Hot and Humid Weekend Fun

Hey friends! Another Monday already, huh? I hope you guys had nice weekends! Ours was hot and humid but packed with fun. :)

washington dc running route

It was nice to be in town after all our travels to reconnect with friends, family, and my favorite city! Matt and I had a nice low key night on Friday – we made a Blue Apron and relaxed on our deck – it was a beautiful evening.

On Saturday, I was up early for some fitness! It was Global Wellness Day and the Four Seasons in Georgetown hosted some fun health-focused activities that were open to the public. Matt had plans to go biking with some of his buddies (too fast and far for me to tag along!) so when I got a press email about the happenings I decided why not! The day started with a 7 a.m. (oof) run. The Four Season’s General Manager David Bernard is a big runner and leads hotel guests frequently on “Run My City” tours – love that! More hotels should offer guided running tours – such a cool way to explore while traveling. David led us on a speedy 3 mile loop around the monuments – it was already getting hot so the early start time was a good idea!

washington dc run my city

We were back at the hotel by 8 a.m. for a little outdoor yoga led by a local yoga instructor. Love doing yoga outside – great morning for it too since we were in the shade!

four seasons georgetown yoga

After the fitness fun I attended a press breakfast in their Seasons restaurant – their egg frittata with all sorts of spring veggies was awesome. I got some bacon (and unpictured berries) on the side!

seasons restaurant georgetown

The rest of Saturday was spent being social! Matt and I went to a family gathering for my uncle’s birthday in the afternoon, and then we spent the evening grilling out and relaxing at a friend’s apartment roof deck in Arlington. Beautiful views from up that high!

view of DC from clarendon roofdeck

On Sunday morning, I met up with my friend Karen for a run date! We hadn’t met up in way too long due to busy schedules so it was great to see her and catch up. It was SO hot by the time we met around 9 a.m., though – I always forget how much harder running in the heat is! Oof!

mt vernon trail running

We made it 3 miles before deciding to enjoy a nice walk for the rest of the miles. :) We had a nice stroll around shaded Roosevelt Island – so beautiful with all the green!

roosevelt island trails running

Matt and I had some friends over for a BBQ at our place yesterday early evening. This is the only photo I snagged because I was too busy enjoying myself. :) My friend Kathleen brought that beautiful veggie grain salad!

summer bbq food

This is going to be a crazy busy week because Rachael, Alex, and I are launching the first session of our Joyful Eating, Nourished Life virtual group intuitive eating program one week from today! We only have a few spots left so sign up today if you’d like to join us. The program won’t be offered again until late fall and the price will go up (it’s being offered at a special introductory rate for this first round). You have until this Thursday at 9 a.m. EST to sign up – that’s when we’ll close down sign ups and finalize our participant list.

Have a great day, my friends!

Would you rather run in really hot or really cold weather? I’d definitely take really cold… but of course I prefer perfect running weather. ;)

What’s your ideal running temperature? I like 50s or 60s and sunny with no humidity for casual/training runs… for races I prefer a little chillier, like the 40s but still sunny!


  1. 1

    The fittata looks delicious. It’s hard to go wrong with anything that has avocado on it!

  2. 3

    Your frittata sounds awesome, and I love how they presented the avocado! Such a fun weekend!

  3. 5

    I’m definitely a cold weather runner…and if I can get a cold weather race, even better. Lately, I’ve had my PRs when the weather is 40F or lower. Sadly, we don’t get too many opportunities for really cold weather running in DC.

    • 6

      I tend to set my PRs in cold weather, too – so much better for running! See also: my cherry blossom 10 miler PR this year in 20 degree temps with windchill factored in, ha! That was a bit too extreme for me but apparently it still worked to my benefit!

  4. 7

    Love barbecue season! It doesn’t last long here though, and then we have blips every now and then, torrential rain today! Hoping sun is in the not so distant future! :)

  5. 8

    I’m a literal fair-weather fan :) I don’t like to run when it’s too cold (it takes me too long to warm up) or too hot ( b/c duh, that’s miserable!) or if it’s too windy- in general, I don’t even like fans blowing on me. but I am willing to run in the rain… if it’s warm enough.

  6. 10

    I also wish more hotels would offer running tours. Such a great idea!

    • 11

      Right?! Hopefully other hotels will see this and implement the idea! I guess you have to have a staff member that’s really into running for it to work, though!

  7. 12
    Roadrunner says

    Cold weather, low 50s.

  8. 13
    Lauren k says

    Heat! Humidity! Our favorite. Just in time for my visit ;). Looking forward to some active fun this weekend!

  9. 15

    Looks like a perfect weekend. I don’t like it when it is too hot or too cold. I like it ‘just right” LOL. I little chill in the air is perfect. Cannot do heat and humidity.

  10. 16

    All that BBQ food looks yummy! BTW I loved reading your Alberta recaps – I live in Vancouver but made my first trip to Banff and Jasper this past September and it was unforgettable! It was fun to see how similar our itineraries were, glad to hear you had a great time.

  11. 18

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love the outdoor weekends with warm weather–you cant beat it! I wouldnt have made the 3 miles in the heat…id have been walking from the start haha!

    • 19

      Haha I definitely wanted to – that’s the benefit of a running buddy for motivation! We were like, let’s just make it 3 miles, then stroll. :)

  12. 20

    Cold weather!

    Also the first portion of this post made me smile. We did a private DC running tour of the monuments that ended with an FDR proposal. Ah. Memories.

  13. 22

    Running in the cold! always ;) Boston love ;)

  14. 23

    whoa, that run event looks awesome! next time i go to DC, i want to stay there haha. more hotels should definitely put on events like that, it’s such a good way to see the city!
    good luck with the launch of NL! Unfortunately I can’t join, because I’ll be abroad and i think too busy to get my $$s worth!!

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