A Snowy Morning Fitness Adventure

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.


Hello again snow, my old friend. I had hoped we might not see each other again until next winter, but alas, here you are again.


Oh, well – a little snow didn’t scare all of us off from the November Project this morning!


My blogger buddies Mary, Chelsea, and I, plus Chelsie’s boyfriend and his friend, all made the push this morning, meeting at 6:05 a.m. to give us time to run down to the Lincoln Memorial by 6:30 for the November Project workout.

It had just started snowing when we met up to make our way downtown. I love the Lincoln Memorial in the early morning light when it’s all lit up – so beautiful.



The snow continued while we ran stairs! I kept it super casual on pace – only 1.5 weeks until the LA Marathon (!!) so I wasn’t trying to kill it out there!


No gorgeous sunrises this morning – it was really foggy/cloudy – but it actually looked really cool with the monument barely peeking through the fog.


At the start of the workout, I actually ran into blog reader Betsy, who I first met at mile 22-ish of the Richmond Marathon (my first full marathon!) back in November! She was with her husband and the three of us chatted briefly and then ended up running near each other until the finish line. I remember her saying: “You’re looking so strong!” and it really helped me to keep pushing through! It was so fun to see her again and catch up. :)


And here I am with Mary and Chelsea! I love that you can really see the snow in these photos.


After crushing a whole lot of stair running, we ran the very hilly route back home. I am so hill trained at this point it’s kind of ridiculous. Literally every single one of my runs includes at least one massive mile long hill. Whew!

Snow everywhere by this point! It was fluffy and easy to run on, though – not icy like last week, thankfully.


Between the 2.5 mile run each way to and from the November Project, plus the miles we ran up and down the stairs, Mary’s watch said we hit 7.5 miles. Pretty awesome workout for a Wednesday morning! I reeeeeeeally didn’t want to go when I first woke up and considered bailing, but as always I’m so glad I didn’t. I seriously have to repeat the following over and over to myself when my alarm goes off and it’s pitch black and freezing out: “I know it sucks right now but remember how happy you’ll be once you’re out there – and then the rest of the day knowing you did this. You’ll be pissed at yourself if you go back to bed.” Repeat, repeat, repeat until I get myself out the door and it’s too late to change my mind. ;)

I’ll end by sharing this fun “mug shot” photo the November Project team took of me (and many others) at the end of last week’s workout! Three cheers for gross/sweaty morning workout pictures. Ya’ll know it’s just how I roll over here. Makeup is clearly overrated.

november project

This will probably be the last time I hit up the November Project for at least a few weeks since I’ve got both the LA Marathon and the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA half marathon coming up, but once those are over and done I’m hoping to try out the Friday morning November Project – the location changes and apparently the workouts are a lot more creative/boot camp ish. And they are still free of course, too. Sounds fun!

Time to catch up on emails, AnneTheRD client work, and prep for teaching tomorrow, as usual. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Anyone else get in a workout this morning? How awesome do you feel now having done that? :)


  1. 1

    This weather is crazy, when I left for work this morning I was so confused, “it’s snowing… again?” lol I took a pretty picture of Rock Creek Parkway. As annoying as snow can be sometimes, it is also so beautiful :)

  2. 3

    I opted to workout indoors today on the bike trainer and then did Insanity. Just didn’t want to go out in the snow again!

  3. 5

    Great workout this morning! I can’t wait to try the Friday one in a few weeks!! You’re going to do GREAT on your marathon (plus hopefully it won’t be snowy, haha)!!

  4. 7

    OH YEAH go Anne! Good job, see you in LA LA Land!

    Mark @marathoner

  5. 9
    Betsy Goodall says:

    It was great to see you again this morning! So glad we got to catch up. Have fun in LA!

  6. 11

    No outside workout this morning! How do you do that?

    Snowing in ct at noon. Just arrived as I was cleaning up after the dogs.

    Reading about the 10-day detox diet by dr. mark hyman. Is it too radical or does it make sense? Can’t decide if I should try it to get rid of that winter weight.

  7. 12
    Amber Schumann says:

    I really do miss early morning workouts, but my schedule doesn’t allow for them anymore (have to leave for work at 7am, plus I have a little toddler now).

    I’m training for my first half marathon (3/16), and just experienced my first setback–extreme soreness and pain in my knees yesterday. My program I’m on randomly threw in an extra run this week, giving me a long run the day after a longer run (8mi Sunday, 6mi Monday). Then Tuesday I was supposed to do my usual “moderate” run–4.5mi. Didn’t happen since I could barely walk.

    How do you keep on track when you have a setback like this? I’m already cutting my training a week short due to the timing of the race, so I don’t feel like I can afford missing these important runs! But I’m obviously not going to run on painful knees…. Such a frustrating place to be in.

  8. 13

    I am so jealous you are close enough to the November project to join them! Looks like a lot of fun. :) Your comment about good snowy running conditions reminded me of this youtube video.

  9. 14

    Love how motivated you are for morning workouts!

  10. 16

    Looks like that snow is headed my way tomorrow. Great. Roads are still narrow from the past month! Oh, well.

    Still some lovely pictures, even without the sunrise!

  11. 17

    We got some snow here at well! Boo! Great job on the workout for this morning! I got mine is as well but I’m doing a double day so I will be doing it again tonight!

  12. 19
    Roadrunner says:

    Another well done on a less-than-perfect-conditions morning! Enjoy tapering down for the marathon!

  13. 20

    My alarm went off at 5:30 am I silently cursed myself for setting it. I can’t complain though because I live in Arizona so I it was either to run 5 miles in the morning when it was 55 degrees out or when it’s 80 degrees this afternoon!

  14. 22

    I did not get a morning workout. I am not a morning person, so I never get in a morning workout! I am a solid afternoon person!

  15. 24

    Still coming back from being SUPER sick but my little 5k this morning was enough to make me feel like I’m getting some strength back!

  16. 26

    That morning fight is actually so fun! Your mind can find at least 1,000 excuses to stay in bed :D, then deep down you know you’ll feel better after the workout!

  17. 28

    Sunrise spin and the nike training app full body sculpt workout! Killer! :) In the best way possible! Is it always running up and down the steps as the workout? Your random weather would rival ours in Ireland!

  18. 30

    No workout this morning. I am currently mending a hurt knee!! I love that you always get out there- rain/snow or shine!

  19. 31

    yes…winter is baaack. At a mere 17 degrees, I braved it and did four frigid miles. And, it did feel good when I was done. Best of luck in LA!

  20. 32

    I wish The November Project was in Seattle! I would love to join – it looks so fun. Way to go on all the training for your second marathon- I’m sure you’ll kill it!

  21. 33

    We can’t get rid of the winter weather here in Indy either!! Good luck finishing up your marathon training!

  22. 34

    The November Project sounds like fun!! I wish we had something like that her in N. Florida but since it’s not usually cold and gloomy around here, I guess people don’t need as much motivation to work out through the winter! I love reading about your marathon training as I too just completed my second full marathon this past Sunday! I’m impressed you’re doing two in one year, that’s dedication!! Have fun at your race in a couple of weeks!

  23. 36

    It’s funny to me seeing the “Blue Skies 14 Miler” as the previous post. My how the weather changes so abruptly. This morning in Atlanta it’s around 25, though we will hit about 70 on Saturday. That view looks amazing though! I would very much like to visit D.C. again to be reacquainted with the history of our nation and take a run (or two) around these amazing monuments of such significance.

  24. 37

    This workout looks awesome. Does it get monotonous running the stairs or do you all chat too?

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