Marine Corps Marathon 20 Mile Training Run

Yesterday morning, I ran 20 miles for the first time in nearly 3 years! Wow. Last time I ran that far was when training for/running the LA Marathon back in March 2014 (before that was the Richmond Marathon, my first full marathon, in November 2013).

20 mile training run

I’ve been traveling a TON the past couple months, as you guys know, which has been awesome but has also made getting in my Marine Corps Marathon training long runs pretty challenging because I’ve had to do a lot of them on weekdays. For other weekend trips, I’ve knocked out my long run on the Thursday or Friday right before leaving, but I decided to hold off until Monday for this one because I knew the weather was going to cool down drastically over the weekend while I was away at Blog Brulee! It was still hot last week and I seriously could not handle the thought of one more 90 degree long run. I was also feeling pretty banged up from a speedier (compared to my long training run pace) Maui half marathon last weekend followed by a long night on planes and a really busy week catching up on work.

So – Monday morning long run it was. At the track last week, my coach recommended I aim for 18 to 20 miles, encouraging me to try to hit 20 if I was feeling up to it since we’re starting to run out of time (October 30th is coming fast)! I was complaining to my track buddies that I was really tired of having to do long runs alone on weekdays, and lucky for me my friend Paul took pity on me and said he had enough flexibility on Monday to do a longer run with me. Yesssss – company!! You rock, Paul!

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Blog Brulee 2016 Recap

blog brulee 2016 attendees

Hey guys! I spent the weekend up in Vermont for the annual dietitian and nutrition blogger workshop/mini-conference called Blog Brulee. It’s a small, intimate setting, which I love, and this was both the 3rd year of the conference and my 3rd year speaking at it. (Disclosure: as a speaker, I was paid an honorarium and my travel and lodging were Continue Reading …

Dinner Highlights + Link Love

summery chicken zucchini rice corn tomato

Hey and happy Friday! I’m loving this transition to cooler weather – it was so nice out this morning! If you’re like me and ready to celebrate fall but still not fully on board until the weather 100% cools down, here’s a happy medium to try: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. An old fave! My Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal is also pretty awesome, but I’m not quite ready Continue Reading …

Fall, Is That You?!

fall track washington lee

You guys – it might finally be starting to happen. I think fall is on its way – and just in time because today is officially the first day of fall! Hallelujah – marathon training in summer has not exactly been fun. Bring on the cold weather! It was noticeably darker out when I arrived at the track this morning (boo), but also a bit cooler (huge Continue Reading …


birthday breakfast in bed

Good morning my friends! Guess what? Today is my birthday! I’m 34 – wow, how did that happen?! Also, I’ve officially reached the age where I can’t always remember how old I am. I seriously have to think about it for a minute when people ask me now! It’s funny how when you’re little age is SUCH a big deal – you remember exactly how old you are to Continue Reading …

Easy Salmon Brown Rice Cakes with Fresh Salsa

salmon brown rice cakes

These Easy Salmon Brown Rice Cakes with Fresh Salsa make a delicious, fast, healthy, and inexpensive lunch or dinner that comes together in minutes! Thank you to Chicken of the Sea and Minute® Ready to Serve Rice for sponsoring this post in anticipation of National Salmon Day on October 8. As you know, I’m all about meals that come Continue Reading …

Maui Half Marathon + 10k Race Recaps

slappy cakes 10k maui

Hey friends! Matt and I are currently en route back to DC after a great week in Hawaii of part work, part play. I’m back for my final trip recap: running the Maui Half Marathon and 10k! Plus, I’ll share a couple of the highlights from the wellness event I was in Hawaii for! If you missed my previous Maui recaps, check those out first: Hiking Continue Reading …

Driving the Papanalahoa Point Shoreline + Maui Blow Hole

Papanalahoa Point Shoreline drive

Matt and I had a fun accidental adventure today and I just have to share: driving the Papanalahoa Point Shoreline! This area is north of our hotel in Maui – we were driving back to our hotel after picking up our race packets for the 10k (and the half marathon for me as well) and decided to just keep driving north on highway 30 and see what was up Continue Reading …

Road to Hana + Waterfall Hiking in Maui

road to hana waterfall swim

Hey guys! I’m back for another installment of our Maui, Hawaii adventures. :) See my first post (Hiking Maui, a Volcano Sunrise + Bike Ride and Scuba Diving Lanai) for more details on why Matt and I are here and what we were up to for the first few days of the trip! We heard that driving the Road to Hana was a “must do” while in Maui, and we also Continue Reading …

Hiking Maui, A Volcano Sunrise + Bike Ride, and Scuba Diving Lanai

hiking kapalua

Hello from paradise – Maui, Hawaii! Matt and I have had this Hawaii trip on the calendar for over a year now, so it’s exciting that it’s finally here! :) As I mentioned, this is a part work, part play trip for me – we are lucky enough to be staying at the gorgeous Ritz-Carlton Kapalua on Maui because I’m doing a couple nutrition talks for a Continue Reading …