Adventures in NY Continued!

Hello, hello!

I’m back to share part 2 of our weekend adventures in New York. If you missed part 1, check that out first: A New York Wedding & A Trip Down Memory Lane :) After saying goodbye to Cornwall, Matt and I headed over the mountain to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, a short 15 minute drive away!


This place is so gorgeous — overlooking the Hudson River with stunning views of the water and the mountains.

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The buildings are so cool looking, too. They’re like castles!

045_thumb 047_thumb

And of course there are cannons around. :)


When we were done exploring West Point, it was on to the next stop — Cold Springs, NY, the cutest town ever.



We heard there was good hiking there so when we arrived, we headed pretty much straight to the trails (after stopping briefly for ice cream, heh).


It sure was gorgeous! That’s West Point again over there across the river :)


Closer shot!

054 055 057

The trails were great, but unfortunately we started hiking around 5 p.m. and the mosquitoes also came out to play then. We ended up doing a short loop and then running for dear life, lol. #fail

Instead, we headed back into town and wandered around, exploring some of the shops. Then it was time for dinner! We decided on a cute French place called Brasserie Le Bouchon.


Loved the cute outdoor section :)


We both enjoyed a glass of Pinot Noir:


And I ordered the salmon with lentils, tomato sauce, and a fennel cilantro topping. VERY delicious. I’m loving fennel lately.


My date :)


I highly recommend this place if you guys ever end up in Cold Spring — wonderful ambiance, great food, great wine, and great service, too. We stayed well after dark enjoying our wine.

Our last stop on the New York trip down memory lane tour came Sunday morning with a visit to the area where Matt grew up — South Salem, NY! It’s right near the Connecticut border and was also very cute. Look — we found his elementary school! :)


Hehe. All grown up!

So fun visiting all of our childhood haunts this weekend. We found Matt’s old house, too. He said it looked different than he remembered — and the big scary hill he used to bike down didn’t look so scary anymore :)

We spent the early afternoon on Sunday in Queens in NYC with Matt’s brother, Drew, and then headed off to the airport to fly back home! Whew — such a whirlwind weekend but a very fun one.

I’m packing up my things and heading off to school! I did my first track workout of the fall running season this morning — stay tuned for details tomorrow. I’ll also be sharing how to set up automatic mile splits on a Garmin watch, since I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about that!

Have a good one! Oh, and by the way — the Living Social deal today is for half off at Whole Foods — just wanted to make sure you all saw it ;) Best deal ever? I wish we could buy more than one!!


  1. 1

    You did more exploring of the area than I have in almost 30 years of living here! I just told Ulys we totally need to go hiking in Cold Spring. I didn’t know there were trails there!

    • 2

      Cold Spring was SO CUTE!!! Apparently there’s a TON of trails there – we wanted to do a trail we heard about where when you get to the top you can actually see Manhattan! Cool right? Stupid mosquitoes…

  2. 3

    What a beautiful trip. I love impromptu adventures. West Point and Cornwall-on-Hudson are beautiful, aren’t they. When my parents died, one of my sister’s and her husband bought their home where we grew up so I can take a trip down memory lane anytime. Have a great day.

  3. 4

    What a fun weekend! It’s cool to see all of your pictures because I have been to many of the places you visited. I live in NY and I grew up about 20 minutes from Cold Spring. Several of my friends got married at Grandview- what a beautiful venue!

    Oh, the Hudson River isn’t always brown. It got badly churned during Hurricane Irene so it looks like the chocolate river from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. :)

  4. 6

    What amazing views! I’ve always wanted to explore that area.

  5. 7

    Great pics!! It sounds and looked like a really fun time :)

  6. 8

    Thanks for the heads up on the WF deal!!

  7. 9

    it seriously is one of the best livingsocial deals! as if i need a reason to buy even more food from whole foods, but i’ll take it!

  8. 10

    I am so jealous of your trip to West Point! My dad went to school there and loved it…I’ve seen lots of photos, but never been there myself. It is so gorgeous!

  9. 11

    Aw looks like so much fun. When I’ve visited NY it’s been mostly about the city, but I would love to explore some hiking, etc!

  10. 12

    I did see that deal on Whole Foods. I immediately scrolled down to see what the quantity limit was, haha!

  11. 13

    How fun! I had never seen pictures of West Point. It’s gorgeous. It definitely looks like a castle!

    I love the Living Social deal today. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. 14

    Fun! I like the pic of Matt outside his old Elementary school!

  13. 15

    What fun! Very nice. There’s nothing like trips down memory lane! Thx for sharing this with us!

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