A Full Day of Eats: Pregnancy Edition

Thank you to my friends at Chobani for sponsoring this post!

Hey guys! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve shared a full day of my meals/snacks, so I thought it would be fun to mix it up and do a pregnancy eats post. This is what I ate last week on a day I was working from home. It’s similar to my normal day in meals now that I’m feeling better and out of the first trimester, just with the addition of some extra snacks and/or larger portions sizes.

Before I get into my food, just a reminder that what works for me food-wise may or may not be what works for you. Please don’t take this post as a “this is what an RD eats so it’s what I should eat, too.” That’s not my intention here at all – everyone is different and should focus on what makes them feel great. :)

Pre-Walk Snack


I had a waffle with peanut butter and some fresh blueberries to kick off the day before Matt and I headed out for an early morning walk with Ashe! This is an old walk photo since we don’t usually bring our phones out on walks with her – nice to disconnect. :)



After the walk, I quickly changed and headed to the pool for a short swim! This was the first time I swam in quite awhile and it felt sooooo good – the water was nice and cool, and my stiff pregnant body was loving it, too. We don’t belong to any of the private outdoor pools in Arlington (sooo expensive and crazy long wait lists), so I just hit up the local high school indoor pool… you can do cheap drop ins as a local resident! I did about 25 minutes of easy laps, alternating between freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.

Post-Workout Snack

Post-swim, I showered there and while I was getting ready I drank one of Chobani’s new drinkable yogurts, DrinkChobani, that I brought with me from home – it was still nice and cold since I wasn’t in the pool that long! (I took this picture on my walk in so I wasn’t a creeper taking photos in the locker room!)

drinkchobani review

I’ve been LOVING DrinkChobani lately, especially given how thirsty I’ve been, and with the fact that I need to refuel much more quickly now that I’m pregnant unless I want to feel nauseous.

Chobani first sent me some samples to try when I was early in my pregnancy and feeling super sick; I’ve always been a drinkable yogurt fan, but they sounded especially good given the nausea situation, so I was all about it! I also loved that they contained probiotics, were an excellent source of calcium as well as protein (so helpful when meat was turning me off – or when I need something fast and satisfying that was portable), and made from real fruit with 1/3 less sugar than the other leading adult yogurt drinks. Gluten free, too, which is good news for Matt!

drinkchobani review

A few days later, the samples arrived, and between the two of us (Matt loved them too), we ended up drinking all dozen drinkable yogurts within days. Um, apparently those were a hit! I’ve since bought more and we have both been loving having them as an afternoon snack, or post-workout as I mentioned as a quick refuel before showering and then having a bigger breakfast later. My favorites are the mixed berry, strawberry banana, mango, peach, apple veg, and vanilla. :) Matt also sometimes has one as a portable breakfast on his way to work with some nuts on the side.


When I got home I threw together breakfast – scrambled eggs with a little cheese and hot sauce, plus a corn muffin one of my AnneTheRD clients made and gifted to me recently. I also had some unpictured black tea!


Mid-Morning Snack

I broke halfway through the work morning for a snack: an orange with some almonds.



For lunch, I met my friend Gretchen for a fun outing! I wanted to treat her to lunch as one more thank you for watching Ashe while we were in Iceland, and we decided on Café Kindred in Falls Church. She’s also pregnant and we are having similar cravings, which worked out perfectly because we both wanted half a sandwich and half a salad, so we got both and shared! Tuna melt + spinach salad + some fries to share for good measure. :) #balance

cafe kindred falls church

It was delicious, and so fun to see her!

Afternoon Snack

Back at home, it was back to work! I took a short break to take Ashe for another walk mid-afternoon and then had a mix of plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and peanut butter granola with berries for a snack.



I had a bunch of evening AnneTheRD nutrition clients so dinner was a bit on the later side (around 8) – good thing lunch was bigger and I had a snack! I find eating a lot earlier in the day is key for me – this was always key for me, but even more so now that I’m pregnant.

I was craving something simple and refreshing with some raw veggies in the mix, so I threw together one of my standard grain salad bowls. I also snacked on some unpictured carrots while cooking! :)


This variation had greens + microwave plain brown rice + canned lentils + green pepper + feta + avocado + balsamic vinaigrette. Delicious! (Matt was off playing soccer, so he ate solo later on.)

And that’s that! Earlier in the pregnancy I was often having a bowl of cereal before bed (mostly because I wasn’t eating enough earlier in the day because I felt sick, especially at dinnertime, so right before bed I was hungry), but now I’m finding I don’t want that anymore since I’m satisfied by what I’ve had and not hungry at all by bedtime. Whatever works!

Have a great day guys! Feel free to share your own day of eats in the comments – I always love getting new meal and snack ideas!


  1. 1

    That grain salad bowl sounds delicious! I had no idea Chobani made drinks!! Must check those out!

  2. 3

    Wanted to ask you a question about your prenatal vitamins – do you take all of the pills at the same time or do you spread them out throughout the day?

    • 4

      I take them all at the same time right before bed. Seems to be working fine – they don’t make me feel sick or anything!

      • 5

        Thank you! I’m glad it’s not making you feel sick.

        • 6

          I was wondering the same thing. Anne, you take the Vitamin Code prenatal, right? I am taking the same one and have been taking it 3x day (which is a pain). I emailed the manufacturer and they said you can take them 3x a day for better absorption or all at once. Do you think it really make a difference?

          • 7

            No, I take the MyKind Organics prenatal as well as the Nordic Naturals prenatal DHA (fish oil). I started off trying to split it up during the day (mostly because I was worried it might make me nauseous – vitamins sometimes do that to me) but I kept forgetting to take it… so for me, 3 at once is definitely better than forgetting half of them, right?! I don’t think it makes much difference if you take it all at once to be honest!

  3. 8

    I LOVE these new Chobani drinks. I’ve used them both pre-and post workout. I’m hoping they’ll start carrying them in Costco so that I can get some bulk savings!

    Thanks for your protein powder recommendation the other day; I’ll give it a shot!

  4. 10

    Another sidenote/suggestion about the pool use problem. You might try looking into the hotels and see if they offer single use prices for their pools? In my small community here in Kentucky, they do for a very low price. It works out great since not many people know they do this and the pools at the hotels during the day don’t always get a lot of use! ;)

    • 11

      That’s SUCH a good idea… totally looking into that!

      • 12

        There are no hotel pools here that could possible compare to W-L/Yorktown (I know it is temoporarily closed)/Wakefield for lap swimming.

        • 13

          Darn. It would be so nice to get outside!

          • 14

            Upton Hill (off of Wilson, just past the skateboard park if you were driving to Target) is an outdoor public pool where you can swim laps.

            • 15

              I’ve been meaning to check that out since it seems like the only nearby option that’s not private – it looked more like a water park online… there are lap lanes too? I’ll have to try it!

              • 16

                Yeah, there are lap lanes. There are a few fun things for kids, but it is basically just a regular pool. We belong to a private pool (8 year wait list!) but I know several people who go there to swim laps.

  5. 18

    My mom swam six days per week the summer before I was born (September birth). She also said the water felt wonderful on her pregnant body and allowed her to stay fit during a very hot summer. I absolutely love to swim laps and am a very good swimmer (even though I’ve never taken a swimming lesson). I’ve always wondered if it might be, in part, due to all the laps she did while pregnant. Enjoy your pool time!

    • 19

      I just swam again today and MAN does it feel good! I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favorite ways to stay active as I get farther along with the pregnancy. It’s so relaxing and meditative, too! I’ve always loved swimming. :)

  6. 20

    I have not seen those Chobani drinks, but I will have to look for them. They sound good and I think my kiddos would love them.

  7. 22

    I love the Chobani drinks! I actually used the apple veg flavor to make overnight oats. They were delicious. All infused with flavor. Great post!

  8. 24
    Roadrunner says:

    The drinks sound terrific. Will have to try some!

  9. 25

    Congrats on your pregnancy!
    I am a HUGE friends joke that I just eat all day :)
    I love Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn – the sea salt is the best flavor.
    And I have been going crazy for avocado and tomato on toast lately.

  10. 27

    Those Chobani drinks look delicious! I recently shared a day of eats on my blog :)

  11. 28

    Your day of eats sounds awesome and balanced. Baby is probably very happy with all the nourishment and care, both with food and your workouts! My blog is very new, but I actually just posted a day of eats, so feel free to check that out :)

  12. 31

    hi anne! i know you get asked this a lot, but could you post the link to those bowls you use for large salads? i checked your favorite things page and didnt see it!

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