NYC Marathon Weekend Adventures

Good morning!

I’m back in DC after a fun weekend up in NYC with Matt – we headed up to cheer on friends running the marathon!


It sure was beautiful up there this weekend with all the fall colors in the park. On Friday night, Matt and I arrived in the city in time to hit up the Runner’s World marathon party, where I got to catch up with my friend Theodora. It was great to see her!

runner world nyc marathon party

On Saturday morning, we headed over to Central Park for a run. There were a bazillion people out with the same idea – it was so lively and fun in the park! There was a 5k race going on, and I think everyone else was doing their day before the race shakeout runs. :)



Stunning fall colors!



Matt and I did a nice and easy 3 mile jaunt, stopping once about halfway through for some pushups and sit ups.



There were all sorts of things going on in preparation for the marathon the following day – the photo below is of the huge crates of apples that were to be given out to finishers after the race!


After our run, we headed to Central Park South to have lunch at Sarabeth’s with my grad school besties Lauren and Steph. I had the Cobb Salad – so good.


After lunch, the four of us walked around Central Park checking out the marathon finish area. It was SO good to see these beautiful ladies again!

nyc marathon finishers area


The excitement in the air was contagious. It made me want to run the NYC Marathon myself someday!


nyc marathon finish line

From the park, the ladies, Matt, and I all strolled over to Times Square, for the sake of being touristy. :)


And then we swung by the famous ice rink at Rockefeller Center. Seeing this made me want to come back to New York around Christmastime – it’s so magical at that time of year!


rockefeller plaza ice rink

Matt and I said our goodbyes (and good luck – they both ran on Sunday) to Lauren and Steph and then relaxed a little before heading out to meet Matt’s brother, Drew, and his girlfriend Morgana for dinner and a fun show. I totally dropped the ball on getting any photos but it was a great night! We hit up a Thai place in the upper west side and then headed to see the Ghostlight Chorus, a cool group that Drew and Morgana saw a couple years ago and wanted to check out again. They were amazing – such beautiful voices and haunting musical selections.

On Sunday morning, we started our day with a little P90X yoga! I was originally thinking about trying to go to a class at a studio but NYC yoga prices are so outrageous and I wasn’t sure if things would be closed because of the marathon, so I decided to just do my own class. Matt actually joined me which was fun, too! His comment: “That was hard!”


I really love the P90X Yoga X DVD – I hadn’t done it in awhile so it was fun to be back. A great mix of hard poses but with clear instruction, which was helpful for Matt as a beginner. After we finished, I worked on my forearm balance handstand. So proud I can finally do this – and hold it for a little while, too! Progress! :)


After our workout, it was time to cheer on our friends! We decided to spectate over at Central Park South, which is around the 25 mile mark, but first: brunch. We hit up the Brooklyn Diner (which is not in Brooklyn… or at least this location isn’t).


This place ROCKED. Best breakfast I’ve had in a long time – highly recommend it if you’re in the Central Park South area. I had the huevos rancheros – sooo good.


And Matt had the corned beef and hash, which he also loved.


Our bellies full, it was time to cheer.


We made it in time to see the elite runners finishing! I snagged this awesome action shot of Geoffrey Mutai, who won this year’s marathon with a finish time of 2:08:24. INSANE, right?!


I also got a shot of my favorite, Meb, in the white tank below, racing by a short while later.


Remember when I was lucky enough to meet Meb up at the Beach to Beacon 10k in Maine? Nicest guy ever. I was hoping he would win. :)

After the elites went through, we met up with Matt’s college buddy Ted, who was one of our groomsmen in our wedding, and Matt’s brother Drew. We warmed up with some hot drinks and then headed back out to catch our friends finishing between the 3:30 and 4:15 ish finish time zones!


I spotted fellow bloggers Monica, Gia, and Jess, and was able to get this great shot of Theodora as she cruised towards a new PR (her sub 4 hour goal was a big success – so proud of her)!


Next up was Lauren, who ran over and gave us a big hug!


Followed by Steph, who gave the thumbs up and a teary “Good!” in response to my “How you feeling?!" shout!


I’m so, so proud of everyone who was out there yesterday pushing hard through 26.2 miles. Between spectating NYC Marathon this weekend and the Marine Corps Marathon last weekend, I’m getting SO excited for Richmond in 2 weeks. Matt and I and Ted took another break to warm up indoors and then headed back out to cheer on their friends Andria and Katie who finished just over the 5 hour mark. I really loved being out there giving runners high fives and cheering on those by name who had their names on their shirts. What an inspiring way to spend a Sunday!

Matt and I took the bus back to DC last night, tired but so happy we made the push to NYC for the race. And now, another work week begins. I hope it’s a good one, everyone!

Who else raced this weekend, either in NYC or elsewhere? How’d it go?!


  1. 1

    That looks so fun! I think it would be awesome to see the NYC marathon. I’m going to NYC in 2 weeks and I’ll have to remember that diner when I go!

  2. 2

    I have to admit, as someone who never thought they would want to run a marathon, all of these NYC recaps are making me want to run one someday! All the runners are really inspirational and seeing those crossing the finished lines happy, excited and proud encourages me to give it a try as well! I can only imagine how excited it makes you feel for your own upcoming marathon!

  3. 4

    What a fun weekend! I definitely would love to spectate the NYCM some year and I realized as I ran a 5k yesterday in Chicago (with AWFUL spectators who were just quietly people watching), that I should go spectate more races and cheer on the awesome runners!

  4. 6

    Everyone who ran the NYC marathon are so inspiring!! It has me itching to do another race!! Probably another half… I feel like I need to tackle another half before considering a full marathon. So awesome though!!! Also — I love the face on Matt’s breakfast! Too funny!

  5. 7

    I like doing P90X yoga too! It’s the only workout I do from P90X. The other ones scare me!
    Have you done P90X2 yoga? I like it better because it’s shorter.

  6. 9

    I didn’t realize P90X had a yoga workout! Do you recommend?

  7. 12

    This post made me miss NYC so much! Even though I was just there, I wanna go back. Where did you capture that first photo from? So cool – city + Fall trees!

  8. 13

    Anne…your hair looks fabulous. Has nothing to do with running. (Shrug). :)

  9. 15

    Looks like it was a successful run! I would love to go back to NYC around Christmas.. it is so beautiful.

  10. 16

    I love all of your shots from Central Park! What an amazing place to get a run in. The marathon looks like it was a lot of fun.

  11. 17

    It’s crazy how fast the pros are! I can run a 2:01 half marathon and a few mins later they would finish a full marathon! haha

  12. 19

    Wow that is inspiring!

  13. 20

    I am determined to run NYCM one day! It looks like the ultimate road marathon. The energy, the support, the crowds…I can’t wait!

    You’re going to crush Richmond!

  14. 21

    I ran my first 5K this weekend! It was Run or Dye so it was pretty laid back (we didn’t even have timing chips) but I ran the entire distance which was exciting. I definitely want to do more races!

  15. 23

    looks like a great trip! i love nyc around the holidays too. every year my dad takes my sis and i for an overnight trip right before christmas. it’s great fun! and obviously i’m in charge of choosing our dinner spot. your cobb salad looks delish – is that goat or feta cheese? usually i think cobbs have bleu cheese so i’m intrigued! the huevos rancheros though, definitely the winner right there! i went to cheer my mom on when she did the nyc marathon back when i was in middle school. i wasn’t into fitness at all then and just thought it was a boring experience because we waited forever to see her. i’m sure now i’d appreciate it SO much more! also, your friend’s polka dot pink scarf is to die for. so cute!

  16. 25

    So weird…I had a very similar Saturday! I hadn’t been to Central Park in so long, it was so pretty and buzzing with all of the marathoners! I’m writing my post tonight :)

  17. 26

    Gorgeous photos! You’re so nice to go support your friends. I’m 100% convinced that if I ever spectated the NYC Marathon, I’d be signing up for the lottery in a heartbeat – I’ve heard the energy is so inspiring! I ran a half this weekend … it was my 2nd weekend with a half in a row, so I took this one just slightly easier and listened to my body complaining about a slightly tight calf. It was still tons of fun!

    • 27

      Wow – two halfs in a row – you’re an animal! Good for you. And regarding the calf – have you tried compression sleeves?

      • 28

        Yes, I love racing too much to pass up a local race! Thanks for the suggestion on compression sleeves … I absolutely swear by compression socks for recovery (I wear them “religiously” pre- and post-race), but have never worn sleeves, and have never worn compression gear while running. My reasons are fairly silly – I haven’t seen promising enough research that compression actually works DURING exercise (but there are enough people who anecdotally say it does, I know), and I have some strange mental image of my feet swelling up on the bottom of the sleeves because the compression is just around the calves. I know, I’m crazy! Do you think the sleeves help you with calf tightness? It may be worth a try for me!

  18. 30

    I raced this weekend and had a solid (although not a PR) race. I think it was one of the best runs I’ve ever had. I loved watching NYCM on TV all morning yesterday! I’d love to be there in person.

  19. 32

    Thank you for coming out! It was great to see you :)

  20. 33

    I can’t even imagine the energy there this weekend, must have been so awesome!

    You must be getting so excited for your marathon!! Your training has been going so well, you’re going to crush it! I can’t wait to be back up and running so I can slowwwlly start training again.

  21. 34

    I ran it and can’t believe it’s over! It is such an amazing race and now it feels like it ended so quickly…the spectators are awesome, thank you for cheering us runners on!! Good luck in Richmond! You need to come back and run NYC soon :)

  22. 36
    Roadrunner says:

    Awesome post! Looks like a great weekend! Thanks for a terrific report on the NYC Marathon! And good luck in your marathon!

  23. 37

    Looks like such a fun weekend. Great that you found everyone and could cheer them on!

  24. 38

    It is actually fun to see a spectators recap. I plan to do my first marathon next year.

  25. 39

    What beautiful weather!!!! :) Also, great job on the forearm handstand…super impressive!

  26. 40

    I ran NYC on Sunday! It was the best day ever! While I didn’t PR I did shave 31 minutes off my last NYC marathon time. I reached my “B” goal of sub 5 coming in at 4:57. (My A goal was 4:47 but I pretty much knew that was a hope dream). 2 weeks of spectating i’m sure is making you just so amped up to run Richmond!!!! Also, the guy with the bright yellow/green shirt running in front of Meb is a guy who lives where I live on Staten Island. His name is Michael Cassidy and he’s FAST! They finished together. I’m very proud.

  27. 42

    Hello! I’ve come across your blog before, but never commented, but now just felt like I had to. I went to college with Lauren, who you were with at the NYC Marathon and saw your name mentioned in that picture that she also posted on Facebook this weekend! And then I just came across you again while reading this morning! Crazy small world, in the blogging world especially :)

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