Meyer Lemon Catfish + Flour Free Pancake

Good morning, my friends!

I had my mom over for diner last night! Matt had a work dinner to attend so I thought it would be fun to have a girls night in. :) First requirement: Prosecco, obviously!

affordable prosecco

We cooked a Blue Apron meal together, which is one of my favorite ways to have someone over for dinner without it being stressful/requiring planning. Matt was not sad to miss a fish dinner, although I think he would have liked this one!

catfish with glazed lemon

This was the Meyer Lemon-Glazed Catfish with Ginger Collard Green and Cracked Freekeh Salad. The lemon was basically a quick candied peel – so good and unique! I used half the sugar they gave us (I don’t like things too sweet!) and it was perfect – you just mix the sugar, water, and sliced lemon in a pan then simmer until it reduces and softens. Apparently a Meyer lemon is a cross between a common lemon and a mandarin orange. It looks a little like an orange – I thought they gave us one by accident!

quick candied lemon peel

We had fun catching up while making the meal together!


I added a little extra greens to the mix because we had some on hand to use up. :)

sauteed ginger collard greens

Dinner is served! Have you guys had freekeh before? (We were cracking up pronouncing that, btw – freeeeekehhhh!!!) It’s an ancient wheat grain that is harvested while young and green, then roasted. It’s really good – kind of like cracked wheat.

catfish with glazed lemon

Yum! Thanks for joining me, mom!

This morning I was up early for a little Urban Athletic Club action via ClassPass (<—affiliate link for $20 off your first month) with Chelsea and Kathleen. Tough as always! I followed it up with my Flour Free Breakfast Pancake (<- recipe) back at home.

flour free breakfast pancake

Topped with raspberries, pumpkin seeds, and slivered almonds this time! Delish.

easy gluten free pancake recipe

And now, back to work! I don’t have any meetings this afternoon so I’m planning to take the opportunity to work on some writing projects. Heads down!

Have a great day! :)


  1. 1

    That dish sounds so yummy! I love seafood and typically make salmon like twice a week. So jealous you were able to have a girls night with your mom–mine lives in South Beach, and I miss having girl time with her!

  2. 3

    I definitely think I need to give class pass a try!

  3. 5

    Loved my first month of Class Pass- going to do it for two more months before triathlon training kicks into full gear. I recently tried barre and pilates reformer for the first time and never thought I would like either class (I like more fast paced boot camp type workouts) but I thought they were a great low impact way to switch it up- have you tried either?

    • 6

      I haven’t tried pilates reformer (well, I tried solidcore, which is kind of that, but a little different), but I have done some barre and normal pilates. They aren’t my absolute faves, but I mix them in occasionally!

  4. 7

    I’m struggling majorly with breakfast due to my schedule and the fact that I eat breakfast at work. Do you think the pancake is something you could make the night before and microwave or toast?


  5. 9

    That dish looks amazing!!

  6. 10

    I can’t have pancake without something creamy on top..nut butter, coconut butter, coconut cream…or even some ghee! Great if you heat the raspberries a little smash them up on top too!! Like fresh jam!

    • 11

      Yum, good idea! The inside of this pancake is so creamy with the mashed banana, but for normal pancakes I agree re: the creaminess on top!

  7. 12
    Roadrunner says

    Looks very tasty!

  8. 13
    Briana Lucas says

    So funny. I just opened my blue apron box that came today. My very first one! I told my husband what we got, and asked him, of the 3 options, which he wanted. He said catfish. I will be making this tonight for dinner, and I can’t wait!

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