Total Body HIIT Workout

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.

Hi friends! I’m still in Atlanta at FNCE, the annual national dietitian conference (you can see what I’m up to on Instagram and Twitter), but I wanted to pop in and share a fun workout for you guys to try! Since my 5 Minute Core Workout for Runners was so popular, I decided to do another running-inspired pinnable workout. Here it is!

Total Body HIIT Workout

This is a really good one – you can make it as short or as long as you like by varying the amount of times you repeat it.


And of course feel free to modify the moves as you see fit! I wanted to include some good cardio (hi, running and burpees) plus strength moves that complement running (plank hold, lunges).


The dips are an added bonus. ;)


In the pictures, I’m wearing the Target® C9 Women’s Woven Run Short in black ($16.99) and the Women’s Sporty Layered Run Tank in super turquoise ($22.99). I actually loved these items so much that I bought the exact same things (just in different colors) as I did the last time I worked with Target®!


This time, I got the shorts in black because you can never have enough basic black workout shorts. I’ve been loving the navy blue pair I got over the summer and have worn them a ton for runs! The shorts are really comfortable and extremely lightweight – the wicking/quick dry material feels like soccer shorts or windbreaker material, and I like that they are short and fitted but not SUPER short. There are built-in briefs and a little pocket on the inner right front for keys. They have a nice wide, comfy waistband – not too tight but snug enough to stay on.


As for the tank, I love that it is super cute but also extremely comfortable. I’ve worn it for a lot of runs (the one I got before is the navy blue/light pink one), and it keeps me nice and cool. I like that it is fitted to the body but not tight at all – great for air flow. I like the built-in sports bra, too – such a cute pattern! Win all around.


Enjoy the workout!

What’s the best item of workout clothing you’ve bought from Target®? I have a ton of their stuff, both workout and non-workout. Every time I go in there I seem to spend way more money than I mean to… :) Case in point: when I went to use my gift card for this post, Matt and I ended up buying an additional $100 worth of Halloween decorations. Oops. Target®, you win every time…

What’s your favorite no equipment required strength move? Push-ups and dips are usually my go-to!


  1. 1

    I love workouts that don’t require equipment. My fave moves are planks

  2. 2

    ph this is a great quick workout. This outfit is super cute. I love finding a good basic workout clothes that you can mix and match. I pick up sports bras from Target all the time. My favorite strength body weight move has to be a burpee! Thanks for sharing

  3. 4

    Their black running leggings are the best! They have a light weight lining in them to keep me warm but isn’t too too much.

  4. 8

    Great review. I currently don’t have any workout gear from Target. I typically get food props there, but find other items, such as kitchen essentials aren’t usually of very good quality. It’s nice to read this review and know that the clothes are of good quality. Have you found them to withstand washings pretty well in the washing machine too? I really enjoy squats and push-ups for strength training moves.

  5. 10

    I love your top!! And HIIT- great routine to do anywhere!

  6. 11

    I got a cute running skirt at Target (C9) a few weeks ago. It was on clearance for $12! #winning!
    I have a hectic week this week and was thinking of trying some HIIT routines. Thanks. Will give this a whirl. I’ll do the .5 mile run parts with my dog for even more time savings =)

  7. 12

    It’s always nice to come across workout clothes that are comfy and do not cost and arm and a leg. I will have to check these out the next time I’m in Target :)

  8. 13

    Love this workout idea! I always get my sports bras from Target. They’re great quality and a good price! I got a yoga top from there too that I like!

  9. 14

    I love Target clothes, workout clothes, decorations…basically everything! I can never go in and not pickup at least 10 things!

  10. 15

    I love the Target C9 line! My favorite piece I own is very similar to the top you bought. Mine is green :)

  11. 17

    Um, who’s the dog in the first picture? I’ve got puppy on my brain right now.

  12. 19

    Oh Anne, I find burpees so hard!! This looks like a killer workout and your Target workout clothes are so cute. I ended up buying a few workout tops from Target a couple of months ago and I was surprised at how good quality they were. And so cheap too! I will have to go back soon and check out the c9 line :)

  13. 21

    Love the layered tank look- might need to check it out as at $16.99 it’s total impulse buy territory. Also I love planks- all kinds of planks, walking planks, mountain climber planks, star planks, in and out planks, you name it, I love it! Such a great core, stabilizer workout and depending how you modify it you can get an arm, butt, shoulder workout :)

  14. 22

    Target keeps coming out with more and more cute workout clothes! It’s great because the pieces are fun but affordable. My go-to no equipment moves are planks and squats. Thanks for the workout!

  15. 23

    This looks like a great workout, I’ll be trying it sometime this week.

  16. 24

    I love a HIIT workout. They can be so simple yet so effective. Thanks for sharing your combo!

    I was actually just thinking that one of my favourite pairs of long running tights were from Target. They are black compression leggings, with a purple seam down the outside. Super comfy, and have breathable patches. I was getting a little sad that I’d have to put them away for the summer! But then again, I have lots more fun summer running clothes too to look forward to :)

  17. 25
    Roadrunner says

    Great workout!

  18. 26

    Awesome workout that you can do anytime and anywhere. Loving the cute Target gear too!

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