Honeymoon Highlight: White Water Rafting

Continuing with some of our honeymoon highlights in Costa Rica! Miss the first few honeymoon recaps? Check those out first. :)

The day after waterfall rappelling, Matt and I had another adventure excursion booked – this time Whitewater Rafting with Wave Expeditions! I’d never really been whitewater rafting before so I was pumped. A short hike through the forest and we arrived and got ready to raft!


As with our last excursion, the guide was super awesome and friendly (and knew what he was doing, which was a very good thing). We went over some basics of rafting and what to expect and then we were on our way!

It. Was. Awesome.


There were 6 of us in the raft, plus our instructor in the back, who steered and called out orders to us (e.g. left side paddle forward, right side back! or: all paddle forward! or: stop! or: “DOWN!”). I was seriously impressed with him!


The first hour was pretty much nonstop rapids. We all had a blast!


After about an hour, we stopped for a quick snack. Mmm… I miss all the fresh tropical fruit in Costa Rica!


How pretty is this?! Our table was one of the kayaks (there were guys in kayaks nearby in case we needed them).


And then we headed back out! Originally, Matt and one of the other guys, Johnny, were in front, but this time me and Johnny’s wife Diana decided to step up to the plate. Bring it on!


My face in the picture below is hilarious:


We made it!


After our adventure, we headed to an adorable nearby farm for lunch as part of the tour. This ended up being just as awesome as the rafting itself!


There was a table all set up when we arrived.


With gorgeous views of Arenal Volcano:


And this adorable Costa Rican woman was getting our food ready:


Here are our friends Johnny and Diana – we first became buddies on this rafting trip and then ended up hanging out with them a lot because they were at the same beach hotel as us later in the trip! So you’ll see more of them later. Miss you guys! :)


And here we are:


The food was absolutely delicious. Casado, I love thee!


After we ate, the owner (who was THE CUTEST woman ever – she’s the daughter of the woman who was cooking for us!) made us some traditional Costa Rican coffee. They boil the coffee directly with the water, then pour it through a filter!


While we drank our coffee, she sang for us. Best lunch ever. I want this woman to live in our apartment and make us coffee and sing to us every day. :)


We also got to enjoy all the pretty birds hanging out nearby. They leave melon rinds on the trees to attract them!


Our trip ended with a demonstration of how to extract juice from a piece of sugar cane!

Meet Costa and Rica:


You stick the piece of sugar cane into a device that will smush it when Costa and Rica walk in a circle. Easy!


We got to taste the cane juice – sweet and delicious.


What a fun day! One of our favorite adventures on the trip for sure. I highly recommend Wave Expeditions if you ever end up in Costa Rica looking to do some rafting!

Have you ever been white water rafting? Where and did you like it?


  1. 1

    Hi Anne! That excursion looked amazing. And the food-yum! I’ve been whitewater rafting twice, up in Maine. I love it! Was your bum wicked sore after? Mine and all my friends’ were because the raft was so hard and you get so bumped around (TMI?) :)

  2. 3

    Amazing photo’s. Wonderful honeymoon. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  3. 4

    I’ve always wanted to go white water rafting! It looks like such a blast, great pictures! Love your face in that one pic, hilarious action shots are the best!

  4. 5

    Small world! I know that guide from my own whitewater rafting trip. He was in another raft but kept teasing me and splashing water at me when our boats would pass. lol He’s a bit of a flirt. I can’t remember his name though. My guide was Luis.

  5. 8

    Wow you really did have the most amazing honeymoon ever! So many memories! I would love to go white water rafting!

  6. 9

    Badass!! :P

  7. 10

    I LOVE whitewater rafting! I’ve been several times out West and in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Argentina. I’m dying to raft the Gauley and New Rivers in West VA- best rafting in the US! I love sitting up front like you did the second half of the day. So fun to get splashed and really feel the river below you. Looks like you guys had an amazing honeymoon.

  8. 11

    I went white water rafting in Tennessee and had a blast! But I can imagine that Costa Rica was even more amazing.

  9. 12

    I’ve always wanted to try white water rafting! You guys look so happy.

  10. 13
    T.G.I.F!!! (the goal is fitness) says

    Looks like a great adventure, and tons of fun………sooooooo jealous!!!! ;-)

  11. 14

    Looks like you guys had a great time! I want to book a trip to Costa Rica right now.

  12. 15

    Love these recaps :)

  13. 16
    Healthy Eater says

    What a great adventure. Well done!

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