A New York Minute for #FitBlogNYC

Hi friends! I’m so glad many of you are pumped about the “fANNEtastic running buddies” Facebook group! We already have nearly 350 people in the group and it makes me so happy to see a bunch of you finding running buddies already. Come see if you can find a running buddy near you, too! :)

As you know, I was in NYC this week to speak on a panel yesterday at the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet. I arrived via train from DC on Wednesday evening in time to meet some old friends for dinner – my friends Jackie and Dawn, who taught English in Prague with me back in 2008-09.


It had been WAY too long since we saw each other and I loved catching up! I feel like you form such a strong bond with friends you study or live abroad with – even though it had been ages, once we saw each other it felt like no time had really passed at all. :) Fun to reminisce about our adventures!

We met up at a cool spot called Gotham Food Market, which is a big market with all sorts of different food vendors and communal seating areas and bars. We all hit up a place called Choza Tacqueria – I got two ahi tuna tacos (amazing) and a big salad, which I shared with the girls. We also shared some sweet potato fries. Plus wine, of course!


On Thursday morning, I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 for an early morning run in Central Park with a friend!


It was really dark out but the park paths were nicely lit and it felt super safe – lots of runners out and about. The reservoir was especially beautiful!



I completely forgot to wear my GPS watch – bummer – so I don’t know our pace or distance, but we were going at a really speedy clip. I’d wager we did about 4.5 miles at around a 8 minute/mile average pace or a little faster! Whew!

After showering up and getting pretty for the panel, I met up with my long lost blogger BFF Gena for breakfast at our fave, Le Pain Quotidien. Latte me!


I had the seasonal special quiche – butternut squash and spinach I believe? It was good! Although not as amazing as the omelettes I usually get at LPQ – not sure why this location didn’t have omelettes! Boo!


Gena moved back to NYC (from DC) this summer and I miss her dearly! SO good to catch up. <3


After breakfast, it was Meet & Tweet time!


I was happy to see my Oster Versa Challenge (<—have you entered yet?!) buddies had a booth there Courtney, we missed you! :)


I really enjoyed the sessions at the Meet & Tweet this year – here are some of the highlights:

The New Formula for Fitness Success with @HollyRilinger

  • “The magic happens when we sleep” – it’s just as important as exercise and nutrition when it comes to our health!
  • When you schedule out your week, schedule your workouts, too, and treat them like any other appointment you absolutely wouldn’t miss. Invest in yourself, just like you would your business! I always schedule workouts in my calendar – it’s the only way I make sure they actually happen!

How to Stay Healthy in a Hardcore World with Dr. Marci Goolsby of @HSpecialSurgery

  • Know the difference between good and bad pain when running. If it alters your gait, you shouldn’t run through it.
  • Typical running mistakes that lead to injury: 1) too much to quick and/or 2) not strength training.
  • It is not normal for female athletes to lose their periods.
  • To avoid DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), stay mobile after your workout – don’t sit the rest of the day! Stretch, walk, move.

Eat Healthier, Live Happier: Game-Changing Cooking Secrets with @CarlaHall

  • “My biggest fear was hating my job.” – this woman had so much passion for what she does – I loved it!
  • Make your own flavored oil by blending olive oil with a whole lemon and some herbs. Great in fish dishes!
  • Don’t remove all the fat from your recipes in an attempt to lighten them up. Fat = flavor and satiety! Removing it will make the meal less satisfying, so you’ll be likely to eat more and enjoy it less, too.
  • Don’t deny yourself what you really want to eat. (Yay, intuitive eating!)

After the morning sessions we had some time to network and enjoy lunch, which was really good – props to Fitness for the tasty AND healthy meal.


After making sure I didn’t have food in my teeth, it was time for my session! I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel with Bianca Jade and Laura Sykora, led by Amanda Wolfe from Fitness. We’re pictured below with Betty from Fitness as well.


Our panel discussion was entitled “My Digital Brand is My Business.” Some of the highlights:

  • Don’t be scared to just start (whether it’s a blog, or going back to school, or anything) – so often we get caught up in the how and overwhelmed by the thought of something. At a certain point we just have to go for it! I wasted a lot of time wanting to start a blog but being nervous about doing it before I finally started this one.
  • Let your blog evolve as you evolve. It’s okay to change things as you grow! My blog, for example, has morphed into much more of a fitness/running blog than it was originally. My blog got more running focused as I did!
  • Above all, HAVE FUN. Follow your passion and it will shine through in your work. Don’t start a blog because you want it to be your business/make you money – start it (and continue it) because you love it. Let success be a side effect of that passion.
  • Support each other. There’s plenty of room for everyone at the top, and helping/partnering with others will always benefit you in the long run.
  • Stay true to your brand. Don’t accept partnerships that don’t fit with your values or that won’t be beneficial to your readers.
  • When writing a post, think about what’s in it for your readers. What is your aim with the post? Is it simply to entertain? To inspire? To inform? What is the point of what you are sharing?
  • Invest in your business – consider taking a class in something that scares you, like photography or graphic design – or at least use Google to your advantage for tips!
  • Learn from your mistakes. You will make them, and that’s okay! It’s part of the learning/growing process.

Thank you again to Fitness for having me on the panel, and for covering my expenses to get up to NYC for the event. It was an honor to be there!

meet_and_tweetPhoto source

I flew out directly from NYC to Atlanta after the Meet & Tweet ended; the annual dietitian national conference, FNCE (the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo), is this weekend in Atlanta. I’m headed back to the city tomorrow to kick off the conference and will be there until Monday. As for today, I’m enjoying a visit with my high school BFF Jenny, who lives about an hour south of Atlanta in Macon. :)

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. 1

    You are one busy lady! I really enjoyed your summaries of the different panels. Great advice. Safe travels and enjoy your weekend! :-)

  2. 2

    So lovely you two got to catch up! I love these photos from the morning run- what a gorgeous way to start the day!

  3. 3

    The event sounds awesome. You’re such an inspiration to get up and just go after your dreams!

  4. 4

    It looks like you’re having so much fun catching up with friends on your trip! Running through Central Park is definitely on my bucket list!

  5. 5

    Another fantastic, positive post! I really enjoyed reading the recap for your session best. The one point that really resonates with me is “supporting each other.” I remember reading this in Gina’s e-book too and I think it is fantastic yall are spreading that message. I think far too often women try to compete with one another to be the best, etc. rather than helping and supporting one another to reach our goals. Kudos to you both. This is why I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing positive inspiration. It also encouraged me to do your first bullet-start my own blog. I stopped talking about it and just did it.

  6. 7

    The Meet & Tweet conference sounds really great and informative! I wish I could find more events like this in Australia. Thanks for sharing the content and highlights – all the hints are tips were really useful – especially ‘blog because you love it’! Sometimes it is easy to forget we are doing this because we enjoy it and the blogging community.

    I would LOVE to run in Central Park – definitely on my bucket list :)

  7. 8

    So jealous of all your guys meet ups! The quiche looks good! Was it crustless? More frittata ish! Love the outfit!

  8. 9

    Your blog tips are very helpful and inspirational. I will take them to heart as I continue to blog! Although I am a distance runner, I have only blogged about my food passions yet, and am unsure / slightly interested in starting to create posts about fitness. In that way, your blog evolution statement really resonates with me during this early phase for my blog. Also, your breakfast looks delish. Le Pain Quotidien has been on my list of must-go places for a while now, and your pics are only driving that home even more!

  9. 10

    So many great truth bombs in the notes above- thanks for sharing!

  10. 11

    Thank you for sharing the highlights from the panel! I just started my blog after months of hemming and hawing about whether I had anything to contribute. I am an RD as well and just really want to share my love and knowledge of nutrition, and finally decided to go ahead and put it out there in a blog. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate you sharing your experiences!

  11. 13

    I think that there are some oversimplifications in the fitblognyc conference notes…we shouldn’t sit for the rest of the day when we workout?? isn’t that a bit extreme? I’ve had friends with DOMS who rested, used RICE, etc. and recovered quickly.

    • 14

      She just meant don’t sit and not move at ALL because it will make you more sore. Definitely didn’t mean to keep moving all day non-stop!

  12. 15

    Loved your tips on the panel, and so great to meet you and chat about running! Enjoy FNCE!

  13. 17

    Hi! This is the first post I’ve received from you in EONS! I’ve missed so much good information about health and healthy recipes…I hope you’ll be visiting on a regular basis from now on!! :)

  14. 18

    That sounds like a really cool experience. Thanks for sharing :D

  15. 19

    That skirt you’re wearing is absolutely beautiful.

    The conference sounds like a really great experience for everyone involved. I mean, who doesn’t like NYC and a group of fun bloggers? :)

  16. 20

    Bummed to have missed Fitblog, but REALLY bummed to have missed you :/

  17. 23

    What a neat couple of days and events and reunions! And great advice, as always, too! Thanks!

  18. 24

    I love the tip of just letting your blog evolve. I was so focused in the beginning to make it stay on one topic, but now I am just going with the flow. As my life is changing, so is my blog. I love living in the moment and trying to do the same with RDelicious Kitchen. Looks like you had a really great weekend. Thanks for sharing it!

  19. 25

    Love the Facebook page! That’s such a great idea!!!!!

  20. 26

    Love the recaps!! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  21. 27

    Loved this post, not only for the awesome blog tips (which I’m in desperate need of!) but also for the picture of yo;0u and Laura Sykora, who is one of my favorite instagram yogis!! Too cool! Sounds like you had a great trip

  22. 29

    hot necklace, super cute!

  23. 30

    I think it’s awesome how you make time to see all your friends when you travel! It’s not easy fitting everything into a work schedule but it’s so important! Sounds like an awesome time.

  24. 32

    hey anne!
    so i was talking to my nutrition 101 professor about a recent conference/trip she went on becauuse i was really interested and think it is so cool & nice to go and learn like that! i told her how i’ve heard about dietitians going to conferences such as that, like from your blog, and she said she met you at blog brulee! my professor is Holly Larson. just thought i’d share :)


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