2 Months! + First Postpartum Strength Class

Hi guys! This little nugget is officially 2 months old today – where does the time go?! Her legs have gotten so strong – she can hold her weight up on her own now so long as we hold onto her for balance, and her neck control is getting pretty good, too. She’s looking so old – ahhh! You can’t tell in these photos, but she has hair coming in in front now too. :)

2 month old baby

We tried to get a cute 2 month photo last night but obviously she wasn’t feeling it and this was the best we got before she started crying. Oh well! These photos are much more “real life” anyway. :) I wanted to try again this morning but she’s sleeping right now and I’m definitely not about to wake her up for a photo!

2 month old baby2

Matt’s parents are coming this weekend to see her again, which will be fun. They haven’t seen her since she was 1 week old – she’s so much more alert and interactive now!

Speaking of baby stuff, I tried out a new carrier yesterday – the Boba 4G Carrier, which was a baby shower gift from our registry.

boba 4g carrier review3

I put Riese in her little snowsuit and put a hat on her since it was pretty cold out yesterday, and she seemed to really enjoy it! I loved this carrier, too – it felt way better on my back than some of the wraps I’ve tried have. Much more supportive! It might be hard to put on by myself, though, since there’s a strap at the top in back I’m not sure I can reach – I’ll have to try it solo and report back. (If any of you have it, any thoughts on ease of putting it on solo?) Initial impression is 2 thumbs up though!

boba 4g carrier review2

After the walk yesterday we fueled back up with some taco salads – we had just enough leftovers from our taco night to make two salads. Perfect! The salads had chopped baby spinach, ground meat, tomato, cheese, avocado, green pepper, hot sauce, and some crumbled up hard taco shells for crunch. Hit the spot!


As for last night, we threw together a stir fry – we had some frozen beef strips to use up (yep, more frozen meat leftover from my pregnancy aversion days), some rice noodles in the pantry, and some frozen veggies hanging out – easy! Matt made some sort of Asian-y sauce to go with it that was good, too – I think it was similar to the sauce for my Sheet Pan Asian Salmon.


In other news, this morning I made it to my first postpartum strength/cardio class! Chelsea and I met up for the 7 a.m. class at Bodymass Gym, which is one of our faves. I had actually only ever been there while pregnant since we just discovered it last year, so it was fun to go not pregnant! Step ups are still hard but MAN are they a lot easier than they were last time I did them with a big pregnant belly on board!

first postpartum hiit classRocking my new fave Nike Women’s Metcon 4 Selfie Shoe & Nike Fly Lux Women’s Training Crops (more details on those in my Tips for Re-Starting Fitness post)

I modified some stuff (for example, instead of crunches I did tabletop and lifted alternating legs and arms), and went a little slower and used lighter weights so I could focus on form, but I actually felt really good! Like I was saying yesterday my body is really starting to feel more like my own again, which is nice. Chelsea and I got coffee after, too, which is our favorite post-workout Friday tradition! :)

post workout coffee chelsea eats treats

Riese actually helped me out by timing her feeds well for the workout – we got her to bed around 9:15 (and I went to bed, too), she was up at 2 a.m. to eat, and then not again until 5:30, which was about when I was going to get up to get ready for the workout. She only fed on one side, though, so I ended up scrambling and doing a really short/quick pumping session before leaving just so my one boob wasn’t super full and uncomfortable during the workout. Morning logistics are a lot more complicated than they used to be, ha!

pumping before yoga

I was shockingly on time to pick Chelsea up, though, thanks to some scrambling and the fact that I ate my quick pre-workout breakfast (toast with nut butter and banana) with one hand while pumping. Whatever works!

As for my post-workout breakfast, when I got home around 8:30 Matt and Riese were just waking up – perfect timing! I fed her while he made us these epic egg, tomato, avocado, cheese, and bacon sandwiches. Soooo good.


Today is Matt’s last day of paternity leave – nooo! I have a bunch of work to do, but for now it’s time to go take advantage with a walk since the weather is looking lovely and much warmer out there!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday. :)

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  1. 1

    how do you like your spectra? That’s the one I ordered as well, so hoping it’s good!

  2. 3

    We had tacos & then made a taco salad for lunch too! All of your meals look amazing, but that breakfast sandwich looks epic!! You look wonderful. So glad you’re able to get back to your workouts. Riese is just adorable!

  3. 5

    Can I ask where you got your workout shirt from? I love it!

    • 6

      It’s a shirt from a local gym (Urban Athletic Club, but it has their previous name/logo “Roam Fitness” on the back) but it’s from years ago and unfortunately isn’t being made anymore!

  4. 7

    Riese is so cute! I would be very careful letting her “stand up” like that though and advise against doing that until she’s bigger and stronger, babies that young generally do not have the head/neck control to handle it, and from the looks of it she looks very unstable. Just a note from a pediatrician who wants to pass on some safety info!

  5. 9

    So much yummy food!! :) Also, you look great,mama! Love that feeling of being able to move my body again too. finally!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  6. 10
    Roadrunner says

    Your discipline in regaining pre-pregnancy fitness is very impressive. Well done!

  7. 11

    Wow, two months have flown by!

  8. 12

    Boo for it being Matt’s last day of paternity leave. That went so fast! I’ve had a couple of girlfriends go back to work full time at 8 weeks and I can’t imagine how they did that. Granted, I know you’ve been back to work for awhile, though, so you’ve been doing the balancing act. But I can’t imagine bringing an 8 week old to daycare!

    That’s great that you got back to one of your favorite fitness classes! I can’t wait to feel more like myself again! I’m very grateful to be pregnant but will be VERY HAPPY when it’s over!!

  9. 14

    I have an Ergo 360 with a very high back strap (and I have very poor shoulder range). At first I had to always ask someone to do it for me (including strangers at Yoga etc). Then I googled it and found a YouTube video with some tips. Over time, I got more flexible and more used to it and now I can do it alone no problem.

  10. 16

    Yay for getting back to your workout dates!! And omg that sandwich looks amazing! And Riese is such a doll <3 She does look so much older already!!

  11. 17

    I was a little nervous to take my first real yoga class after the birth of my son, just assuming how hard it would probably be after being pregnant for 9 months. I ended up being shocked how much easier I could transition to different poses without a big belly! Def not something I thought about!

  12. 19

    Hey girl! Riese is just too cute!! I had my baby girl a few days before you and it’s been fun following along on your journey. I do have some input on your monthly counts though (because I made the same assumption the first month!) – their monthly “birthdays” aren’t until the date of the day they were born or else you’d be assuming she’s 12 months/1 year before her 1st birthday! 4 (weeks) x 12 (months) = 48 weeks. My pediatrician’s office schooled me on this when I went to make her 2 months appointment early. Another parenting hand to face moment. (;

  13. 21

    Feeling kinda stupid here, but I’m wondering about the 2 month old thing. My son was born the day after your daughter and I’m pretty sure she’s 2 months old on the 25th. Is there something I’m not getting?

  14. 23

    Awww the crazy Mom life!

  15. 24

    Hey Anne, an easy way to to put on a fullbuckle carrier is to start off by loosening the side straps really far. Put in Riese an lift the straps up to you shoulders. Now close the back strap (it should be really high so you should be able to reach it now). In the end tighten the side straps, now the back strap should slide down to in between your shoulder blades. This would be the ideal position for the shoulder strap for the most support and no stiff neck. To get the carrier off you go backwards. First loosen the sidestraps and then open the back strap.
    And just a little tip, since the waist is not adjustable with this carrier you could take a shoelace or something else thin and put it around the base of the backpanel, this way you don’t over spread her legs and you can get them in a M Position :) Its an easy and quick fix ;)

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