Fall Weekend

YOU GUYS. The weather was so amazing for running on Saturday morning!

dc tidal basin running

It was legit cold – like, I should have worn gloves cold – 49 degrees when we started out at 7:30 a.m.!

It. Felt. Amazing. 

running in washington dc

I was also thrilled to be out running with my friend Karen! She’s one of my fave running buddies but it had been ages since we ran together because first I was pregnant and then she was pregnant. :) So fun to be out there with her again!

We were laughing over the difference in our outfits – I always tend to under-dress for runs because I hate being hot, so I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and she had on tights, a short sleeved shirt, a long sleeved shirt, AND a vest. Lol. 

She ended up losing the vest but otherwise was comfortable – and so was I! My hands warmed up quickly. :) 

We started our run on Hains Point and did a meandering loop around the National Mall and back. 

running the national mall in dc

We set out planning to do between 4 and 4.5 miles…

But we were both feeling good and having a great time out there so we ended up making it to 5 miles!

Hadn’t seen that on my watch in awhile. :) And this was a postpartum distance record for Karen – go Karen!

I’m getting really pumped to start increasing distances this fall to get ready for the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in March – been WAY too long since I did a half! :)

The other fitness highlight this weekend?

A session with Paul from Capital Energy Training! We had another great session involving mobility and lots of hip and core strengthening – this always really helps me for my runs.

capital energy training

As for food highlights this weekend, we had some good meals! 

I brought tuna salad sandwiches back into the rotation on Saturday post-run – it was only 9:30 when I got home but I was meal, not snack, hungry. We had brunch plans at 11:30 but I knew I’d be hangry if I just had something small!

This hit the spot… tuna salad made with a mix of plain Greek yogurt and mayo and dijon mustard with some broccoli slaw for crunch. Plus an unpictured latte. :)

Brunch at our friend’s place was delicious – I was especially all about that sausage and egg casserole! So good. 

We spent some time walking around “Art on the Ave”, a street festival in Del Ray with all sorts of vendors selling jewelry, art, etc., on Saturday as well.

I ended up buying a DC-themed watercolor from a local artist – excited to find a place for it!

art on the ave

We grabbed dinner at the burger place in Del Ray with Riese and a friend after the festivities. I’m obsessed with their sweet potato waffle fries! 

Brunch Sunday was also delicious: biscuit egg sandwiches.

There is an important biscuit vs. bagel debate going on on my Instagram post right now – go weigh in. ;) 

Sunday evening we had a cozy night in – a homemade pasta dish with turkey meatballs, lots of sauce, and red peppers. Plus some wilted spinach I added after taking this photo!

Riese also gave us two nice long naps this weekend which was awesome because Matt and I got a TON of stuff done around the house that we’ve been meaning to do forever.

It felt really good to continue to get things more organized… lots to do still before we are fully settled in our new house but we are getting there!

Have a nice day and I’ll see you guys back here on Wednesday!


  1. 1

    Sounds like a great weekend on every level! I am energized by cool weather, too – love it! Heat and humidity wipe me out.

  2. 3
    Roadrunner says

    Well done on the run. There is nothing like crisp fall weather! And… biscuit!

  3. 4

    Sounds like a great weekend! Love seeing your “new & improved W/O space in new home. Probably makes the stretching sessions a bit more enjoyable and great places to hang accessories etc.

  4. 6

    Yay for cooler temps. I would have dressed pretty similarly to you for a run in those temps. I prefer to be cold at the start v super hot once I get warmed up. I would need gloves, though, as I am a total wimp about my hands getting cold!

    Sounds like a really fun weekend with lots of time to socialize and do things in your neighborhood. I commented on your IG post – definitely team biscuit over here! I love the crumbliness and they tend to be a little salty (in a good way) so pair well with eggs!

    Our son took a 2.5 hour nap yesterday which is super rare. I ended up reading and taking a nap while he was sleeping – so much for being productive!!

  5. 8

    I love bagels but am all about a biscuit sandwich! Your weekend looks like it was just perfect! The food all looks incredible. Nothing like a brunch spread! Your fitness and home progress sound phenomenal as well. Have a great week!

  6. 9
    Christina Carrigan says

    Have you tried the Biscuits at Stomping Ground yet? Ah-mazing! I was at the art fest too…. and I just live down Mount Vernon. I’ve been a follower since 2016 when I lived in Latvia. I hope to bump into you in the neighborhood someday! 👍🏻☺️ Your blog made me feel not so isolated when I was away. So thanks!

  7. 11

    That tuna pocket looks incredible! I’ve been struggling with finding a tuna brand that isn’t loaded with crap for ingredients! I loved the chicken of the sea, etc but after a health scare several months ago I’ve transitioned everything I eat to be organic, non gmo quality! I also am only able to find canned tuna for like $4-$6 a small can which is outrageous! Do you happen to have a brand you’d recommend? Your meals always look delicious! I wish I had a friend to go on runs with! Each time I read that you did that on the weekend, I’m so enviously!

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