Christmas 2011 in Pictures

Wonderful day with family and friends yesterday!

Our friends from Tampa (the twins Jill and Natalie, plus Jill’s husband Scott and their three little girls, as well as Natalie’s 2 year old son John) were in town and came over for an afternoon feast and presents at our place. Enjoy the photos! :)










Look — my grandmother and I have opposite engagement rings! Hers is a center sapphire with a diamond on each side, and mine is a center diamond with a sapphire on each side. <3


I’m always sad when Christmas is over so quickly. I’m headed out now for a nice long neighborhood walk with my mom, and then it’s time for some errands! My brother flies out tomorrow and has requested Chipotle as his last U.S. lunch for awhile, so that’s on the agenda, too. :)

Ta ta for now, friends! Hope your weekend was merry and bright.



  1. 1

    Looks like a great Christmas :)

  2. 2

    Oh wow what a beautiful Christmas!! I love your china and place settings! I’m headed out today to do the after christmas decoration shopping in hopes of picking some cute stuff up on the cheap!

  3. 3

    Anne, the tree is beautiful and full. It looks real, is it? We always have a real tree because the kids get such a thrill in picking one out. You and your brother were cute little tykes. I too love the Christmas decorations. One of my sister’s birthstone is also a sapphire and her engagement ring is a center sapphire surrounded with small diamonds and it is beautiful as well. My birthstone is a diamond and I have a solitary stone that has so far survived 42 years and I’m hoping for another 42 years. (Wishful thinking, haha).

    Have a wonderful day and safe travels for your brother.

  4. 5

    Lovely! Hope Steve enjoys Chipotle ;)

  5. 6

    Looks like a great and delicious Christmas! Love that picture of you and your Grandma’s hands, that would make such a cool wedding picture :)

  6. 7

    Fun time, and awesome photos, thank you for sharing them!
    Next year we need Matt join us!

    Hope you have your black purse in your possession? Lol! :-)
    Merry Christmas!!!

  7. 9

    Amazing photos! Drroool :)

  8. 10

    Oh i love that picture of you and your grandma. That’s so neat that they are opposites! What is your wedding band going to look like?

    • 11

      I’m not sure yet! Matt and I are going to design them with the same lady who he designed my engagement ring with. I’m thinking platinum maybe with some diamonds? I’ll just have to see what looks good!

  9. 12

    Looks lovely! And wonderful pics. Good to see you ran before the big feast! Thx for sharing!

  10. 13

    That pic of you and your grandmother’s hands needs to be sent to some famous photographer to put into some collection amazing photos. That is something to cherish forever. wow.

  11. 15

    Anne- that picture of your rings is PRECIOUS!! How special I can’t stop looking at it!

    PS My ring is an emerald with two diamonds – I love our unique rings!!!

  12. 17

    Glad you and family had such a lovely Christmas. Sweet picture of you and your grandma..that would look great on a rehearsal dinner slide show…gather up some pictures…October will be here before you know it. Please tell me about the chocolate cake.

    • 18

      Well, I’m not a big chocolate cake person so I only had a little bite – I think it was prettier than it tasted. :) The apple pie was great though!

  13. 19

    Wonderful post!!! Love all of these photos, and my oh my, you were a cute baby. My mother has an ornament I made her as a kid, also with my image, but it’s ugly and she always hides it on the back of the tree. I tease her about her negligence mercilessly. Fun game.

  14. 21

    A-maz-ing food – and I would happily eat your chocolate cake for you! I love the shot of your and your grandmother’s hand with opposite engagement rings. <3

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