Happy Birthday to me! (+ a wedding planning update!)

Good morning, friends!

Guess what? Today is my 30th birthday! :) It’s off to a good start — I slept in (that being a relative term here — til 7:15, haha) and Matt made me breakfast in bed before work. <3 Who else agrees that working on your birthday should be illegal, btw?


I’m not sure where the time has gone — I can’t believe I’m no longer in my 20’s! I’m pretty pumped about 30, though… it’s going to be a big year for me for a number of reasons. During the next year I will:

  1. Get married! (Our wedding is October 13th — so soon!!)
  2. Graduate from grad school with my Masters of Public Health in Nutrition from UNC Chapel Hill (in December — woohoo!!)
  3. Finally become a Registered Dietitian (hopefully in January or early February — whenever UNC graduation paperwork goes through so I can take and hopefully pass the RD exam!)
  4. Start my new career aka world domination via nutrition. (Okay maybe minus world domination… but seriously, I’m really excited to finally get out there and DO SOMETHING! And to stop working for free…)

Quite the year, huh? :) I definitely have a lot to look forward to!

Speaking of getting married, I can’t believe our wedding is coming up so soon! I haven’t done an update in awhile but plans are going well. We sent out our invitations last week and this week the RSVPs have been pouring in.



It’s been so fun to check the mail box every day and have so much mail! I love opening them and seeing who replied. :)

Matt’s parents also sent out our rehearsal dinner invites, and earlier this week I created the first draft of our wedding ceremony program to hand out to guests! Just need to add in a couple extra details and then get it printed. Another thing checked off the list was I got my wedding band!


Remember how I wrote awhile ago about going to look at bands and not being sure what to get? I was originally thinking of getting one with some diamonds at the top, but I wasn’t really feeling any of the ones I tried — I just felt like they overshadowed/didn’t go well with my engagement ring. Plus, Matt and I really don’t have the money to spend right now on a super expensive ring (and would rather spend what money we do have going on a fun trip somewhere together instead of on diamonds). So in the end, I decided to get a plain platinum band to match the platinum band on my engagement ring!


I’m really happy with the decision — they go beautifully together and it enhances instead of distracts from my engagement ring. Perfect. :) Matt is still debating what to get for his band — we’re going to check out some jewelers so he can try on a few options!

In other news, I can’t wait for this weekend to start! Matt and I are going to have a romantic low key evening tonight to celebrate my birthday, and tomorrow we will celebrate with friends! I decided to have my bachelorette party and birthday party in one day just for simplicity, so I’m starting the day at 1 p.m. by going on a 5 hour wine tour on a big bus with 20 of my best girlfriends. We’re visiting two wineries out in VA — it’s going to be such a blast, and when we get back at 6, Matt and some of our guy friends will be waiting to host a BBQ 30th birthday after party for me at a friend’s house! The theme is “party like we’re still in our early 20’s” — we’ll see if I can still remember how to play flip cup and beer pong. ;) Hey — you only turn 30 once, right?


Photo from one of my early 20’s birthday parties — clearly I didn’t go to bed at 10 p.m. then like I do now…

Oh and just to balance things out — my friend Sarah, Matt, and I are running the Clarendon Day 10k on Saturday morning before the festivities begin! It should be a lot of fun — this race was actually my very first 10k back in 2009 so I’m excited to do it again! This will also be my first race in my new age bracket — bring it on, 30 to 39 year old females! ;)


Have a great day and a fabulous weekend, everyone!


  1. 1

    Happy happy birthday! My birthday was 3 weeks before OUR wedding last year, and my birthday definitely took a backseat to wedding excitement. :)

  2. 2

    Happiest of birthdays to you Anne! Have a great time! And I love the look of the simple band with your beautiful engagement ring!

  3. 3

    Happy Birthday Anne! Your weekend sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!

  4. 4
    Carla December says:

    Happy Birthday! I love the “relative” statement re” sleeping in. My doctor laughed her butt off at me yesterday when I said I didn’t get out of bed until 730!! (I was reading for two hours, but still, she thought it was hilarious!). I hope you have a wonderful day, and good luck finishing up with your wedding! It’s a wonderful time. Cheers! Happy 30 to you!

  5. 5

    Happy Birthday Anne!! Hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend.

    I also love the look of your wedding band. I have friends with tons of diamonds on their band, and I agree it distracts from the ring in a lot of cases.

  6. 6

    Happy birthday! Today is my roommate’s birthday, too :) I agree about working on your birthday, at my current company we actually get our birthday off and we can either take our birthday off or use it another day in case we want to use it for a long weekend or whatever. Pretty nice perk!

  7. 7

    Happy Birthday! I hope that 30 is the best year of your life so far, and you definitely have some big, life changing events planned:) Have a great day celebrating! And I agree- no working on your birthday!

  8. 8

    Happy Birthday Anne! 30 is fannetastic!
    I really like the wedding band you chose. Simple and elegant.

  9. 9

    Happy Birthday, Anne!!

  10. 10

    Happy Birthday! Our anniversary is Oct 13th too! Awesome day! Also, welcome to the new running bracket! It’s not that bad! It’s nice to be on the low end of the bracket after all these years :)

  11. 12
    Hannah Webb says:

    happy birthday!!! :)

  12. 13

    Happy B-Day! My 30th is coming up in a few weeks and I’m scared ;) I’m in my nutrition masters as well and I have to work AND go to class on my bday…not cool! Enjoy your day it sounds awesome!

  13. 15

    I cannot waaaaaait for tomorrow!! It’s going to be so much fun! And as probably the only actual early 20-something that will be in attendance, I will make sure to remind all of you what the rules of ‘Kings’ are. ;)

    Also, regarding working on birthdays, this is pretty much how I feel about it too:

  14. 17

    Happy Birthday! Gretchen told me to say so. Love your blog :D

  15. 19

    So bummed I can’t make it tomorrow, but glad I will be there Oct. 13 :)

  16. 21

    Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it’s going to be a fANNEtastic year:)

  17. 22

    Happy Birthday Anne! I had NO idea you were almost 30! For some reason I thought you were like 27? I guess it’s because you look so young and beautiful:) Have a great time!

  18. 24

    Happy birthday Anne! I hope your birthday/bachelorette party is amazing!

  19. 25

    Happy Birthday hope it’s a great one. Have a good birthday weekend too. ^_^

  20. 26

    Happy birthday to you! Love your engagement ring. I did the same thing as you – went with a simple platinum band instead of one with diamonds. I’ve had it now for 9 years and still love the decision I made. You can always get a diamond band later down the road or even a ‘right hand ring’.

  21. 27

    Happy, happy birthday!!! 30 is a big one, but don’t worry; I’m 33 and so far the 30s have treated me very well. You have one exciting year ahead!! Your ring set is gorgeous…I think you made a good decision. Have a fun day!

  22. 28

    Happy birthday Anne!! Sounds like you have such a fun weekend planned. :) Enjoy it all!

  23. 29

    Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you have a great weekend lined up! Have fun!! :-)

  24. 30

    Happy Birthday Anne — and welcome to the best years of your life!!!

    Love the simple wedding band. I have a really simple band myself and I’m glad I went that route. Although I’m tempted to upgrade to an (also simple) eternity band later this year when we hit our 10th anniversary.

  25. 31

    Happy birthday! Have a wonderful weekend.

    It’s my first comment after finding your blog recently and just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading!

  26. 32

    Happy birthday! Have a great day — and weekend!

  27. 33

    Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like your wedding plans are coming along great, enjoy it as it goes by fast!!! And have fun at the wineries!!

  28. 34

    That sounds like a PERFECT way to celebrate both your birthday and bachelorette. Have a blast! We’re in the same place with rings. I sort of want a wedding band, but don’t really have the money to buy something with diamonds. We’ll see…

  29. 35

    Happy Birthday Anne! I know you will have a fabulous celebration with your friends and fiance.

    The winery bus tour sounds wonderfful!

  30. 36

    Yay! I love EVERYTHING in this post!! :)

  31. 37
    Anna Crouch says:

    You’re 30???? I totally assumed you were like…..25ish?? You look so young!

  32. 39

    Happy birthday!!

  33. 40

    The happiest of all birthdays to you Anne. I look forward to hearing about your weekend festivities.

  34. 41

    Happy birthday to youuuuuu!!! xoxo

  35. 42

    Wohoo sounds like a good weekend!!! Good luck with the race and have an amazing time!

  36. 43

    Happy Birthday! You have a year full of wonderful things happening!

  37. 44

    Haha happy birthday! I agree working on your birthday sucks! I’m in school though and since mine is in June I’ve had finals on my birthday before! I can’t decide which is worse. . .

  38. 46

    Happy happy birthday!

  39. 47

    Happy Birthday!!! The party idea sounds like a lot of fun!! I also love your rings!! BEAUTIFUL! Have a great weekend!!

  40. 48

    Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend :)

  41. 49

    Happy Birthday

    You know I have always heard that life starts at 30, or at least that is what my wife said on her 30th birthday earlier this year. Looks like things are going to be going well for you this upcoming year. A lot of positive things seem to be on the horizon. I remember when I first ca,e across your blog, when I loved in the DC area. I have reading it for the past few months, and you are still an inspiration for me, and part of my motivation to suceed as well. I have some of the same dreams as you in regards to being a nutrition and working in the health field after I retire from the military. Keep up the good work, don’t know where you have the time but we enjoy your work. Congrats

    • 50

      Thanks, Quincy! Hearing things like this is why I keep blogging – thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m honored to hear I’ve inspired you!

  42. 51


  43. 52

    Happy 30th!

  44. 53

    Anne: You are going to have a very very fun weekend so enjoy it. You don’t looks like 30s, I think 25, you are a lucky girl.. I think you are going to have of course a Fannetastic Day!

  45. 54

    Happy Birthday, Anne!! Have so, so much fun this weekend! :)

  46. 55

    Happy birthday :D Sounds like you have an absolutely wonderful birthday/ bachelorette bash planned!!!

    P.S. 100% agree that working on your birthday should be illegal!

  47. 56

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anne! Hope your weekend is amazing. :)

  48. 57

    Time flies doesn’t it?! My wedding is 2 weeks away and I keep thinking I have so much time to get stuff done! So exciting.

    Happy Birthday!

  49. 58

    How exciting!!!! :-)
    Happy 30th Birthday Anne!!!!

  50. 59

    Congratulations, Anne. Sounds like a great way to celebrate.

    Saw the tweeet on the time on the 10K! Awesome. First time under 50 minutes…. Very impressive… Hope you enjoyed your trek out to wine country (and I’m sure you saw why it is such a nice area for road biking, too!).

    Enjoy dinner, too!

  51. 61
    Laura Matute says:

    Happy birthday to you Anne, a little late though (sorry about that). Wish you the best always…..

  52. 62
    Pat Elsberry says:

    Happy Birthday Anne!! Sounds like an awesome celebration! Can’t believe your wedding day is almost here! So exciting !

  53. 63

    Happy Birthday! You still look 20…seriously.

    Wine Tour sounds amazing. I looked at some amazing vineyards in that area when were were looking for venues and I was surprised how many there were. Have fun!

  54. 64

    Happy belated Birthday, Anne!! I’ve been out of town since Thursday and didn’t get a chance to come see you over the weekend! Bummer…now I’m late…
    I bet you are pooped this morning from all the fun extravaganza!
    Yup! 30s is the new new 20s…so I’ve been told..I’ll be joining you very soon ;).
    You sure do have soo much to look forward to! I can’t wait to get out there and do something as well! I feel like I’ve been in school forever!!
    And I think the band was an excellent choice! The engagement is WAY too gorgeous to be outdone by the band…Esp since it has soo much history!
    Can’t wait for the recap!!!

  55. 66

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Also I LOVE your ring combination…it is so elegant and beautiful. :)

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