Organic Harvest Month Interview with Toby Amidor, MS, RD

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Good morning! I have a fun interview to share with you guys today with fellow dietitian Toby Amidor. Toby Amidor, M.S., R.D., is a Kashi nutrition partner and author of The Greek Yogurt Kitchen: More Than 130 Delicious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Day. I’ve never met Toby before, but have followed her on social media for quite awhile, so I was excited to have the chance to interview her via Kashi in honor of Organic Harvest Month™.


I didn’t become passionate about buying organic until I went on a Blogger Barnstorming tour a few years ago. On that trip, I learned firsthand from farmers why they farm organically, how it affects the cows, crops, and their businesses, what is involved in getting that organic stamp on their products, and more. (If you’re interested in learning more specifics, check out my Organic Farming Q&A and Day on the Farms posts from that trip.)

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A Simple Dinner Idea + Speedy Runs


Good morning, friends! Thank you for the great feedback and discussion on my “How to Eat Intuitively – A Guide to Mindful Eating” post from yesterday. Please keep it coming! :) A couple other things I wanted to mention before I get into today’s post – a few of you commented on my Blog Brulee recap post asking for more information on Continue Reading …

How to Eat Intuitively | A Guide to Mindful Eating

how to eat intuitively

As you guys know, I work with my AnneTheRD nutrition counseling clients using an approach called Intuitive Eating. Intuitive Eating is an approach that brings you back to what you used to do when you were a kid, before dieting got involved: eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full. It’s an approach that sounds remarkably simple, but it can Continue Reading …

Blog Brulee Recap


I spent the weekend in Vermont at a small dietitian blogger retreat called Blog Brûlée. I was honored to be at the event as a speaker (disclaimer: they covered my travel/lodging and compensated me for my time), but I feel like I learned just as much from the others in attendance as they (hopefully) learned from me. This conference will go Continue Reading …

How To Make Oatmeal More Tasty, Filling & Satisfying

how to make oatmeal more tasty filling satisfying

Did you guys know that all oatmeal is not created equal? Done right, it can be a delicious and satisfying breakfast, but it can just as easily be plain, boring, and leave you hungry an hour later. Here’s how to make oatmeal more tasty, filling, and satisfying! The alternate title for this post is how to make oatmeal so it doesn’t suck. :) I Continue Reading …

Exciting Updates + 9Round Arlington Review


Morning! I’m so glad you guys enjoyed my Day in the Life post yesterday! I’ll continue to share those every once in awhile since it was a hit. :) I always love reading those sort of posts on other people’s blogs, too – so interesting to see how people spend their days. Another thing I’m planning to share more of, per request, will be Continue Reading …

A Day in the Life


In the blog survey I shared a couple weeks ago, a bunch of you guys said you’d love more day in the life/business update type posts. My pleasure! I’ll do these more often if you like it. :) Let me know! Here’s what I did yesterday. This was an unusual day in that I didn’t have any client sessions scheduled, but typical in the sense that I Continue Reading …

Track Tuesday + Quick Dinner


Morning! I made one of my favorite easy dinners last night. Have you guys tried this yet? It’s so good and there are a ton of variations you can do! Just take some raw chicken breasts (tofu or a white fish would work too!), toss them in a cooking oil-sprayed pan, and cover them with some tomato sauce. (I usually use Muir Glen’s organic Continue Reading …

Weekend Adventures


Hi friends! Exciting news: I’m officially belay certified, which means I am approved to safely indoor rock climb with others. :) As I mentioned, Matt and I took an intro to climbing course a couple weeks ago and on Friday night, I went back to the gym and took the belay test (Matt is going to take his soon – he was out of town). I passed – Continue Reading …

CrossFit & Recent Eats

crossfit ring rows

Morning, my friends! It’s Friday, Friday Fridayyyy… and I started my morning with a little 6 a.m. Crossfit. So good to get up and get it done! For those who haven’t tried Crossfit before, a Crossfit class is usually 1 hour long and split up into 3 sections – a warm up (today was 1000m row + 15 pushups, 15 V ups, 15 shoulder pass throughs) Continue Reading …