasts

Hi friends! It’s been one of those days so far – you know the kind – basically a comedy of errors. Matt made it half way to the office before I realized he had taken my phone with him by accident, then Ashe threw up all over his car on his way back to bring me my phone (she was with him to go to doggy daycare, which is on his way to work), etc etc. Ashe also nipped our neighbor this morning while we were out on a walk. When we are away from home she’s fine with strangers (basically just scared of them/avoids them), but when we’re at home/near the house she’s REALLY territorial and it’s definitely a problem. We did group puppy training classes with her at a training center nearby and she did really well, but the problems are all when she’s at home and that territorial instinct kicks in, so I think we might need to have someone come in for a one-on-one behavioral session at our house. Any recommendations for dog trainers in the DC area that will come to you for private sessions and specialize in this sort of thing?

Things are looking up now, though – I made it downtown and Matt made it back to work (and dropped Ashe at doggy daycare – Freyja is staying home and getting a walk from my mom later because she’s fine with less constant entertainment) without further incident, and I enjoyed listening to a podcast while on my walk to the metro, as usual!

best podcasts

So – I thought it might be fun today to talk about podcasts, because I have a TON of favorite ones by now and I know you guys probably have some other ones to share that I should check out! I always love getting new podcasts recommendations – the more the merrier. That way I have lots to pick from for my walks depending on my mood! For podcasts that are a series/you need to listen to them in order, I usually commit to one and listen to it all the way through (like the true crime ones). For ones where each episode is a separate entity that can be listened to in any order, I pop in and out depending on what sounds interesting!

My Current Favorite Podcasts:

  • Intuitive/Mindful Eating/Nutrition-Related Podcasts: Food Psych (wonderful for helping with intuitive eating/body confidence), The Psychology of Eating, Body Kindness, The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating (short episodes with awesome evidence-based analysis of hot nutrition topics), RD Real Talk, The Love Food Podcast
  • True Crime/Investigative Podcasts (obsessed with this genre of podcasts lately): Missing Richard Simmons, Up and Vanished (I’m listening to this right now – skip the bonus behind the scenes/Q&A episodes and just listen to the main ones or it’s overwhelming), In the Dark, Serial (season 1 – season 2 was not as good), S-Town
  • Blog/Business/Entrepreneur-Related Podcasts: Food Blogger Pro, The Lively Show (a lot about mindfulness and living the life you want to live), Smart Passive Income, Go Strong Podcast (this is from a local personal trainer – he’s interviewing other local DC area entrepreneurs)
  • Running-Related Podcasts: Strength Running, The Runner’s World Show
  • General Interest: NPR’s Hidden Brain, This American Life, 10% Happier with Dan Harris, Dear Sugar

Your turn! What are your current favorite podcasts, either on my list or not?

Oh, and one more request to round out this super random post: for my parent readers, what baby monitor do you recommend? I’m so overwhelmed by the options! I don’t think I want anything too intense that’s going to have me obsessively looking at it all the time, but obviously we want to make sure that we can keep an eye on the baby, too! Thoughts?

So, to recap, thank you in advance for comments regarding one-on-one behavioral dog trainers in the DC area, your favorite podcasts, and baby monitors. Yes, most random post ever. :)


Have a great day guys!

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