Miami by Foot & New Balance Running Skirt Review

Good morning!

I’m back in Chapel Hill (aka the frozen tundra — it got COLD since I left, and was even snowing when I drove home last night from the airport at midnight — quite the rude awakening!) after a great weekend in Miami with Matt.


Let’s rewind to Saturday, shall we? Matt and I started our day with breakfast in the hotel concierge lounge (Matt gets access to free breakfast up there because he stays in Marriotts so much — win). We stayed in the JW Marriott Marquis on Thursday and Friday nights — stunning hotel.


I enjoyed some oatmeal with granola and a big bowl of berries with some yogurt buried underneath — I ended up combining the two. :)

Here was our view during breakfast — gorgeous:


After we digested, we headed out for a run along the bay. I was so glad I got my 7 miler out of the way early on Thursday morning so I could enjoy a shorter, more casual run with Matt!


I was especially excited for the run because I had a new running skirt to try out! New Balance sent me this skirt about a month ago, and I figured Miami would be the perfect weather for it. Here’s the description from the website:

The kicky mesh New Balance Fun Run Skirt makes waves with an innovative lightweight mesh that’s both quick-dry and breathable, providing plenty of movement as you run.

(Sidenote — on their website, the skirt appears see-through, but it’s not at all in person. I think they just did that so you could see the shorts underneath or something?)


I know some people think running skirts are super lame, but I have always loved the idea and wanted one. I think it’s probably because I played tennis when I was younger and all through high school. In high school our tennis team uniforms were skirts, so I got used to working out in them! Skirts just make exercise more fun in my opinion. ;)


I was a big fan of the New Balance running skirt — it has little spandex-esque shorts underneath that were comfy to run in and the skirt didn’t ride up at all, either. It was all very breathable, too, since it’s a wicking fabric. Two thumbs up! The only thing that would make it cooler is if it were reversible, since the inside is a super cute bright purple. :)


Matt and I did about a 3.5 mile loop around the bay, stopping every once in awhile for our own mini boot camp.

We did dips:


Push ups:



(Rocking my SPI BELT to carry my camera — love it)


Jump-ups (these were HARD — the ledge was pretty high!)


And we also did some sprints/running as fast as we could until xx object type stuff. It was a great workout!

After our workout, we hit up lunch! Matt suggested we go to a ceviche place nearby called CVI.CHE 105 — he’d been once and loved it, and it had amazing reviews on Yelp, too.


I loved this pillar:


Instead of bread, they have this cool partially popped salted corn out for you to snack on. Matt said they had this everywhere when he was in Peru last year.


For our meal, Matt and I shared the ceviche special:




Plus a pork tamale, which was good but needed more pork. :)


We walked around enjoying the weather a bit after lunch. Such a gorgeous weekend!





They had some cool artwork on the wall we walked past.




Since this post is getting out of control long, I’ll be back later today to share the rest of our weekend adventures. :)

Back to the grind — a busy Monday awaits! Have a nice day, friends.


  1. 1

    I love running skirts! I have one from Target (cheap!) that is so cute and comfy. I love wearing it during the warm months and for special races. I am in love with the skirt from Lululemon with the ruffles. Maybe someday.. :-)

  2. 3

    Miami looks beautiful! Soak up the sun! I believe it’s snowing in NC.

  3. 4

    Love your floral dress! Wish it were warm enough to wear that in NH already!

  4. 5

    It looks like you all had a wonderful winter break down in Miami. Which area of Miami were you in as it doesn’t look like South Beach?

  5. 7

    Looks like an awesome weekend. As always, thx!

  6. 8

    Omg how cute are you in that sundress ?! Love it!!

  7. 10

    Great pics! Woah I am jealous of the warm weather though :)

  8. 11

    I love Miami! My dad’s second wife lived there, and I got to spend quite a bit of time on South Beach. Wonderful photos, and what a great weekend!

  9. 12

    As always what a wonderful pics, Anne. I’m so proud you were in a peruvian restaurant, because I’m from there but now i’m leaving in Costa Rica. Ceviche, Tamales…what envy!!!

  10. 13

    Your running skirt is cute. I love it. Sorry, but that Peruvian food does not look good to me so I will take your word that it is good. Great pictures. Ya’ll crammed a lot into this weekend. Good for you.

  11. 14

    I love that they had that popcorn dish instead of bread. I tend to get very hangry when I’m at a restaurant where everyone is munching on bread and I just have to sit there and watch while I’m hungry…

  12. 15

    I still need to try running skirt
    and wow you were in miami…i’m just north of miami!

  13. 16

    Hey Anne,
    Really love that you ate Ceviche at Ceviche105!!! I’m peruvian and even here I’ve heard about it, yum yum!!!!!
    Also corn dish=canchita, and yes we eat it mostly at cevicherias (seafood restaurants).

    Great post!

  14. 18

    Very cute skirt!
    I don’t run, but could see wearing it on walks with kids and just out and about.
    We dress very athletic (and casual!) in Vancouver, BC.

  15. 20

    alll alll I wanna do is get back to living in chapel hil too :-)

  16. 21

    It is so weird to see the artwork right outside my building on a blog! Glad you enjoyed your visit to our city!

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