First Stroller Run! + Eats

Hi guys! Riese and I had our first (of many!) stroller running adventures yesterday!

Wednesdays are my mommy day with Riese (my favorite day of the week!), and since yesterday was Global Running Day I figured it was perfect timing to try out our first stroller jog!

We met up with the Stroller Strong Moms/SLAM group since they were doing a special stroller run group for Global Running Day; everyone met down at Jones Point Park along the Mt. Vernon Trail in Alexandria. I started with a couple of the others but unfortunately I was too slow to keep up, which made me feel kind of bad about myself, to be honest. But, I shook it off quickly and was like whatever, I’m not out here trying to prove anything/I don’t need to go all out and totally exhaust myself trying to keep up with the others – I just want to have fun with my little love, so I will do just that! So, I kept the pace super casual and just enjoyed the gorgeous views, fresh air, and watching Riese take it all in. She watched the action for awhile and I stopped to show her some of the views, and then she fell asleep for the second half of the adventure, so I closed up the stroller to keep the sun off her and carried on! I love running by the water… so beautiful!

I was really glad the trail was mostly flat – there was one hill and man was it hard pushing the stroller up it, even just walking!

One of the big benefits of running solo was stopping whenever I felt like it for a break and/or photos. :)

Yikes – guess we aren’t going any farther!

Such a fun morning with my little love – I can’t wait to take her out for many more adventures in the future. Soon I’ll try just putting her into the actual stroller vs. the carseat – I think she’ll enjoy being able to better see the action!

As for food yesterday, pre-run I had a patriotic homemade (leftover from the weekend) crepe stuffed with plain Greek yogurt, berries, and almond butter:

patriotic crepe

And post-run I had an egg salad sandwich with some veggies and cherries on the side. Plus a latte because I had forgotten to have coffee in the morning in the chaos of getting out the door on time… definitely had a lack of caffeine headache! Sidenote: if you’re looking to add more veggies to your sandwiches, try adding either shredded carrots or broccoli slaw! Adds a nice crunch and doesn’t change the taste. And for more sandwich ideas, see my Mix & Match Healthy Sandwich Recipes post!

easy egg salad lunch sandwich

See you guys back here tomorrow – by popular demand I’ll be talking some more about our experience so far starting to feed Riese solids! Any specific questions, let me know – I’m no expert but happy to share what we’ve been doing so far.

Did you celebrate Global Running Day? Tell me about your run!


  1. 1

    Great job getting out there and going at your own pace. Maybe you already do this, but don’t forget to use the wrist strap. My Bob jogger with kid inside very nearly ended up in the water when we hit a bump trying to avoid a biker.

    • 2

      Thanks Jenn! And yes, so key on the wrist strap – I just took it off during photo breaks. :) Hitting a bump and the stroller going flying terrifies me…

  2. 3

    Way to go! I can totally understand feeling bad not being able to keep up, but good for you for not letting it dampen the day for you. It’s just great that you’re out there! I’m almost 6 weeks postpardom and am looking forward to my first solo run and first run with my little one! I’ve never commented before, so I also want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog—it’s one of my favorites. I really appreciate how positive, yet genuine you are.

    • 4

      Aw thank you Haley, I appreciate you taking the time to say hi and share some kind words! A huge congratulations on your little one – enjoy those running adventures, both solo and with the babe! <3

  3. 5

    Anne you are doing a fAnnetastic job. I first found your blog when I was off on mat leave with my son in 2011 (lucky Canadian here.. a whole year off). Your time with Riese really reminds me of that first year with my son, so sweet and fraught all at the same time. Your blog has helped me (and my now 2 kids) in so many ways over the time I have been reading and just wanted to say thank you for your posts and just being in the world. So Thanks!

    • 6

      Thank you so much, Carly, for reading and for taking the time to let me know that my blog has helped you! I’m honored <3

  4. 7

    Jogging with a stroller is HARD so good for you no matter what your pace was. The fact that you are out there making the effort and spending time with the baby is really what matters. I just recently tried jogging with my little one in the stroller WHILE pregnant and at first upset that it was so difficult, but eventually was like OKAY forget this!!!!!!! hahahaha. I walked home and ate some chocolates : )

    • 8

      Thanks Kristin! :) Well played on the chocolates – I cannot imagine running with the stroller while also pregnant – oof!! Congratulations! <3

  5. 9
    Michelle says

    Do. Or feel bad about stroller running slower. I have a stroller (that looks just like Riese’s) for my two chihuahuas. I used to run at a good clip with them all the time but 2 months ago I was diagnosed with severe anemia and cancer. I ambdetermined to still get exercise in even at a slower pace. Plus Riese (and my little ones) just enjoy the ride with mom and the fresh air. Speed is not importan — it will come in time!

    • 10

      I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, Michelle. :( I’m proud of you for still giving yourself the time to get in some movement and fresh air. Thinking of you!

  6. 11

    Running pushing a stroller is no joke! It’s been a few years but I do recall being surprised at how hard it was. You can’t use your arms to help drive your legs. It’s killer :-)

    • 12

      I am even more impressed than I already was by all the people I see out running with strollers now that I know just how hard it is!

  7. 13

    Which running stroller do you have? My husband and I have just started trying to decide which one to get.

    • 14

      We have the Chicco activ3 (disclosure: the brand gifted it to me) and absolutely love it. Fabulous for walking, trails, AND running (great tread/shocks), and way more affordable than most of the other good running strollers too. I love that the carseat snaps into it as well so you can use it for walks right from the start.

      • 15

        Thanks!! We have the Chicco keyfit carseat so that would be perfect for our 7 week old daughter…she could start using it now!

        • 16

          Perfect! We have the Chicco fit2 car seat (the infant/toddler convertible one), so you may want to just double check that the activ3 stroller fits the infant only version, but I bet it should!

  8. 17

    First day running with the stroller you can’t compare yourself to people who do it all the time. You’ll get there sooner than you know. I love running with the stroller to give me endorphins, and get the kids out. Setting a good example at an early age. I also love going on family runs with it because it slows Thomas down!!!! The other day I thought I was really out of shape because I can’t run like I use to with the stroller. Then I realized my kids are almost 40lbs and above 20 lbs. pushing 60+ pounds tends to slow me down! Bring your running stroller to the beach so we can go on runs.

    • 18

      Thank you my friend! And YES great idea on the beach stroller running – can’t wait!! I can’t imagine pushing a 40 lb kid… omg. Although I guess you gradually build up strength as they get bigger! I’m excited to be able to run with Matt again now that Riese is big enough for stroller runs – and like you said it will be nice to have him push the stroller to slow him down ;)

  9. 19

    You may be slower now, but I bet you’ll improve in no time. Seems like stroller-runners are always passing me, and *I* feel so slow because they whiz by even while pushing the extra load! :)

  10. 21
    TrackBuddy says

    So, I ran with a stroller a grand total of ONCE, after which I decided it was way too hard and never did it again. We did run with the oldest some when she was little, but I always made my husband push the stroller.

    I think you deserve HUGE kudos for doing any level of running whatsoever with a stroller!!

  11. 23

    Aww that sounds like such a nice experience running with Riese! Especially with those gorgeous views :) And that crepe sounds so good; will you post a recipe?

  12. 25

    The best part about stroller running: the water bottle holder!! And spot for your phone, snacks, etc. It makes naked aka non-stroller running so much harder logistically because you gotta hook all of that stuff to your bod (and/or go without water). I’m looking forward to stroller season again!

    • 26

      So true!! My water bottle is a little too tall for the cup holder, though – it moves around a big. Need to find one that fits in the cup holder better/in a more sturdy way!

  13. 27

    Stroller running is SO hard! I’ve found I do best with intervals. It helps my arms from getting too tired.

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