Chicken & Veggie Thai Green Curry

Hello and good morning!

I wanted to share a fun dinner that Matt and I had recently: a delicious Chicken and Veggie Thai Green Curry.


As part of the DailyBuzz Brand Ambassador Program, I had an opportunity to try out the new Campbell’s Skillet Sauces. After perusing the sauce options and thinking about what we had on hand at home (chicken, bok choy, random veggies), I decided to try the Thai Green Curry sauce.


Curry is something I love but I don’t make it that often at home because I feel like it can be hard to get the sauce just right, so I figured if this was good, it would be a great way to enjoy a quick and easier version of curry on a more frequent basis. Always looking for good stir fry sauces!

Into a wok, with a little oil, I threw the raw chicken and a ton of veggies: chopped bok choy and green and orange pepper. I also threw in some chopped Thai basil from our apartment garden boxes.



I sautéed it all in the pan until the chicken was fully cooked and the veggies were softened, then added in the sauce.


Stirred it all up, simmered it briefly, and BAM! Dinner is ready. That was easy!


I served it over some brown rice with a little Sriracha hot sauce on top for good measure.


So, how did it taste? It was REALLY good! Matt and I both agreed we would absolutely buy this sauce again on our own dime. And we will! Easy and awesome. I <3 stir fry.

Time to get back down to work – have a wonderful day, my friends!

I’ll leave you with a couple fun things to read:

  • My friend Meghann completed her first full Ironman (!!!) over the weekend and completely crushed her time goals – so incredible. Check out her recap, it will make you tear up! I’ll be thinking about that next weekend when I’m running my first 26.2!
  • The 35 Best Signs from the NYC Marathon – hoping that some of the ones next weekend in Richmond are this awesome!

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  1. 1

    I was actually craving Thai food last night! I love spicy Thai curries

  2. 2

    Wow I gotta check that sauce out!!!

  3. 3

    Perfect timing! I was looking for a new quick dinner idea.

  4. 4

    I’m intrigued by that sauce packet!! But curious about the sodium in it- I always assume there are loads of salt in those pre made things ;)

    • 5

      I know, totally agree – I checked that before deciding to try it! It’s not bad at all – 400 mg sodium per serving. It didn’t taste too salty, either (I hate when things taste too salty).

  5. 6

    Anne, great easy recipe for sure. We do curry here at home from using real spices and it is a bit time consuming and sometimes a task, but using this package is an easy way for sure.
    This is a recipe that is great for the entire family :) Thanks

  6. 7

    I don’t know a lot about curry. Is green spicy? If so, how spicy?

  7. 9
    Chris Anne says:

    Sounds so good, can’t wait to try it! I love Thai food and curries! That will be on my list this weekend I think!

  8. 10

    Just curious- how do you feel about the ingredients in the Campbell’s sauce? I’ve never had this one and would like to hear what you think as Anne the R.D.!

    • 11

      Great question! Obviously, if you have the time/inclination to make a fully homemade sauce, that will always be best from a processed/real food standpoint, but if you don’t have the time or need something faster, I liked this sauce and would recommend it. The ingredient list was the first thing I looked at when I was offered this opportunity – obviously it’s a little longer than a homemade sauce, but I thought it was fine overall. It does include modified food starch, but I’ve researched that and I’m fine with it. We would buy it again, like I said!

  9. 12

    This looks amazing! I recently tried Trader Joe’s pre-made green curry sauce and it was…not great. It wasn’t bad tasting but really didn’t taste like curry!

  10. 13

    Looks good but then I was checking out the ingredients….I rather whip up my own green curry paste and have it there waiting for coconut milk to be added. Well worth the effort. It’s really high in sugar…

    • 14

      I didn’t find it high at all – there are only 6 g of sugar/serving – which is about average for a curry sauce, even a homemade one, since usually some brown sugar or other sweetener is added to the mix. That said, to each their own, and homemade versions of sauces are always better from a processed standpoint than store bought, of course. :)

  11. 16

    Question: I’m vegetarian, do you think this sauce might work with tofu? I’m not a fan of processed food, but I can give it a try ;) maybe it’ll inspire a homemade version xD

  12. 19

    Sad story…my fiancé and I headed to our absolute favorite Thai restaurant a few nights ago only to arrive to find out it closed and has been converted into a Mexican restaurant! We were so sad. Guess we’ll need to make this Thai recipe. :)

  13. 21
    Roadrunner says:

    Looks tasty!

    Good luck in the marathon!

  14. 22

    I really used to enjoy your blog – I like reading about your fitness advice, cooking and life. But this endless product placement is getting OLD and EXHAUSTING. Please consider dialing it back. You can make money in other ways that don’t compromise your integrity. It’s exhausting to read product placements in just about every post, from food to clothing to things you do. And you seem to take anything that will pay you. It’s one thing to promote running gear, but do you really need to promote processed, packaged food from Campbell’s??? It’s gotta be one of the least healthy food companies on this planet.

    • 23

      Thank you so much for reading my blog and for sharing your thoughts! I will definitely take this into consideration next time I receive an offer, but please know that I only accept about 10% of the offers I receive every month. I really do aim to only accept things I actually like and think that everyone will find interesting/helpful. I’m sorry you weren’t into this one!

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